Donald Trump gave the order to protect America’s statues that sent rioters fleeing

Rioters and vandals attacked America’s history by tearing down and desecrating statues of historical American figures.

The American people demanded an end to the anarchy.

And Donald Trump gave the order to protect America’s statues that sent rioters fleeing.

Black Lives Matter rioters revealed the extreme lengths they will go to impose a Cultural Revolution on America by tearing down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, and Ulysses S. Grant.

President Trump repeatedly stated America must preserve its history and now the President is putting his words into action.

A new report in The Washington Post revealed the President authorized the U.S. Marshall’s service to protect historical monuments across the country.

The Washington Post reported that, “U.S. marshals have been told they should prepare to help protect national monuments across the country, according to an email directive viewed by The Washington Post, as President Trump has vowed stern punishment for those who vandalize or destroy such structures as part of police violence protests.

“In an email, Marshals Service Assistant Director Andrew C. Smith wrote that the agency ‘has been asked to immediately prepare to provide federal law enforcement support to protect national monuments (throughout the country).’ The subject line of the message indicates it is an ‘Attorney General Assignment,’ suggesting it came from Attorney General William P. Barr.”

Americans welcomed this step.

A country cannot maintain civil society if roving mobs wantonly destroy property and threaten physical violence against anyone that gets in their way.

The President calling in the law enforcement resources at his disposal to protect America’s history from a militant mob of domestic terrorists is necessary to keep the peace on the streets of American cities.

Renewed right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Lori, your extreme stupidity is sad. You have no clue of the truth. YOU are wrong!!! Pres. Trump has done only good for this country. Name ONE THING that he has done that is bad. You CAN’T!!!! It is you who is ignorant and gullible. You blindly believe the lies of your sick dem leaders without question. Wake up and dare to see the truth that you deny. Get a brain to think for yourself

  2. I can prove to everyone that nearly all democrats are intellectually dishonest because they all know Biden is going senile but they refuse to admit it or they flat out deny it. That is called “intellectual dishonesty”.

  3. Lori Thompson, There is always one that shoots off the mouth and has no idea what they are talking about. Says I’m offended? Does no research and then calls me a right wing racist. Well Lori, the old saying does go: stupid is as stupid does, and you does. What’s more is I agree with most of the people here and you seem to be outnumbered big time. I suggest you find somewhere else to make your argument because nobody here gives a box of DUNG what you think. And by the way. President Donald J. Trump is the ABSOLUTE BEST PRESIDENT TO COME ALONG SINCE RONNIE REGAN, but you probably think bill & hillary Clinton was great don’t ya. There are two that belong in the box of dung along with obummer. We here are the offended but we aren’t going to rob, steal, riot and burn your city down for it. However we do hope that The Donald puts all your asses in jail for it.

  4. Lori Thompson I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone thinks I’m racist. I’ll wear that title with pride. Standing against violence committed by black thugs is racist? Thanks for the compliment you bimbo. I don’t know if you’re black or white and don’t care. If the bastards attack my property I’ll piss in their cornflakes and send them to hell. Black or white. So go kiss their asses and stfu.

  5. Lori, I am PERSONALLY OFFENDED by your comment! I can deal with racist’s views and opinions as last long as they’re not acted upon! But what is something I can not accept is your blatent STUPIDITY! For this you all of CHAZ, AND ANY OTHER BLM OR ANTIFA SUPPORTS SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!

  6. Renewed right is so wrong. Must of you people commenting SHOULDN’T even be allowed in this country. Trump is our worst president in history and for you yo think he’s the best, just shows the world how ignorant and gullible you are. And RACISTS AS HELL!

  7. If there are currently not enough jail cells for criminals, I suggest that the overflow of criminals be sent to Guantanamo for imprisonment. President Obama pretty much emptied out the place; move the criminals there. Have a nice day.

  8. dale, yes, executing them would be better. That would send the rest of them a strong message that we will not stand for what they are doing. Pres. Trump should have done something about this a long time ago. It is total insanity and needs to be stopped. Yes, by tanks if necessary

  9. BJ….the prisons are already full and if that is all they get, then it will not stop them,as most of them have been there already. I say bring back execution of violent criminals to the point of, no waiting on death row till you’re in your 80’s. Why hasn’t the Military been brought in, as a few tanks rumbling down the streets would stop it quick.
    Business people are suffering enough with the Virus shutdown….now this crap of burning and looting…to prove a point…I don’t think so, Newsome…more like take something that you didn’t pay for, is more like it…it’s FREE…take it!

  10. Martin Luther King Boulevard used to be JFK Boulevard in Cleveland. How about changing it back to JFK, because it bothers me just like Christopher Columbus bothers Blacks…it goes both ways. It’s time to stop all of this BS and bring in the Military and Newsome needs to be put behind bars.

  11. President end this madness now! Invoke the Insurrection Act & arrest entire Democrat Party & most of the Republican party for Treasons & other High Crimes!

  12. BurnLootMurder=BLM+Antifa=Anarchists. Newsome belong in Gitmo. BLMer Melissa Johnson nobody hates you cause you are black. They hate you because you are wrong, obnoxious and fat.

  13. Renewed right why do you bother sending me these posts? Every time I answer one, you block me… people are very sick and unfair to conservative view points. You should be ashamed to call yourself “right” cause you are WRONG!

  14. Dan, you are right on. We owe them nothing. They should be very thankful to be here in this country instead of the jungles of Africa where their ancestors came from. But if the want to go back, I would be very glad to send them there

  15. I have no sympathy for blacks concerning slavery. I didn’t do it, or have anything to do with Jim Crow. Nobody deserves any payment because of something that happened over 159 years ago. That idea is just more feel good liberalism. After they blow the money, what then?

  16. Thank you Mr President. Now it’s time for governors and mayors to act. If they don’t the law abiding citizens WILL!


  18. I will deface anything representing blacks. Black goons are getting away with destruction and it is my turn to retaliate. How do you like it both ways you ass holes??

  19. THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT. These people ARE NOT on some positive mission — if they are not stopped and prosecuted, the result will be LAWLESSNESS in our Country. Keep us safe, SIR !

  20. As long as we have people — like the negress in Congress standing on the floor of the House demanding reparations, and the other clown leading this so-called BLM movement — walking around free, and scum like the person who keeps fanning these flames of racial hatred who calls himself BHO -we will continue to have racial unrest. They should be made to disappear

  21. As long as we have people — like the negress in Congress standing on the floor of the House demanding reparations, and the other clown leading this so-called BLM movement — walking around free, and scum like the person who keeps fanning these flames of racial hatred who calls himself BHO -we will continue to have racial unrest. They should be made to disappear


  23. It’s about time , the BLM THUGS DAYS are numbered . I noticed there running ads saying there just peaceful protesters , my Ass , that’s farthest from the truth . An to think you liberal TRAITORS , back these heathens and there violence . Well , your day of judgement is coming , you asked for it . BLM you Don’t Matter , that goes for of you wannabe black Whiteys double .

  24. Julio go back to El Salvador, obviously you are not a Patriot. The problem is we allow people in this country they live off the government and then they hate the government and DEMAND from the government. Trump is the best we ever had, he loves America. Trump a real patriot let’s stand we him against illegal immigrants

  25. Every body pays in the end Juilo, remember that. Now if ou do not like whats going on, (niether do I)then go through the process. If not, then either you leave and go to the hell hole of your choice. This my country and I willnstand with to the end, saby. To all others, stop now before its too late, amen. To all other pats, God be w/you all in this fight against these commie who think they will prevail -never!

  26. Its long pass due. Time the educators of our children were held accountable when they decide to desecrate our monuments. Time for blm to face the wall of rule and order. Time antifa met the hard fact they are not wanted in America.

  27. Leadership skills by President Trump versus lap dog politicians is refreshing. Trump waited for the Governors and Mayors (all Democrats)to showed their ineptness in dealing with this violence. Trump stood up and took the reigns. Trump 2020!

  28. If this was so scary, how come the scum bags were in Richmond last night going at it.
    This is because of Dem sewage Northam who needs a big tree.

  29. The mere fact that democrats are cheering the mob and the riots shows they do not care about America or its history.
    The fact that democrats want to defund the police shows they don’t care about inner city blacks because we all know less police means more criminal activity.
    The fact that democrats want open borders demonstrated that they do no care about American citizens.
    Boil it all down, democrats don’t care about anything or anybody but their own power.

  30. @julio richard laredo Look folks, zero IQ is back! As for the executive order it is about time!

  31. The penalty should not be, up to ten years jail. It should be no less than ten years jail,with no parole and no time off. You do ten years, period.

  32. PRESIDENT TRUMP … Is Always Being Accused of over stepping his boundaries? And he was allowing the MAYORS and GOVERNOR’S of EACH INDIVIDUAL STATE to handle their own business. ONCE, he noticed they were not going to stop the destruction? He finally HAD TO STEP IN. That my friends is what took so long. It also, shows who has leadership skills? And who does not have leadership skills? VOTE ACCORDINGLY! 2020 … If “YOUR” MAYOR and/or GOVERNOR cannot keep you SAFE? Or PUBLIC PROPERTY SAFE? VOTE THEM OUT. …You can fins someone better. 2020

  33. julio richard laredo, As Dan Tyree said you are one STUPID liberalistic idiot that should be removed from this site. I don’t believe you should be removed. I say this not because I agree with what you say but because our beloved constitution gives ALL of us free speech, and I love our Constitution and I have sworn to protect is from all both domestic and foreign. To ALL true Patriots FREEDOM is a precious thing. It’s something many of us have fought for. I’m a disabled combat veteran. I gave much for FREEDOM. Make no doubt about it I will fight for it again. If any stupid BLM or other terrorist tries to take over my city they will be met with a Police that knows how to deal with that. Even more to the point most of the people here will defend ourselves with deadly force if necessary.

  34. It’s easy to break them up if you know how. 12 Gauge with some #6 birdshot for starters. Anyone left standing around, then we break out the real hardware for the retarded ones…Putting a rope on a statue will stop pretty quick after getting hit in the _ss with some birdshot….

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