Donald Trump found out one jaw-dropping truth about the polls

Polls currently show Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden.

The Fake News Media and Democrats are popping champagne corks in anticipation of a Biden landslide.

And now Donald Trump found out one jaw-dropping truth about the polls.

In 2016, polls all showed Hillary Clinton winning a comfortable Electoral College victory.

Even after that polling fiasco, the so-called “mainstream media” is still confidently predicting Donald Trump’s political demise based on polling five months out from the election.

Trump pollster John McLaughlin ripped the liberal media for running biased polls he claimed were skewed against the President as a form of voter suppression by trying to make Trump supporters think the election is over.

“[Y] ou’ve got the mainstream media is so anti-Trump that … they’re doing polls that they know will be skewed, that will water down the Republican vote, will water down the Trump vote,” McLaughlin told a local New York City radio show. “And then they’re putting out that in effect Donald Trump is going to lose. And it’s not true. They did this to us in 2016.”

“You’ve got this media bias that’s trying to discourage Trump voters from coming out and proving those media polls wrong again,” McLaughlin continued.

McLaughlin added that the state of the race was far different than what the polls showed.

“It’s going to be a very close race from now until Election Day. In the Trump campaign, we’re going to run like we’re behind,” McLaughlin added.

Donald Trump does own a significant enthusiasm advantage over Joe Biden.

All the experts predicted Georgia would be a battleground state in 2020 but Donald Trump received 140,000 more votes than Joe Biden did in the Democrat primary despite Trump running unopposed.

Trump has also racked up more primary votes than George W. Bush and Barack Obama did in their successful re-election campaigns.

And finally, the Trump campaign received an eye-popping 800,000 ticket requests for the President’s first rally since the coronavirus shutdowns.

The polls all show Joe Biden clearly leading Donald Trump. But the polls may not be measuring the depth and passion of Trump’s support.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Scott27 is living in his own world if they pass such a law they would be thrown out of office in the war that is coming. Maybe someone would remove them.

  2. We are certainly living in the last days as predicted in the Bible. satan will do all he can to cause chaos, confusion, and destruction and he has the left in his army. Thank God they cannot win. Jesus will come and deal with all who are against Him. What an awesome day that will be when we no longer have to put up with their sick hatred

  3. scott, you are obviously the simple-minded one. When Jesus comes it will be HIS government and HE will be in control. PERIOD. You cannot fight God and win. He makes the rules. You can deny God and follow satan (which you are doing) but YOU LOSE

  4. Scott, the dem party is ruled by satan. Their goal is total control of every aspect of your life. FACT. But just deny the truth and remain a fool. satan will rule for a time and it is obvious by the insanity of the left that it has begun. NO, satanic rule is far from a change in the right direction unless you consider hatred, chaos, lies, and destruction the right direction. That is where this country is headed. But Jesus will return and all who deny Him will be gone and we will have peace. Now, THAT is the right direction. No way can you fight God and win. YOU LOSE

  5. Snott27 who’s talking about a war? I’m NOT going to be ruled by a pack of unamerican asswipes. I know you will but I don’t have to. Better dead than red.

  6. Dan Tyree, I was not advocating for reparations to blacks. I just used it as an example. Whatever the next administration does you will have no choice but to obey or go to jail. Its that simple. You can’t win a war with the next administration.

  7. Snott27 why should there be payments to blacks. I guess that I would have no choice there. But why should they be paid. The White people today didn’t have anything to do with slavery. I don’t apologize for it and I don’t want anyone apologizing on my behalf. I guess that we would have form an alliance and fight it in court. Thank God for the judges that Trump put on the courts. Do you think that payment should be made? The commiecrats want to raise taxes anyway.

  8. Dan Tyree, if democrats win and they institute a new law, let’s say reparations to blacks, which requires a tax increase on middle class white people like yourself, what are you going to do about it? If you don’t pay your taxes you go to jail and you have your assets frozen. You can’t fight the next administration because you can’t fight the government. Don’t be so simple minded all the time.

  9. Snott27 you’re saying that to stand against your commie party will call for death or imprisonments? Wow!!! What’s a free country look like? You’re letting the cat out of the bag. But you’re not too smart anyway.

  10. Scott27 you fools are on life support. You know deep inside that Biden isn’t going to win. And he’s the guy that said that a confederate group was good people. I agree with him on that, but if Trump said it you dumbo rats would have a cow Yes Trump said that there were good people on both sides during the Charlottesville protests that was started by democrats, the most racist organization ever. Truthfully you people would love to have your slaves back.

  11. Dan Tyree, I guess you made your choice then, to be shot in the head or go to jail.
    I won’t come visit you if its the latter even though it’s fun to gloat.

  12. Snott27 I don’t give a rat’s ass. Go suck a big one. I expect any of them things. No, I don’t have to accept communism. Go ahead and knock yourself out you dumb ass. You ass holes wouldn’t accept the administration that we have now. But you don’t. So you people are the nazis. I don’t hear anything from you idiots condemning the black lives matter and antifa mobs that’s committing felonies and hurting people. So piss on the whole bunch of you. Underground? We already have that covered.

  13. Dan Tyree, you are wrong on every count. You can’t just say you will not recognize the new incoming administration. We live in a democracy and you have no choice but to abide by the will of the people. You can go underground and become a domestic terrorist or join one of your tea party Nazi groups, or you can spend time in jail or you can get shot in the head. It’s your choice.

  14. Snott27 assuming that stink finger joe and his commie comrades win, many of us will never be governed by the resarded SOB. As sovereign citizens we don’t have to bow down to communism. As they said during the Cold War, “better dead than red “. You would see a militia movement like never before while you puppet ass holes line up to kiss their asses. By the way, the polls are wrong. Even some of the democrats are doubtful about it. So go suck off Dr.JD and stfu. Lol. You people are funny.

  15. Arnold Hill, and yet every poll in every swing state has Biden up by 10-15 points over Trump. November will be a blue tsunami. Not only will Trump be defeated in a land slide but democrats will take control of the senate too. Then we will see real change in the right direction.

  16. Dr.and scott27. Two trolling dick heads. Check out the money raised by Trump compared to Biden. And the number of people trying to get into Trump’s rally. Why am I wasting my time? You two ass wipes will learn the hard way. Go eat your mother’s panties. Biden couldn’t beat sh&t with egg beaters. Lol. You two fags are too funny.

  17. It doesn’t matter what they do with Joe because the polls already show Trump has lost the election. We could run Micky Mouse for president and he would still beat Trump because Trump is that BAD, and hated by most everyone. You Trumpsters might as well not even bother voting. You’ve already lost.

  18. Retard joe in a debate? Great. The commiecrats will shed tears after watching Trump wipes the floor with him.

  19. Hahahaha, Biden wants to have Presidentual Debate Remotely so he can Stay in the basement!!!!!!!! I’m ROTF!!!!!!!

  20. This Election year, November 2020, you SHALL See Many many career Democrat politicians Voted Out Of OFFICE by “WE THE PEOPLE “ who Love God & Country

  21. Hey Demwits, The Fake Media polls you rigged up since before the 2016 election is helping unit & building a stronger Republican base it appears for the 2020 Election!!! Your Lies, and Corruption, Power ways will not help you against a Country formed on Godly People & principles of honest Americans that believe in the Constitution of The United States of America!!

  22. Scott, it really doesn’t matter which one is the real one. Neither one has any clue of the truth. Both are ignorant

  23. Joe Biden is not running for president. The democrat party is campaigning for him.
    Everyone knows if Joe wins he will not be calling the shots, and probably won’t even be in office for the whole term. Everyone that plans on voting for Biden must understand they are actually voting for a puppet-master that will be pulling Joe’s strings.

  24. Don’t know what poll this was, but anyone with common sense would be nuts as Joe Biden to vote for him.

  25. I don’t care what the polls say, the only poll that counts is the one taken in November. In that poll, I will vote for Trump. I see no other choice based on the policy positions and actions of the Democrat party
    which has gotten “progressively” worse over the years. (pun intended)

  26. Dr. J. D. (real one) is actually the fraud. The real Dr.J.D. posted below. I can tell by what he posts. The other Dr. J. D. that calls itself the real one is a troll that impersonates people.

  27. Yep, hes going down to the Whitehouse for another four years, that’s for sure! Pedo perv Joe Biden has lost what like type brain he had and America knows it!

  28. Over a million people tried to get tickets to the upcoming Trump rally. And the fake news is saying that retard joe is outpolling Trump. While counting polling, someone zigged when they should have zagged.

  29. Marvin the requests for tickets to the trump rally was thousands more than the place will hold. The recent special elections were pick ups for the republicans. These polls are over sampled in certain areas. And people are getting a first hand look at what the commiecrats really are. Yes, stink finger joe could possibly win. But I will NEVER be governed by the retarded bastard. Watch the economy grow between now and November. Oh hell yes. Wait until idiot joe debates. He’ll blow away like a fart in a wind storm. So stfu.

  30. satan will rule for a time, so the dems could win the election. But it cannot last. Jesus will come and free us from all who deny Him and we will never have to deal with them again

  31. JD, God wins. That is a fact, not something I want. Jesus will come and rule and ALL who deny Him will join their master satan in Hell. The dems threw God out…FACT…and they have embraced satan and his lies and destruction. They cannot win in the end. You have the choice of which side you want to be on. satan and the dems or God and Pres. Trump, who has done only good for this country and Christians. Choose wisely

  32. The Dems know that Trump will be very dangerous for them. The base for Trump is very excited and shows by there being over 800,000 ticket requests for his first rally since the virus. Biden would be lucky to fill a gymnasium. When Trump debates Biden, Biden will be stuttering and crushed. Trump has too much fire power for Biden.

  33. The main polls that has Trump worried are the Republican PARTY’S OWN INTERNAL POLLS. They show Trump getting trounced. Those are the polls that you should be worried about.

  34. Hey, Anthony, you better get yourself a lot of tissues, you are going to be crying come election night, suggest you stop watching the fake news and educate yourself

  35. It’s very puzzling that the democrats will put Biden up as their candidate for President (if they do). He does appear to be entering into the first phases of Alzheimer’s, or another form of dementia. Broadcasting those moments on TV and Video is a cruel thing to do. His temper tantrums are legendary but seem totally out of control now. We cannot have an irrational, uncontrollable man at the helm of our nuclear warship. It might be within his power to end mankind.
    I’m not a republican but my intentions are to VOTE A REPUBLIC TICKET.

  36. Dan, that is not the real Dr. J. D. but someone else who has posted under my name.
    I have been looking at the polls lately and have seen Trump drop to an all time low of ONLY 38% approval compared to 57% disapproval. The way it looks right now, Biden would win BOTH the electoral and popular votes. Reasonable people understand the difference in making empirical based assessment, verses, (like with bj) believing something just because it is what you want.

  37. Bill Williams, you are clueless. I am also Independent and Pres. Trump loves this country and our Constitution and has done only good for this country. Please explain how he is absent of republican values. I know HUNDREDS of republicans who voted for Trump and will again BECAUSE he represents their values

  38. Anyone who votes for Biden has no clue of what the dem party is and has fallen for their evil lies. Dare to learn the truth that you deny and vote to keep this country free as our founding fathers left it to us. The goal of the dem party is total control of our government and every aspect of our lives. They are in satan’s army and have only hate and lies. Pres. Trump is on the side of God and His people and will continue to do what is best for this country

  39. Dan, you are right on, as always. We will have a one-world government when Jesus returns and satan and his people (dems, atheists, communists, and all others who deny God and His truth) will join their master satan and we will be free of them and their evil forever

  40. Myles you’re the one spreading false doctrine. All believers will be taken up by rapture before the tribulation. And Jesus will come back to earth bringing the saints with him at the end of the 7 years. Several references in the Bible. My favorite is Romans 5:9.

  41. Dj, you prove your ignorance every time you post. And either satan (the left) wins and we cease to be the free nation our founding fathers gave us or we get another reprieve with Pres. Trump. But you have denied God and His truth and belong to satan

  42. Dr.JD it’s working just fine, even if it works against republicans some day So I’ll chase the rabbit again. The electoral college prevents a small number of states from deciding the presidential election. You same as said that Montana should not be in the equation. It’s interesting that liberals want to change the constitution when it doesn’t go their way. It’s intention is to say what the government can’t do to us. You people want it to allow the government to do whatever they want to us.

  43. Dan Tyree, how can you say our voting system is fair when people in the big states like New York and California have a fraction of one vote instead of one vote?
    How can a person in Montana have a greater vote than someone in California. The electoral college was instituted before we had internet, TV, or radio. The electoral college was instituted because a lot of people back then didn’t even know who was running for president. All they had back then was snail mail. That is not the case any longer, and that is why the EC needs to be ratified out of existence. It is obsolete and unfair now. Trump should not be president.

  44. Current republicans need to understand that all people who appose trump are not democrats. I was a registered republican for 43 years, but am now a Independent and I certainly now appose trump. He is totally absent any values of the party I used to belong to.

  45. Christ is coming after the anti-christ, not before.
    Christ will come at the end of the great tribulation.
    There is no pre-rapture. That is false doctrine.
    Many Christians will be slaughtered that do not take the name of the beast.
    Many Christians will turn from their faith, and swear allegiance to the beast to save their own lives but they will spend eternity in the worst place imaginable.
    They were never truly saved to begin with. Only God knows what’s inside a person.

  46. National polls for president are flawed from the start as a reliable predictor. The presidency race is about the electoral college, and the results could well turn out far differently. For one example, just about everyone in California, which has a huge chunk of our population, dislikes Trump. The same for those in New York State. (At least for those who are still there in those states. After several decades of ‘progressive’ governance, most of those states are becoming unlivable, and their friends and neighbors are leaving for points south and west at astonishing rates.) The same for some other states I could name. But understand, each of these states is a write-off as far as the Electoral College is concerned. It is assumed that Trump will lose these states, even by large margins. If you did not take high school civics, still think that the popular vote is determinative, and are sure Trump would have won except for the Russians, I feel sorry for you. It’s the battle ground states that matter; and there Trump is doing OK. I’ve told all of my ‘progressive’ friends to wear their cheapest, most useless, hats on election night, as they may have to eat them.Just like last time.

  47. BJ never mind Anthony. He’s just a troll trying to rile people up. Unless he’s really stupid, he’s not helping joe’s chances. A lot of democrats don’t want a one world government, but yes many do. This guy is a phony and not to be taken seriously. I do believe that he’s a Biden supporter, but a one world ruler isn’t going to happen until after the coming of Christ. Then the commiecrats can worry about it. Don’t let stupid people get to you. I had to learn that myself.

  48. Dr JD…??????????????????? Are you really that stupid? Of course you are. You are also a LIAR. NO! Over half the voters DID NOT vote against him. That is FALSE! But just go ahead and deny the truth like the fool that you are. Hillary only won the popular vote because illegals and dead people voted and some voted more than once. That is fact. Without the corruption, Trump would have won the popular vote. And we have the Electoral College for a very good reason, but you don’t care about that. You have no morals and do not care about right and wrong. The dems threw God out and embrace satan and his hate and lies and you are a prime example

  49. Just remember “ Figures don’t lie but liers can figure “ We all know all a Demoncrats Politician can do is lie to hide their real intent

  50. president trump is the only one that can lead this country back to greatness an normality as for sleepy joe he can’t even lead himself out of his basement.

  51. Anthony, you have no clue about the truth, but have fallen for the lies of the left. satan is very proud of you. If Biden becomes president this country is finished. satan is doing all he can to wreck this country and the left is doing his bidding. But God is in control and Jesus will return and fix us. Jesus will rule and all who deny His truth will join satan. You need Jesus in your life and all will be well

  52. Anthony did you think of your B S on your own? Lol. That’s funny right there. If we were to become a one world government, how do you know that you wouldn’t be on the bottom of the food chain? Life can be full of laughs but sometimes life isn’t funny. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it. Slaughter of many people would follow and you might be in the first to go. I know that I would but I don’t care. Ass holes like you would cry like a little bi&ch.

  53. Biden will be our next president, and he will continue the legacy of Barrack and put the country on the right track making it subordinate to the proper world leaders in the U.N.
    The time is over for America to be a sovereign nation. We are one world now and we must all be under the umbrella of the world leadership. This is the only way to tackle climate change, and make everyone equal. Equal rights and equal standard of living for everyone, not just privileged rich white people.

  54. When President Donald Trump gets re-elected, you can bet I’m going to watch Good Morning America! I wanna see George Step on all of us CRY! And the rest of’em too!

  55. These democrap media funded polls are so biased and full of BS. Don’t believe them one bit. Donald Trump is going to wipe the democrap dirty bathroom floor with joe biteme and his mate. Republicans, Independents and conservative Democrats ignore the Soros funded, CNN, MSNBC polls. They are lies as always!!! Go DJT MAGA GBA KAG

  56. I am surprised . why do we need polls? Just ask yourself the question: “Do I want to live the way people now live in Minnesota, Detroit, Atlanta or Seattle, occupied by bandits?” Do you want to live in democratic countries where 85 thousand people died from a pandemic? Do you want to live in city shelters with thousands of homeless and sick people on the streets? And if you do not want, then just go and vote for the Republicans, for Trump. He alone will be able to repeat the miracle with the growth of the economy, as he did 3 years ago. This is my opinion.

  57. When the time comes to Vote all Trump supporters will rise and vote for Trump and as they say, history repeats itself and that’s what’s going to happen Nov 2020 America will show Democrats we not having this garbage of defunding any Police.

  58. Ok, now that the virus, is somewhat, calm, and the riots, are mostly in the rear, but with a couple of idiots, trying to make the “blm” still in the news, the focus is now on Trump, and the rallies he is wanting to get back to. The people are welling also. The United States, is going to “hell” in a handbasket, and Trump, is the one that can lead the way out, because, Joe, can’t even lead himself,out of faulty speeches, where he is stumbling all over himself.. How sad for him, to be put out on display, the Democrat party is showing their uncaring selves. They just want him there so that the Vice-president, that the party will select, will be ready…. What evil hearts, the DemocRats, have…..

  59. Ok, now that the virus, is somewhat, calm, and the riots, are mostly in the rear, but with a couple of idiots, trying to make the “blm” still in the news, the focus is now on Trump, and the rallies he is wanting to get back to. The people are welling also. The United States, is going to “hell” in a handbasket, and the Trump, is the one that can lead the way out, because, Joe, can’t even lead himself,out of faulty speeches, where he is stumbling all over himself.. How sad for him, to be put out on display, the Democrat party is showing their uncaring selves. They just want him there so that the Vice-president, that the party will select, will be ready…. What evil hearts, the DemocRats, have…..

  60. Dr.JD boo hoo. Your crooked c—t lost. If the situation was reversed, you commiecrats would suck a dick to keep the electoral college. For a so called educated man, you’re an idiot. So get over it already. If you don’t know the reason for the electoral college you need to go back to school. It’s been explained several times, but real losers hate to lose. If that skank was in the White House our cities would have burned down by now.

  61. Joe needs to go away far far away, his basement is not far enough away.I will vote Trump, I will vote red all the way.MM

  62. Let the Dems (Dumb-ocrats) think they are winning. That means a lot of their voters will stay home, and the Trump supporters will rush to the polls.

    The Dumb-ocrats are too dumb to catch onl. 🤣

  63. Voted for Trump in 2016. Had a picture of trump being defiant with G20 world leaders framed on my desk. Coworkers used to shake their heads when they see it. Guess what?! So many had confided in me that they will be voting for trump this time around. Folks! It is going to be historic. Just watch!!!

  64. Hillary did beat Trump by a large margin. The electoral college suppresses votes in larger states by giving more weight to the sparsely populated states. The electoral college is obsolete and needs to be ratified out of existence. Joe might lose the electoral college but he will win the popular vote as Hillary did, and he should be our next president. In fact, Trump should have never been president at all because over half the voters voted against him.

  65. I didn’t vote in 2016. I will definitely be voting for Trump & Republicans all the way in 2020!!!! Commie demoncraps must go they are all nuts!!!

  66. Oh my!!!😂
    I so needed a good chuckle today.😊 Thanks.
    Bumblin’ Biden ahead of
    our Great POTUS TRUMP???
    OH MY!!!
    Are pigs really flying now? Lmbo 😂😊

  67. FluffyPillowFive joe can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. And Hillary doesn’t speak, she screeches.

  68. T Vooler I’m not afraid to tell anyone that I support Trump. Anyone that don’t like it can kiss my ass. Retaliation might come, but I’ll bring the commie bastards some real retaliation. I wear my Trump cap in public. Anyone is welcome to remove it from my head.

  69. Hillary can debate, and Hillary can speak coherently. Hillary also has a decent memory.
    Joe has none of those things, and yet we are to believe Biden will beat Trump while Hillary lost in an electoral landslide? I think not.
    Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame in me.

  70. Main stream media? Right! Who cares of what the media says and does. Most of it is very low left wing journalsim. They jump at garbage. Not even worth my time out of the day. Hillary Clitonese thought she had the election with all her ontarage of dirty intelligence at work including mail fraud. Most people that play that way go to prison. Ain’t gonna work that way this time around. I didn’t vote for a President in 2016. I left it blank. Now that the Democrates have been exposed up to high heaven, I plan to check off everything in RED! Go Trump!

  71. The polls are way off. Even if they polled moderates or independents, because the left is so radical, people are afraid to say they favor Trump for fear of retaliation. I’ve posted a few times that the Republicans will get the largest percentage of the black vote in history. It will be a landslide as long as we all get out and vote!!!

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