Donald Trump got his hands on one poll that had him grinning from ear to ear

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign hinges on one issue and one issue only.

And that is how the President manages the coronavirus outbreak.

The early returns on that question are in and Donald Trump got his hands on one poll that had him grinning from ear to ear.

The Fake News Media and Democrats have spent weeks portraying Donald Trump as a bumbling incompetent who allowed the coronavirus to take hold in America because he did not take the virus seriously.

But that line of attack is falling flat with the American people.

A brand new poll released by Monmouth University found 50 percent of Americans supported the job President Trump was doing to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Breitbart reports, “A new poll released by Monmouth University on Monday indicates that 50 percent of Americans across the country believe the president is doing a good job in handling the crisis, compared to 45 percent who do not. When broken down along partisan lines, Trump’s performance was rated significantly better among Republicans (89 percent) and independents (48 percent) than Democrats, only 19 percent of whom thought the president was doing a good job.”

This was not the only poll to show the American people approve of the President’s performance in this crisis.

But these polls only led to more dishonest news coverage as fake news reporters attempted to push a story that President Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci were at odds over Fauci supposedly repeatedly correcting the President in public.

The fake news hoped to enrage Trump with these stories and bait the President into firing one of his leading experts.

As the President’s poll numbers go up, the news coverage will only get more fake and shrill.

But as long as the President focuses on the task at hand his poll ratings will remain high and his re-election prospects will brighten.

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