Donald Trump got asked one question by Fox News that he never saw coming

The left-wing media claims Fox News is “state TV” for Donald Trump.

That lie just collapsed.

And Donald Trump got asked one question by Fox News that he never saw coming.

In an interview on Fox Business Channel, host Stuart Varney asked Donald Trump if talking about the 2020 election in 2022 and 2024 was a losing strategy for the Republican Party.

“If we go into 2022, the elections, and 2024, you’re still looking back to the election of 2020, saying that you really won. I don’t know if that’s very good for you or the Republican Party,” Varney asked Trump.

Trump – who still maintains that Democrats stole the 2020 election – argued it was good politics for the GOP to push for greater election integrity measures.

“I actually think it is good for me,” Trump answered, adding that, “and I think if we don’t put out all of the crooked things we know what they are, that you won’t win in ’22 and you won’t win in ’24 if we don’t get to it.”

“You think 2022 and 2024 are all about the 2020 election, really?” Varney shot back.

Trump answered in the affirmative, stating that the Democrat push to expand mail-in voting, drop boxes, and ballot harvesting during the pandemic hurt the GOP’s chances for victory.

“No. I think for us to win the election we have to know how they cheated because otherwise, they will cheat again,” Trump responded. “Nobody talks more about the future than I do, but you have to learn from history also, and you can’t let it happen again.”

The New York Times admitting that the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop were real confirmed for many Trump supporters that Facebook and Twitter rigged the 2020 election by censoring the New York Post’s story about the laptop.

During the 2020 election, every institution in America – Big Tech, the media, Big Business, professional sports leagues, Hollywood, and academia – all pressed their thumb down on the scale in favor of Joe Biden.

These institutions rigged the election by creating an environment that made it impossible for Donald Trump to win.

Millions of Republican voters are still upset over the dirty tricks the media and Big Tech pulled during the 2020 election.

Republicans running for office do need to show their voters that they are willing to fight back against such election meddling.

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