Donald Trump gave the military the go-ahead on one mission that no one could believe

Donald Trump took office promising to rebuild America’s military into a fighting force that’s respected around the world.

President Trump accomplished that goal.

And now Donald Trump gave the military the go-ahead on one mission that no one could believe.

Donald Trump caused conniptions in the Washington, D.C. Swamp last fall when he ordered troops to the Southern Border to help stem the flow of the illegal alien invasion.

The Fake News Media howled that it was an election year stunt that would be soon forgotten.

And once again, the Fake News Media was wrong.

An additional 2,000 troops are being sent to the border to provide logistical support so the Border Patrol can concentrate on stopping illegal aliens from crossing into the country.

Politico reports:

Acting Defense Secretary Richard Spencer has authorized the additional deployment of 1,100 active-duty troops and 1,000 Texas National Guard soldiers to the U.S.-Mexico border, the Pentagon announced today.

They will join some 2,500 active-duty and 2,000 National Guard troops already there, for a total force of 6,600 on the border mission.

The new active-duty troops will arrive “in the next several weeks” and will provide “aerial surveillance, operational, logistical, and administrative support” to Customs and Border Patrol, Pentagon spokesperson Maj. Chris Mitchell said in a statement.

The increase in active-duty forces is required due to a “shortfall in volunteer National Guard personnel” conducting the same missions, Mitchell said.

Border arrests fell in June after Donald Trump worked out a deal with Mexico which included Mexico deploying thousands of troops along their own border to prevent illegal aliens from traveling through Mexico to the United States.

The deployment of additional U.S. troops is another measure the President is taking to tackle this illegal immigration crisis.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You ARE the ‘Best’ MARK !!!
    ;julio’ ‘” No Comprende'”
    re ‘traitors’ Wanting a jobbee
    W/ POTUS to ‘cirlce ‘the Wagon’.
    >>> As for “dig it” etc.(LOL)
    We Can’t “DIG IT” ie. ‘the HOLE’
    Deep Enough !!!!
    > Glad You have a few min, ‘tween Your JOB !!!
    > In MI/ you? ♥

  2. Trump is the most intelligent “moron” I’ve ever seen or heard of. Far – far more intelligent than ANY DemonRATS I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to. DemonRATS are the epitome of morons. They prove it every day in every way.

  3. Mark, ‘julio’ does NOT ‘formally’ work for ‘a branch of Gov’ ___
    > A Sick SICK ‘Stroked 0ut’ man, ‘in bed’ W/ Access to ‘net’. ___
    > He does NOT ‘understand’ That ‘vulture traitors’
    Circle the Wagon.
    > Mark, Please. ink ‘intelligentzia’ When ‘Inspired’___
    > ‘wasted’ Time re ‘julio’. a Goner’, IS MOOT,
    that You, Cannot Save.
    Don’t bother/ Don’t worry ___ E’1 ‘knows’ re ‘julio’,
    therefore pretty much NO Response. ‘julio needs a ‘penpal’.
    Capish?, No? ___

  4. Just because you work for some branch of the “government” doesn’t make you smart. How many members of congress have proven that… Many – many times.

  5. I’ll answer that for ya Julio: That three year old has parents and possibly adults that aren’t it’s parents, that ARE a national security threat, that ARE illegal aliens, that often do carry nasty diseases, that have no business being here in the first place since they ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS. Does that clarify it for you Julio? No, of course not. Communists are totally incapable of logic, truth or reasoning.

  6. that the head of ICE couldn’t answer how a 3 year old could be a national security threat when asked. this country a dewicate snowfwake?

  7. What point is that scrambled brain of yours trying to make? That you’re a 3 year old active security threat? I think we all surmised that already.

  8. the truth and logic of not being able to see how a 3 year old can be an active security threat?

  9. I read your post Mama. There are a number of us here that I believe will make a difference. I believe you will do your part as well. Sad that it will, as I see it, come to battle, but we will prevail. Evil never stands forever.

  10. TO MARK, please come BACK. READ.
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 7:01 PM
    Parrots/Ants/ Badgers !!! Good 1 Mark.
    But Really, EACH 1 of ‘those’ are
    Awesome re ‘designing their ‘ Lives’.
    > Humanos? i just Don’t ‘know’ Anymore___
    Supposed To BE a ‘notch’ Above.
    But ‘seems 0bvious’ Inthe ‘transfer’ of DNA.
    The ‘Righteous’ = ‘ KEY’ / thru SOUL.
    Hope You Read this. You, Mark (Among MANY, ARE
    Blessed_ ) V. Important ‘In the Battle’ Above___
    i think you know.

  11. Parrots/Ants/ Badgers !!! Good 1 Mark.
    But Really, EACH 1 of ‘those’ are
    Awesome re ‘designing their ‘ Lives’.
    > Humanos? i just Don’t ‘know’ Anymore___
    Supposed To BE a ‘notch’ Above.
    But ‘seems 0bvious’ Inthe ‘transfer’ of DNA.
    The ‘Righteous’ = ‘ KEY’ / thru SOUL.
    Hope You Read this. You, Mark (Among MANY, ARE
    Blessed_ ) V. Important ‘In the Battle’ Above___
    i think you know.

  12. Thnx Mark ! I Read & ‘Understand’ !!!
    Keep Posting when possible.
    Stay Safe ___ Am ‘signing 0ff this ‘blog’.
    See you ‘around town’.

  13. the reason is you don’t really understand truth or logic. maybe you are not smart enough?

  14. Sorry Mama if I didn’t reply. I don’t get to read or post much sometimes as I’m part owner of a business and I get called away a lot. Thank you for reading and understanding my posts. I never expect “liberals” to see truth or understand logic… And so far I’ve never been disappointed. They make me think they’re some kind of weird conglomerate creature that’s part parrot, part ant and part badger. They can only repeat communist doctrine, they have a hive mentality and they’re vicious and noisy in the extreme.

  15. “I am?” >>> SINKING !
    Your ‘Mind/ Psyche’/SOUL, IS BEGGING___
    0bvious – In Your posts.
    YOU, ‘julio’ CAN DO IT !

  16. Hey HI! (m*ry) MARK ! LOL \\\hope you went ‘back’ &
    Saw a further Reply. 0k, if you did not. AnyWay…That post 0n ‘that Site’ Was ‘Intelligent’. Thank you. KEEP POSTING ! HERE!
    > this ‘julio’ person IS ‘extremely Compromised’ By
    ‘Admission’ of ‘severe Stroke’. but has ‘enough Left to
    Comm’ 0n ‘laptop’. (ie can’t walk/talk, but 1 finger on ‘wireless’. MARK, this ‘compromised’ person Has Been/ IS
    ‘Sadly ‘influenced by the Left’ / IN ‘Memory’. ]]]]
    >0NLY ‘Way 0ut’ = Talk to ‘G’ /Guardian Angels (the Right 0nes)
    & Ask (Even, BEG FOR ‘a Come Uppance’.) & that’s about it.
    ‘G’ bless/ Be Safe/ PROTECT USA. Thank you. & After ‘that’,

  17. LMAO! That didn’t take long. God is not his own secretary or scribe. We are here to do his bidding, or not. If not; damnation. If we do; eternal life in perfection. The people that transcribed the Bible did so under His authority. You walk only by sight – you could never comprehend anything you can’t see. You’re limited by your own frail mind. The universe is incredibly vast and complex, as is our own world. It was designed as a never ending source of wonder and discovery… For us and others. It could not have “just happened”. This has nothing to do with “religion”. I don’t follow man’s religions. The Bible itself is the only religion. All the rest is mostly doctrine.

  18. there is nothing, NOTHING in the Bible that can be proved to be written by god. At best are claims by men that they were influenced by God.

  19. As I can plainly see you know nothing about the Bible, nor would you understand it’s wisdom if you were to ever read it, I’ll give you just a very few scriptures to read if you should so desire to change your sordid psyche from hopelessness and self pity to understanding, hope and faith. 2 Corinthians 5:1 through 8. That is the outlook we are encouraged to have. You have the outlook of the frail, failed human psyche. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. That has been proven dead wrong throughout human history. I know you’ll come back with some asinine remark, you just can’t seem to help yourself.

  20. bzzzz. 0k. ;julio’. Talk TO ‘non God’.
    LOL hahahahaaa. No 0NE HAS to ‘prove’
    God. 0nly YOU!.
    ps Get some better ‘meds’ would ya.
    a Some0ne IS ‘Cheating’ You. oops.
    Guess what’dulio’ ‘julio’ ‘WE’
    Abandon You. Bye.

  21. if you can prove there is a god to talk to. until you do i’ll do just as well talking to caltiki.

  22. Yep. bzzzzz. U ‘Finally ‘figured 0UT
    HOW to See Video. & Proceeded w/ An
    ‘inane’ Remark. U Really ARE ‘sick’
    In MORE Ways than 1.
    Just THANK ‘some’ PPL HERE, that Have
    ‘given; U a’some Patience’. Goodbye &
    Good Luck????. TALK To ‘God’.

  23. okay. saw the video. he was speaking metaphorically. you think congress, which must confirm election results, is too stupid to?

  24. Mark Hopkins: He and a few others, I’m afraid.And what truly makes me laugh when you read their blather I say to myself, so this is WHAT represents the Democratic party? No wonder our country is in such a state.You put all these Trump haters together and you still don’t have one normal functioning brain…Keep poking! But I think you will need a bigger stick!!!

  25. More than likely true Linda. Can’t resist poking the goat every now and then. He’s like a carrion fly, flitting around trying to spread his diseases.

  26. Of course you can’t find it. It’s only for clear thinking, level headed conservatives. Demonized, moronic communists would not be able to see it. Truth, wisdom and morality are impossible for DemonRATS to see.

  27. Justice. YES, Jesus DID go to Hell. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But YOU have no clue who Jesus is or why He came here and you have no concept at all of what the Bible teaches. Sin is not allowed in Heaven. Jesus loves us so much that He took our place in Hell so we don’t have to go there. YOU get to choose whether to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to hell. You have chosen satan. That is very obvious from reading your extremely sick posts. I will be in Heaven, as I did what you refuse to do. I have accepted Jesus as the Lord of my life. But you have rejected Him. Your choice to make, but a very foolish one. And I should get off these sites?? Really???????? This is a conservative Christian site, neither of which you know anything about. It is YOU who does not belong here. Take your sick hate and leave. You are not wanted.

  28. like a character says in GAME OF THRONES. there is only one thing to say to death: not today.

  29. MamaMia; “Julio” or who ever he really is , is not interested in the truth.Most Democrats are not.That whole fiasco Obama put us through about him being born in Hawaii and he is a true natural born citizen. And here he is, stating quite clearly, he was born in Kenya.People called Trump an ass for pointing this fact out and calling him a liar.Well, once again Trump was correct!!

  30. Mark Hopkins:People that have a heart accepted “Julio’s” story he is a stroke victim.After reading so many of his posts, I have come to realize he is a liar.He is someone” pretending” to be one, and shame on him for this deceit.He uses all different names when posting on all stories.I’ve been told I am going to hell for calling him out on his deceit. But coming from a Democrat(s), I could care less about their opinions.So my best advice, just ignore him.Maybe, just maybe he will go away. If not, any deranged person will do anything for attention and it will bother him more if no one responds to his ridiculous behavior….

  31. You sure need to die Julio. I wouldn’t spend half a cent keeping your worthless ass alive. The only things keeping your black heart thumping are your intense hatred for President Trump and your sickening self pity. Disgusting you are.

  32. ps. bj. &&& A ‘Some0ne’ WAS IN
    ‘that’ Room & Recorded the Whole Thang.
    A Big THNX To ‘that person’.

  33. Looks like “big, Bad” You IS
    ‘crying’. (For YOURSELF).
    i cry For US. & DAMAGE the DEMS
    Like YOU have Done. Now You lay
    IN ‘a Bed’.( Your Fault, Admit ‘it’.
    & still ‘spew’ KrAAp.
    a Pity’ INDEED’.
    > Anything Else you got to say?

  34. &&& A GAY man!!! Can You
    Handle that? Look up
    ‘bathhouse’ barry in Chicago.
    look up ‘choom gang’. U got a Lot
    of ‘homework to do. GET 0n it !!!
    Don’w Waste ‘time ‘ Here.

  35. POSTED BELOW, U ‘missed’ ???
    2x. AGAIN! Get your Head 0n STRAIGHT;
    this time. !!!

    >>HERE ya GO, ‘julio’. Words Right of his, ‘0’s MOUTH.
    Turn VOLUME UP, LISTEN REAL GOOD, Maybe MORE that 2x.
    & Get ‘it’ ____ ps. Who Wins??? 0n this 0ne. Answer = 0bvious.
    > this is the True person in his words the dem party and libs stood behind for 8 years and still.

    > U ‘May’ Be ‘Awakening’ To Ugly TRUTH. ‘WE Have’
    &&& ‘it’ Wasn’t Easy.

  36. i know. ___ bj. “taken 0ver”
    Add the ‘stroke KrAAp. Sad ___
    ‘strokes’ ARE V. BAD___ Way Worse
    than a ‘heart Attack’, For Sure.
    God Bless/ later.

  37. Talk to the DEMS & ALLL ‘illegals’
    Taking Your Life $$$ To SAVE yo’ Arse.
    Too Late, dude.

  38. julio…So you have Obamacare. It must nice to be able to afford it. There is no way that I could afford it. But I found private insurance that I can afford and is much better. You’re being ripped off.

  39. What I said is the truth. You have no concept of the truth. That is very obvious in your postings. You have only sick hate and ignorance. ANYONE who calls people names has no intelligence. You prove your lack of intelligence every time you post. Uneducated?? Really??? I am a college graduate with a 3.8 GPA. You????

  40. YOU are extremely SICK!!!!!! You need lots of help. You deny truth and embrace the lies of the dem party. You prove the hate, lies, and ignorance of the dem party every time you post. You are a very poor excuse for a human being. I pity you. You have nothing to offer but hate and ignorance. sad

  41. You accuse Pres. Trump of being evil, which he is NOT, but only in your sick perverted mind. Yet you support the extreme corrupt evil Clintons and traitor Obama. You are truly evil

  42. I am evil…YOU are the one who is the one who is coming here and harassing anyone who doesn’t believe in your sick perverted view of the world. This is a conservative Christian board, NEITHER of which you know anything about. YOU are the trespasser. If you don’t like what you see, you are FREE to leave. Please do. No one is forcing you to stay.

  43. I am evil..What I said is the TRUTH!!!! The truth that YOU deny. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand>???????????? NO ONE should be allowed to just walk into our country. Are you really that STUPID???? Of course you are. We have a BORDER for a reason. Try walking into Mexico illegally and see what happens to you. You are truly clueless. sad

  44. Justice, take a look in your mirror to see evil!!!!! You have only hate and lies. You can’t stand anyone who does not agree with your sick immorality. You attack anyone who tells the truth that you deny. YOU are sick!!!!

  45. Really??? Okay, golf is played with a basketball. That is obviously a lie, as it would never fit in that tiny hole. But you have no concept of the truth, so it is lost on you.

  46. You WILL know that God is there the moment you die. FACT. But you can know that now. Over two billion people have come to Jesus and accepted Him as the Lord of their life and KNOW that He is there for them. When are YOU going to do that? Until you do, you are blind to the truth. satan has you very brainwashed. sad

  47. Reading the Bible means nothing at all if you don’t apply what you read. You have no concept of its message. Sitting in church makes you no more a Christian than sitting in your garage makes you a car. You have no concept at all of who Jesus is or why He came. You have no clue about His great love for you or His great sacrifice for you. The Bible is just words to you. You have not come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as your Savior. Jesus is NOT going to force Himself on you. YOU have to come to Him. But you have rejected Him and the truth. That is your choice to make. But you will stand before Him to be judged like everyone else. You deny Jesus, yet you ask for proof that He is here. Your ignorance is profound.

  48. You have no concept of the true. You blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders without question like a good little robot. You have no mind to think for yourself. sad

  49. Read his books. It’s in there. Obama himself said he is muslim. Obama SUPPORTS islam over our Constitution, which he hates. Obama hates Christians like the good little muslim he is. Obama said the greatest sound in the world is the muslim call to prayer. You are truly clueless.

  50. no truth, no facts…Was that supposed to scare me???? Your sick name-calling shows you to be the ignorant bully that you are and bullies do not frighten me.

  51. Linda, you are right on. There are some extremely sick, ignorant, hate-filled people on this board. They are positive proof that the dem party has nothing at all to offer but hate, lies, and ignorance.

  52. Truth…There is a battle between God and His people and satan and his people. The dems, atheists, and muslims are in satan’s army. Christians (which includes most conservatives) are in God’s army. We know how it ends. satan and all of his followers will lose for eternity. It is very clear that you have chosen satan. YOU LOSE. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus is his judge and not you. Jesus loves and forgives all who come to Him.

  53. Truth…You are extremely sick and full of hate and need LOTS of help. And I am far from a moron. I know the truth that you deny. Your ignorance shows every time you post. You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the lies of your sick lib leaders without question like a good little robot. Dare to think for yourself. And it is Jesus you will meet face to face. It will not go well for you. He forbids your sick hate.

  54. julio; fake and fraud that you are. Do you really think I care what you think of me?Posting under all different names. Pretending to be sick. SHAME ON YOU!!Wear your badge of honor being an atheists.As someone else posted, and I’m paraphrasing now;Hell would really be hell listening to you liberals wine and complain for all eternity!!

  55. YOU ‘really’ Getting ‘twisted’ NOW.
    you really Should ‘SHUTUP’. Your
    mind’ Is Going Every which way.

  56. “Valalla” Is No ‘big Deal’ to me.
    He’s real & i Don’t Care.
    Lot’s of ‘fraud/ KrAAp’ doc’s.

  57. Linda, this ‘julio’ Is a ‘severe Stroke victim,
    on a ton of meds. He 0nly ‘remembers’ at this point
    What ‘false MSM has told him & he listened.
    > If you recapture RR headliner re ‘limbaugh’ you
    will See A Lot of ‘replies’ aka ‘Mama’.
    >dude cannot ‘walk /0r talk, but can type 1 finger on
    wireless laptop. His ‘mind’ Is ‘bonkers’.
    >>To E’1, DON’T EVER ‘Stroke 0ut’ (if you can help it)
    i’m serious.

  58. To ‘You’ ‘julio’ FROM obama.
    GET TRUTH. ( &&& ‘i’ Did Not SAY ‘this’ !!!
    ‘0’ DID ___
    > this is the True person in his words the dem party and libs stood behind for 8 years and still.

    ps. ‘g’ Damn! HOW MANY x’s DO i Have to post this?
    & hopefully googie’google’ Has Not ‘scrubbed’ 0ff the ‘net.
    &&& ‘googie/Fb/ twitty HAS VOWED to ‘prevent’ POTUS from
    2020 ‘ELECT’. Are y’All AWARE ? ‘what ‘they’ SAID ? Better be

  59. Hi folks, ‘we’ Have a major prob
    on RR w/ ‘julio’ (big stroke victim)
    ‘Hogging Space’. Sooo – that’s about it.
    Reply if you want too. I ‘tried’ A Lot,
    aka ‘Mama’ on the RR ‘limbaugh’ Headliner’
    Recapture & See for yourself.
    His mind is a goner/ remembers too much false news
    W/ meds, keeping him ‘alive’. I’m So ‘sorry’ for
    stroke Condition. BUT, We MUST ‘move 0n’/ SAVE USA.

  60. Blow job you are an UNEDUCATED MORON who has absolutely no clue of either truth and facts. Example- Where have I ever stated I support Obama? Did your mother have any children that lived? You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground ,ITS your face you UNAMERICAN MORON

  61. TURN VOLUME UP ! LISTEN WELL. Maybe 2-3x
    GET TRUTH. ( &&& ‘i’ Did Not SAY ‘this’ !!!
    ‘0’ DID ___
    > this is the True person in his words the dem party and libs stood behind for 8 years and still.

    ps. ‘g’ Damn! HOW MANY x’s DO i Have to post this?
    & hopefully googie’google’ Has Not ‘scrubbed’ 0ff the ‘net.
    &&& ‘googie/Fb/ twitty HAS VOWED to ‘prevent’ POTUS from
    2020 ‘ELECT’. Are y’All AWARE ? ‘what ‘they’ SAID ? Better be

  62. ps. &&& ‘i’ve had many comm’s
    ‘trying to Help’ w/ surnames
    ‘Mama’ for 1. that’s All.
    We MUST ‘MOVE 0N’ /to SAVE USA.
    God Bless. Stay Strong.

  63. a ‘Stroke’ victim. RR let’s thru,
    ‘Hogging’ site. No 0ne interested
    To ‘reply’. ‘WE’ Are NOT his
    ‘therapists’. whatever. Gak.

  64. HERE ya GO, ‘julio’. Words Right of his, ‘0’s MOUTH.
    Turn VOLUME UP, LISTEN REAL GOOD, Maybe MORE that 2x.
    & Get ‘it’ ____ ps. Who Wins??? 0n this 0ne. Answer = 0bvious.
    > this is the True person in his words the dem party and libs stood behind for 8 years and still.

    > U ‘May’ Be ‘Awakening’ To Ugly TRUTH. ‘WE Have’
    &&& ‘it’ Wasn’t Easy.

  65. ‘Walls work’ I keep reading that mantra yet no one can give one-single-example of a wall used expressly to maintain border integrity. Just give that ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE.

  66. Over the decades I’ve read it. And sat through many a sermon and Bible reading being a chair director. Having done so and paid attention is what convinced that the Bible has exactly as much merit as PROTECTOR. Godzilla is exactly as real as God.

  67. Justice for Trump; You are really a big pathetic piece of garbage. Yes I do have a cousin in the FBI and no you didn’t report me for my so called threat you ass.Another of your lies. Cleaning toilets ? That’s your job with the garbage mouth you have .I have read many more serious threats posted on these sites and I suppose you reported them too huh?? Bj and others are right about you little man. your IQ is about 30. If not lower.And this shows how really brilliant you are.You come on these sites designed for Republicans. Why? just to show us who represents the Democrats?Well, just like your idol AOC, keep talking.We all can see the quality of your mentality. Oh I am white trash? No I don’t think so sonny.You couldn’t afford to rent a room in my town. Oh, but that’s right. You live in your parent’s basement, so you don’t have to pay rent.
    Oh I really don’t know how I will sleep tonight.Big bad Justice has reported me to the FBI. In your dreams cupcake.If you can’t act like a man , at least try to be human.

  68. There is none. Zero. Zip. in my approximately 4 decades of being a Christian I never saw any. Any, bj, you might present now would be the first.

  69. I know of no historical evidence. At best can be found is some people THOUGHT WITHOUT PROOF he existed.

  70. According to at least one of the creeds I recited He did.
    I believe in God,
    the Father almighty,
    Creator of heaven and earth,
    and in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord,
    who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
    born of the Virgin Mary,
    suffered under Pontius Pilate,
    was crucified, died and was buried;
    on the third day he rose again from the dead;
    he ascended into heaven,
    and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty;
    from there he will come to judge the living and the dead.
    I believe in the Holy Spirit,
    the holy catholic Church,
    the communion of saints,
    the forgiveness of sins,
    the resurrection of the body,
    and life everlasting.

  71. 91 historians rate Obama the 14th best President, those historians all rank Trump at the bottom in nearly every criterion, read something besides these right wing sites that agree with your prejudice.

  72. Besides not being what he has seemed to have said, I know of no plane completely invisible to radar. All I know about have reduced radar cross sections so they don’t ‘look’ like what they are.

  73. Jesus didn’t go to hell, by, the biblical scholar. You are so ignorant you need to get off these sites as your truly embarrass your asinine political belief with your overall ignorance of current events and history. Buzz off.

  74. Do you knowhow often I’ve been threatened with immigration? A lot. Yet I’m still here.

  75. nothing against them, but for the most part they usually don’t need help to buy a second yacht

  76. the only way to refute is to present facts. the ‘nuh-uh’ response is not adequate.

  77. TheTruth:funny you chose my post to say I belong in Hell.Why? Because I called you out what a deceiver you are Julio?
    Oh and by the way fool, I’m not going to Hell. But I’m sure you will be there!!!

  78. You don’t have a cousin in the FBI unless he is doing the honorable job of cleaning toilets Linda M. Yes you were reported to the FBI, I think that there is so much hatred dredged up by the right wingers they can’t keep track of all the complaints of violence, 49 Americans were killed last year by right wing extremists, zero people killed by left wing activists like Antifa. Your ignorance and hatred ooze from your soul, you’re so disgraceful and unAmerican a we are the last of tolerance, kind of, until Trump torpedoed that and played into people’s dark matter, there are millions like you. We knew there were a lot but the white trash in this country is polluting the country, luckily there are a lot of good white people and people of color who will take this country into a better future, regardless of what year that might be. Yes the FBI has your posting, they probably won’t do anything but I know that they are searching these crazy right wing sites for violent language and threats, like yours.

  79. by, you need to be stopped with your complaining, lies, and sick statements in harassing anyone who doesn’t believe in your perverted view of the world.

  80. Now this is sick, Trumpster, an evil hoppy toad, one that shoots blood from his eye. There is no place on these websites or this country for evil people like Hopkins.

  81. walked Away Liberal: No he is not. He’s playing a sick game with everyone.I’ve read some of his other posts on other sites and he was able to form complete sentences.His opinions were incorrect. But he was able to appear normal. Not the nonsense he normally posts…..

  82. You viciously attack Pres. Trump, who has done nothing but good for this country, yet support extremely corrupt people like the Clintons and Obama who are MUCH WORSE!!!! The whole dem party lives on hate and lies You are very dangerous to our freedom.

  83. Take a good look in your mirror to see hatred. EVERY TIME you post it is nothing but hate. The dem party has ONLY hate, lies, and ignorance. YOU know nothing at all about the truth. You just hate anyone and anything that doesn’t agree with what YOU think. YOU are a very sad excuse for a human being. Go somewhere else and spew your sick hate. We don’t want it.

  84. NONE of what you said is true!!! YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!! It is NOT Trump you are talking about but OBAMA!!!!!!! It is OBAMA who hated this country and wanted TOTAL government control. It is OBAMA who is MUSLIM and a TRAITOR!!!! It is OBAMA who is very narcissistic and self-absorbed. It is OBAMA who is very racist and hates whites. YOU supported a treasonous tyrannical self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator named OBAMA!!!!!!! FACT!!!! EVERYTHING I said is the truth. Read his own books. It’s all in there.

  85. Open your blind eyes and mind and check it out if you know how. But you are a mindless robot who blindly believes the lies of your lib leaders without question. Your hate is a terrible disease and you need help.

  86. no truth nor facts… David is right on. YOU can deny truth but that just makes you the fool that you are. Your hate and ignorance are very sick and sad. If you bother to open up your eyes and your mind you would know that Pres. Trump has done a LOT of good for this country. Take your sick hate and name-calling somewhere else. We do not want it. GET HELP!!!!!

  87. I can give some advice, it’s not what you think either.
    This advice has been around for centuries.
    It’s called A JOB………but it might be difficult at first, because you have to slowly open your eyes, and see the realization that you are a very few that disagree with PROGRESS, and this will be a beginning of the ( not being dependent on government programs
    That keep you alive)

  88. No proof needed. ALL who come to Jesus and are saved KNOW He is there and will join Him in Heaven. YOU have denied Him and will join satan in Hell. It is your choice to make. No one can make it for you. If you want to deny that Heaven and Hell exist, that is your choice. It does not affect us at all. We know the truth that you deny. You have the same chance as everyone else to come to Jesus and be saved. NO ONE is stopping you except yourself.

  89. bj; That’s fine that you corrected me. It’s hard to type when you are trying not to stoop down to their level.This man( or whatever he is) has attacked me on several sites. Even made an idle threat to report me to the FBI for a comment I made. When I got done laughing, I called my cousin that is in the FBI and told him to look at all the posts on that site. Especially mine.When he got done laughing all he said was, no worries..I did nothing wrong.I just wish we could get some of these pests off these sites. So we could exchange our thoughts without having to be assaulted by these mindless robots of the Democratic party.Well, thanks again!

  90. There is evidence everywhere. All you have to do is open your eyes and your mind. But you have closed them to the truth.

  91. So you deny Jesus. If you bother to check, which I am doubting you know how, you will find that there is HISTORCAL evidence that Jesus was here. But go ahead and deny history, too. You have no concept of truth.

  92. You may be glad now, but the moment you die you will know that God and satan are very real and you will be joining satan. very sad. Jesus loves you so much that He came and died and went to hell in your place. ALL you have to do is come to Him and accept His great love and gift. But you have rejected Him and that is on you.

  93. That’s easy…get off this board and do something more constructive like read the Bible. It has all the answers you will ever need.

  94. What’s he doing? Give legitimate fact based proof. You can’t because he isn’t accomplishing anything but division and hatred. Only a blind fool would deny that. So go ahead and deny, MORON.

  95. If they support a treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe then they are ignorant just like you BLOW JOB.

  96. Linda, I am going to correct your correction. I think you mean “childish”, which is right on. But since Justice is brainless, it is not surprising that he has no maturity

  97. who cares?????? Why would that matter to us? We NEED a border wall to keep out those who are breaking our laws to get in here. We need a wall to keep out the INVADERS who are coming in and trashing this country.

  98. WRONG!!! Obama was not a president. He was illegitimate. He was born in KENYA, which disqualifies him. His presidency should be annulled. He is muslim, which makes him a traitor.

  99. Justice for Trump; Before Mr. Spell check comes on to correct me ,I meant to type “and” a few others..Plus, that does “not” give “you” the right…
    Because we all know just how perfect and precise you are when typing your stupid childless remarks…….

  100. Shut the hell up you self pitying rotten excuse for a human. You are nothing but a demon in putrid “human” form. A sick mind and a sick body. Do our nation and yourself a great favor, commit suicide. You’re totally worthless anyway. Dead at least you can be fertilizer.

  101. Justice for Trump: You once again stoop to name calling and using the term “white” guy when describing Mr. Gibson. Are you a bigoted, bias African American that can’t stand the fact your do nothing Obama is no longer in office? You and your alter ego guns just keep posting your tired old name calling of President Trump and anyone else that shows him respect.Quite frankly, I don’t give a darn if Trump cheated on his wives or not.It certainly didn’t bother you when Clinton did, and cost the taxpayers millions with him denying having an affair in the oval office! You are a true example of what the Democrats stand for.Liars , cheaters, name calling and twisting the facts around to TRY and make yourself look good. You attacked me. Telling me I needed help. But it is YOU that is sick( a few others that attack on these posts)and truly need professional help.And just because YOU are an atheist, that does give the right to attack someone that has religious beliefs.But I also know, by your endless, childless posts this is just a sick game to you. You have no real opinions. Just your school yard bully mind set…Get a life and try to pretend you are human..You and your ridiculous opinions of me have no meaning.Bear no merit.So don’t bother with a posting against me. We all know you are a fool……

  102. like keeping Carrier from exporting jobs to Mexico, or not seeing how he would have time for golf?

  103. 162 and can’t seem to say the word, ‘origin?’ I can still say exacerbate. I also know the f22 is not invisible; it has a minimal radar cross section. not the same.

  104. Better open your willfully blind eyes and see the truth that you deny. He has been doing a lot of good for this country

  105. nutty…Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth but that is fine with you. BOTH Clintons have been extremely corrupt for many years, but that doesn’t bother you. You need lots of help with your hatred.

  106. no truth nor facts…YOU are a LIAR!!!! And take you sick hate somewhere else. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are much more intelligent than you. You have no clue. You just come here and spew your hate. sad

  107. jim…THANK GOD Obama is no longer president!!!! And it has NOTHING to do with his race. He hates everything this country stands for esp. our freedom. He is MUSLIM and sides with islam. islam is our ENEMY. That makes Obama a traitor!!! And Obama is also very racist and hates whites. But that doesn’t bother you. He was also an illegitimate president, having been born in Kenya, which even he said is true

  108. John…Sorry, but I am laughing at you. You are right on, but what makes you think julio has an elk?? I think you mean ilk.

  109. You have no concept of the law. You think it is just fine for the invaders at our border to come in. You are very sick

  110. We don’t have to. We KNOW for a fact that Heaven and Hell exist. You can deny it, but you will know what a fool you are the moment you die.

  111. What U ‘talkin’ about ???
    1/2 plastic. Shut Up.
    & Quit ‘Hogging’ this site ___
    e’1 getting tired of you.

  112. no truth nor facts…That is a LIE!!!! You have no concept of the truth. If you bother to open your willfully blind eyes you would know that he is doing a LOT of what he said he would do in spite of all the lib hate and opposition.

  113. To Jim re “cadet bone spur”
    YOU Got 2 Rows of “Bone spurs’ IN
    You gotta Clinton 0r ‘bathHouse ‘Barry’
    ‘SPURS’ In Your Mouth ??? LOL.

  114. Dan, this guy is a ‘stroke’ victim. Rambles 0n & 0n.
    ‘Meds’ keep him alive, But ‘mind’ is a goner’.
    Just Ignore. Seriously, don’t bother.

  115. I am as much as trump is. and trump is exactly as much my president as Obama was yours.

  116. Heaven has a wall, pearly gates, and a STRICT IMMIGRATION POLICY.
    Hell on the other hand has OPEN BORDERS and anyone can get in.
    Since you liberals don’t like walls, Christian’s won’t have to put up with your IGNORANCE, for eternity.
    As far as hell goes I could put up with the heat.
    But the blabbering ignorance 24/7, with no way out.
    Constant liberal complaining, for all of eternity.
    Now that would be HELL.

  117. Listen up moron either you’re American or you’re not. Make your choice. If you’re a Mexican take your big ass south.if you’re American, catlike it. You can’t have it both ways. And have some respect!

  118. The problem is we don’t. He’s not doing anything he said he would do, only making things worse with his lying and incompetence.

  119. True,he’s not professional at all he’s unprofessional as they come as well as incompetent and a lying ass fool,just like his moronic supporters.

  120. I can say the word ‘origin’ the first try. and I know no plane outside of comic books is invisible. can trump say the same?

  121. as long as they let women in combat we will not have the great military that we had like WW2

  122. we already had a baboon for 8 years born in Kenya. Look whwt it cost us. No more baboons from Africa.

  123. Julio still waiting for your party to earn thier keep. If your IQ is 130 you are the dumbest smart person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting on here.
    Trump/Pence 2020 and Demacrats run out of the house.

  124. The only border crisis is Trump’s racism.
    He is wasting millions of American tax dollars.
    Trump is a well-documented pathological liar.
    He is also a habitual law breaker.

  125. You’re a racist to suggest that anyone has a problem discerning between a good black man and a con man. Criminals come in all colors!

  126. So Julio, you kept your doctor and hospital which means you’re one of two things, part of the deep state or an illegal alien that is living off the backs of hardworking Americans.

  127. 162 and can’t seem to say the word, ‘origin?’ mine is only 130 and I can say exacerbate.
    I also know the f22 is not invisible; it has a minimal radar cross section. not the same.

  128. Betty, that is very EASY!!!!!! The WORST president by far was OBAMA, who had no business even being in our white house.

  129. YOU are clearly the evil one!!!! I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are very loving, decent, intelligent people…FAR MORE intelligent than you. You have nothing to offer except your sick hate and lies, which always lose in the end.

  130. The dem party has nothing to offer but hate, ignorance, and lies, and they are proudly displaying all three on here.

  131. It’s about time, but many more are needed. We are being INVADED by those breaking our laws and it must be stopped.

  132. Justice, take your sick hate and go away. And Pres. Trump is FAR from an idiot. His IQ is 162. It seems yours is about 30

  133. You are obviously the evil one. Take your sick hate somewhere else. Pres. Trump is NONE of what you accused him of. YOU are a LIAR who has no concept of the truth. sad

  134. Gun nuts of America my thoughts you need a doctor to check for brains as all you seem to have is saw dust According to your post. Leave the Gun of America off and you have it made leaving nothing but Nuts perfect,

  135. Are you related to the late Billy Ray Hargis, the scandalized evangelical minister, a predator like your idol Trump?

  136. This is another insane person supporting a serial sexual assaulter, racist, and life long mobster.

  137. Silbermann, you might be Jewish, your name is usually. If so, you are extra shameful because this country wouldn’t allow the Jews from Europe come to America when WWII was breaking out. Anyone who is Jewish that supports Trump is incredibly brainwashed or evil. His white supremacy groups want to kill you like they did to radio host Alan Berg some years ago.

  138. We must understand Gibson is just another old angry white guy who wants to praise a serial sexual assaulter and mobster while Gibson wallows in his misery of hatred his whole life. Will he find Saint Peter, the innkeeper, who might not let him in unless he repents?

  139. Yes, and it is obviously a problem for you! You don’t, never have, understood what it means to be an American patriot like our POTUS. You will never understand what he is doing to improve the greatness of this country….Every day he wakes up, he does something for us (Americans)….not you and your elk. This is why you all hate him. SBT….you got another 2nd term of his to wallow in your swill. Fun to watch actually, keep it up….just proves how you should be in the group that most Americans say “send them home”. We are talking about the “Squad” and YOU!!!

  140. Cheryl is an old ignorant racist from Tennessee, we couldn’t expect any intelligent statement from some old woman with a foul mouth, hatred in her heart, and nothing working in that brain.

  141. This is the dribble of a 5 year old and I think I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

  142. Jim, we don’t have a black man in the Presidency. Thank goodness. We saw the damage that did to America. Their will never be another black man in the Presidency.

  143. I am trying to understand how they think they have the right to just walk in! How really ignorant are they. They have it in their minds they can come here ,do not work and be kept up like so many of the others. It has to stop! My cell phone lets me make calls to, Mexico. I do not but, I believe those calls are also being made to those in, Mexico from those that are already here. I,would bank on it.

  144. Betty, Betty, you are nasty! Where did you get your oh so-biased, incorrect and insanely off the mark information from, oh I know; The FAKE NEWS, the FAKE victims, the FAKE accusers, AND I believe you are even FAKE! BECAUSE….No right minded person with any common sense and the ability to reason, read, analyze and absorb the truth could ever espouse what you do! My President Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to my America since mom’s apple pie and there is no denying that FACT! Jobs, international relations, the military, the……and the list looms large in what he has done so far to obliterate the doings of the worst President ever and an illegal one at that. Obama was a blight on America and he, “said so” everyday he was in office by his actions and inaction!

  145. Betty we already had Monkey named Obama. What failer Monkey turned out to be, dope-smoking homo queer that like screw other men Larry was his main bone licker-in back Lemmo with bag Cocaine ..Bhaa haa whaa

  146. I have kept everything Redhawk despite the dozens of attempts by Republicans and Trump to dismantle healthcare. How are you doing? I don’t anyone who is doing financially better because of Trump’s policies. Those good paying jobs are not only not coming back they are leaving, the tax cuts were tiny for many and actually made many of the poor pay more. It also forced the blue state people to subsidize even more the red states that support the mobster Trump.

  147. Yep!!!!!!!!!!!! And the worst lying crook of a president ever to be in our office. Just goes to say,”how badly this muslim,hating America piece of garbage he is”. The worst is yet to come. Then we all will see exactly how much of a cheating crook he is. That dirt should be ran out of this country for being the fraud that he truly is.In years past he would have been executed. ??? He, was only for his American hating countries and those people. Make America Great ,Again.

  148. Betty, your ignorance is an example of the stupidity in this country. But we all know we can thank the last president for the stupidity. If you feel the way you are talking then I strongly suggest that you find a country to move to and never come back, since you are spatting the same hatred towards this country. I am sure I’m not the only one who feels this way but I will listen but when I hear someone spouting stupidity I will blow them out of the water and a lot of times with facts.

  149. Jim you are a commie and the joke. President Trump will be here again in 2020 so get over yourself.

  150. Slurry Bombers and a VERY STICKY, DYED firefighting solutions delivered over the caravans and groups approaching the borders.
    Show up at the border with a distinctly different color, you get sent back or SHOT trying to cross the border.

  151. Well Betty, the wost thing to happen to America was the 8 years of Obama. Linda is absolutely correct in her assessment. President Trump is not a professional politician and that is what makes him great. We the people are tired of professional politicians. We elected him as a Man of the people and for the people. That is the people/citizens of the United States of America.

  152. IT REALLY Frosts YOUR sore butt THAT WE HAVE A Real potus DOESN’IT cup cake ?? Have u kept your Doctor? Hospital?? Private HC coverage?? OH wait those were OBIMBO’s LIES….

  153. Betty it is folks like you who need to have these iellegals living in your house and camping on your property. You need to open your bank account and previde for them. The hard working American people who are struggling to feed their own famileys should not have to support people here illegally.

  154. Your comment is indicative of your ability to comprehend the complexity of immigration laws, the Constitution, and the Separation of Powers.

    Go ask your indoctrinator to explain why you were INDOCTRINATED instead of TAUGHT.

  155. Hey, pj. trump is getting the job done all right if that is however the job consists entirely of proving over & over again what a MENTALLY ILL MORON, an INSANE IDIOT & a PISS ASS PIG he is, always has been & always will be his entire Stinking, Stupid Life & also seeing how fast he can Flush this country down History’s Sewer before we in 2020 replace a MONKEY with a MAN as our next president!

  156. Hey,Linda. If you sincerely consider CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump the best thing for America, I for one would sure Hate like HELL to see what you consider the Worst Thing?

  157. trump would do such an annex action if he thought it possible just like the Insane Idiot & the Walking, Talking Two Faced Lying Conceited Pile Of Crap he is!


  159. mr. julio, you keep up your learned research — while OUR PRESIDENT keeps initiating action to MAGA, sir …. haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  160. that is probably in violation of the posse commitatus act. that shows gop lawlessness.

  161. MR. PRESIDENT, BUILD THAT WALL & SEND THOSE TROOPS. YOU, SIR are the nation’s INKEEPER. Read and take heed, you FAR LEFTWIST IDIOTS (and that includes YOU DEMOCRAPS, TOO )

  162. if someone breaks into my house, i shoot to kill him. If someone breaks into the Us, do the same.

  163. HEIL HITLARY!!! I have an even BETTER IDEA. Why doesn’t Trump and company (both our House and Senate occupants) SIMPLY ANNEX ALL OF MEXICO AND CENTRAL AMERICA??? That way, these poor shmucks who want to come here WON’T HAVE TO EVEN BOTHER MAKING THE TRIP. I wonder what all of those murderous thugs who continue to abuse these poor countries would do?

  164. Keep building the wall. The wall. Extremely important objective. Finish the wall.

    We need to find the mega donors responsible for felony crimes for causing a big ruckus at the border areas. Arrest them. PUT THEM IN PRISON now!

    Arrest the activist judges for breaking the EXISTING laws. They are dead wrong. They are criminals, period. No one is above the law.

  165. Now send 5000 active duty Marines with authorization to use lethal force and we’re talking.

  166. I think he should have ordered all Congressional Democrats and all of their staff, including attorneys, give them a stun gun and let them guard the boarder where ever they are needed and far from any city.

  167. TOTALLY agree. He can be gruff and say some things I would have said differently but all and all he has been the BEST thing for American in as long as I can remember (and thats a long time!)

  168. Trump; you may not like his tweets, you may not like his comments and speeches, you may not like his demeanor / atitude, BUT YOU CANNOT DENY that he IS getting the job done!

    As for his tweets, his talk and the such, yes it is a bit much at times, but it is WONDERFUL that there is someone in the politics of this country who tells it like it is!!

    Mr. President; Keep on doing what it is you are doing, oh so well!!

    MAGA, KAG. TRUMP 2020!!!!

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