Donald Trump found out some bad news in this dramatic court case

Democrats are still hounding the President at every turn with partisan investigations.

Donald Trump refers to these collectively as “the witch hunt.”

But now President Trump found out some bad news in this dramatic court case.

In a federal court filing, Manhattan’s Democrat District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. stated that President Trump’s financial institution must comply with a subpoena for eight years of records because his office was investigating the Trump Organization for possible bank and insurance fraud and the investigation was much larger than just hush money to women claiming affairs with Trump.

The New York Times reports:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office suggested on Monday that it has been investigating President Trump and his company for possible bank and insurance fraud, a significantly broader inquiry than the prosecutors have acknowledged in the past.

The suggestion by the office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., came in a new federal court filing arguing that Mr. Trump’s accountants should have to comply with a subpoena seeking eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns. Mr. Trump had asked a judge to declare the subpoena invalid.

In the new filing, the prosecutors did not directly identify the subject of their inquiry. But they said that “undisputed” assertions in earlier court papers and several news reports about Mr. Trump’s business practices showed that the office had a wide legal basis for the subpoena.

Former Trump lawyer – and convicted felon for lying to Congress – Michael Cohen claimed in Congressional testimony that the President would inflate or deflate his net worth depending on how it suited Trump’s financial interests at the time.

There is no evidence to back up these allegations.

But Democrats will investigate Donald Trump up until the day he dies.

Many Americans believe that if Trump loses the election, Vance, as well as the incoming Biden administration, will try to jail Trump as a final warning to any outsider trying to seek the Presidency that they will end up like Trump.

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