Donald Trump got some really bad news from this key swing state

The 2020 election will be fought across a handful of key swing states.

Just one or two states flipping could decide the presidential contest.

And Donald Trump got some really bad news from this key swing state.

Texas and its 38 Electoral College votes are key to any Republican’s presidential electoral success.

Without them, there is no path for the GOP to the Presidency.

Texas has voted Republican in every election since 1976, but the state has since seen left-wing voters from California flood the state in recent years.

And they’ve brought their anti-gun, pro-big government socialism to Texas.

The Hill reports:

The Texas miracle that three successive Republican governors have touted has attracted millions of new residents in search of jobs, and those newcomers, many of them from California, are shifting the state’s politics. One percent of the state of California, with a much more liberal population, has moved to Texas.

Four of the 10 American counties that have added the most new residents since 2010 are in Texas; four of the 10 counties adding residents at the fastest pace are there, too.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 won 569,000 more votes than Barack Obama did in Texas in 2012; 568,000 of those votes came from the 20 largest counties in the state, Progress Texas found.

Trump won Texas’s electoral votes by a slimmer margin in 2016 than any Republican presidential nominee since Bob Dole in 1996, when Texan and Reform Party nominee Ross Perot was on the ballot.

Democrats believe victory in Texas is within their grasp after Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke narrowly lost his 2018 Senate race to Ted Cruz.

Polling has shown Donald Trump neck and neck with his Democrat rivals.

If the influx of liberal voters puts Texas in play for 2020, that’s bad news for President Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Actually my sister and her family moved from California to Texas at the end of 2017. She claims that not only has the cost of living sky rocketed in California, but so has the insanity of the idiots who run the State in California. She claims most people who left were like her. Her family and many others who left are mad at California. “They have ruined a lovely state” she says. 90% of the exiting group are business owners, family oriented, not in line with identify politics,care about a school system which teaches history, tired of alarmist weather groups (though they still strongly care about the environment in a strong but sensible way) and are just plain scared of what California has become. “There’s no chance to get ahead there anymore. What’s more important is there’s no chance to keep from going under. They’re taking everything and offering no alternatives”

  2. Actually,
    Vlad’s been spending more time on Trump and his brain dead acolytes than on Pelosi and her clan!
    Wonder why?

  3. I moved here to Texas in 1985 and every day I thank God/Jesus for giving me the opportunities he has given me and my family living among such God loving REAL Americans as Texans. I came here as a Democrat and many years ago switched parties to become a most proud Republican. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  4. I agree with your thinking. I just hope and pray we are right. I cant imagine the voters from a Democrat state being that stupid. The immigrants are another story. They would vote for an idiot like Beto.

  5. Answer This One Question Please? If you are Running From The Boogieman. Would you shut the door behind you? Or would you leave it open for him to continue to chase you? … Because, this is exactly what is happening at our Southern Borders for Asylum Seekers when we do not have the WALL Completed. The door is hanging wide open. So, would you shut the door? Or leave it hanging wide open?

  6. What is it we can do about illigals voting? You know they can’t read English when they can’t even speek it. They are getting paid to vote by someone (I’m thinking) like George Soros. Why is it we can’t run him out like Hungury did?

  7. A lot of my family has lived in California but most have left because of the LIBERALISM that has taken over your government….you say when times get better that “they” other people in other states (mainly Texas was suggested) run back to California….Not one of my family that moved OUT of the state has moved back or even mentioned the thought…because when TIMES get Better, It’s better in TEXAS anyway….

  8. You thinkin’ of us upgrading our “edukashiun” by goin’ “CA”?!
    R U still in CA? If not, why not then “go back where you came from”?

  9. I hope that no one in Texas is that stupid. Not even Dem’s Do they realize that if the Dem’s take office that they can change the income taxes and raise all of the taxes that Trump has given us. I know all of my family will vote Trump and some of my dem friends say they have changed to the rwp. party.

  10. Texas isn’t going blue anytime soon. There are blue dots, but it’s mainly a sea of red. Most of the California exiles are conservatives.

    If it weren’t for out of state money, Beto would’ve gotten beat in a landslide.

  11. When have I seen this before?
    Bad-mouthing CA when times are good, but lo and behold, when times are getting bad there they come again – pouring over our borders from the Northwest, the East, South, and midwest, dragging their raggged belongings and extended kin including mangy crittters to the Golden West to once again try to make it…without having upgraded their edukashiun!

  12. I am a 70 year old southerner that has seen a lot of migration from the north into dear old dixie. Most are rather pleasant and make good neighbors whereas others bring their elitist mentality with them and maintain their obnoxious behavior.
    Whether they fall into any of the two categories, they all seem to find one certain common denominator and that is to increase the cost of everything by raising taxes.
    Many maintain their leftist thinking which acerbates their repugnance to those of us that are native southern.
    We welcome folks down and we are eager to become friends but please remember one ironclad rule…we do not give a damn how you did it in Cleveland…you are now living in the south and when in Rome…do like Southern Romans do!

  13. Redman just wants to argue…the fact is people just need to live and let live stop trying to change other people to suit your way of life…

  14. For the same reason illegals do the very same thing when they get here. Just look at them raising the Mexican flag in protest of not getting their way here. As was stated earlier you can not cure stupid. Hope this answers your question Chris.

  15. Good Morning Colleen,
    Thanks for reading what I wrote.
    I’m up their age wise so I won’t be able to do much but I am a really good shooter and I have no qualms about self defense including holding off the enemy. Never-the-less I do not want Civil War II however I really believe it is sooner than soon (later is to late). A major reason for this is that the traitors are NOT being prosecuted and thrown in jail. ‘To little to late’ actually means something. ‘To little to late’ is being applied to the fascist left, meaning even if they go to jail now the damage will keep spreading. The way justice is being spread now it equal to catching the arsonist and focusing on the trial instead of putting the fire out. To put this fire out ALL of the traitors and criminals in the Democrat mire must be prosecuted and hopefully convicted. To ensure a fair conviction a jury of 4 of each major party (I, R & D) MUST be on the jury. 12 Dems is an automatic aquittal.

  16. Chainlink you are right I’m California’s new Republican an prood of it, along with most of my family. Tire of this third world country. Selling everything an getting the hell out of here.

  17. It’s like the Muslim “refugees” who “flee” their home country and are now bent on tuning ***our*** country into the same sh*t hole that they “fled” from. Difference is that the “Muzzies” coming here are military agemales.

  18. Sounds like fake news…….
    Californians left, BECAUSE OF FAILED POLICIES:
    And California is still falling. To think that you fled
    A state to escape the ridiculous regulations,
    And then vote democrat again in the new state is just not true.
    I think 80% of the people from California will never vote democrat again.
    Whoever came up with Texas not giving trump a win is just wanting you to visit the site.

  19. Your reasoning indeed makes sense if you’re talking about people who HAVE common sense. But you’re talking about DEMOCRAP idiots!

  20. They sure enough did it to Colorado by moving to Denver, Boulder, Aspen. Vail, Telluride, and Durango. They sold their overpriced hutches in California, and bought mansions in Colorado wherever the best views were available for sale because they were “such a bargain” at inflated prices the likes Colorado residents had never seen before. With them they brought all their moronic laws and carpetbagger politicians whose motto is “if we can’t get them out we’ll immigrate them out.” Locusts, steadily on the move, devastating wherever they are and leaving a barren wasteland. If you need more proof look at the flood of communist laws passed this year in Denver.

  21. You seem to be the only one saying anything racist here. Ut that’s to be expected from a communist vermin creature like you.

  22. That was Khrushchev who stated that. He put his plan in action back in the 50’s. He had hundreds of American style towns set up in the USSR to train infiltrators to blend into American society. These infiltrators and their descendants have permmiated every facet of American society. They are now the Democratic Party, aka the New Amerikan Communist Party. They are no longer Americans and should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists. They are enemies of American society.

  23. Texas has slowly been slipping away, Obama once said if you control Texas you control the South. You would think these CA idiots would learn, you don’t leave one place and turn your new place into the same thing you left. You just can’t fix stupid !!

  24. I’m not so sure that Texas will turn Blue in 2020. If indeed the Californians moved to Texas in search of tax relief, gun ownership and a bit fewer Government regulations with less oppression, why then would they want to convert their new home into the rat-infested spot they left behind?

  25. Californians leaving their corrupt State for other States bringing their ideologies with them…Sound Familiar?!!!

  26. Good morning Bob
    I have read yours & MJ’s comments
    I don’t even want to imagine the chaos that were in for. I really do believe we are in the beginning stages of a civil war. I don’t know if I want to live long enough to see the end of this or hope I am long gone before this happens. But I do know what side I will stand with. You know I wonder if other generations thought the same thing as we are….. I do believe this generation is closer to it then previous generations were.

  27. Also true. House divided against itself will not stand. That is another reason it will be easy for China or Russia to take over.

  28. True! I have been thinking the same thing. China & Russia could take over just like that. China always brags they would take over without firing a shot.

  29. Mj I hope you are correct on the invasion but I don’t think so. This is exactly when Russian strikes. The resources alone will drive them to do so. The Anti-U.S. view in Russia has its supporters who would rally at the chance to grab our resources and take back Alaska.
    My family was Civil War, WW I & II and Korea. They agree on the fall from within. A house divided cannot stand.

  30. Bob some of points you addressed are true the only thing I disagree with Russia and China do not want overrun the country problems in there countries so they are not going to invade the country oanytime soon. Now they will probably try to intimidate countries in their space of influence. My father who was part of the greatest generation always said this America would never fall from without but would fall from within. Starting see that happening know.

  31. Hi MJ, That’s a very pertinent question which has a terrifyinng non-answer.
    The problem with Civil War II (I hope it does not happen) is simply this point.
    Civil War 1 had 3 geopolitical boundaries; North, South and West. It also had sympathizers on all sides of the arguments.
    Civil War 2 is another nightmare. This time around the last man standing will be the one who can draw the fastest. The remaining ideology for your area will be yours until the next opposer sneaks up on you and kills you. Your territoru is now theirs. On and on that will go. The Federal government (U.S. military) will have no way to determine who is on the Governments side until the ideology is truthfully figured out.
    The fascist left is already turning on themselves with internal disagreements, such as at their ‘convention’ of sorts, last week. One person said something and others were offended by their ‘neutral’ dictums. It was comical to have read that story on the event.
    However that type of ideology is what will lead to chaos across the country on their part. The other ideology will have to try to figure out who is in the fascist/leftist ‘party’ while the U.S. military tries to figure who is pro-U.S. so they know who to stop. The problem is they won’t be able to anymore than anyone else.
    Civil War 2 will have mobil idelogical boundaries and that is what makes this fatally dangerous. Civil War 2 will give the Russians and the Chinese the easiest chance to overrun us with minimal combat while we are not looking. This is terrifying.
    That’s my assessment.

  32. So who are you going to fight the government you do understand if there is a civil war it will not be like the last one our ancestors fought. Think of Serbia or Syria that is what it will be like no place will be safe. I mean do you really think any states are going to secede again. History never repeats but it quite often rhymes. Just a thought.

  33. So who are you going to fight the government you do understand if there is a civil war it will not be like the last one our ancestors fought. Think of Serbia or Syria that is what it will be like no place will be safe. I mean do you really think any states are going to secede again. History never repeats but it quite often rhymes. Just a thought.

  34. All I have to say is that (GOD forbid) a liberal does win (steal) the presidency, there will be anarchy thru out this country, the likes of No one will know what hit this country!!

  35. Wow! You are an ignorant racist and sexist. You can’t even understand what I wrote. Well there is no point in wasting my time trying to explain it to you.

  36. If you moved to Texas from California (or any other state) you had to have more reasons than to join with our Dumocrats…You probably moved due to high taxes, and other items on the California agenda…..If you want to vote for the Dumocrats this election then you are saying I DON’T want a successful economy, lower taxes, controlled borders (to prevent Illegal Migrantion, (but welcome Legal Migration) then you moved to the wrong STATE…..

  37. Yep, bobbie-jo-inbred. U ignorant white-folks are set ready for gun action, huh. snake-mouth. Dats where yo hater brats get it from. hahahahhahahaha

  38. No good racist, inbred, gun worshiping, white-folks are ruining america, and live deep in denial of their black hearts. trump-ah-hump america, and dem stupid white-folks who brown nose him. hahahahhahahahah

  39. “Ignorance is bliss.” How are you feeling today, buddy? Had your medication yet?

  40. Election day is still a long ways out. So, unless the demonrats, pull off some psychotic false flag event, I don’t see Texas flipping left. The Republican party, needs to make absolutely sure, that the voting cycle, is incorruptible.

  41. Robert,
    That is a good thought, But just take a good look at Austin.(for one example)
    The liberal communist “invasion” has been going on for sometime now.

  42. Well if President Trump loses in 2020 it looks like Civil War II won’t be far behind.
    I hope that doesn’t happen.

  43. ANY CLUELESS MORON that even CONSIDERS voting for a DEMOCOMMUNIST are ALL anti-America,anti-freedom, and need to find a different country to live in so they can be “CONTROLLED” if they feel THAT is a necessary part of their feeble lives. (Cuba or Venezuela perhaps??) The so-called “democrat” party is long dead and buried, and has been replaced by the COMMUNIST party.
    The “proof” is right there for all to see, if you care to open your EYES and actually LOOK at what is transpiring.

  44. Yeah! Right! Never happen! These folks that migrated from California had better wake up to how California is becoming a Slum State because of Liberal Leftism!! Wake Up! Call!

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