Donald Trump gave two answers that shut down Robert Mueller’s witch hunt

Robert Mueller and Donald Trump are reaching the end of their confrontation.

The President is fed up with Mueller and his rigged witch hunt.

And he gave the two answers that shut down Mueller’s fishing expedition.

Before Thanksgiving, the President submitted written answers to Robert Mueller’s questions.

Two of the biggest lines of investigation were if Trump knew about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, and if Roger Stone ever mentioned if WikiLeaks had emails hacked from the Democrats.

Trump answered that to the best of his recollection and the answer to both questions was “no.”

CNN reports:

One source described the President’s answers without providing any direct quotes and said the President made clear he was answering to the best of his recollection.

This is the first insight into how the President responded to the Mueller team’s written questions — a key unknown as Mueller aims to wrap up his investigation and prepare his final report.

These two points — WikiLeaks and the Trump Tower meeting — are critical to Mueller’s central mission: investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russians during the 2016 campaign.

The President’s lawyers previously told CNN the answers would match his public statements. Still, these written answers could be subject to criminal charges if false.

Trump publically denied both allegations.

So it was not surprising Trump’s written answers would match his public comments, but the fake news media nonetheless was shocked.

They expected Trump would lie or incriminate himself.

Instead, Trump shut down Mueller’s inquiry.

No one has provided any evidence or testimony to contradict the President.

And it’s becoming clearer every day that this entire inquiry is a waste of time and Mueller is just hunting around for anything he can use against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new details in this ongoing story.


  1. and repay all the monies paid to him as fees, expenses and the same for his many “staff.”

  2. Repost/ Reply to Granberg & ‘pups’.

    Eric Granberg (says) re ___ (POTUS)
    December 2, 2018 at 9:33 am

    To the best of his recollection. To the best of his recollection. A known liar says, “To the best of his recollection.” Hmmm. So you are good with Clinton saying she didn’t remember?

    Hey Granberg, DID ‘You’ Witness Comey Testimony
    on July 4th.2016 ??? Looking UP at ‘the sky’ &
    “i don’t recall” etc. Then requested a ‘peepee’ break.
    N0, You DID NOT. I DID.
    >According to Your ‘pip squeak’ assessment, Comey Would BE
    a bIG fHATT LIAR. Would you agree?.

  3. Hey Granberg, DID ‘You’ Witness Comey Testimony
    on July 4th.2016 ??? Looking UP at ‘the sky’ &
    “i don’t recall” etc. Then requested a ‘peepee’ break.
    N0, You DID NOT. I DID.

  4. JoeKing. ‘Bragging’ re 0 ‘indictments’ PROVES
    the Insidious Corruption of DOJ/FBI & i’ll hold
    comment re CIA. & Yes,”Al Capone would be proud.”

  5. I am Joe Average: a citizen of many of these United States. I desire to be heard in my complaint and demand that justice be served. It is quite clear that Hillary Clinton committed many illegal acts and used her elected position to feather her nest. It is so clear that Ray Charles could see it.
    Why do we then have to contend with this Mueller character wasting our tax dollars when we all know that he is chasing a rainbow/ I believe that he knows he is chasing a rainbow but hey….he’s getting paid and it makes him feel important! The ignorant democrats are all for this charade as they hope that he (Mueller) will come up with something to discredit Trump. As a law abiding, tax paying citizen, I demand this idiocy to stop. Hillary, Holder, Comey, Abideen and a host of democrats need to be in prison right now. trump might be a shrewd businessman but I cannot see where he or his family has done anything wrong and I want them left alone!

  6. Yes, but it’s a crime to involve a foreign government in a campaign for President. An indictable crime. Trump’s involvement with it would make him a criminal, though I have a feeling that conservatives might not care if he’s an indicted criminal. They don’t seem to care that Trump hangs out with despots like Putin and the Saudi Arabian leader who are known murderers. Trump has already admitted to obstruction of justice. The memo put out by Trump’s son about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians was a lie and opened up the son for obstruction of justice. The meeting actually was about plotting with the Russians to hurt Clinton’s campaign. Yesterday it was revealed that Trump has admitted that he wrote that memo, not his son, and that is evidence of Trump obstructing Justice by lying about the purpose of that meeting. Nixon was impeached on less.

  7. That just shows how corrupt the DOJ and FBI have become. In spite of massive evidence 0 indictments. Al Capone would be proud.

  8. Ronsch. you a surname & we know ‘who’.
    GO to the PPL you support. But you are
    too ‘milkbone’ & cowardly to support ‘them’.
    Would ‘they’ even Accept you to support ‘them’?
    You are ‘weak’ at Best.

  9. Steve, we have a ‘milkbone lapdog’ here. lol.
    0 indictments = All In the Same Camp.
    ‘milkbone’ = “No Comprende”. Bwar har-har.

  10. Muller and Rosenstein and the whole witch hunt is a joke! Was started on false pretenses, fake dossier, an people all to throw focus off Hillary and Obama who is the ones who started it all to buy them time! All the money theyve stolen from people, use it to create chaos and play games, Soros does the rest! People should know by now if it’s a foundation, it’s a money laundering crooked entity! There days are numbered!

  11. You are either a deep state operative or worse. $500,000 for a speech from rapist Bill right after the uranium one deal.
    Either you are really brainwashed, dumb or an operative either way it’s propostrurous for us American patriots to believe Russia would pay Bill $500,000 for a speach?.
    If this was Trump the media and Demmi-Commies would be all over it on every Chanel all day everyday !

  12. Maybe you don’t care about Uranuim One that Mueler and the Clinton’s were involved with and of which the FBI shut down the investigation and the same with the Clinton pay to play foundation.
    The Clinton pay to play foundation has dropped to more than half of the contributions and Haiti amongst others have received almost zero help from the foundation. Explain that!

  13. Conservatives are like astrologists sometimes, their beliefs are often built on fairydust. Hillary had nothing to do with the uranium sale to Russia, nor to Mueller have anything to do with it either. Check You guys will believe anything. Does the sun go around the earth, it certainly looks like it does.

  14. Chris, seriously. Whitewater investigation, 6 years, 0 indictments; Benghazi, 4 years, 0 indictments; HRC emails, 2 years, 0 indictments. Mueller, less than two years, 19 indictments, 5 guilty pleas, 4 convictions. Maybe you don’t care about money laundering and tax fraud, but what they don’t pay, you and I do.

  15. Mr. Muller has taken too much time and taxpayers money. It is time for him to show what he has and end this. The American people pay his salary and should demand justice. If the truth prevails it might Just set our President free and convict the ones who perpetrated all this in the first place, or at least investigated. I

  16. Why not ask Mueller why he appointed special counsel to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia when he himself has ties to Russia, ask Mueller about the hundred plus billion dollar Uranium One Deal he and Hillary did with Russia, I don’t believe it was Congressionaly approved by Congress, how about an investigations into that. (Uranium One Deal)

  17. It’s time for Mueller and his which hunt to go the way of the DODO! Mueller should be charged with misappropriation of funds in regards to his which hunt!

  18. Trump lied repeatedly during the campaign about having no business interested in Russia. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, top people in Trump’s campaign organization, lied to cover up financial fraud. Michael T. Flynn, Trump’s NSA Director, lied about his interactions with the Russians during the campaign. Manafort is lying about his contacts with Julian Assange of Wikileaks during the campaign. Cohen admitted that he lied to cover up Trump’s lies about his Russian business deals. Trumps lies are well-documented. People who work for him lie to cover up his lies like Sean Spicer as Press Secretary lying about Trump’s inaugural crowd being larger than Obama’s. Now that’s corruption. Trump’s corruption makes the corruption of his Cabinet Secretaries small potatoes, some who already have been forced to resign because of corruption. His current Attorney General was under investigation for fraud by the FTC when he was appointed AG. The Trump Administration is the most corrupt in the history of our country. It’s not just building a Trump Tower in Moscow, it’s laundering the money of Russian Oligarchs by selling them real estate, violating the Emoluments clause in the Constitution, preventing the FBI from building a new headquarters which they desperately need so a new hotel wouldn’t be built there to compete with his nearby hotel.

  19. Don’t worry. One day Mueller will pay for his sins. When Satan is done with him, he will either be dead or ruined. Then at the final judgement, he will have to answer to God and if he hasn’t repented of his sins, he will burn in the lake of fire!

  20. I fully agree and it’s time as the saying go “The Fat Sings” that’s when the opera is over. Good luck to us all.

  21. I personally believe this BS with Mueller has gone on long enough. Some $40 million dollars has been spent and for what?
    That money could have been put to better use.
    If this is what the Democrats have planned to do when they take over the house, doing nothing to help this country and people, just trying to find something to impeach the president, then I say 2020 the people are going to have a field day at the voting booths.

  22. Sorry, Sessions USED to be decent, but from all appearances his kowtowing to the DEMONAZIS who probably have something on him and have threatened him with it, have bought his allegiance. Amazing he recused himself the day after taking his oath and never said a word to PRESIDENT Trump who had trusted him. Unfortunately for all of us, Sessions was a traitor to the USA. If you research his “recusal” there were no sound grounds for it except in his mind and the minds of the left. Would be truly interesting if is the secret weapon Stroz and Price discussed in their emails and I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. . He has done NOTHING to help OUR PRESIDENT and us, except work in the border issue. There were lots of seats that should have been emptied/fired, replaced with not Deep State folks, but instead, Sessions slept through everything. He should hang his head in deep shame. Shame on him and you for defending his immoral character of betraying the USA, us and OUR PRESIDENT.

  23. Mueller has made a career ruining people for no reason and for that the only thing I want to see is him grabbing his chest and keeling over as he’s being indicted for falsifying a federal investigation.

  24. How do you know Whitaker has no ethics? Do you know him personally? Are you privy to information that most of us aren’t? Who are your sources? Who is it you have on the inside that can confirm your statements? Do you know Sessions? How do you know what his intensions were?
    Let’s be real, you’re a nobody with no knowledge of anything. You are a simpleton that watches your choice of news reports and repeats it like a mindless recorder. You convince yourself that you are right without a shred of actual evidence that you are. You remind me of the term we use when we describe computers; “garbage in, garbage out”.

  25. Our political system has obviously become so crooked over the years that it is a breath of fresh air that a real American citizen was elected to get rid of all the liars n criminals!! Just knowing that some of the people actually wanted n voted for a known criminal, Hillary says it all!! Corruption throughout our democracy.

  26. Take your head out of Obama’s or Hillary’s butt, smell the roses.
    Obama’s Birth Certificate would not have survived the first week of the equivalent of the anti-Trump Inquisition

  27. Mueller should had never accept this job and the fact he did speaks volume of his corruption. The premises of the investigation is partisan. If they were serious about Russian collusion, they should had been investigating the DOSSIER!! This is the real collusion. Also the media should be investigated for their OBVIOUS BIAS. A bias media is fatal to any democracy!!

  28. Sessions is an ethical, honorable man with integrity. That’s why he recused. Is it that you want someone in charge of the Department of Justice without integrity, without ethics? Well, we have one now with Whitaker, obviously installed there by Trump to obstruct justice.

  29. Sessions is just as phony. By recusing himself he is responsible for this whole mess.
    Sessions and Roberts are two of real phony’s we have had in the last 6 years.
    Sessions for the Mueller investigation and Roberts for Obamacare and if Obamacare had been stopped Obama would have been a one term President.

  30. The photo is from when Mueller was head of FBI or involved with helping Obama receive a Get Out of Jail Free Card. It’s not a current photo. Holder has nothing to do with this witch hunt. It’s Clinton, with the help of Soros and Obama.

  31. Should he have rather said, “What difference does it make?” Or, I don’t know? Or, shut your mouth you Clinton shill?

  32. Who says they’re false? Cohen isn’t a good witness as he’s being indicted for numerous offenses, and has already admitted to lying. He’s being squeezed to create a narrative, and unlike Corsi, will lie to stay out of jail. Assange knows where he got the emails…not Mueller. Damnable witch hunt. Clinton cronies…the whole stinking bunch. Mueller is related to Kerry. Same dog faces. ..put them side by side.

  33. Yes, I Agee and I see in one of the photos, that p**CE s**t Holder is present, what the hell I hope he is not involved and he shouldn’t be, could be an old photo when Odingaling was in office!

  34. To the best of m6 recollection is standard wording when answering questions. All Mueller is trying to do is find a discrepancy in answers among the respondents. By giving an answer in this format it gives some protection against Mueller’s crazy interpretations if the answers don’t match exactly.

  35. Mueller has out-maneuvered the phony Attorney General where he will be presenting the evidence at Manafort’s trial which Whitaker cannot stop. Then we will find out the truth. That Trump’s private statement matches his public statements means nothing.

  36. “Still, these written answers could be subject to criminal charges if false.”

    IF the premise the questions are based on are FALSE, then any answers are automatically NULL AND VOID of legal jeopardy.

  37. “Still, these written answers could be subject to criminal charges if false.”

    IF the premise the questions are based on, then any answers are automatically NULL AND VOID of legal jeopardy.

  38. No, taxpayers were not happy about HRC when she lied to Congress. No, we were not happy with Obama and his team of Czar’s who ruled our country while he appeared on TV and told countless lies. Also, we are still not happy that this person called Obama has never told “HIS” story, real birth and educational info and that he continues to “hang around sticking his nose into our elected president’s business. However, we do know that both Clinton’s and both Obama’s lost their attorney-at-law license for lying. So, where were YOU when your hero’s Clinton and Obama’s were telling their lies? I bet you were around where you still are and that’s with YOUR head in the sand!

  39. The Muller investigation was illegitimate from the beginning. What ever his final report happens to espouse will be challenged with facts that prove the investigation a farce.
    Muller knows this and is dragging it out to run down the clock for the guilty. It won’t work.

  40. This has been a waste of time, a distraction, and a waste of money! How much have the American people paid for Mueller to carry on his charade?!

  41. To the best of his recollection. To the best of his recollection. A known liar says, “To the best of his recollection.” Hmmm. So you are good with Clinton saying she didn’t remember?

  42. Surely I hope Trump appoints a tiger for the new AG…who will go after Mueller and the whole fiasco around the Special Council being appointed. Knowing how Trump thinks…my judgement…he will find a way to unravel the whole witch hunt. Taxpayers should get their money back and someone should go to jail.

  43. Does anyone remember The impeachment of the serial rapist. He DID NOT leave office. He was impeached for lying to Congress. The second impeachment proceeding lacked evidence. Look it up.

  44. This is pure “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime!”

    Paint “Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria” on Mueller legacy. No question about it.

    Our government let it happen. That’s not justice. ????‍♂️


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