Donald Trump gave William Barr this order that had Joe Biden running for his life

Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption is the biggest story on the 2020 campaign trail.

Democrats are hoping to run out the clock until Election Day.

But Donald Trump gave William Barr this order that had Joe Biden running for his life.

Joe Biden is in hiding.

His campaign announced he would have no interactions with the press this entire week until the debate on Thursday.

By contrast, the President is holding multiple rallies across the country and also called in to Fox and Friends for an interview.

On Fox and Friends, President Trump demanded Attorney General William Barr open up a corruption investigation into the contents of Hunter Biden’s emails.

“We’ve not to get the Attorney General to act. He’s got to act, and he’s got to act fast. He’s got to appoint somebody. This is major corruption, and this has to be known about before the election,” the President told Fox and Friends.

A group of House Republicans also sent Attorney General Barr a letter insisting Barr appoint a special counsel to investigate the corruption and pay for play allegations found in Hunter Biden’s emails.

“These alleged revelations raise serious questions about former Vice President Joe Biden’s reported participation with his son’s business, dealings, specifically whether the former vice president (1) received foreign monies during his tenure in the Obama administration and (2) if former Vice President Biden allowed his son to peddle access to his father with foreign business entities,” the House Republicans letter read.

Hunter Biden’s emails contain what critics claim is evidence of Joe Biden participating in influence peddling and pay-to-play corruption where he and his son sought to benefit from shady business deals in Ukraine and with Communist Chinese government aligned officials.

Unlike the Russian collusion hoax or the nonsense in Ukraine that Democrats used to try and get rid of Donald Trump, these allegations are grounded in real documents and facts.

And many Americans believe someone needs to investigate them.

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