Donald Trump gave the new world order the nasty surprise they were dreading

The American people elected Donald Trump to shake things up and put America first.

Global elites were horrified.

And now Donald Trump gave the new world order the nasty surprise they were dreading.

Donald Trump won the election on a promise to stop the flow of mass migration into America.

Trump kept his word by pulling out of the United Nations pact on migration in December 2017.

The U.N. pact created a standardized system of mass migration and open borders across the globe.

Defenders of the “liberal world order” howled in protest.

But now more countries are joining the United States in pulling out of this globalist scheme to erode borders and create a one world system of mass migration.

Breitbart reports:

Australia, Israel, and Poland are among the latest to pull out, all citing national interest reasons.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morris remarked Wednesday that the agreement is “inconsistent” with his nation’s best interest, and that the document “fails to adequately distinguish between people who enter Australia illegally and those who come to Australia the right way”, noting the frequent observation that the paper does not differentiate between legal and illegal migration.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also alluded to the document’s ambiguity on illegal migrants, saying Tuesday that: “We are committed to guarding our borders against illegal migrants. This is what we have done, and this is what we will continue to do,” reports the Jerusalem Post.

Switzerland is now postponing a decision on signing the deal, and the nation’s parliament will debate the issue in the coming weeks.

Globalism is not popular. People want countries with clearly defined and secure borders.

The fake news media in America claims Trump isolated America on the world stage, but the opposite is true. Other countries are following his lead.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. You people do not understand what is really going on in this country right now if you look read the newspapers how many Muslims were elected to office in this country in last 2 years. The pulling a .sham we’re watching the migrants from South America trying to enter this country but they’re secretly putting Muslim extremists in our government positions watch out be prepared

    • The UN needs to be ran out of NYC & the U.S. Read ‘Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, & Regulation Migration.’ Last July at the UN meeting President Trump was the only one who refused to sign this pact. By early Nov., Poland & Australia had pulled out. then by late Novemeber, Israel, Hungary & Austria had. It comes close to banning privately owned firearms. Bans voicing negative comments against migration hordes.
      This is the NWO crap
      This NWO crap is behind the Mueller Probe. There is nothing these people won’t do to take our President down. Nothing.
      Also read the UN Agenda 21 & the Communist Manifesto.

    • William, i agree with you totally, but this is also recorded in the Bible as the “Forces of good and evil.” the last war to be fought will bring great devastation over the Earth and the binding of Satan for a thousand years in the pits of the Earth. The Countries are named with such accuracy, that we will know all the player’s and Countries responsible, those that follow God and goodness and those who follow Satan and evil.. Most will view this as a fairy tale with no truth in it. These will fall under Satan’s spell to doom. Those who hold the truth in their hearts will live and prosper on the resurrected earth.

    • Chuck Schumer and Pelosi and all the Dems are hypocrites, liars, and ruining this country they are hell bent on allowing the free flow of people to come into our country and basically take over By the way does Nancy P. have a gate around her house. Why don’t you bleeding heart liberals leave your doors unlocked, window open and let whoever and whatever to come into your homes. Bunch of phoneys.

  2. Those who support the “open borders new world order”, which would be the liberal progressives and their lapdog supporters, seem to think their concept of the world is one where anyone can go anywhere and do anything without any interference. They seem to think this kind of world will be better for everyone, especially for them as they secretly assure themselves they will be the top dogs lording it over everyone who disagrees with them. They are evidently not educated to the point where they can discern just what kind of chaos this would cause. To enlighten them, they should be forced to live in Europe for awhile just to experience what is happening there due to a lack of borders. Immigrants from the Middle East, the majority being Muslims, are crossing borders and taking over. They are attacking the citizens of the countries they’ve invaded and expect those citizens to allow them to do whatever they want without fear of retribution. In some cases, like London, these people have been elected to prominent political offices, like London’s mayor, who then can insure that this invasive criminal element never has to face prosecution. They are slowly but surely implementing Sharia law which is aggressively oppressive instead of assimilating into the culture of the country they’ve chosen to invade. The leaders of these countries, such as Merkel of Germany, are doing nothing to stop them. And who is suffering from this? The citizens of these countries who, through no fault of their own, can’t even safely walk their streets without fear of being molested in one way or another. Wake up, people, we have borders for a reason. It’s the most effective way of keeping our citizens safe from the radical Islamists who want to rule the world with you as either their converts, their slaves or dead bodies at their feet. All you have to do is read the Koran to know this is true.

    • They should never be allowed in. They kill Christians in those countries, they would never allow any of us to come into their countries and if we did they would behead everyone of us. I feel like Satan’s taken over, and has children setting the stage for his One World Order. God be with us all.

    • I agree! The UN should be kicked out of the USA, let them smuggle drugs, people, and terrorists somewhere else. We do not need them, they hate us anyway, so why allow the snake to live amongst us? How do we know that with their diplomatic immunity they aren’t smuggling some sort of mass destruction into the US, like a disease, or parts of a nuclear device?

        • Jose, the ‘Dumped 0n’ Situation IN Syria
          IS V. V. Sad. I watched a Lot of
          Syrian DamascusTV etc. & now my pc is ‘outdated’
          to Follow ‘Live Coverage’. ASSAD IS NOT ‘evile’
          By Any means. ALL the Bullshitt’ re Syria IS ABOUT
          ‘The PIPELINE’. Period. NO USA news Will Ever Report.
          > Butt, (i think) POTUS KNOWS NOW.

    • No they should be sent to Haiti and their salaries will be based on how good a job they do in beinging this poorest country the help they need. The Clintons robbed that country blind. They set up a fund that was supposed to benefit Haiti and all that Foundation did was funnel money directly into the Clinton Foundation.Send those momsers in the UN to Haiti. Let them live there.

  3. The UN is funding all the groups that are organizing the mass attack of alien invaders on our southern Border to break our Laws…!!! That is more than enough reason to dump the UN and withdraw all funds applying them to Building the Wall/
    The UN EU CIA CFR MSM and hundreds more are Banker Fronts..!!

  4. Everybody’s “bitching” about the Democrats and what they’re likely to do next. But too many polls and voting results indicate that many people who voted President Trump into office in 2016 STAYED HOME IN 2018 INSTEAD OF VOTING IN THE MIDTERMS — and NOW – Look what we’ve got. We LOST the House, which will make it an absolute misery for President Trump for the next two years. He worked so DAMNED HARD for us, and this is the thanks he gets. So – to ALL you “bitchers” who didn’t get up off your couches to VOTE in the 2018 midterms, you have NOBODY to blame but yourselves. You SHOULD have come out of your caves and down from the mountains in DROVES to elect Republicans into the House, but you sat back on your carcases and let this happen. After all, that’s what the Democrats did – they emerged in droves from their rat holes and TOOK (and STOLE) the House from Trump. And frankly Republicans just “squeeked by” in the Senate. My GOD, I don’t know WHY this incredible President still cares about pulling this country up by her bootstraps, OR WHY he still even cares about the lazy American non-voters who cut him off at the knees, yet still continue to “bitch” about the Democrats. He sure deserved a lot better from the people who elected him in the first place.”

    • Do you really believe that the Republicans stayed home and didn’t go out to vote? Thousands waited I’m long lines to hear and see the president all over this country. O can’t believe that those people stayed home on election day. I do believe that there was fraudulent voting in every race. The media would have us believe that the Republicans didn’t vote. Surely you don’t believe that?

      • They voted, but when it was all done.Oops someone found “some of the early votes that got misplaced “ and changed the outcome!They can’t be trusted!

    • I really think we need to have a special force of honest people overseeing our elections and not use Sorros’s machines any longer. The people who vote for demoncrats are those who want free stuff. Some are brain washed by fake news andhollywood weirdos. If people would read the Koran and Sheri’s law they wouldn’t want that here.

    • Well said, an astounding lack of gratitude for a job well done, if Americans, have become so stupid, they cannot appreciate this incredible prosperity, then we have become a mindless herd. The 40 years of “Dumbing Down” worked, and between the Media and the intolerable Collegiate Brainwashing, our task is more than difficult. No thanks to a man who has given his all. I thank god for Donald Trump every single day, and pray for his protection. He is truly a miracle.

    • I agree but I don’t agree. the Republicans in the House probably caused themselves to lose. They have accomplished nothing through Paul Ryan & probably won’t with his replacement. I was so hoping Jim Jordan would win.
      Plus, I’m not so sure there wasn’t voter fraud going on in some of these states.

  5. Thank you, President Trump! The US needs a leader with guts and integrity to stank up to imperial globalists. Soros may have more money, but Trump has more character and clearer vision.

  6. The problem with a One World Order scenario is that there are no more checks-and-balances at that level. Everyone is literally a slave to whomever controls the global regime. That is Satan’s ultimate goal. Once we are slaves and cannot vote with our feet, he will have won the battle. We must resist globalism at every turn!

    • Satan’s plan for the beginning of time was to take from man is agency to chose and to act. Revelation 13:16-17 tells us what is soon to come:
      “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”


  8. Have you ever considered why the globalists are seeking an end to nationalism? Simple. If there is but one world order, that’s just one for them to conquer and dominate, not many

  9. The President has stopped giving away free stuff, and the libs may have to go to work. This is against their way of life. The democrat house wants to cut military spending, so they have money for their welfare programs, and make America weak. That’s their outlook for America, and that’s the only way they want it, not a strong America that leads the world. President Trump keep what the good work!

  10. To ‘jd. ‘I’ Have a link Waiting for you ‘jd’/ clan ie
    Scott/ Eric/’tit’/ Betty (if u can handle it.
    &&& READ ALL of ‘IT’. Certain ‘targeted’ Subject
    Matter May Apply.

  11. POLAND IS STRONG Against EU & Germany Angela Merkel
    ‘Mass Migration’ from Mid East, implemented by ‘hussein ‘o’
    hillary for 8! Long Yrs. US ‘mass migration’ Taking place from
    Central Americas/Some mid-east. SAME ‘issue’ for NWO ‘globalists’.
    > I AM POLISH & PROUD of ‘It’. STRONG.
    > Thank You Mr. President. SAVE USA. W/ PATRIOTS___
    BTW: Did Any0ne HERE SEE the ‘Polish President W/ POTUS DJT
    about a month ago, IN (‘Respectable’ Press Conference/ NO ‘acosta’)
    REQUESTING (almost begging) POTUS For
    Military Strength/Stations IN Poland.( it was kinda ‘dramatic’ In a
    ‘Protocol’ Way.
    >Perhaps the ‘rest of EU’ Better WTFU.
    Well, (dink)Macron]France = Sold Out.

  12. Did the big mean PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA make the liberals cry again?

    Oddly enough, I’m not tired of WINNING yet!

    • Yes! CrustyOldGeezer!! Yes! President Trump promised to protect Americans and he is doing exactly that! Keep up the AWESOME JOB PRESIDENT TRUMP! We the People are behind you, as well as many European Countries!! Migration is not for Americans nor Europeans either. The U.N. can go eat WORMS and choke!

      Oh, please ignore those whining liberals. They always have to be crying about something, anything, they’re such babies!

  13. That’s not news. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump has provided nothing but Nasty Suprises From The Very First Day The Blond Haired Orangutan Ape became President.

  14. i don’t know why they call it the new world order, because we seen this before in the 1930’s , his name was hitler , other then causing protests, riots and violence , just what are they offering , they don’t talk about it , because they know it will turn the world against them , so just what does the nwo stand for ,i guess everyone has forgotten about the millions of plastic koffens and fenced in dentention camps they built druring the bush and oboma years , so what ever the nwo stands for ,it can’t be good for us little people

    • Yes, Obama spent billions on building FEMA camps all around this country. Question: Why? What was he planning to use these FEMA camps for? Such a waste of money. Obama was the biggest evil liar on this earth. Those FEMA camps look like concentration camps. Total evil!!! We never did get any answers but billions of $$$$ wasted. He sure knows how to spend other people’s money.

      • Marie, my best guess is…that had Hitlery been elected, every person who disagreed with her “policies” would have been put into those FEMA Camps…for the direct purpose of “re-education”…or permanently. IMHO, neither option would have been at all pleasant.

      • thatt was for us when he let all the muslims in and they put you in the camp . my grand father warned me when i was very young now i am as old as my grang father never forget you bobble heads .what i forgot you people have not even learned yet crack open those history books learn the world learn your country .who we are what we have done . we helped change the world .

    • Soros learned from the Nazis, wants the “Liberal Elite Billionaires” to rule the world! The Dems are all vying for their position in the “Ruling Class”. Then they live in their “Castles” and fly around the world in their private jets. The peons get to live like those in Venezuala, fighting for scraps of food. Read about all the money Soros has “Bought” politicians with. Hillary, one check for $8 Million to get her elected. Anybody know where Obama got the $8.5 Million for his Hawaiian estate? Comey’s wife got a check for over $600,000, about the same as Ohio Governer Kasich. And on and on it goes!

  15. is a lot of you that stupid that you believe every word he says, then answer a couple of questions and when you feel stupid you know the answer, why is he trying to force mueller’s investigation shut when its concluding,why put a guy incharge of the doj illegally that has questionable ties, that has said he would do anything to shut it down? why is he lying to americans that he promised under his leadership he wouldn’t do? Why did he lie about the women he choose to cheat on his wife with? Why are a good many of his friends he put into positions all gone ad everyone of them he praised then ran into the ground? why are so many of them coming back saying what he is doing is wrong

    • Hey phantom, try your comment without hitting all the liberal propaganda points, people just might actually listen to your comments before dismissing you as a liberal troll.

    • You have no proof with anything you said. You sound just fake news and yes they are fake news. They are left wing talking heads and say anything they think will hurt Donald Trump and you swallow it all.He made promises and he is keeping them which is rare in Washington.

    • thatt was for us when he let all the muslims in and they put you in the camp . my grand father warned me when i was very young now i am as old as my grang father never forget you bobble heads .what i forgot you people have not even learned yet crack open those history books learn the world learn your country .who we are what we have done . we helped change the world .

  16. Globalist have a problem with borders because they would be forced to pay a livable wage. WITHOUT borders these globalist can bring in low wage workers.

    Keeping our border and immigration to limits that allows for assimilation will give American citizens the chance to succeed and be prosperous.

  17. The Vatican is a state that have Borders and Walls. The Heavenly Jerusalem has very High Walls. And all you people have walls and fences around your own homes and properties. And those actors and actresses with high walls and security Security Guards around their Premises.

      • Marines, I must add, guard the Gates of Heaven, just as they do the White House, in the country that is another little bit of Heaven: the USA. No, it isn’t perfect and never will be, as long as humans live here. But it’s one hell of a lot closer than any other country by a long shot. If not so, then why do tens of thousands try to get here any way they can? That crap my anthropology professor spouted that BS about all cultures being equal didn’t have a coherent answer when I asked him that question. Being a grad of U.Wisconsin in Madison, what else would you expect from Die Ubermenschen
        left wing of the early 60’s? Cookies and milk? Or a lecture based on Mein Kampf, Trotsky style?

  18. Presedent Trump knows what he is doing.He is saving our country from the one world government,the liberals in DC wants to get rid of him so the deep state can takeover.God bless President’ Trump & the United states.

  19. Obama is not that smart. He knows he sucks! He mentioned himself 89 times in one speech during the mid-term election. Me, me, me!

    Trump came. He saw. He conquered. What’s about Obama?

    Obama came. He saw. He apologized. Yeah, he apologized for the existing laws. He failed his presidency. He should have enforced the laws but he didn’t.

    Let all the nations embrace their national sovereignty.

  20. When God brought the 12 tribes into the promised land, he gave them each their own part of it. He did not say that they could just go in and live wherever they wanted. Borders were important then and they still are.

  21. To have unlimited illegal immigration is to allow your country to be demolished. A country has only so much resources to support it’s people. By allowing millions of illegal immigrant to stay and draw government aid without them paying into the system or they’re stealing someone’s identity. It is not fair to the tax payers who have to support them. Also, we are already dealing with massive homeless numbers where are we supposed to put the illegals? If we continue to build on the agricultural land how are we feed everyone? And remember that a lot of our agriculture is still being exported. We are the world’s bread basket. Also look at the amount of trash and garbage that is being created. Look at what has happened to our “sanctuary” city of San Francisco, the homeless are peeing and defecating on the streets making it worse than a lot of third world countries.
    We are already trillions of dollars in debt by supporting the world, it’s time to reign it back if we are to continue as we are.

  22. What! WHAT! Score it on the wall, Trump RIGHT again! The United Nations if allowed to mandate its globalist policies, will have the world and humanity looking like something out of a futurist science fiction movie. Picture it, one mish mash glob of people answering to a “supreme leader” within the United Nations wielding power that no one dares question or disobey. Globalism is not a forward step, it is a giant leap backwards. There were huge reasons why people settled and established different countries. Looks like people are waking up finally, maybe too late for some countrie?

    • M,they want to usher in their lord because they don’t bow at the cross or believe in Jesus or God. It is not only about borders but it is spiritual warfare as well!

      • Steve, Agreed, they want progression to end of days! Not sure “who” is aware or, if “it” is here yet. We probably aren’t supposed to know now.

          • 0h yes Dan T. The ‘false prophet’ Is Here. Now.
            aka. popey ‘frank’. E’0ne ‘knows it’. THE
            ‘antichrist’ Has Not Arrived. You Will Know When__
            (if u not dead, by then lol. 20 yrs ???)

          • Dan T. ‘false prophet’ Is Step #1.
            Next’phase’ Is ‘antichrist’.
            Getting Close. Do Not Be ‘fooled’__ W
            W/holograms In the ‘sky’. That’s all.

        • I took some bible classes years ago and the subject was Revlations. Some of the predictions for the end of times was that a ruler would be elected and he would be loved andhaled by many. He would be a dark man with ties to the Middle East. No one would be sure of his back ground. He would be the anti christ he would rule for 7 years and then things would go terribly wrong. There would be mobs and people hating each other. There would be murder of innocent children, Christians and Jews. There would be fires, floods, earthquakes, mudslides and
          Horrors of all kinds. The people would become atheists and would no longer pray. The churches would become corrupt.
          When we look at what’s happening now, we need to pray because it sure isn’t looking good. Christ will come with his army and save those who believe and are faithful.

          • Country Girl, Thank you for your input. Yes, these are scary times and signs are everywhere for Bibical fulfillment. Think what all has happened during the last ten years that is in your comment. We should all stay vigilant and ready because none, no not one, knows when that morning is coming. Christians know what we refer to, lost souls probably do

  23. We need to kick The United Nations out of Manhattan New York. Send them to London England because they seem to want all of the Islamic terrorists they can get. Theresa May just loves them to death.

  24. Read the U.N. immigration policy…it only recognizes legal immigration into each country by the particular laws of that nation…ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION INTO EVERY NATION IN THE U.N. IS A DEPORTATION OFFENSE.

    • Then why is the UN supporting these caravans with food, water, tents, and busses, knowing their intent is to illegally enter countries? The UN is not our friend. They are supporting their agenda 30 plans. They still expect the US to pay the majority share of costs in money and lives. And yet they dis us in he assembly.

    • Ronnie Pecinovsky:
      Then why were the 193 nations who make up the UN asked to sign the ‘Global Compact for Safe, Orderly & Regulation Migration’ pact? Have you read this pact? Sounds like rules for the NWO, to me??

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