Donald Trump gave the military one command that Barack Obama never would have

The American people elected Donald Trump to rebuild the American military and restore our allies’ respect while instilling fear in America’s enemies.

No one in Washington, D.C. expected President Trump to move so fast on that front.

And now Donald Trump gave the military one command that Barack Obama never would have.

One of the low moments of the Obama administration came in 2016 when Iranian military boats descended on stranded Navy patrol boats, boarded the vessels, and forced American sailors to their knees at gun point.

Since that time Iranian gun boats felt free to harass oil tankers and other ships in the Persian Gulf.

That all changed on Wednesday when President Trump announced he changed the rules of engagement by giving the Navy an order to obliterate any Iranian gun boats that harassed American ships.

Iran suffered one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world.

But now they appear to be descending from their peak while America’s cases are peaking and beginning to plateau.

Some adversaries could see the pandemic as a time to act up and challenge America because they believe the United States and other nations are pinned down dealing with the pandemic that they cannot possibly respond to any provocations.

Donald Trump made it clear that most definitely not the case with his Tweet and statement during the White House press briefing that the American military was operating at full 100 percent capacity.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. Finally, a courageous President to step up to the plate and protect our nation: land, sea, air, space. The question is who gave Iran the missile technology and who funded the project. Somone with major dollars. Perhaps, Communist China?

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  6. God trumps unGodliness. To defend and protect our armed forces on land, sea, air, space — thank God for Trump. American first; not race, religion, gender, age. In God We Trust.

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  14. Iran was doing this partly as a dress rehearsal for real conflict. Gathering information on our responses. Now we get to do the rehearsing and see how many rounds it takes to disintegrate speed boats. Or even test new weaponry on them.

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    Barack wanted the world to think that he eliminated terrorism when the Seal unit killed bin laden.

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  21. It is about time something was done. Thank You President Trump. God Bless you and Thank You Navy.

  22. @willTreibel:
    The corrected translation reads closely to “a small handful of dried fruit”, which is about the closest that English comes to expressing the actual meaning.
    It does translate well to the lunchbox size box of raisins.
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    Veritas Vincit

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    And if we wind up in another war with Iran, we need to finish the job this time, make sure there is not a soldier or mullah left in the nation.

  27. I would love to know why the Renewed Right Software algorithms are not written for one to reply directly to the comments of others.

    In response to your comment about the 72 virgins for your effort in promoting the evil of islam Dan, if not looking like “Mad Maxipad” Waters then having the physical appearance of Whoopi Goldberg.

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  29. It is a constant that United States military personnel stationed anywhere besides the United States are not serving the interests of the true patriots of this nation and every last Service Person should be withdrawn from the Middle East.

    It is also a constant that all Moonie Muslimes hate non-Moonie Muslimes with every fiber of their being and we should reciprocate the feeling and therefore not sympathize with them in the least, if it is their nature for one islamic sect to despise members of another islamic sect and kill each other then let them.

    Anyone who adheres to and embraces the principles of an ideology that is not compatible and in opposition to the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based are an enemy and have no right being a United States citizen:

  30. They should have been doing that already. Why do we have to place nice with these people? It’s not like they’re going to hate us anymore than they already do.
    You can’t be nice or make deals with thugs and dictators and communists.

  31. Moderators, again what is your major malfunction? Obviously since this is a right leaning posts then why are you blocking my post? Never been in the US Army like me, nor have you fought in the jungles, rice paddies & mountains of Vietnam! Nor could you be a disabled Veteran either, so what is your problem? Since you read this as I type or are you some Anti-American alphabet agency? Can you answer yes or no?

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