Donald Trump got some really bad news from one key state

The electoral map for the 2020 elections is starting to take shape.

Just a handful of battleground states will decide Donald Trump’s re-election.

And Donald Trump just got some bad news from one key state.

Liberals have spent years wishing Texas would to turn blue.

In 2020, they may get their wish.

But it is not because of the state’s growing Hispanic population.

Instead, Texas is trending purple because the state’s booming economy attracted hundreds of thousands of new liberal voters from states like California.

Bloomberg reports:

The booming economy that helped the Lone Star State weather the 2008 recession has also sparked a migration there that’s changing the face of Texas politics. The workers who’ve moved to Texas for jobs in the energy and tech sectors are more liberal than Texas natives, slowly turning the deep-red state into a richer purple.

Democrats now find themselves close enough to winning Texas that they’ve scheduled the third round of 2020 primary debates for Houston on Thursday.

Texas is a big political prize, and getting bigger. Second only to California in size and electoral votes, it’s the eighth-fastest growing state in the country, helped by a higher-than-average birthrate, immigration, and domestic migration.

And while a growing Hispanic population may someday fundamentally transform Texas politics, for now the leftward turn is driven mostly by the predominately white people moving to Texas from other states.

Without Texas’ 38 Electoral College votes, it is virtually impossible for any Republican to win the White House.

The influx of leftist voters was felt in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

President Trump won Texas by just nine points and Senator Ted Cruz squeaked out a re-election win over Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke by just three points.

Democrats believe those narrow races – as well as the changing makeup of the Texas electorate – mean Texas is in play for 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. How about we just give them all a ticket for a free trip to take an Alaskan cruise. Then, when they are in the middle of the ocean, we nume the ships. Only problem I forsee , is, the pollution will be horrendous. Even the sharks wont eat them. It is worth it

  2. Have you ever talked to a liberal. You cant convince them of anything. They know more, about everything, than anyone else. Period. I dont care if you show 100% evidence of whatever it is you are talking about, the lib will know more. They have been told, since birth, that the universe revolves around them. We are here for their entertainment or amusement. Think I’m kidding. I have a renter, ultra know it all liberal, and he has told me many times, that he only “participates ” in conversation with people that amuse him. He disowned his mother, father, has no siblings. Was married 35 years, until wife died. He made her disown her mother, father, and son, from a different man. Her parents and son do not know she’s dead. Neither do his parents. And everything is all their fault. Now, hes chasing “the best looking girl in the store” that he works at. She is married. Hes been kicked out of his own store for loitering, ie, waiting hours for her to go on break. He had a scheme going, where he was going to try to befriend the husband, so he could get closer to her. The man is crazy, but smooth talking. Has everyone at work thinking hes a genius. It is unbelievable how these people think. He asked her out, and of course she said no, shes married, and if 10 guys asked her out, he would be the last one she’d pick. And all that did was make him come home and cry, literally, cry. He has an accounting degree, but works as cashier for grocery store, because 40 hours is too much work. He’d much rather write a book about his life, because it’s such a great story. And this genius cant figure out why the girl told him she wont go out, with him. He lives in a spare room, has no car, no money in bank, crappy 20 hour week job, and cant figure it out. He actually told me, with tears streaming down his face, that why wont she go out with me, with all I have to offer. I said, all you have to offer? You gotta be kidding. He wasnt. The end. True story, of life with a flaming liberal. PS. These are the laziest people on the planet.

  3. I think he already forgot the polls for 2016. Hitler was gonna win by 99%. That was hilarious. And they are still crying, screaming at the sky. I laugh so hard watching them bawling. It’s just so invigorating. The more pain they have, the better the tears taste.

  4. Doctor? Hahaha! More like a Juvenile Delinquent that thinks using the title Dr. makes his lies and his fake poll with Trump/Biden in the lead carry more weight.

  5. I’ll bet you that he doesn’t rake in any cash compared to the fantastic 4 with their movement of their political funds.

  6. Hi Apple;

    I see that you are still spreading your brown mayo. You are still mixing your impeccable English with your poor trash talk. Have a good day.

  7. Really JD, President Trump doesn’t even take a salary. He gives it to Veterans an other needy causes. How did the Clintons and Obama get so rich? Your a doctor of something and you’ve allowed yourself to become so brain washed. These people kill innocent babies and if Bernie and the other communists are in charge they will have a license to kill whomever they want in the name of saving the planet. They want God out of everything because deep down they know they are evil. Global Warming?! Maybe God is warning us that the demons of the rat party need to stop killing. Gods taken care of the planet since he created it and now the demoncrats are so full of themselves they think they can take over! They need to pick up their trahy water bottles and grocery bags that their people throw out all over and then they need to build clean accommodations for the homeless in these liberal cities. People are leaving Illinois, California, New York because of the liberal policies and ridiculous taxes!!
    So Doctor JD, or should I call you professor? Your brainwashing of our youth is going to be a disaster!

  8. He seems able to read OK, but apparently only reads NYT and Vox, probably during the commercials they have on CNN and MSNBC.





  13. Get your facts straight Obama started this before
    Trump decided to run for president Also what is this got to do
    with Texas. Just like all Demo-Rats change the story
    to confuse the article. These liberal idiots killed California
    now their going to kill the great state of Texas. Please don’t let this happen vote Trump 2020.

  14. Dr. JD they get their polling data from strong blue areas with some republicans included. With a crowded commiecrat field, no polling predicts anything. I know you and your crowd come on this site just to stir the pot. Why do you care? You aren’t voting for the republicans. Just go vote when the time comes, and keep your fake polls to yourself.

  15. David, I think straight jackets and rubber padding would be a good investment by then, and reopening the old asylums to hold them all.

  16. I hear you on Austin, it was such a laid back place when I got here in, I think, ’78. Now I live in the country west of there, and hate having to go into the city, they’ve got it so messed up,and have you gone to home depot lately? I get mobbed by illegals looking for work there now.

  17. Good for him. Go ahead and support your communist party. By the way, it’s cheaper for pence to stay at the Trump property.

  18. Austin is going the way of California–The homeless camp everywhere and the city has voted 5 million taxpayer dollars to keep them happy. Similar to California–housing is going up, up and away and the Travis County taxes go ever higher as over 20% of every classroom in Texas is filled by an illegal alien or anchor baby. New schools have to be built for this unplanned invasion. Texas is second only to California in the number of illegal aliens. The S, Central American countries they come from have no middle classes as they are generally 100% Catholic and run by Marxist dictators. Does anyone see the handwriting on the wall as to the revolutionary forces about to be unleashed upon the USA?

  19. Florida has a large Jewish population. It is rare to find a republican among them. When I lived in Florida I was amazed that educated, well off voters in the best areas were uber liberal.. Most of these folks on the East Coast did come originally from New York and New Jersey. I had hoped they would wake up after the way Obama treated their Prime Minister and knew his sentiments toward the Jews and Israel. Texas will have the same situation with the influx of Californians. They bring their Marxist ideology with them and vote that way. It is sad.

  20. Arthur, that is not so. President Trump has been draining off federal funds to go directly into his pockets. It has been known for a long time that his continual trips to Mar-O-Lago has cost over $102 million for the first two years alone. Now evidence has surfaced that military planes (i.e. from USA to Beirut etc.), instead of refueling, as normal at European military bases, have been diverted to a small, failing airport nearest to Trump’s Scotland golf course. The Trump Golf course in Scotland is already failing, and the closing of the only airport nearby would certainly damage it further. Then, the planes having to pay the much higher commercial rates, have the military passengers stay at a Trump property, furthering money going into the Trump coffers. In a recent trip to Ireland, VP Pence was ordered to stay 160 miles from his destination, completely on the other side of the country, at a Trump facility, bringing even more money into the Trump’s pockets.

  21. But Dan, your opinion alone does not change the numbers. Where is your EVIDENCE or just your personal belief. BTW, I said the three solidly Democratic strongholds that Trump won (Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is where Trump is down by double digits in all three states. Trump is behind in 7 states that he won in 2016, and Texas is a toss up.

    The biggest area of change, where Trump has lost THE MOST support from 2016 is in the category of women. Perhaps this is why it has not hit your opinion much – – Trump’s support has dramatically fallen with women. In fact, the latest data shows that Trump has only the support of one in three women (the largest voting block). You can’t win and election with those numbers.

  22. ABC/Washington Post Poll – Sept. 2019
    In national head-to-head comparisons of Donald Trump against the top
    Five Democratic leading candidates, here are the results:
    Biden 55% (plus 15%) 40%
    Sanders 52% (plus 9%) 43%
    Warren 51% (plus 7%) 44%
    Harris 50% (plus 7%) 43%
    Buttigieg 47% (plus 4%) 43%

  23. Your relatives must be stupid. Just remind them who is putting food on their table. T is not in this for himself, he is doing it for the American people.

  24. Dr .JD the democrats still embrace a certain amount of slavery. Look at how they come down on blacks that support republicans. The message is that the black people are too dumb to think for themselves. Liberals have been a great cause of damage to black families. Remember sleepy joe telling them that republicans would put them back in chains? Many are bound by the chains of liberalism. If I was so black that I shined, nobody would convince me that I needed the government to wipe my ass for me.

  25. You just keep on hoping there are enough snowflakes to beat President Trump in 2020. Hope in one hand and $hit in the other hand and see which hand has the most in it

  26. They just had two special elections in North Carolina and the GOP won both. Kleenex will be a good stock to buy before the 2020 election because demand by looney liberals will be high.

  27. We could use a good many more conservatives here in Florida just so we could make it an easy win for DJT we would welcome the conservative Californians to Florida with open arms my wife has relatives there and they are fed up with politicians out there I have friends that moved to Cali. 15 years ago and they are coming back home to FLA. from NYC as well KAGA

  28. Don’t these Californian x citizens of that state have any kind of common sense, for they left a state that taxed the hell out of them, and a state that has turned into a garbage pit that is also broke!!!! Now they move to another great state and want to continue to vote the same kind of people into office that they just left, that is just sick thinking on their part and insane period!!!

  29. Look at the national debt at the end of George b Bush Jr. term
    9.2 trillion debt and that was from the time of Washington at the end of obumas term 22.4 trillion debt NUFF SAID.

  30. MJ I didn’t vote for Trump in our primary. I voted for Ted Cruz. In the past I have voted for democrats. But no more. Marxism isn’t my style. I don’t have to like someone to vote for them. I try to do the right thing for America.

  31. MJ, Seriously? There are people out there who won’t vote for President Trump even though he has done a great job and America is thriving just because they don’t “like” him! That is a perfect example of “cutting off your nose to spite your face” if there ever was one. Nah, nobody is that short on gray matter, are they?????????

  32. I seriously question the posts of Dr. JD claiming Trump is down double digits in 7 states. That’s not clear until the commiecrats decide which one of their idiots are getting the nomination. Inside polling shows he’s doing well. For the 1st time in over 70 years we are energy independent. Wages and jobs are breaking records.

  33. Stupid people. Voting away their money and freedom. Do they think the idiots running for the commiecrat nomination will make life better for them?

  34. Doubtful the house will flip back red could but doubtful. And remember this it was only around 88,000 votes between the three states that flipped the electoral college. If enough young/minority voters turn out it is not going to be a forgone conclusion that he will be re-elected. He has lost a lot of the suburban women’s vote.

  35. Just take a look at Colorado. In 1976 they were in a complete depression. Texas oil companies had moved to Colorado expecting to take advantage of the oil shale opportunities because of the Arab oil embargo. Entire communities were built around oil companies and downtown Denver was filled with skyscrapers. The embargo ended and Texas moved back to Texas. One major earthquake and California picked up and moved to the cheap housing found in Colorado. They never left.
    One thing that is different in the people leaving California this time is that the good people are leaving now and the liberals are the ones staying. People fed up with the ultra liberal policies, incessant tax increases, hopeless homelessness, crime and soaring housing prices are the ones flocking to better climes. While some will be leaving for the jobs, they are not the majority on the road. Do not fear the California license plate moving to a neighborhood near you. The bumper sticker next to it probably says MAGA.

  36. I do want to pay a compliment to him at least he has enough sense to get rid of John Bomb Bomb Iran Bolton that gentleman is a war pig.

  37. Absolutely correct again, Scott27! Reagan said that Carter’s $54 Billion deficit should get him fired, but in two years, Reagan’s deficits were four times that high. Clinton left with a surplus, but Dubya quickly altered that and that was before adding two wars in the middle east. Obama reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016. Now, Trump has doubled the deficit to OVER $1 TRILLION A YEAR, DOUBLE OBAMA’S WORST DEFICIT!

  38. Always find something in your posts, Scott27. You made an EXCELLENT point how both parties are not “set in stone” and are continually changing positions. Once Democrats were mostly in the south, and like with George Wallace, opposed to the ending of slavery and racism. After several decades they changed and supported the Civil Rights movement and the Southern Dixicrats broke off from Demoractic party and became Republicans.

    One point I have tried to make is that the GOP, when I was growing up, stood strongly for FISCAL CONSERVATISM and for not running up deficits. Now, republican presidents are the worst at adding to deficit spending. Example: Dubya Bush and now Trump who has taken Obama’s worst deficit of $580 Billion and doubled it this year and next year and for years to come. Deficits drag the economy, divert money from investments as government competes for the money. This GOP is not the same as our daddy’s GOP.

  39. I did not say that very well, but basically, it can be “The Failure of Success.” Sounds strange, but one of the worst things that can happen to people and something they can’t handle is success. Look what it does to pro athletes and movie stars. We, as humans, think if only we won the lottery, but a lot of lives of lottery winners has gone downhill, rather than uphill.

  40. Thanks, Scott27, I did not look at that, but I did notice the writing was different. Some of Dan said is accurate, but, there are factors that have mostly to do with economics, not politics. Give you a personal example, Dan, my daughter and son-in-law are medical doctors, and my daughter had a better opportunity in a southern state and so left the state of Washington. As a practical decision, one has to look at how well you would live, not just the salary in an area. And one more thing to add – – some factors are not politics, they are a result of rapid urbanization and reacting to problems. Californians did not intend to reduce their quality of life. The quality of life and jobs brought too many people there, which helped reduce the quality of life in California, and Seattle etc..

  41. Dan the Republicans lost CA the Democrats didn’t take it away. Pete Wilson the governor at the time pushed Prop 184 I lived out there at the time early to mid-90’s. We passed it started a hell’ve court battle it was struck down. A decade later CA flipped blue and the rest is history.

  42. California was once a terrific state. If the Californians moving to Texas bring the present Californian politixal stupidity it will be bad for Texas – but if enough of those Californians go to Texas it may be very good for California. But it is unlikely that enough will leave to benefit California and it will still be enough to damage Texas. Not good because I am a Polk County Texas voter.

  43. I hope your dreams come true but when you ( Trump) makes enemies with everyone i.e. making fun of disabled people, veterans like mccain ethnic hes in big political trouble we need someone to bring this country back together and democrat or republican ain’t the answer one caters to the ultra poor bridge dwellers and the others to rich fat at pigs but nobody helps the majority the struggling middle class we need that 3rd party now

  44. Texans can’t be bought or scared. We love America and nobody is going to tell us how to vote. The fake news media is at it again. Texas will stay GOP no matter what the media says.

  45. But they are American citizens aren’t they. Or is it that they don’t agree with your worldview so even if they multigenerational Americans they really are not citizens follow your own logic.

  46. But, 1DB, historically, we have had a consistently lower national deficit under democratic administrations. Look it up.

  47. The problem with that analysis, Robert, is there are no (or very few) conservative republicans left. Essentially, there is no longer a republican party, only a mass of trump syncophantic cult members who are enamored and follow him no matter if what he says or does is good for this country.

  48. I doubt if the people getting out of the commie states will be much tempted to vote the same kind of idiots in that caused them to move. The die hard libturds will stay put.

  49. Agreed, Dr. Interesting to note, however, that the meat of the article in which they typically quote Breitbart was quoted this time from Bloomberg, a much more reliable source of information.

  50. Gigi, it just makes sense. As an area gets very populated, housing values go up (Seattle is a prime example), congestion, stress, businesses boom to service those there, and people see great opportunities in states like Texas. Old high school friend lived in L.A. made $150,000 a year and could only afford a one-bedroom apartment – – in his home red state, he could buy a very nice house, have better air, cheaper utilities, and a good quality of life.

  51. Texas is a toss up right now, but Trump is double-digits behind in the seven important states he won in 2016, including the 3 normally Democratic strongholds in the NW. There has been a large turn around against Trump by rural (tariffs and agriculture) and of working people.

  52. This is one of the very best articles put out by Patriot Pulse, and from numerous sources is very accurate. Texas does appear to be a contested state, especially Texas’ economy bringing non-Southerners into the state (Houston is clearly the Oil Capital of the USA now), but also of Hispanics. Considering that Hispanics are the fastest growing group in America (due mostly to birth rate and how whites are having smaller families), please consider how they will vote with the things Trump has said about them.

  53. This is the problem. Democrats leave states because of high taxes or better job offers and they bring their voting with them regardless of them having to leave those states because their votes created the problems for leaving. You can’t fix stupid. Unfortunately.


  55. I hope but will not bet that the Californians moving to Texas will take a lesson out of the failure and general F’d upness of CA and not continue voting the same way. Same goes for Maryland to Virginia.

  56. I agree completely. People are fed up with the way Democrats have been running States like California That’s why they are moving to places like Texas. Are hey trying to make Texas like California? I doubt it. They want to live like Texans. That’s why, when people get fed up with a place, they move somewhere else. Not to live the same way they were, just in a different place, they want to live like the people who live in the place they are moving to. I think the writer of this article is wrong. The Democrats may find that these people will no longer be voting like they did in California.

  57. Commifornians crapped all over California until it stinks to high Heaven and then move on to start crapping all over a new state. Leftism is a cancer.

  58. People are moving from other States to Texas. Why? Ask yourself, that question. It should be a fact, that they did not like, what they were doing in their own State.If so, why would they reelect a Demon Rat into office, to have the same things happen in the states they moved to. It doesn’t make sense by my standers. Does it make sense to you?

  59. Bottom line: There are 20% Rep. There are 20% Den. There are 60% Ind. The Rep. The Ind. will be voting for Trump. This 2020 election will be the greatest windfall the Rep. will have had in history. Trump, the Senate, the house will all go to the Republicans. Trump and the Republican Party will make sure that the next 5-6 decades will be making America and keeping America great.
    The Democratic Party will be placed into the reality that they are done, over, caput, through and finally finished, These Democrats have placed the final mail in there own coffin.
    The time now is for Justice, Liberty, total freedoms to be able to exercise all of our Constitutional Amendments, especially the 2nd Amendment, for we have and are very close to using it and perhaps just might, if the Swampers, all of them, are not just placed into prison, but for those who are convicted of treason must be executed.

  60. Fruits and nuts moving from Californicate bring their same screwed up political attitude the place they move to and screw it up too. The definition of insanity!

  61. I’m a Conservative and a Republican moving from the crazy, liberal and decimated state of CA to Texas and will be voting Red in Texas! There are droves of CA citizens who are leaving CA for other red states like Texas. So don’t count the many thousands of us future Conservative voters out- who are moving to these states!

  62. I’m a Conservative and a Republican moving from the crazy, liberal and decimated state of CA to Texas and will be voting Red in Texas! There are droves of CA citizens who are leaving CA for other red states like Texas. So don’t count the many thousands of us future Conservative voters out- who are moving to these states!

  63. There is still a fact HILLARY has an 80% chance to win in 2016. And 80% chance every democrat defeats DJT this year. Media will only report truth after the election.

  64. james g mcninch, Moved due to California’s bad ecomony to where the economy is flourishing. They have brought their liberalism with them to ruin ANY state they move to, unfortunately!

  65. Perhaps conservatives should move to the people’s republic of California and some of the other commie states. Even if the commiecrats win, we the people can stand against them. If coming together means capitulation to the commiecrats, not only no, but HELL no.

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