Donald Trump gave Jeff Sessions the bad news he was dreading

Donald Trump has lost all faith in Jeff Sessions.

Many people believe it’s only a matter of time until the President fires Sessions.

And in one interview Trump gave Sessions the bad news he was dreading.

The Hill interviewed Trump in the Oval Office.

During the course of the interview, Trump was asked about his conflict with Sessions.

Trump responded with a shocking answer.

He said, “I have no Attorney General.”

The Hill reports:

President Trump in an Oval Office interview with Hill.TV launched one of his most ferocious broadsides to date against Jeff Sessions, suggesting the attorney general was essentially AWOL and performing badly on a variety of issues.

“I don’t have an attorney general. It’s very sad,” Trump told Hill.TV in an extensive and freewheeling interview Tuesday from the Oval Office.

The president has long excoriated Sessions for his March 2017 decision to recuse himself from the Russia collusion investigation. But on Tuesday he suggested he is frustrated by Sessions’s performance on far more than that.

“I’m not happy at the border, I’m not happy with numerous things, not just this,” he said.

Many Republicans believe Trump will fire Sessions after the midterm election.

Many Trump supporters wish he pulled the trigger earlier.

The Mueller investigation exists because Sessions could not stand up to media pressure and recused himself from the Russia probe.

That infuriated Trump.

He said if he knew Sessions would have recused himself he would have picked someone else.

From the sound of Trump’s interview, that day is fast approaching.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Put JUDGE JEANNIE in place with instructions to clean house. She would get rid of Rosenstein. She is the fearless leader we need, unafraid of any Establishment type.

  2. More ‘dis-illusion’ B.S ph.d. – Women Like DJT a lot. & it ‘gripes’ you. The Silent
    Majority just has More Class & Totally 0utnumbers the ‘pink hats’.

  3. I all so like sessions , but as AG , Trump is right he has been awol . I can not understand why he has let so many things go by and not made any effort to stop them .This country needs a full time AG not one who is scared or doe’s not know how to do his job . Please Mr Session take control of the DOJ and help put this country back on track .


  5. Carl,surely you weren’t born as Stupid as you seem ! O!never mind I can see by your post I was wrong! You are that STUPID !!

  6. Poor asswipe Eric,if you would remove your Libturd head out of your stinking ass,you’d see more than just your hemmoriods !!

  7. I agree with Trumo. Trump is left with Rotten rosemstein who was as involved in the FISA lies to the court and is beyond a conflict of interest I The witch hunt by Warlock murller and his csuldton of dirty Dems aiding Murller. Weissman issthe worst and he has the past to prove it. He withheld exculpatory evidence, ruined dozens of lives and in the end has his convictions overturned. In the rich him, he leaked info to the SP under false pretenses. No clue how he hasn’t been disbarred!, even jailed. Sessions knew he was going to recuse himself BEGORE he accepted the job, he was probably a plant in the Trump campaign, a part of the soft coup against our Great President. I hope Trump fires him and does so with rapidity!

  8. DR J.D.,
    I see a troll Demonut President Trump has not Obstructed Justice in anyway and as a matter of fact Sessions is not doing the job he is supposed to be doing. He has been asked to investigate Miss Billary and to this day he has not he is part of the swamp and President is going to replace him after therm elections.

  9. HRC and her ex-Pres. husband got very rich while she was SoS and received plenty of bribes via speeches fees. Normally those money should have been part of the deal with the respective country and a gain for the US, “not” for the super-corrupt Clinton Foundation!

  10. Exactly what violations are you talking about, you are nothing but a parrot of the left. He is doing exactly what he said during his campaign, and there’s nothing wrong with that, he is not a politician, and yet has been able to accomplish in a year, more than any of these professional career politicians in their lifetime, due to being compromised up to their necks, to special interests money and power. Trump is making them look so bad and incompetent at every turn, that they can’t simply stand it.

  11. “obstruction of justice”? What do you think the “fake dossier” was? Hillary paid for it, then they used it 4 times to get Mueller to “witch hunting” which, to date has found nothing concerning Trump and the election. And he is still here. And Sessions refuses to do anything about it.
    Where I come from, if a person refuses to perform his, he IS FIRED. That’s not “obstruction of Justice”, that’s common sense.
    What would you do if you paid someone to put a new roof on your house and a year later he was still not done????? And if you try to fire him another idiot screams obstruction of Justice?
    It’s time to get real, come back to earth.
    THe President can fire anyone he wants to. It’s his job.
    Get over it.

  12. From what I have read, Trump is not upset with Sessions for his aggressive handling of Mexican and South American migrants, or his separating children for their parents (even when they are legal migrants – – like seeking asylum), or any other aspects of Sessions job EXCEPT that he recused himself (as was proper in his circumstances – -Sessions would know more than Trump because Sessions has a legal background) and Sessions people are investigating two corrupt Republican congressmen, Hunter and Collins. That makes it clear that Trump’s whole point is the Russia probe, and so if he fires Sessions (as all expect him to do), then he will be violating yet another instance of Obstruction of Justice, like he did with the firing of Comey.

    If you add, Rosenstein and Mueller, you have two more clear cases of obstruction of justice. Nixon tried that in 1970s, and that did not work about well for him, did it in the “Saturday Night Massacre,” did it? You people have not been looking at the polls lately (?) . . . the American people are getting fed up with Trump’s violations of the law and his oath of office.

  13. Harlow, isn’t it a surprise why females are strongly against Trump and his cult followers and many are not drawn to the new GOP leaders because they see them as sexist” and “racist”? I mean. all the evidence they need comes from reading posts like yours.

  14. No Evert, you only CALL yourself “patriots” while you have no tolerance for others, and that includes members of your own party. You cannot even handle a different point of view from Carl without using insults and wanting to get rid of those all those you don’t like. In that way, you are more like Nazis, who also used to call themselves “patriots” and sought to jettison all who did not agree with them. That is not “patriotic,” it is fascist.

  15. careful, Bender, these people cannot handle humor, like the joke told on the Emmy’s about “thanking Jesus.” It is no wonder there are no conservative late night shows, or few conservative comedians – – almost all comedians are well educated liberals, like Stephen Colbert, Stew Meyers, Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah and so forth. The Trumpon cultists have Hannity, Coulter, and Alex “multivitamins that stop aging” Jones. Don’t forget all who are gone, including Tillerson, chiefs of staff, Bannon, and the best pick of all, the Mooch. All in all, a record number have left the Trump admin, and he should get rid of a ton after midterms. He has announced he can’t trust anyone, and also announced he is a “stable” “genius” despite his paranoia and narcissism.

  16. I think those who elected Donald Trump are not happy with Sessions. They did not expect/want an AG wimp or avoider. They will cheer a new AG. I voted for President Trump.

  17. If you think Trump is stupid after all he has done for this country and the people since he was elected, what is your name for Obama. I don’t know of a name that would describe the idiocy, stupidity, ignorance and incompetence of Hussain Barack Obama. Can you help me out?

  18. Pirro & Haley 2 good tough women. After Trump is done w/ Presidency any 2 of these women would be perfect to run the Country.

  19. Amen, ab55. I love people that stick up for what they believe is correct like Judge Jeanine Pirro and Ambassador Nikki Haley. They have fortitude than 20 Sessions. Of course, We, the American People, are being thwarted by the so called main stream media who, I believe, are complicit with outside forces like China & Russia. Maybe unknowingly, but I am becoming even more doubtful of that these days.

  20. I think Sessions is a weak man and is in bed with the Democrats. I think they bought him off. Prick. Trump should just say ” YOUR FIRED” and get him the hell out of office. He doesn’t deserve this seat.

  21. Time for Trump to get rid of Session right after the midterms, he needs to replace Sessions w/ Jeanine Pirro, I think she would be excellent as AG. She has a spine & yes Hillary & others will be investigated & prosecuted for their Crimes. Its the only way to get to the bottom of the corruption.
    Pirro is a Constitutional Judge it will be done by the book.

  22. No, you are so stupid for twisting his words (again) to fit your agenda. Intelligent people know exactly how he meant that.

  23. Carl. What’s wrong with you. Are you blind, stupid, or just plain dumb? If you can’t see what’s happening you’re probably all those thing or worse

  24. You should be ashamed to put your name on this trash. Forget political parties for a moment and allow some sense in your thinking.

  25. He has an Attorney General “In Name Only” He has no functioning Attorney General. I think you did not get his meaning and took it too literal.

  26. Sessions not only recused himself from the Russia collusion thingy, but also
    recused himself from investigations into ANY of Hillary’s many crimes. That is
    why the president is so angry. I don’t blame him for that. She is the main person
    responsible for this witch hunt. She’s the head witch who paid for the dossier that
    got the snowball rolling. So, if there are no investigations into her evil doings
    nobody will EVER answer for their crimes on her behalf.

  27. Trump is SO stupid. America has a Attorney General. The President, even this so called one, doesn’t have an Attorney General. Yes, Trump selected Sessions to be America’s current Attorney General; and yes, Trump can fire Sessions. But for Trump to call Sessions HIS Attorney General is pretty much the same as saying he believes he can do whatever he wants without consequences.

  28. It is past time to replace Jeff Sessions. The President needs an Attorney General that will act. He has done nothing. Needs to go!!!!

  29. Trump is correct! He AND America have no Attorney General! A bunch of leftist political hacks are running the DOI! (Department Of Injustice)

  30. Well – if you’re going to fire everyone until you get to “an American Citizen “who will actually live and work within the constraints of their Oath of Office”. why don’t you l start with Trump and his whole bag of indicted and convicted Cronies ( including his son). Oh that’s right – the Law doesn’t apply to Kim Jung Trump AKA “Dear Leader”and those annointed by him, only to those he hasn’t put into office.

  31. As National Security Adviser – Susan Rice managed to put together a $40,000,000 fortune – “mostly from her dealings with Iran”.

  32. Sessions has been “out” while THE SESSION has been in. … He would make a great CEO for UPS (Useless Piece of Crap). … We have this mess because we had no DOJ Leadership. His CAN should have been kicked down the road long ago. … He betrayed his oath, and Alabama should blush in shame. … He should dismiss his SESSION in Washington and go back to his tree-house in O’Bama. Can hardly wait to hear those blessed words . . . “YOUR’RE FIRED.”

  33. Jeff Sessions is a coward, and an idiot. He should have been fired long ago. He has kept that moron Rosenstein on payroll when in reality these 2 are deep state agents!

  34. Jeff Sessions is a Deep State Member and is actually against our Wonderful President and he should also be on the list for being charged with High Treason with the rest of them.

  35. Those are some harsh words about Sessions – but I have to agree with the President. Sessions is a partisan hack and he needs to be fired yesterday. If Trump has no AG, then we the people also have on AG and that is a situation we can’t have. Fire Sessions and fire every deep state scumbag in the food chain under him till you get to an actual patriotic American citizen who will actually live and work within the constraints of their oath of office as they are lawfully bound to do (obey the law, honor the oath – what a concept).

  36. Like everyone in the government Session is only covering his butt, he is concerned he will be pulled into the fire by Mueller. With all that has been exposed showing Rosensteins position as part of the deep state, Session could easily fire him at this point. Appoint someone else to take over, and close the witch hunt down.

  37. Session does not have to unrecuse him self, based on what has already been exposed, he has more then enough to fire Rosenstein, and make a new appointment that would end this witch hunt. Rosenstein is an intricate part of the deep state.

  38. Trump should look at the list of who succeeds who to the top post in both the DOJ and the FBI and go down the list until he finds someone who is not part of the deep state. Then fire everyone until he gets down to that person, even if it is the Janitor. Not firing Session is no longer a question, and firing him would only move Rosenstein up, and he could not get another person confirmed and that would be even worse.

  39. Ann Coulter think that Trump should deal with Mitch McConnell, not Jeff Session. Hmm.

    Jeff was good at all other issues except the Russian collusion issue. Only if he could unrecuse himself, he would be a perfect AG for Trump.

    Too bad.

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