Donald Trump got a bounce in the polls from one surprising group that has Democrats in a panic

The Republican Convention is in the books.

Now the political world is poring over the polling data to see if Donald Trump gained any ground in the Presidential race.

And Donald Trump got a bounce in the polls from one surprising group that has Democrats in a panic.

The Republican Party staged the most diverse lineup of convention speakers in party history.

Over a dozen black Americans – Republican and Democrat – endorsed Donald Trump for President and shredded the fake news media and Democrat lies about Trump being a racist.

The bet paid off as multiple post-convention polls show President Trump gaining ground with minority voters.

Emerson just released a poll that showed President Trump narrowing the gap with Joe Biden to two points and a big reason was the President surging with minority voters winning the support of 19 percent of black voters.

Breitbart reported:

The poll, conducted by Emerson College, surveyed 1,576 voters between August 30 and August 31 to ascertain the impact that both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions may have had on the public. Emerson’s results indicate that Trump has tightened the race, now only trailing former Vice President by two percentage points (49 percent to 47 percent.) A similar poll conducted in July had the Democrat nominee leading Trump, 50 percent to 46 percent…

…One of the more surprising results from the poll was the president’s increase among black voters. The poll found that Biden garnered 77 percent support among the demographic, compared to 19 percent for the incumbent. Although Emerson does not appear to have data measuring support among black voters in July, a similar poll taken by Zogby Analytics found Biden leading Trump, 77 percent to 14 percent.

The Trump campaign believes it has an opening with young black men.

That was the target audience for much of the convention.

The post-convention polling suggests the Trump campaign’s strategy was sound.

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