Donald Trump got his hands on one poll result that left him jumping for joy

As President Trump’s re-election campaign kicks in to full swing everyone is closely monitoring the polls.

The President’s job approval rating is one of the leading indicators as to determining if he will win re-election.

And Donald Trump got his hands on one poll result that left him jumping for joy.

The latest Gallup tracking poll of Presidential job approval found 49 percent of Americans approving of President Trump and only 48 percent disapproving.

This poll marked the first time in Donald Trump’s Presidency that Gallup found more Americans approving of his job than disapproving.

As Americans soak in the good economic outlook and tune in to the clown car that is the Democrat Presidential primary, President Trump’s approval ratings continue to increase.

Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama saw their approval numbers rise in year they ran for re-election.

Partisans tend to close ranks and unless the economy is tanking, voters satisfied with the status quo give the incumbent the benefit of the doubt.

Gallup’s poll shows that the American people’s good feelings about the economy are at the highest point since before the great recession so President Trump could have even more room to grow his approval ratings.

This poll shows that for all the Fake News Media hyperventilating about Donald Trump’s “historically low” approval numbers and of the many fake scandals invented by the Democrats, the American people are ignoring the noise and focusing on the President’s record.

And that is why President Trump’s job approval number is increasing.

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