Donald Trump gave Democrats an ultimatum over the military that set up this major fight

Every institution in America is under attack right now.

Even the U.S. Armed forces.

And Donald Trump gave Democrats an ultimatum over the military that set up this major fight.

The Senate Armed Services Committee recently passed an amendment proposed by Elizabeth Warren to the National Defense Authorization Act that would rename military bases that bore the names of Confederate military generals.

This amendment passed by voice vote because Senators were too afraid to go on the record.

The full Senate is now debating the legislation and Donald Trump threw down a marker threatening to veto any bill that contained the Warren amendment erasing the names of ten American military bases.

“I will Veto the Defense Authorization Bill if the Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (of all people!) Amendment, which will lead to the renaming (plus other bad things!) of Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, and many other Military Bases from which we won Two World Wars, is in the Bill!” the President wrote.

President Trump is standing with the majority of the American people on protecting American history.

A recent ABC/Ipsos poll found 56 percent of Americans opposes renaming military bases that carry the names of Confederate generals.

Just 42 percent support this desire to wipe out American history.

Over 100 years ago the U.S. government decided to name some bases after Confederate generals to promote national healing and reconciliation after the Civil War.

These bases were not monuments to honor racism or slavery.

But now Congress is set for a showdown over how to treat American history.

And President Trump has made it clear that he will not allow the radical Left to erase America’s past.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Ive got some special paperwork from 1 of the Marine Bases. Come and get them.And attempt the name change. Come on over.Bring a friend,we will have a little party. Ill invite my brothers over too. Just a good time.

  2. History is history. The Democrats are hell bent to cause confusion and disruption. They are a disgrace to America.

  3. I don’t get it. I’ve been going about my usual business and in the course of my daily affairs, have encountered many Black people.
    I have not asked them their views on anything, our interactions have been the normal day to day activities. A Black man held the door for me in a store, I said, “Thank You!” He replied, “You’re welcome.” I bumped into the cart being pushed by two large Black men. I said, “Excuse me.” They said it was their fault. I took notice of all the food in the cart and joked that I was coming to their house. They both laughed and said, “We’re gonna do some eating!” So what’s going on? Are these folks waiting for me to turn my back so they can shoot my white ass? Or are they just regular Americans going about their lives? Where’s the racism, the privilege? I was a big city cop for over 30 years. I worked all types of ethnic communities. For the most part, people are the same. Get over it!

  4. Don’t change the name of our bases, it’s pRt of our history. These morons probably don’t k ow any if our history.

  5. After six years in Central & South America with Special Operations teams fighting the War on Drugs, Cartels always had a price on our head and no one talked about it on the news. Soldiers of this nature know the dangers that lay ahead, it can be a mercenary with your name on a bullet or a kid with a grenade you just gave a piece of candy. It’s just part of the profession…

  6. Bill Lingle you’re spouting off BS We don’t know yet that Russia put a bounty on our soldiers. Trump has witnesses that he never was briefed on it.

  7. Bill Lingle How dare you assume Trump is doing nothing about the threats against our soldiers. You don’t know what he is thinking or doing. The statues belong to the people not to the rioters. Where are the threats against O’bamas statue? He is the most racist person America has ever had not to forget he was also an illegal president.

  8. So you guys are all up in a frenzy over protecting the statues of old confederates and the supporters of slavery when Trump is ignoring the fact that Putin has put bounties on American soldiers serving in Afghanistan. don’t you think that your priorities are a little off kilter?

  9. Is this another RACIST AGAINST the southern people? Sure seems like it is. All these Democrat are trying hard to pursue the black race that they are their party! But are just USING THEM FOR THEIR OWN LIFESTYLE OF WEALTHY! These MILITARY Base don’t offering anybody. They are just a NAME! Don’t forget it was the UNION ARMY THAT PLACE THESE BASES IN THE SOUTH! AND A DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT WHO SUPPORT IT! Do you know why there are so many MILITARY Base in the South? Was to keep the people from RISING up against the Government.

  10. Walt Smith, its mostly young white liberals that are doing all the rioting.
    Most black people are completely against BLM.

  11. Drumpf is definitely the best leader the USA can have for the next 4 years, assuming that you want a liar, a thief, a con man as yr leader.

  12. Our country sure needs prayer. God is in control and I believe He will not let this chaos go on much longer….especially when we re-elect this President for 4 more years! The Dems have become desperate because their sins are finding them out. Their horns are beginning to show and they are quite panicked. This is why we are having all these problems in the country (even in the world) – it was all planned out to take him down. And when Plan A scheme doesn’t work they go on to Plan B scheme….as if we aren’t figuring it out along the way. They will get theirs and be punished for it – either here and now or in eternity. They will pay – BIG TIME!!

  13. Dr.J.D. I hope that they come to my polling place. They would receive some southern hospitality.

  14. Politics is all about Prid-Quo-Pro, Compromise, right?? Dems get to rename Confederate Gen named bases whatever their hearts desire. In return, for the first time in decades they agree to massive increases in VA Hosptial, retirement, and medical benefits, pay increases for enlisted and junior officers, etc. It is embarrassing that those who serve our nation proudly quite often have to live at poverty levels to do so.

  15. Oh J.D. I Hope these ass wipes try and stop me from voting!!! They better bring a body bag for themselves cause that’s where they will need to go. This crap has gotten to the point of stupid!!! If you don’t like our country then leave!!!!

  16. White people need to wake up and stop giving into the blacks we keep giving they keep taking more soon they will be in control and it will be the fault of all these whites bending over to kiss their asses then they get screwed by them get ready for war people

  17. No name changes, these marxists that seem to be coming out of the woodwork cannot win this fight. They would rename these bases after Communists more than likely.

  18. I think BLM operatives will be standing out front of voting places harassing white people the same way the Black Panthers did for Obama.
    Some people will see them out front and just drive by never being allowed to cast a vote. Others will try to get past them but will be pushed back or punched. The BLM thugs will put the most focus on old white people because they believe that group is mostly likely to vote for Trump.

  19. All honest people of America should join Trump in order to protect all the historical monuments of America from the cunning and vile enemies of our country – Pakahontas, Pelosi Schumer, Schiff, Obama and other communist AOСs

  20. When I was in the Army, I attended FT Benning for my airborne training and FT Bragg for my SF course. I object strenuously to Senator Warren’s amendment to change the names of Army Bases associated with Confederate Generals! She is only looking for notoriety; and, hasn’t a clue how many Veterans will rise up and squash her like a cockroach if they start renaming Army bases that we trained at and have fond memories of our times with our brothers…..DOL,

  21. What a terrible thing to do, to disrespect our history. My ancestors fought for the North, but I also have ties to the South. I lived in Virginia for a short period of time, and left a piece of my heart when I left there.

  22. MLK Jr. was actually quite a good man. I cringe when I see a street or something named after our worst president EVER – Barack Obama! I saw one in Quincy, FL last year…almost made me upchuck!

  23. What’s in a name. Bunch of liberal morons should be the new name for blm. And you can tell fredo coumo that he’s a moron too.

  24. “BLM stands for ‘Brainwashed Liberal Morons’”

    …it also stands for “Burn, Loot & Murder”. Both interpretations seem right on the money!

  25. Democrats and BLM = Bigoted Liberal Morons!! Veto any Bill with Military Base Name Changes Mr. President!

  26. Unless you are in the military there is no reason what so ever of even going past these bases. Leave them alone. A names is just that. A name. Maybe we should start renaming all these militants and give them a name we can handle.

  27. How is tearing down statues, and renaming military bases, and defunding the police actually helping the black community.
    I would appreciate if some democrat could explain that to me.

  28. I had an Army Infantryman Lt. named Robert E. Lee(Vietnam 1969) & yes that was his Great how many times Grandfather, not a bad soldier either.

  29. everybody that votes yes for this name change should be removed from office as a White male I am upset that everywhere I look I see marten Luther name on everything and the people of our history being torn down these are things put to remember what has happened in our nation and how we have learned from them leave everything as it is

  30. Beckley WV still has Robert KKK Byrd drive. Named after a commiecrat Senator that worked to deny blacks the rights guaranteed by our constitution. And a few years ago used the N word during an interview on tv. Oh wait. That’s ok. The commiecrats don’t eat their own.

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