Donald Trump gave the new world order the nasty surprise they were dreading

The American people elected Donald Trump to shake things up and put America first.

Global elites were horrified.

And now Donald Trump gave the new world order the nasty surprise they were dreading.

Donald Trump won the election on a promise to stop the flow of mass migration into America.

Trump kept his word by pulling out of the United Nations pact on migration in December 2017.

The U.N. pact created a standardized system of mass migration and open borders across the globe.

Defenders of the “liberal world order” howled in protest.

But now more countries are joining the United States in pulling out of this globalist scheme to erode borders and create a one world system of mass migration.

Breitbart reports:

Australia, Israel, and Poland are among the latest to pull out, all citing national interest reasons.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morris remarked Wednesday that the agreement is “inconsistent” with his nation’s best interest, and that the document “fails to adequately distinguish between people who enter Australia illegally and those who come to Australia the right way”, noting the frequent observation that the paper does not differentiate between legal and illegal migration.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also alluded to the document’s ambiguity on illegal migrants, saying Tuesday that: “We are committed to guarding our borders against illegal migrants. This is what we have done, and this is what we will continue to do,” reports the Jerusalem Post.

Switzerland is now postponing a decision on signing the deal, and the nation’s parliament will debate the issue in the coming weeks.

Globalism is not popular. People want countries with clearly defined and secure borders.

The fake news media in America claims Trump isolated America on the world stage, but the opposite is true. Other countries are following his lead.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.