Donald Trump gave the rioters in Seattle a warning that left Fox News viewers stunned

Americas are horrified about the scenes they see coming out of Seattle.

Anarchists and Black Lives Matter activists chased the police out of the downtown area after which they set up a no-go zone.

But now Donald Trump gave the rioters in Seattle a warning that left Fox News viewers stunned.

Downtown Seattle is in a state of anarchy.

Hundreds of Black Live Matter activists seized a six block area, including City Hall in downtown and declared it the independent nation of CHAZ – which stands for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

These insurgents proceeded to demand that Seattle completely dismantle the city’s police department and court system.

Armed militants are patrolling barricades surrounding the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and there are reports that heavily armed militants are extorting local businesses.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Harris Faulkner, the President said this lawlessness cannot stand and blamed it on the weak local liberal elected officials.

“If there were more toughness, you wouldn’t have the kind of devastation that you had in Minneapolis and in Seattle. I mean, let’s see what’s going on in Seattle. But I will tell you if they don’t straighten that situation out, we’re going to straighten it out,” the President.

The President then claimed that if the state of Washington did not restore order on the streets the federal government would.

“What I mean is very simple, we’re not going to let Seattle be occupied by anarchists. … If we have to go in, we’re going to go in. The governor’s either going to do it, let the governor do it, he’s got great National Guard troops, he’ll — he can do it. But one way or the other, it’s going to get done. These people are not going to occupy a major portion of a great city,” President Trump concluded.

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  1. so stop talking and send in the troops!!! this has gone on long enough and the longer it goes on, the more chances they are going to do this in other cities!!!

  2. They blocked me again cause I called Scott27 a lying a–hole. Renewed right you are a bunch of phonies. You Suck the big one!!!

  3. China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela are all concerned their governments will fail. Not because of external threats but because their own people have had enough of the communist parties totalitarian regime. All of these countries are facing problems trying to hold the communist party together because it’s against the will of the people. The dissolution of the USSR was proof this will happen. Antifa and BLM are united with the communist, not for political freedom but for a chance to grab power and become a totalitarian government exercising the same power other communist parties do. American patriots won’t tolerate it.

  4. If Black lives mattered than why are most Blacks content with hundreds of Black men, women, and children being killed every day throughout the country by their fellow Blacks?
    Are Blacks being encouraged to resist arrest knowing that eventually a Black will be killed thus giving White Communist, led by George Soros. a pretense to start riots.
    Using the police as their target to bring down social order. They are hopeful that the riots will lead to a revolution.


  6. I like that idea, but the Freak Parade would consider that racist of course, due to the teachings of the previous administration, I almost said President…

  7. Simple solution. seal perimeter with armed national guard. Send in police, local, state, and federal agents, apprehend and process everyone on the inside. Secure and arrest anyone resisting. Neutralize any armed resistance. End of lawlessness.

  8. And are we rolling down hill like a snowball headed towards Hell and no kinda chance for the flag and Liberty Bell??? I’m with Merle Dan, we’ll live the good times again and I’m sure it will be due to True Patriots…

  9. Seattle is just a test run. If the protesters are allowed to get away with seizing the city and police station there, it’s open season on all cities. Stay armed. It’s going to get worse if they succeed.

  10. Shame on the local government!!!! Mayor, governor, city council. . .all imbeciles who prefer chaos to civility. Let the voters take revenge soon!

  11. If the Black Lives Matter organization really believes that Black Lives Matter, why don’t they take back the relatively peaceful protests guaranteed by the Constitution from the Antifa thugs that have hijacked their message. Actually, their movement is large enough to take over the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” and return to message. I think a “military” recovery would be far too violent.

  12. ooh’s Pa’s Obama’s was is a janitors one times nows he’s retarded toos cleaning bes stalls sometimes hims and Ma’ cornhole mes toos stinky bes watching I’d chipped a tooth’s it time to goos

  13. If Black lives matter so much, why do most abortions in this nation kill the tiniest, most innocent Blacks of all. Tiny little unborn Black babies who deserve to live, but whose lives are snuffed out by the choice of their own mothers before they can take their first breaths. Very, very sad.

  14. I agree with everyone that has sense enough to say that President Trump is right. The rest of you that doesn’t like our President can go to h—-. Republicans in November

  15. Cynthia Brown my dad’s people were here before any other groups. And, like you, I’m sick and tired of a situation where a black person can do no wrong. I’ve witnessed first hand cruelty and racism from blacks. I know that many are good people, I’ve known them too. But they bring a lot of trouble on themselves. There’s no reason that blacks can’t get educated and work good jobs, get photo ID, and succeed in life. It’s the stupid commiecrat party that’s holding many of them back.

  16. I’m about tired of this “Black Lives Matters” movement.If black lives matters so much why is the number “ONE” killer of black men in this country other black men?Answer me that-CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC,and all the other “FAKE ASS NEWS.”

  17. Don’t send our National Guard in any situation with out loaded and locked ready to use guns! These people
    Don’t give two cents about peace.
    We all get it until it’s been shoved down our throats BLM.
    Well did you see before the poor black man was killed that there was a 32 year old WHITE man that they pinned down like that knee and all he begged and begged for 18 min 18! You can here one cop say I hope we didn’t kill him…. then his mom come on and is screaming for her baby. He was white did his life matter killed the same way held down way longer where’s the damn protest about that?
    You have more black on black killings then any police on blacks or whites on blacks. Look it up! It’s true. And sad. It’s a shame.
    Fix your own mess before you start on everybody else. I’m over it.
    By the way my MOTHERS people were here way before any of you white people black people asian any of you. You brought your germs your diseases killed children men women then you take what has been theirs all their life’s because why? There were more of you!!! Now they live in well I consider it a waist land most of them…. so get over yourselfs don’t erase history and how you all got here. Some of you should be thanking God you were born here.
    I sure am grateful to have been born here. And I’m proud to have blood of its original people.
    God Bless America and it’s history without it we wouldn’t be who we are… we all have a past through our ancestors but that’s not even what matters what matters is we are all Gods children and we all matter…. and I’m not racist if I was I would dislike everyone… that’s the Indian forced out of me…

  18. As a patriot and a veteran, I will spell out what must take place for us to clean up this mess.

    1) Article II – The Executive, Section 1 (The President), Clause 1 (Powers and Term of the President) CLEARLY states, “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.” That means that Donald J. Trump is the Executive, and is in charge of everything in this country. He is like the CEO of an organization, and therefore, sets the rules.

    2) Article II – Executive, Section 2 (Powers and Duties of the President), Clause 1 Commander-in-chiefship; Presidential Advisors) CLEARLY STATES, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; … ” That means that HE gives orders to all branches of our Armed Forces, NOT some liberal washed-up general.

    Article IV – States’ Relations, Section 4 (Obligations of United States to States) CLEARLY STATES, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” This means that the Federal Government has THE moral obligation to the citizens of this country to PUT DOWN this SEDITIOUS ACTIVITY by those America-hating THUGS.

    Note that it says “SHALL”. With that one word, it gives us NO other option, but to put them down by force, since they have essentially declared WAR on this country. So, to put it bluntly, Trump has the moral obligation and the Constitutional authority to put and end to this savagery .. as the Executive who is in charge, as the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. He should NOT rely on the National Guard. He needs PROFESSIONALS like the SEALS, Rangers, and Special Forces troops to go in and ERADICATE this bunch of SEDITOUS TRAITORS!!!

  19. The good people of Seattle, black and white, should go down town and kick the antifa thugs out The city and state so called leadership won’t do it.

  20. Where’s Janet Reno when you need her. Remember waco Texas? Maybe she can solve the problem in Seattle.

  21. Allow no food, water, medical aid and hose them down with stink water dye. The people getting their freak on will leave soon. We saw this kind of crap in 1968 after the TET Offensive and airborne troops were sent to the trouble areas and made swift improvements overnight.

  22. They ate provoking POTUS to blame him for protecting us and paint the looters:rioters as victims, as a way to damage POTU’s re-election with the fake media as their cohorts. The fake media have portrayed those domestic terrirists as victims and POTUS as a monster. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc. send that fake message to the world.

  23. God,gotta love all you Chumpter idiots,go to your convention in Jacksonville Fl,with no masks sign off on his waiver so you can’t sue him take Covid-19 back home to your families and wait on #45 to save you,good luck

  24. Give them a chance to create the kind of government they want to create in the occupied blocs (let them show their behavior completely to the residents of the occupied neighborhoods). I’m sure it won’t take long for the residents to ask the president for help. What ordinary people will see will be the best experience and the best reason for the final action

  25. To Dr. Andrews: Most of us are hopeful that our public schools will teach students what has happened in America´s past history, however, it may take
    some time before it is re-established. If not, as some would say, that´s the way the cookie crumbles.

  26. Question for the residents of Seatle especially the Veterans, you fought for your country why aren’t you fighting for your city. I’m sure you can kick these idiots out of your city since your so caled elected officials don’t have what it takes

  27. Dan tyree, & these other folks who hv left replys, are right on the money,
    We need to be KICKING a** & TAKING NAMES, These THUGS, Antifa, BLM think that we’re bluffing., Pres. Trump will show them that he is not bluffing.

  28. In Iraq and Afghanistan we formed 12 foot high concrete walls around our bases, logistic hubs and dividing specific neighborhoods. I saw do that to all intersections leading into/out of CHAZ and ring it with razor wire. No one goes in and anyone who wushescan come out-into the arms of the Police. If you have ID that shows you lived there, OK. If not, processed for rioting and sent to jail awaiting trial. Don’t want to come out. No problem, but no food, water or electricity goes in. DO NOT under any circumstance assault the area. Let them simply run out of anger and supplies.

  29. A democratic leader is an oxymoron. They have no clue what they are doing. Let these thugs run out of food, water, electricity and see how long they last. Bullies need to be removed.

  30. I watched President Trump address the West Point graduates yesterday They are the best of the best then look at the young people of Seattle, New York , and other democratic cities and you see the worst of the worst. All I can say is somebody better get a grip on all this mayhem my gun is locked and loaded.

  31. Is this the same fox news that was just caught airing doctored and manipulated images to make it look worse than it is, merely to stoke you viewers’ fear and anger?

  32. Who will have the strongest Militia??? I know the answer to this…You can stand beside or you can stand behind, but make damn sure your not in Front…

  33. Can and will the government, state,local or federal protect us? Look at Seattle and you’ll have the answer. The mayor and government allowed lawless gangs take a police station by force. Keep your guns folks. We’re going to need them.

  34. June,
    I am assuming you know, no guardsmen have had loaded guns, doubt they ever will. I am sure antifa, blm, & the rest know that. They have no problem w/ shooting cops, think an army uniform makes any difference?

  35. Bruce Congrats! Finally a post if yours I heartily agree with, Everyone must be educated in truth good and bad, fake news media outlets should be closed based on the same criteria and it should be mandatory that all citizens vote.

  36. It’s time for all parents to make absolutely sure their children are educated in truth. Truth as to history, good and bad. With all the scars and worts, if it was done then teach it. Teach it just as it happened. Even though this is the Greatest Nation in the History of man. Like man, there were mistakes made. The only way to make sure these mistakes don’t occur again is to teach them as they were. Educate them in the Word of GOD (YHVH) from the King James Bible with a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Teach them Book by Book, Chapter by Chapter & Verse by Verse. Line upon line, precept upon precept, thaught upon thaught. Rightly dividing it (who, what, when, where, and sometimes how). Jesus Christ said I have told you ALL things and it is all there. The Word is pregnant. It grows as your knowledge grows. Ask GOD for His wisdom and He will gladly give it to you. As parents, you can no longer depend upon the public schools for your children’s education. Satan has taken that over. It happened as soon as we removed GOD and His Word from our schools. We must take over there education. until we can replace all the liberals with good Christian teachers. Fight for this Nation She’s worth fighting for. To have FREEDOM we first must have GOD’s Law!!!~

  37. Here is my plan. It is another country. Build a 30 foot wall around it. Army engineers could do it in one day. They cannot cross the border to get into the United States without having a legal passport and must go thru an immigration checkpoint. That also is for getting back into your new country. Also to get their citizenship back since they quasay don’t want to live in Free America they must apply and wait at the end of the line. No free anything from the United States. That includes health care, police coverage, fire coverage as well as funeral home support. No trucks can go in or out without proper documentation from the border patrol. No food stamps, no getting out to go to school or back to college. If they want to work in the US they must apply for a green card. Follow the same rules that cover all other countries in the world whose people are dying to get here to live Free. They also must create their own currency and back it up with Gold until they can prove it has value.

  38. Many times in the history of America presidents have had to put down insurrections. Why should now be any different?


  40. BLM fix your own NEIGHBORHOOD and FAMILY before you start blaming other race! You know what the problem is SO FIX IT! Trump is RIGHT! LIBERAL ARE COWARD TOWARD CERTAIN TYPE OF PEOPLE!


  42. This can’t go on either. Get some guts and ask for help if you need to. Jail the leaders of this and let them know you mean business

  43. Our president, likes most of us are tired of being bullied by commie ass holes like antifa. And black lives doesn’t matter any more than anyone else’s life. The streets of Seattle should be taken back by force, if necessary. Our country belongs to us all, not just a bunch of loud mouthed liberal morons. I don’t own a confederate flag, but I hope bubba Wallace blows an engine at every race. He’s nothing but a mulatto idiot sticking his nose in everyone’s business.

  44. The guard should already be in there talking back the streets. If the militants want a fight then give the a bloody fight they won’t soon forget. This is the United States of America not the occupied states of Antifa. Cut their head off in Seattle. And Moms and Dads you’d better start talking so sense to your little anarchist before it’s to late.

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