Donald Trump found out one jaw-dropping truth about the polls

Polls currently show Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden.

The Fake News Media and Democrats are popping champagne corks in anticipation of a Biden landslide.

And now Donald Trump found out one jaw-dropping truth about the polls.

In 2016, polls all showed Hillary Clinton winning a comfortable Electoral College victory.

Even after that polling fiasco, the so-called “mainstream media” is still confidently predicting Donald Trump’s political demise based on polling five months out from the election.

Trump pollster John McLaughlin ripped the liberal media for running biased polls he claimed were skewed against the President as a form of voter suppression by trying to make Trump supporters think the election is over.

“[Y] ou’ve got the mainstream media is so anti-Trump that … they’re doing polls that they know will be skewed, that will water down the Republican vote, will water down the Trump vote,” McLaughlin told a local New York City radio show. “And then they’re putting out that in effect Donald Trump is going to lose. And it’s not true. They did this to us in 2016.”

“You’ve got this media bias that’s trying to discourage Trump voters from coming out and proving those media polls wrong again,” McLaughlin continued.

McLaughlin added that the state of the race was far different than what the polls showed.

“It’s going to be a very close race from now until Election Day. In the Trump campaign, we’re going to run like we’re behind,” McLaughlin added.

Donald Trump does own a significant enthusiasm advantage over Joe Biden.

All the experts predicted Georgia would be a battleground state in 2020 but Donald Trump received 140,000 more votes than Joe Biden did in the Democrat primary despite Trump running unopposed.

Trump has also racked up more primary votes than George W. Bush and Barack Obama did in their successful re-election campaigns.

And finally, the Trump campaign received an eye-popping 800,000 ticket requests for the President’s first rally since the coronavirus shutdowns.

The polls all show Joe Biden clearly leading Donald Trump. But the polls may not be measuring the depth and passion of Trump’s support.

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