Donald Trump found out one fact about the Electoral College that sent him into despair

Donald Trump won the Electoral College and the Presidency despite losing the popular vote.

But winning the Electoral College just got harder for Republicans.

And Donald Trump found out one fact about the Electoral College that sent him into despair.

The 2020 census will determine the apportionment of Congressional Districts for the next decade.

As states gain or lose seats, the number of Electoral College votes they have rises or falls.

And thanks to unchecked immigration, blue states will gain 26 Electoral College votes at the expense of red states starting in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Breitbart reports:

Research by the Center for Immigration Studies’ Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler finds that annual illegal and legal immigration to the U.S. will redistribute political power in the form of 26 House seats away from a number of red states and towards massively populated blue states like California and New York.

“To put this number in perspective, changing the party of 21 members of the current Congress would flip the majority in the U.S. House,” Camarota and Zeigler note.

Ohio, a swing state that voted for President Trump in 2016, will get three fewer congressional seats in 2020 due to mass immigration in other states. Michigan and Pennsylvania, also states that voted for Trump in 2016, will each have two fewer congressional seats. Wisconsin, a Trump-supporting swing state, will have its congressional seats cut by at least one.

Red states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia, Camarota and Zeigler predict, will all get one less congressional seat in 2020. Smaller blue states such as Minnesota and Rhode Island will each receive one less congressional seat.

Blue states such as New York, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts will gain Congressional seats and thus Electoral College votes.

Democrats gaining 26 Electoral College votes thanks to immigration swelling the population of blue states means future Democrat Presidential candidates could lock an Electoral College advantage, having to win fewer swing states since blue states will deliver bigger Electoral College vote totals.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. That would be unconstitutional, as the three fifths provision pertains only to people other than free persons. (In theory, it could apply to persons serving life sentences of “servitude” without the possibility of parole.) The fact that foreigners may have to be counted at all serves to illustrate just how important it is to return the ones not legally present to their foreign places of origin, and block them from unregistered entry or disqualified entry to begin with.

  2. Wrong! One cannot be a legal immigrant to the United States and not be a citizen of the United States. A legal foreigner, such as a visitor, tourist, diplomat, guest worker or guest student, is not the same thing legal immigrant. An illegal “immigrant” is a foreigner who is trying to make a home in the country rather than merely have a temporary presence.

  3. When poll workers and poll administrators tamper with the results, it is known as election fraud. Politicians can challenge results, but often they are too afraid if they belong to the minority political party in a State.

  4. Wasn’t his only alienation of the NATO nations a result of our president demanding those nations start paying their share, that the USA would no longer be paying our share of NATO and theirs also?? In my view that is a necessary alienation, long needed.

  5. David, it isn’t just the millions of illegal aliens in our country, but, also, the millions of legal immigrants that are NOT citizens of our country, plus, the same for refugees, asylees, foreign workers, TPS foreigners, etc. Any foreign person in our country but NOT a US citizen, whether here legally or not, should NOT be having any impact on our government or who our president is.

  6. You should be very careful about putting the label of uneducated, etc, on tens of millions of people you know not at all. Sounds like blaming and calling others conspirators without any factual basis.

  7. This is a clear case of foreign non-USA-citizens actually impacting our government greatly. No need for any bation to hack our elections, just move enough of all their citizens into our country. We’ll support them forever and let them choose our presidents. And all they have to do is just live here at our expense. We’ll give them all the rights/benefits of actual citizens with none of the responsibilities.

  8. You are correct: It’s rigged with illegal immigrants, dead people, and multiple votes from the same people!

  9. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party were both warned about multiple times throughout the last thirty years, and neither of them did a damned thing about it. With the guidance of Steve Miller, Donald Trump as President of the United States tried to speed up the decrease of the net influx of foreigners, and he is still trying, but it just isn’t happening adequately.

  10. Considering the way the Left is today and the future they want for this country, I’m glad I didn’t bring any children into this world.

  11. This is why we need the census to be about America and Americans. Put the citizenship question back in. We American run this country for Americans not for illegals. When illegal aliens start changing the political fabric of this country, it is time we stopped them and their supporters.

  12. The electoral college is to stop mob rule. We are not a democracy but a constitutional republic. Eliminating the electoral college is like 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Mob rule is often worse than a dictatorship. You should know better than that Doc.

  13. Why don’t you try it you goddamned commie bastard? When you commiecrats start the next civil war it will be carried out differently. Your antifa cocksuckers and black asses matter crowd will be easy pickings

  14. Anthony look in the mirror to see the biggest are the enemy of this need to are one scarey liberal I will give you that much

  15. Who runs our public schools stupud?liberal teachers unions.who runs the city with all the garbage,needles,human waste,homeless?liberals.think about that for a minute stupud

  16. I just love when liberal pussies like Anthony actually post that he is smarter that a conservative.with your head stuck up your own ass I doubt that you are smart

  17. And you are led by Nader who had to unzip his fly to eat.your corrupt wet dreams are a disgrace.proof that friggin liberals are more educated than republicans?doubt it stupud

  18. Conservatives aren’t “allowing” this. They are dead against it. That being said, the Liberals are doing all they can to stymie the Conservatives at every turn. Including opening our borders to every damn one. Why? Because they know that’s the only way they can win. And let’s face it, we all know that they will stop at nothing. However, there is a group who is fairly influential, who is actively opposing allowing illegals to obtain US driver’s licenses (which also enables them to register to vote, even though they have no right to vote in our elections). They’re also lobbying against the illegal population being able to influence our census and thus, the Electoral College. The group is Judicial Watch. Look them up.

  19. I don’t care about other countries and neither should you. If we’re going to have open borders and hire illegals to work on our farms and mow our lawns then why not let them vote? You Trump supporting conservatives are just as bad as the KKK democrats were on the plantations. You treat immigrants just like they treated blacks. No voting rights.

  20. You are the one that is a controlling hypocrite Autumn. You hire the immigrants to mow your lawn and pull your fruit off the tree but you don’t want to let them vote. You know damn well if you were in their shoes you would do exactly the same thing they are doing and try to get into this country any way possible. You’re a hypocrite and a liar. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  21. So allow them to vote then it won’t be illegal anymore. Very easy problem to fix. The only reason you republican thugs don’t want immigrants to vote is you’re afraid they will vote for the other side. Be honest about it.
    You people prefer a rigged voting system, and then have the nerve to complain if a few million immigrants manage to vote anyway. You cry voter fraud when it’s the electoral college that is voter fraud.

  22. If you look at the evidence, Anthony, of the state commissions who assess elections and check for voter fraud, there is little to almost NO voter fraud of note in America . . . it is yet ANOTHER made up B.S. conspiracy story by people like Trump who cannot handle that he lost the popular vote, he had far less people at his inauguration, that he got thumped badly in the 2018 election and that the GOP is heading the opposite direction that Americans are moving. You see, a strong weakness among Trump and his followers, is that they cannot admit when they are wrong (which everyone is at times). Because they cannot admit it, they blame others, rather than fix the problem with themselves and their own mistakes.

  23. TrumpTard! Likes to threaten people with his gun which he has to make up for his deficiency in the other place. We all know why guys like you have guns.

  24. The easiest way to stop voter fraud is to just let the immigrants vote too.
    If you deprive them of their right to vote then they will do it anyway, and the democrats will help them.

  25. You’re a typical Trump voter. Nothing intelligent to say. Just insults.
    You’ll are like little children. You laugh like little school girls when Trump insults people, and you copy him. Just look at all the name calling and threats on this site from the supposed tolerant conservatives. You people are worse than ANTIFA and the Berkeley students.

  26. That is right, Anthony, because it clearly goes against democracy and that every citizen has a equal vote. It was a compromise in the early years, and might have had something to do with their inability to count the vote like we can today with computers. But it says the vote of someone who lives in Montana or Idaho, where there are more steers than people, should carry much more weight than those in more populated states. It is also directly behind the suppression of people voting since, if you live in a state heavily either red or blue, it makes your opposition vote not count at all as far as election of president. The only reason GOP favors it is because they are more likely to be from rural areas and wish to suppress the urban areas.

  27. Yup you’re a typical republican. Nothing intelligent to say. Just insults.
    You’ll are like little children.

  28. Well they’re already here aren’t they? So why not let them vote?
    If they are already in this country, and effected by our elections the same as you are by the outcome then they deserve the same right to vote.
    Makes complete sense if you just use your brain.
    Do they not drive cars? Do they not have to get auto insurance? Do they not get treated when they go to an emergency room? Do they not have to pay taxes?
    They should be allowed to vote then.

  29. Butchy is the mascot of Trumpers = nasty old venomous whiner! Has a bitter nastiness that cannot deal with issues, so his undeveloped mind can only hurl grade school insults.

  30. Thank you for being reasonable enough to see that. I still remain shocked that Trumpers believe in a Deep State with no evidence to support it, and yet, with the legions of scientific studies (like the excellent underwater research by Florida Atlantic University or the 100s of studies by the Nat. Science Foundation, they don’t accept the human input on climate change.

    A former congressman, a tea party GOP, denied climate change, and then left to become head of NASA. Jim Bridenstein then read the NASA evidence on climate change and did a 180 degree turn around in ten days. Actually led me to admire a person with so much integrity, he could accept the evidence and then ADMIT when he/she is wrong. Most Trumpers, like Trump are living the flat earth dream.

  31. I know the answer of who is stupid you mentioned Australia moron you know we on this board just keep laughing at you Lukatella you must be into bdsm because you like the pain

  32. Yeah that’s easy for you to say Sandra. What if the shoe was on the other foot?
    What if your family was starving to death, and you didn’t want to be raped anymore, or have your life threatened every day. I know for a fact you would be a law breaker just like you accuse the immigrants of being. You are hypocrite just like the rest of the republican party.

  33. Veteran, you are a FRAUD and a hypocrite, like all Trump supporters and the entire republican base. Which one of you could look me in the face and tell me you would not flee those south American crap-hole countries if given the chance. Sure you would just keep your family there and let them starve to death because, oh my, we don’t want to break the law. What a pile of B.S. All you Trump supporters are hypocrites and liars.
    You’ll know damn well you would do exactly what the immigrants are doing if in the same position.

  34. You are just afraid that if we had a popular vote then no republicans would ever win another election. That’s what this is really all about. You republicans want a rigged system like they have in communist countries. The electoral college is RIGGED!

  35. WRONG Rory. You obviously have no clue what your talking about.
    Maybe you should just shut up and let the adults talk.

  36. Maybe if those flyover states started implementing some programs that actually help people instead of hurting them they could attract more people and have a greater voter base. Why do you think it’s fair that a few thousand people have the same voting power as a few million people in the cities? How can that possibly be fair?

  37. The electoral college’s purpose is to allow the electors, (who are controlled by crooked politicians), decide who the president should be instead of the voters.
    Every PERSON should have one vote – not just the people that were lucky enough to be born here.

  38. I call B.S. fake Wyatt! Too many of Trump supporters claimed there would be a “Civil War” if Trump got impeached . . . . see any evidence of a Civil War, Earpy?

  39. They have a right to vote in THEIR OWN COUNTRIES, if those countries allow them to vote. They have NO right to break OUR laws coming here and then change the political makeup of this country with their illegal votes

  40. Well, I guess this is as is must be, according to our laws – – even if we don’t like it one bit. I have even been reading how many of the traditionally red states are turning purple, like Texas and may now turn Democratic in future elections – – I guess because so many liberals move in to states like Texas from elsewhere. Certainly, I keep hearing the demographics are for white people to be no longer in the majority after 2030. It is not just immigration, it is what whites are having smaller numbers of children.

  41. Nowhere else in the world is there an election system like ours where corrupt politicians get to decide who the president will be. That’s why we need to get rid of the crooked electoral college system and go to a fair popular vote, like how all other elections are decided.

  42. Without the electoral college why POSSIBLE reason would states with lower populations have for remaining in the Union?

  43. Hey poster with the badass name, once the democrats redistribute the electoral college and make sure the republicans never win another election you won’t have to worry about voters like me. There will eventually be no more voting at all. Just a one party for all the people of the world.

  44. And Dan KNOWS, Nadine, because he kisses Trump’s ass as often as he can!!!! He has little respect for others, but really likes Trump who has little respect for anyone, including his family, except himself. Trump SAYS he has a “gut feeling” but that might come from predominantly eating junk food and few vegetables.

  45. It has been studied by Voting Commissions in different states and the consensus is less than 1% per state. Very few things are studied more than this because our elections depend upon it. Keep in mind, like Trump, right wingers rarely admit when they are WRONG (which is quite often since most are less educated and do little research) and so they turn to blaming others and resorting to conspiracies that have NO factual bases.

  46. I may not have to vote anymore Jeane. Once the democrats change the electoral vote distribution no republican will ever win, and the party will be dissolved and there won’t be any more need for elections. We will have one party for the people of planet earth.

  47. Because its better to live in America as bad as it is than live in a country where you may not live past the age of 30. I good indicator of a stupid person is a person that asks stupid questions. You should know the answer to that question Jerry.

  48. Very intelligent response Jerry. Just like most Trump supporters.
    Just insults and name calling. You’ll are like little children.

  49. What a twit. Like we’ve never had an anti American politician in office.
    You think immigrants are going to do any worse than the idiot citizens we already have? What a fool you are.

  50. Yeah I’m sure you’d rise up and fight a corrupt tyrannical government instead of fleeing for a better life. I guess they should just stay in South America and fight the cartels with their rocks and bottles. Maybe the Jews should have stood up to Hitler too.
    All you republican Trump supporters are such hypocrites.
    You’re all frauds.

  51. Yeah right Jim, everyone is a dumbass that doesn’t think like you. Someone disagrees with you and you immediately call them a dumbass. You’re really showing you intelligence with you pointless post.

  52. America is already a train wreck. Nobody seems to care or follow the constitution so might as well scrap it and move on. Australia has no constitution and seems to do just fine. No mass shootings, no impeachments, no homeless people compared to the U.S., no needles or feces in the streets, and very little poverty relative to us. In fact, Australian children are far more educated than anybody coming out of our public school system. We graduate some of the most uneducated teenagers in the world who aren’t qualified to do anything. The only reason they can even read at all is from texting.
    Why don’t you think about that for a moment FAKE M?

  53. No Trump didn’t cause climate change BUT he did pull us out of the Paris Accord, he’s thumbing his nose at the U.N., and he undid all the EPA regulations.
    So you tell me…………

  54. What difference does that make? Nobody is following the constitution as it is, so might as well just scrap it and start over. Trump is violating the constitution, and so is congress. And the courts? Well they just makeup whatever they want the constitution to say. The constitution means nothing anymore to anybody it seems.

  55. Kim, you don’t make any sense. What do all those other countries have to do with us? Absolutely nothing.
    And you are one foul mouthed woman. Certainly not a lady.

  56. “He has publicly dismissed these people”….why must liberals lie to try and make a point that sounds reasonable?robert,you are another leftist liberal liar.why must you people always lie?

  57. How much of the popular vote for Hillary was from people who died, people who voted more than once, people who were not citizens, and people who lost their voting right such as felons. How many votes were changed by poll workers, and fraudulent voting machines.

  58. actually morons that want the USA to be the only country to have no borders and for Real Americans to support all of the worthless morons, our own as well as those who leave their birth country instead of fighting for their rights IN THEIR OWN LAND are the chimps in the dining room.. keep voting for the leftist aholes and be sure to waste more of your inheritance supporting those scum bags for office..

  59. Here’s something that the Dems forget, the Census results don’t have to be published until Dec 31, 2020. That means that it will be too late for the 2020 elections. 😀 “The Census Bureau will publish apportionment population counts (used to redistribute the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives) within nine months of Census Day—by December 31, 2020.”

  60. Interesting discussion, someone asked for a fact check, Okay,
    From day one Mr. Trump has alienated our NATO allies. Beyond our military interests we also have economic interests. Russia has historically worked to undermine the NATO alliance,
    We left our Kurdish allies on the field and at the mercy of invading Turkish
    forced. Russian forces moved in the day we moved out.
    Our intelligence community has ardently attempted to advise Mr.Trump on Russian interference in our previous elections. They continue to attempting to brief him in the potential of future Russian interference. He has publicly dismissed these people. Why, would any leader dismiss this information, especially when information is the basis of geopolitical decisions.
    Here is a fact, these three items alone have improved Russia’s geopolitical position and weakened the U.S. position.

  61. wiser folks than you and the modern leftist punk azzed democrapo clowns put together the Electoral College in order to keep large democrapo scum bag run enclaves from deciding which leftist azzwipe would be the next dicktator.. like the worn out old drunken hore that LOST in 2016.. MAGA 2020

  62. seems that President Donald J. Trump is living in lots of empty heads rent free… MAGA 2020 for a another 4 years… time to send the commie pervert parasite supporting clowns running on the democrapo ticket back home to their respective dnc run cesspools and snowflakes voters..

  63. Another major consideration. Democrats will have the illegals voting whether it’s legal or not. If they can have dead people voting, believe me, they’ll have illegal voting.

  64. This has gone too far. Using the census, and counting illegals, to determine electoral votes, is wrong. Dead wrong. There should be no argument for it. Someone (any congressman) needs to introduce a bill that states in clear terms that illegals will not be counted in determining the portion of the legally registered voter population. The conservatives are allowing the liberals cart blanche freedoms to manipulate laws, or act in the absence of them.

  65. Anthony, You are a liberal troll, completely indoctrinated, and you actually believe the puke you spew! You are a freak and a danger to America and our freedoms aka The Constitution of The USA!

  66. Anthony, You have no idea of how America was established and functions and why! Please stay out of this arena until you are properly educated in the facts. We are embarrassed for you in your ignorance! BTW, you are a prime example of what is wrong with our liberal education system!
    Oh hell, just shut up and go away!

  67. If so why does he not take his salary? Get your facts straight, and think instead of following the media and study to get straight facts ,then make an informed decision

  68. The day you start living under the laws and constitutions of Iraq or Iran while living in the U.S., come on back and someone just might listen then. If you’re not willing to do that while living in a free country, you’re just another controlling hypocrite with no credibility at all. The U.S. is not the leader of the world and unless someone is a U.S. citizen, they should not be allowed to vote.

  69. Anthony Dumbass. What a fool you are.You don’t have a clue in hell.What your talking about.Do Some research before making stupid statements.I know you can’t help it.

  70. Anthony if that happens then in 2025 the Democratic president will be impeached by the Republican controlled house for differences of opinions and because they wear white socks with black shoes a contempt of dress code.

  71. Your a clown. Go back under your rock. Trump will win anyway just bc numbnutz like you that probably only read & believe MSM headlines & have no clue what’s really going on.

  72. The illegals cant vote. Its their presence in the population, adding to it, that increases electoral college members. Basically the more people you have the more electoral college members a region, state has. That is one reason why the Democrats are strong supporters of immigration it fills the blue states population giving them more electoral college members to vote in the president.

  73. That is why the Democraps do NOT want the citizenship question on the census. They want the illegals counted just like they are American Citizens.

  74. CPS, one it is illegal to ask people questions concerning their identity at a pole, except if they are registered or not. Two, if you are from a state such as New York where they give drivers license IDs to illegals. If someone wants to be guard, they need to guard the people who register the illegals to vote. If a illegal person votes, there should be placed on hard labor for five years then deported at time of release no matter what family status they have here in the USA and never allowed to return for any reason.

  75. Well said!! Illegal people do not get ANYTHING if you ask me…except a swift boot across the border where they came from. There is NO excuse for coming into this nation without permission. I compare it to a stranger coming to your home without knocking..and plopping themselves down, putting their feet up and expecting us to feed and clothe them, even wipe their children’s behinds. So ignorant!!

  76. OK Nadine…be specific…how exactly does Pres. Trump cheat people out of money?? He is cutting taxes…making the economy boom! Providing more jobs (broke a 50 year record!) He takes NO PAY!!! He donates his pay to charity. (Mostly veterans) And I like how peace loving you are in wishing the best for our President. (NOT) Whoops! Your horns are showing.

  77. Yes it is! Our laws was put in place to keep illegal immigration from voting for someone who is ANTI-AMERICA. You can leave with them if you are that dam stupid! It was to protect our country from foreigners who are ban on DESTORY AMERICA. Or changing it into a third world country.

  78. If the illegals cannot vote, then they should not be included as a resident of the state. It seems including the illegals you are padding the electoral college votes for that particular state. Take California, residents have been leaving that state. So if my thinking is correct they have a higher percentage then US citizens. Therefore the electoral college number should decrease.

  79. Do you call Obama a fake? I can tell you are a DEMONcrat SUPPORTER! And not a natural born citizen of AMERICA. Trump is the first president to try to help all AMERICANS CITIZEN! Those who are not need to leave and go back to fixing their own country

  80. Don’t hold your breath! If there is a good Republican candidate. Trump daughter! Then we can win the president seat. But if DEMONcrat control it we will have a civil War!

  81. And this was how most DEMONCRAT CANDIDATE WON THE PRESIDENT SEAT! Now they want to do away with it! But after finding out that those illegal immigration will help blue state. They will not want it to be removed! Never had a DEMONcrat run an HONEST campaign.

  82. Are you insane? Sound like you escape from a mental hospital. Tell me why you hate him? And tell me what did you benefit from in the DEMOCRAT PARTY? I’M not asking you about anybody else! I’m asking you what did they do for YOU?

  83. The only thing that Donald Trump does is to cheat people out of their money and to line his own pockets. I hope he is so depressed that he gets into a boat and drives until he runs out of gas and never gets back to shore. May his orange face turn red.

  84. Anthony, Why don’t you go ahead and try to vote, as a “citizen of the earth”, in a Russian, German, Venezuelan, Cuban, Mexican, Saudi Arabian, Lebanese, Iranian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Afghanistani (etc) election? Don’t worry. We’ll all wait to hear about your results. But please be advised that not a one of us will be taking any collect calls from a foreign prison, from you. Nor will we pay any ransom, for you. So, please, do ask your next of kin to keep us posted. As you’ll be summarily shot or beheaded (depending on which nation you choose). And in the absence of that, I’d strongly advise you to step away from the keyboard and shut the f*ck up. You’re an imbecile.

  85. Oh hell NO! If the immigrants aren’t legally registered Citizens then that don’t vote nor do they live off taxpayers money! Deport them all back to where they come from as that appear to vote and not registered!lock down the borders and keep America Sovereign!!

  86. You must be out of your mind. Why should they have
    anything to say with the policy’s of this country
    They are not CITIZENS!! Do you think if you
    went to another country you would have a
    say or a vote without being a citizen of that country?
    Go To Mexico,Canada, Sweden, Russia any
    country and try that. Let me know how that WORKS

  87. I just turned 84 this December and I believe you are, “Right On!” My closest friend whom I’ve known since high school, in fact we went to, “Boot Camp” together at, Bainbridge MD. back in 1954, he always says to me, “I’m Glad I’m Going Out, Rather Than Coming In!” The way thing’s are headed, I tend to agree with him! I don’t want to live in a country that the, “Democommies” will be in charge of!

  88. dam illegals should not be counted informing boundary for our elections to be counted by keeping them like they are

  89. It should be, and I thought it was, to count illegals for anything. They may be here in our country, but they are not legal, and should not be allowed to vote. Democrats are using them to vote illegally.

  90. The electoral college was created to level the playing field of votes , as in the bigger states having more just because they are bigger than some other states , it will be evenly represented, The smaller state of Delaware will have the same amount as California or Texas! Now! if the anti-American democrats and their tools for it would only be stopped in the corruption of fraudulent means of election than the election would proceed in an honest way, providing all Americans do NOT just accept and complain about any and all corruption of all elections both local and national and do Something to stop fraudulent election,than everything should go as created@

  91. Southern California need to put the wall up to prevent Mexicano in there place. Cut off all money to California and Pelosi as well.

  92. Unfortunately, even without the right to vote, they can change the apportionment of House seats effectively devaluing the votes of American citizens. Only citizens should be counted.

  93. So in 2024 and beyond there will never be another Donald Trump. In fact, there will never be a Republican president. Ever.
    Democrats will control America forever.

  94. There should be no electoral college.
    Why should electors get the final vote? Who elects the electors? Corrupt politicians elect the electors. Now that’s voter fraud right there.

  95. Just one thing. The census is conducted in 2020, usually around April-May. By election time, the tally will not be complete, so the states will have the same number of electoral votes as they did in 2016. The 2020 census won’t affect electoral votes until the 2024 election.

  96. Anthony, the best I can say for you is that you are deluded. 2nd best is that you’re an idiot or on some really bad drugs. Saving those, you’re a traitor or 5th columnist. In any case, you need to seek help ASAP before someone does you in.

  97. Counting illegals as electorate to be represented in the House of Representatives is Nullification of American votes which is a crime, and needs to be declared illegal by the SCOTUS. If not, then the immediate and rigorous deportation of all illegals, and those whose status has not been determined becomes a necessity and immediate national security priority to prevent election tampering by the Democrat party, those persons to be deported will be able to thank the Democrats for it.

  98. Yeah you would rather support serial murderers like clintons & enemies of America like obama & the rest of the criminal liberals !

  99. How about you go try to vote in an election in any other country and present your “citizen of planet earth” argument and let’s see how welcomed you are to vote in their elections!

  100. They have a right to vote in their own country. I have no problem with immigrants coming to our country the LEGAL way. My husband is a LEGAL immigrant! But he doesn’t get to vote here even though he lives here because he doesn’t want to give up citizenship to his country. He lives here, he works here, he pays taxes here, his children go to school here, but still he can not vote. Is that fair? ABSOLUTELY! He is not a citizen, he knows that if he wants to vote, he must become a citizen. AND regarding climate change, try cracking a book regarding the history of our planet. The earth has gone through many changes over thousands of years. Hot to cold, cold to hot. High water levels to low water levels. And for a good part of the time, there were no humans to contribute to that change, so how do you think it happened??? Lastly, who are you to decide what a correct vote for me is? I don’t decide was is correct for you. I certainly didn’t think that Obama was the “correct” choice. But what can I do, that was what was chosen by the people. And so was President Trump. So, as the saying goes, I survived your President, you can survive mine.

  101. Tony. They have been whining about climate change since I graduated highschool in 1964. It is not happening. We are polluting our waters and land with all the plastics we scatter around though. As far as illegals, how long do you want to support them? I’m tired of it Now.

  102. Hey pretty/Texas. You are damn right. Texas belongs to the indians. The hell with Anthony. He is full of crap. He is racist Mexican beaner. Thank you pretty texas

  103. When the Republican party is dissolved you will then be under full totalitarian control, the constitution will be cancelled, you will love the New World Order.

  104. Let just say Texas never and never will belong to the Mexicano/Mexico. Texas belongs to the Indians, Mexico stole Texas . Now, you need to get that Damn Straight!!!!

  105. People in America illegally (without going through the procedure to obtain citizenship) can not vote, and should be deported and banned on pain of death from re-entering America. If they register, they should be automatically deported, never to return on pain of death. If the government doesn’t follow through with this, the citizens may have to.

  106. Tony are you stupid. Did your mother put an egg beater in your ear and scramble your brain when you were born. Illegals have not right to vote in our elections Dumb A.

  107. You really have no respect for law and citizenship which most hold in high regard.
    Problem with this is the fact the census numbers will not be completed before the election. NO if you are not a CITIZEN, you do not vote. Legal or not. Is nothing sacred? Most illegals don;t care about being an American. They only want to work. Assimilation is a dirty word to them. You don’t want us; we don;t want you. All illegals want is free stuff.

  108. You really have no respect for law and citizenship which most hold in high regard.
    Problem with this is the fact the census numbers will not be completed before the election. NO if you are not a CITIZEN, you do not vote. Legal or not. Is nothing sacred? Most illegals don;t care about being an American. They only want to work. Assimilation is a dirty word to them. You don’t want us; we don;t want you. All illegals want is free stuff.

  109. When the Republicans are voted out of office and the party is dissolved then we will do something about it, Dan the troll fraud.

  110. I don’t do drugs but maybe you do since you’re inquiring about them. Sorry dude, I can’t help you with any drug recommendations.

  111. They are citizens of planet earth and have just as much right to vote as you do because they have just as much to lose from climate change. If Americans can’t be trusted to vote correctly as demonstrated by Trump’s victory then let the undocumented workers vote instead.

  112. Anthony you just cant resist being an idiot. We are a nation of laws and illegal aliens break the law so no they dont get to vote and America should run them all back into mexico

  113. Because these Democrats are lot smarter than you and know they’ll be dead before the ocean rises. Climate change won’t raise the oceans significantly for 100s of years. Its idiots like you that believe the trash coming out bartender mouths claiming it’s going to happen in 12 years. Climate change is real, but you idiots don’t know anything about it.

  114. How does a homeless person, living on the streets where he poops, get internet access to type such a ridiculous comment? You obviously don’t save any money for your future! How can you be so ignorant to not recognize that none of the rich democrats are moving to higher ground, they’re still buying up real estate along the coast lines. You definitely need to change your brand of dope!

  115. There is nothing wrong with undocumented workers voting because they live here too, and while they weren’t born here they were born on earth so their vote counts too. They’re still citizens of planet earth and they will suffer from climate change caused by president Trump like the rest of the world. Trump should have never been allowed to be president and everyone that voted for him should have their voting rights revoked until they can pass an education test. The constitution needs to be amended and we all need to vote blue in 2020 so maybe Democrats can fix the constitution if they get enough votes, and stop climate change before its too late. Dishonest Republicans want you to believe muslims are the biggest threats to peace when the truth is Trump, guns, and climate change are the biggest threat to world peace.

  116. I agree with you Dan Tyree, we get out to vote. We have to say daily prayers for our President, his families, our vice president, his families and their friends and pray for our country too. We cannot believe everything what we read as this article doesn’t sound right at all.

  117. They need to place guards at every voting pole in the Nation, who check everyone’s I.D.’s as they enter the building as well as addresses. This will eliminate many illegals from voting as well as serve as a determent to those who want to make the attempt.

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