Donald Trump had one rude awakening for a judge who crossed a terrible line

Donald Trump and his supporters have had enough.

The Justice system operates under a double standard where Trump’s associates are hounded into prison while Obama allies laugh as they get away with obvious crimes.

But that is about to end as Donald Trump had one rude awakening for a judge who crossed a terrible line.

Obama partisan Judge Amy Berman Jackson put an end to drama surrounding Roger Stone’s sentencing after she handed down a ruling sending Stone to prison for 40 months.

In her nearly hour long speech Berman Jackson spouted off repeated lies to try and fool the American people into thinking Stone covered up a plot between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Trump addressed the rigged trial and said he was waiting for Stone’s appeal for a new trial to be heard before acting.

“I’m following this very closely and I want to see it play out to its fullest because Roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion,” Trump stated.

Besides the Democrat Party activist presiding over the trial, the President cited the biased jury forewoman that ran for Congress as a Democrat and later made social media posts defending the prosecutors on the case as evidence Stone deserved a new trial.

“It’s my strong opinion that the forewoman of the jury, the woman who was in charge of the jury is totally tainted when you take a look, how can you have a person like this?” Trump continued.

Trump also made it clear he would not let the Justice Department get away with terrorizing his allies and aiding his enemies in their criminal enterprise.

“I’m here to make a fair system,” Trump stated.

“What happened to him is unbelievable, they say he lied, but other people lied too. Comey lied, McCabe lied, Lisa Page lied, her lover Peter Stzrok lied,” Trump added. “You don’t know who these people are, trust me, they lied.”

It is all but guaranteed Trump will pardon Stone or commute his sentence.

Stone spending one day in jail while the likes of James Comey and Andrew McCabe walk free outrages millions of Americans.

The President granting mercy to Stone would be the first step in making sure justice is truly administered evenly in America.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Amy brennan should never have been on the case as she is an obama appointee and doesn’t like president Trump either

  2. It looks like Julio and Shiff are children of the same mother ; Nancy Piglosi !! BTW may be George Soros’ Mistress !!! Just sayin !!

  3. The President should pardon Stone. Then just to make things interesting, give him a job in the White House. Maybe make him the point man on judicial reform. That would get the blood flowing in all the Trump hater’s out there.

  4. Trump is the problem not the solution. The justice system should be able to do it’s job. The comments shown are selected and they have been brainwashed.

  5. Funny that the inbred Julio can’t even spell trumpistilskin..cut soros’ head off and watch a lot of these things stop..hey Z

  6. God is going to damn all these heathen liars and traitors straight to Hell! And you can take that straight to the bank.

  7. Yes, the judge was bias & should be unseated. The 4 prosecutors were probably friends of Soros &/or Schiff. They pulled out because they got caught & don’t want to pay the price or possibly a pay off. It happens all the time & proving it is difficult, few people deposit “pay off” money. But un justice is running wild. Soros probably paid Mrs. Ford millions for Kavanaugh trial. She lied, FBI never used lie detector on her, the one I saw on TV wasn’t even hooked up.

  8. Unfortunately the Democrats are already screaming about it! I can’t believe the amount of hate they have wanting a 79 year old man to spend time in jail for a crime he did not commit. They are making it sound like he purposefully lied, he did not. They were asking him a lot of questions and he said he wasn’t sure, but he answered the question because they pushed him. And that night he went home and checked his notes and the next day he changed his answer and they told him it was fine. Then later when he wouldn’t make up dirt on President Trump they charged him with lying to Congress! SO, the right thing to do would be to Pardon him!

  9. Shameful miscarriage(s) of justice….. what is fair, honest, just????? How do these dem libs live with themselves??????


  11. It is totally enraging how the left gets away day after day after day with all kinds of infractions, misdemeanors, felonies and other crimes. Nothing ever happens to them. What happened to good old American law and order? MIA?

  12. Hi Dan T. Real M. Butchy . Will Penny etc
    >>> Still HERE !!! &&& ‘we’ etc Have a
    ‘wad of Kraap’ To Deal With. Wow… & it’s NOT
    Going to Stop ___
    > Stay STR0NG. I AM…haha Haaa.

  13. The unfair trial of the century! About as foolish as the Impeachment. Trump is cleaning house and ridding the LEFTOVERS of the Obama-Clinton devil worshipers. The day will come when they will stand before the Lord God and answer to what they have done.

  14. More and more we are seeing Obama-appointed judges acting as activists rather than weighing all the evidence and rendering FAIR sentencing. Every last one needs to be removed from the bench because of this, disbarred, and possibly prosecuted for violating their oath!

  15. This type of Justice has been going on forever, at least for the general public. It has just recently been exploited by Trump and the Republicans. You’re guilty until proven innocent. And to top that, you can loose everything you’ve earned, worked for or acheived. All because of some dirty SOB’s like Obama, Clintons and all their power hungry minions. Clean up DC and the Judicial System. Make some damn examples out of them i.e. Pelosie, Schiff, Comey, McCade and the rest of them. Go get them AG BARR!!

  16. This has got to stop, the judges appointed by OBOZO are breaking the law and they don’t care who sees it. They think the are “Untouchable”. just remember that was the movie that bought down Capone and it should be the same when OBOZO and his CROOKED REGIME are all put in jail, including CROOKED JUDGES!

  17. If the Republicans regain the House of Representatives I hope that they impeached Judge Amy Berman Jackson. She needs to be removed from the bench. I find her outrageous. I also hope that President Trump pardon Roger Stone.

  18. Well..the sentence for Judge Berman Jackson after she is convicted must be to polish President Trumps shoes DAILY for 20 years.

  19. I encourage everyone to go to this link to see the video of Randy Credico, drunk at a Washington party admitting that “he was the link to Wikileaks” not, Roger Stone who is convicted for lying about this alleged connection…Also Rick Gates lied to the Senate, both he and Randy Credico should go to jail they both provide exculpatory evidence to get a new trial…who gives a Rat’s Ass about that jury Forman who lied…this evidence is overwhelming… that judge should be impeached for her ugly bias …denying Roger Stone First Amendment rights to free speech now that he has been convicted is ugly and unprecedented…this is the same judge that put Manafort in “solitary confinement,” before his trial, the first time an accused was treated in this shabby fashion by a judge..

    Here’s Randy Credico Saying I Was The Backchannel To Wikileaks Randy Credico Admits He Was the “Guy Between Roger Stone and Assange” Ap… via @YouTube. He is now suing Roger Stone…Rick Gates lied to the Senate. Stone is convicted on these lies of Randy Credico and Rick Gates..

  20. julio is brain dead. There is nothing there. He’s like my nephew’s Mr. Potato Head. When you pull Mr. Potato Head’s string he repeats four phrases. Julio has just one, which proves that even Mr. Potato Head is smarter than julio

  21. Julio lives in Illinois. He had said Oklahoma but he’s a damned liar. I have his address. I might send the old commie fool a card. No threat. Just wishing his mental illness would heal.

  22. Julio; for all your crying and wailing it doesn’t change anything, Donald Trump is still the President and will be for the next five years or so, get used to it

  23. They did not do their job when picking the jury that one that they made the foreman on social media how she disliked Trump and lied to get on the jury and should be charged for that and the judge for allowing this crap to go on

  24. It is illegal for a jurist to discuss a case, no matter what it is, before it is finished. That juror should go to jail. And Stone does deserve to get a fair trial.

  25. Everybody can see how Obama was telling Putin how he would have more power after he term was over. From the beginning he was putting into place in the federal judge seat. People who would NOT prosecutor against his administration. Amy Jackson is one of them! Even the forewoman who ran for Tennessee Congress is part of Obama terrorist in our court system. She should be the one in prison for LYING AND BEING DISHONEST ON THE JURY application. Hope Trump release Stone from prison. If these DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER DON’T SERVE TIME WHY DOES PRIVATE CITIZEN HAVE TO? LYING IS ALL THE MEDIA AND HOUSE DEMOCRAT HAS DONE SINCE DAY ONE OF TRUMP PRESIDENT.

  26. Simple solution. Dem Judge Kangaroo courts, with Dem KAngaroo Juries, and bogus charges
    AUTOMATIC Trump Pardons. Quick and to the point. Time to fight back for America. It is quite obvious the Judicial system is horribly corrupted along with the FBI. Both may need decades to totally clean up.

  27. President Trump should pardon Roger Stone, if Roger Stone does not get another fairer trial. President Trump is right to talk about all of the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s that worked in the Obama Administration and the CIA & FBI, that has put other allies of President Donald J Trump’s in prison and possibly, 1 that is waiting to see how his trial is going to turnout for him, since the IG report came out talking about all of the false information that the CIA & FBI used for their warrants towards all of President Donald J Trump’s allies and his administration personnel. Just as soon as any new information get’s reported about a possible new trial for Roger Stone, then hopefully, President Donald J Trump will be able to do something about Roger Stone’s pardon or commute.

    Have all of the faith in President Donald J Trump and his whole administration!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

    If Roger Stone doesn’t get a new trial, the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s are going to think that they have won towards proving the corruption between candidate and now President Donald J Trump and his whole campaign and now his whole administration did have some kind of collusion between Russia. They will think that they have been able to prove the collusion between candidate Trump and his whole campaign during the 2016 Presidential Election.

    I can’t wait for U.S. Attorney John Durham’s report to come available so that we can hearing and see all of the corruption from all of the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s involvement during the 2016 Presidential Election.

  28. Roger Stone always wanted to be a player, but even he never thought he could be bigger and more important than the Obama Judge made him in his sentencing. It might be worth a little jail time.

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