Donald Trump gave this bombshell response when asked if he would replace Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s death left a massive void in the conservative movement.

Fans want to know who will take his place.

And Donald Trump gave this bombshell response when asked if he would replace Rush Limbaugh.

Donald Trump ended his hiatus from media interviews by calling into multiple programs on the day of Rush Limbaugh’s death to honor his friend’s passing.

Limbaugh did one interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly where Kelly asked Trump point blank if the former President has been asked to take over for Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

Trump admitted that he had, but that Trump did not think anyone could follow Limbaugh.

“He would be a hard one to replace . . . he’s irreplaceable,” Trump told Kelly.

In sports, no one wants to follow a legendary coach.

Few fans know the name of John Bengston who was the successor to Green Bay Packers icon Vince Lombardi.

Trump spoke to that mentality when he told Kelly that anyone who thought they could follow Rush Limbaugh was setting themselves up for failure.

“You wouldn’t want to follow Rush . . . some things just can’t be done. He was unique,” Trump added.

Rush Limbaugh’s show served as the assignment editor for the conservative movement.

Whatever Rush talked about at the top of his show in the opening monologue would dominate the conversation on Fox News and would also be the number one topic elected Republican officials would opine on any given day.

Rush Limbaugh served as the gatekeeper, chief explainer, and head cheerleader for American conservatism.

Rush Limbaugh’s presence in the conservative movement is such that not even Donald Trump thinks he could fill Limbaugh’s shoes.

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