Donald Trump got one piece of advice on Dr. Fauci that was music to his ears

In the final weeks of the Presidential campaign, Dr. Fauci has become a thorn in President Trump’s side.

The President wasn’t left with many options.

And now Donald Trump got one piece of advice on Dr. Fauci that was music to his ears.

Donald Trump is campaigning around the country and around the clock.

In the last three days of the campaign, he staged 14 rallies in states all over the map.

On Sunday, the President’s final rally in Florida didn’t end until one in the morning.

During President Trump’s speech, the President slammed the Fake News Media for promoting hysteria and conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and how, after the election, the media would drop the topic.

At that point the crowd started chanting “Fire Fauci!”

That pleased the President who thanked the crowd for their advice and revealed that after the election he would take action to fire Dr. Fauci for his disastrous lockdown strategy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Fauci’s nonsensical and strategy of national lockdowns – which was not backed up by any science – threw 40 million people out of work without having any impact on controlling the virus.

Many Trump supporters thought the President should have fired Dr. Fauci the moment he sold the President on lockdowns based on the pseudo-science from the Imperial College models claiming millions were going to die from the coronavirus.

That model Dr. Fauci based his strategy on was a fraud.

And tens of millions of Americans paid the price.

Americans hearing that Donald Trump is willing to remove Dr. Fauci and his disastrous doom and gloom predictions after the election gave Trump supporters another reason to hope the President is victorious.

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