Donald Trump gave one order to the military that left his enemies stunned in silence

Donald Trump’s opponents severely underestimated him.

Anti-Trump forces in Washington, D.C. thought they could bully and manipulate the President into abandoning his supporters.

But then Donald Trump gave one order to the military that left his enemies stunned in silence.

President Trump cheered when a jury acquitted Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher on serious charges of murdering a 15-year-old ISIS terrorist in Iraq.

Obama-era prosecutors brought charges against Gallagher for the stabbing of this terrorist and even locked Gallagher up in solitary confinement.

President Trump made waves about pardoning Gallagher but let the case play out.

After Gallagher’s exoneration, the President ordered the Secretary of the Navy to revoke honors previously bestowed upon the prosecutors for their administrative work.

Gallagher’s case became a rallying cry for Trump supporters that saw a decorated war hero get targeted by Obama’s PC police.

Patriotic Americans everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when Gallagher was acquitted and the underhanded tactics of the prosecutors that sought to jail him were exposed.

President Trump retains the support from his base because he stood by Gallagher when the mob wanted to throw him in jail.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. it was time to have a non political person in the white house. See his many accomplishments. keep him going thru 2020. we’ ll like his success.

  3. I too agree 100%.
    Why can’t we see Barry’s high school records? Just to get a medical license, they require your high school transcript.

  4. I( have but one Question for all DEMOCRATS and DEMONRATS alike:
    Why are ALL your many, many Presidential candidates watermelons?
    Green on the outside but commie red mush on the inside?
    Communism is as dead as Trotsky! Yet these are trying to bring back to life? Keep on trying folks, we’ll have another Trump Turn! Yahoo!

  5. Ooooh Betty
    You described your trashy situation perfectly.
    You’re just like Garry and Jim who have no clue about military issues.
    You’re another looney liberal self anointed idiot!!

  6. Jim
    You’re another self anointed looney liberal idiot, just like Garry! It’s easy to tell who goes by emotion or gossip rather than facts.
    Trump at least went to a military style school. Clinton fled to Canada during his draft period.

  7. Garry
    You’re a self anointed looney liberal idiot aren’t you?
    You have no respect for our patriot servicemen and women who sacrifice to protect us and our country! Nor do you have any understanding of battlefield situations they go though.

  8. So, thomas, Ask Your President for a Free Ride on One of His Million Dollar GRAVY TRAINS Cause without Them & His Cash, trump is A NOTHING BUT A TWO FACED, TWO TIMING PILE OFTRASH!

  9. I think it’s time to reciprocate and bring charges against every last Democrat in Congress on charges of aiding and abetting known terrorists. Then give them all the most serious punishment known for treason. We then need to do the same for the government of California, and make it very public on all stations. Any station refusing to broadcast should then lose their broadcasting license, and be prosecuted. Then let’s see who the little cry babies are so we can give them all binkies while they’re doing time in federal prison!


  11. You strongly criticize our SEALS as though you have considerable military and legal experience. I for one do NOT HAVE any experience or expertise in that area.


    Otherwise your comment is meaningless and just
    a libel against out military.

    For example, I am a retired surgeon. I do make judgments based on those issues. However, when I do not,
    I simply shut up.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  12. Dear Garry – don’t fall for the smoke screen the left puts up….their hand is in everything evil. Instead of being grateful for this Seal’s service, he is put through the wringer. Terrible!!

  13. Very very true. Let history not repeat itself through the Right’s gloating and over-confidence. Let’s keep vigilant, speaking up, speaking out, voting accordingly and praying like it’s the end because our Republic is not yet safe again!!

  14. This is getting flat out sick! What the democrats couldn’t do LEGALLY because there was nothing to find! Now they stooped lower out of desperation they are using the pain of a criminal act to paint themselves as the avenging Angel when the use it to try and win, if they are successful they will discard them, their goal is to get supreme control We NEED to beat this! Just one more democrat and we are screwed! They whole democrat party while we lament because not enough of us got out to clinch our winning! If President Trump doesn’t have a back-up plan for the surprise they have we will be in trouble! Trump 2020!! MAGA!! KAG!!

  15. You evidently never served in the military and do not have any knowledge of the procedural “games” prosecutors will do to get a few ribbons and a boost in pay grade. Frank J. Stangel, J.D. ( U.S. Marine Corps-retired)

  16. Put your money where your mouth is…If you can do what this President is doing for the majority of ALL American Citizens over the past 2 plus years in his term of office… DO IT! Put Up or Shut UP!

    You’ve got nothing on him… Think again if you’ve got nothing positive to say… Lousy Liberals that are doing nothing positive for our great country… Freedom is NOT FREE! Think about it! What have YOU done lately?!

  17. Spot on correct I have a Friends that are lifelong Democrats and Believe Trump is doing the Right thing for America

  18. The prosecutors did the right thing in bringing charges against the seal. The fact that it was a cover-up by the SEALS and that they LIED is the issue ….. not the prosecutors. The SEALS have a discipline problem that needs to be dealt with. The president’s comment about pulling all the prosecutor’s medals just show his contempt for either military law or civil laws. He is a disgrace to the country.

  19. I suppose that you had high regard for Clinton, draft dodger sho demonstrated against this country while in England, and Obama, who showed major disrespect to our military during his entire administration. As to your question, anyone subject to the UCMJ.

  20. Finally someone makes sense. Thank you Mary. It’s war. People get killed. What are our soldiers supposed to do? That’s why they give them weapons. To kill the enemy. ISIS soldiers are the scum of the earth!

  21. My dad was a WWII vet so I know a little bit. And after the way ISIS treats innocent human beings they should be killed any way they can be. It’s war. And since you had to throw your military record out there you of all people should know. He should’ve beheaded him. Now that would be justice. Don’t sound like such a sissy. Your embarrassing yourself.

  22. No you’re confused. Bernie Sanders is the draft dodger. So was Clinton. Democrats don’t like to fight but they talk a good game.

  23. Thank you for your service Mr.Gallagher,glad everything worked out the way it did.
    Donald J TRUMP he’s my President

  24. Not glorifying war. I am reluctant as hell to send anyone into it. But, to keep its horrors in check requires rules. The paramount one is do not harm the helpless as was alleged. Hence the charges.

    But you do not answer why Cadet Heel Spurs did not simply stop the prosecution as he as CIC could have done. Why is that except to inflame you and your ilk.

  25. Goudge, you sir are a liar and tarnish the military. Sheeit. You had to be clerical, motorpool or a cook. Only scars you got was probably from catching clap. Definitely never been shot at. A F’n raghead tries to take you out you finish the damn job. P.O.’d is right. Maybe your scars cane from a crap job of dragging. You go on down the road and try to sell your B.S. someplace else. Maybe some fool will buy you a beer.

  26. Don’t for get that ex Cadet Heel spurs had the authority as commander in chief to halt the prosecution, just like any superior commander can. He did not do so. Why. So he could stir you gullible fools up.

    Personally, killing a wounded man is a low as you go. Anyone who does so deserves a CM.

    My qualifications — three wars and the scars to prove it. What do you have

  27. We all know how terrorists train at a very young age to fight and die for their god. This War Hero knew this! If you see danger approaching do you stop and say hello? I should HOPE not! Danger or even perspective danger needs stopped. When someone walks around wearing clothes that can hide weapons don’t you think it should be stopped? Use this scenario: a person ie in charge of welfare of others, he does his job. Say it’s a bank. Your wife and child walk in to do something with the account. A young man, or woman walks in. The guard suspects something is odd but doesn’t check things out. The person pulls an automatic rifle out and starts shooting. You are wounded, your wife and child are killed. How would YOU feel? Let me tell you! You would accuse the guard of being lax! If he would have taken action safety would be secure. This war hero took action. HE tried to save lives! How is THAT any different than a guard?

  28. The Navy soldier did his job the guy was ISIS and needed to be terminated. President Trump was right in how he handled this.

  29. As for Betty and as I stated before, the best thing to do is not reply to her continuos hate filled rantings which is the mark of someone who is mentally disturbed and not be allowed into society. She is so stupid as to think that she can change the minds of some of us and make us vote against Trump in 2020 which will never happen. She will eventually go away if we ignore her rantings long enough and realise that her efforts are all in vain, but is probably stupid to accept it.

  30. OMG!!!
    I am so sorry Jo tickle…I look foolish now????
    I know who 44 is, & once again I do sincerely apologize for my foolish comment.

  31. Jo tickle
    Does this #44 you speak of have a name? & if this nameless #44 has broken a law, then this person should be in jail.

  32. I have read some of “Betty’s” posts before. (Whoever she/he is).

    I am not certain why she posts here. All we ever hear from her is screaming hate. I assume she wants to “change some minds” on this board and “convince” us that Donald Trump is evil.

    I think we acknowledge that Mr. Trump is not perfect. However he is in the process of saving this Country,

    Betty’s posts have no content. They carry no information. All she is is a “screaming” machine. My advice to her: “Betty, If you want to change minds you need CONTENT.”

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  33. Actions like this & many many more is why I support & love my President!!!
    I know this may sound kinda bad, but since President Trump got into office, I have become so patriotic & proud to be an American!

  34. Well in a way he was, president Trump won the election, and McShame’s true legacy has been revealed.

  35. You are forgetting one other family, The Clintons these two families make the mafia out like children. Remember when Hilary was SEC. of State she was pulling down millions from the country all over the world. But Obama knows nothing about it if anyone believes that, call me I have a bridge for sale.

  36. Right on brother Obuma, had no use for the military and he put people into place to make sure it never succeeded. TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY

  37. Absolutely ALLEN. The obozo administration will go DOWN as the most CORRUPT administration,as well as being the most TREASONOUS and WILL Be held accountable for their actions along with their crimes against AMERICA. THOSE Dirty dems goons WILL PAY THE PRICE eventually for their TREASONOUS ACTS. JUSTICW WILL BE SERVED…AND RATHER SOON!!!

  38. Mary, McCain was brought to justice, when he was convicted of Treason in the 70’s, for turning over information to the enemy leading to the demise of hundreds of Americans being killed. However, his Grandfather (Admiral) and his Father (Admiral) Both convinced Nixon to pardon John McCain. Than the bleeding heart liberals promoted him as a war hero, that rat bastard was no good coward, just like Hanoi Jane.

  39. Patrick Mckensie: BUT that is exactly what the PC Liar-in-Chief did!!!!
    You are exactly right. When an order is given in the service, there should be one caviat: Get out of my way or do it yourself!!! No micro-managing allowed!!! BUT that is exactly what the PC crowd wants and why this person did what he did. He was given the order to protect and defend, which he did to the best of his ability – that includes self preservation or preservation of the troops. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

  40. The army pulled that on Lt.Col.Allen West In Iraq–Col West’s men captured an Al-quaida and he would not talk so Col West took over–He took the Iraqui into a shed with a barrel of sand used for fining weapons into. He questioned the man then told him he was going to shoot him if he did not talk–Col. West put the man’s head into the barrel and fired his pistol close to his head–The man talked and revealed a planned ambush and many American G.I. lives were spared.. Someone talked and Col. West took retirement and left Iraq rather than face prosecution similar to the Navy Seal who was freed to fight his case. Political correctness has no place on the Battlefield especially with non uniformed men as enemy combatants.

  41. HUMMM! The Navy? Isn’t that the branch of the service that covered up John (the Admiral’s Son) McCain’s killing of US sailors onboard an aircraft carrier….Rat Bastard !!! Screw the Navy Brass.

  42. Hi everyone, I am so sorry of all the things I have said,
    and I do believe in god above, and hope the best for our President Donald j Trump.

  43. Amen. I am so proud of this comment. Bless you for telling the truth regarding this abomination we call Barry Soetera. K

  44. May God bless you some day Betty. May He ride you of all your hate and animosity towards our great president DJT.

  45. yes then, why wasn’t Hillary, then Secretary of State, under Obama, which was directly at fault as he gave the command, as Commander in Chief, should be in jail for not supporting or even trying to save Americans in Benghazi! Both did a piss poor job and of course, nothing happened to them again! Apparently they don’t get it, no American is left behind! Those men and women, signed on the bottom line to protect Americans at all costs and Hillary, did exactly nothing and Obama signed off on it! If you can’t trust your leaders, who can you trust? Piss poor showing!

  46. Hills, that is a great comment. My dad had a saying like that.

    Fight to get done, not to have fun.

  47. Betty, I know for a fact that many of President Trump’s supporters are NOT Republicans. I am not a Republican but I do support the hard decisions that he has made. He has stayed very close to the middle of the political spectrum.

    What I don’t admire are the people who do nothing, sit doing nothing, talk too much, and only have negative contributions. Those are the people I fire.

    Your mind is in the gutter. Wake up, don’t get WOKE.

  48. We send people to war to kill human trash. If anyone prosecutes any one for doing do they are not American and no one will respect them for doing so

  49. Betty has the tone & eloquence of a true ignorant hatefilled Antifa fascist pig stuffed with commie propaganda.

  50. Muslims do not have clue what restraint is. Their mandate from their white, red headed, black slaver, war monger prophet is to kill unbelievers whenever & wherever possible & to die in the process of that killing. In fact that is the only sure way a Muslim is insured of a place in Islamic paradise.

  51. As a United States Army Reserve veteran,you cannot order a soldier to war and then”try to tie his hands when it’s time for him to do the job that he was trained to do”.

  52. For God’s sake, if I’m not mistaken during the B.O. administration military personnel were awarded for showing restraint!!! Probably the enemies who were saved by one person showing restraint came back to kill or injure American personnel.
    I wonder if awards for restraint would have been given if the enemies were not Muslims.

  53. Obama and his administration was the most corrupt in recent history. Obama was slapped down unanimously by SCOTUS, including his appointed leftist Justices Kagan and Sotermayer over 40 times. Currently the AG his special investigator are investigating the Obama spying and lying to FISA and the American citizens for years. May they all receive justice!

  54. Hey, jonmac. To Answer Your Question, Hopefully a Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE will be Next come the Next presidential election on if the winner is a MAN or a MONKEY?

  55. In reading some of the comments above, I am tempted to agree with their reasons. I do, however, wish to caution those of us who, knowing we are right, accentuate the “wrongness” of those we oppose. The manipulators (shadow government / black budget) are wringing their hands with glee, watching the opposing forces resolving into the bloody confrontation they need to make their move, and bring down our great Republic. Somehow, we must remain without the mobs and confrontations, and find ways to differ without the violence. A study of history (carefully) will show that virtually every war was started by “third parties,” manipulating the warring bands onto the battlefield, Several years, and millions of bodies, later, it is they who pick up the pieces and “resolve” the situation. Check up on THEIR bank accounts ! !

  56. Samuel I just wanted to Thank you for your Service. You truly are one who understand what happened to Gallagher. God Bless you and it’s long overdue! ????????????

  57. 0blamo’s suicidal ‘rules of engagement; likely got a number of OUR TROOPS KILLED and/or wounded. War is war. It is best handled by those trained in combat, not a neighborhood disorganizer.

    Thank God we now have a Real American President who listens to Our Troops.

  58. Everyone in America should cheer and stand behind our ‘CHRISTIAN” LEADER DONALD j. TRUMP! Even though I know that the “LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS/RINO’S AND ALL THE LBGT? PERVERTS will not cheer nor stand with this GREAT President.

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