Donald Trump had something surprising to say about Dr. Oz behind closed doors

Dr. Oz shook up the Senate race in Pennsylvania by declaring his candidacy.

The big elephant in the room is what Donald Trump thinks.

And Donald Trump had something surprising to say about Dr. Oz behind closed doors.

Pennsylvania is home to one of the most highly-contested Senate races in the upcoming 2022 midterms.

Donald Trump endorsed war hero Sean Parnell in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

But Parnell dropped out of the race after what looked like a politically-motivated decision by a judge to award sole custody of his children to his estranged spouse.

That opened the door for Dr. Oz – who supported Trump in 2016 and 2020 – to jump into the race.

Dr. Oz’s candidacy quickly raised speculation that Trump would endorse the celebrity doctor.

And POLITICO reports that Trump sees a lot of himself in Dr. Oz.

Trump compares the fame and name recognition Dr. Oz generated from his hit TV show to that of his own after he jumped into the 2016 Presidential race following a hugely successful stint hosting the popular show The Apprentice.

POLITICO reports:

Meanwhile, Trump has been complimentary of MEHMET OZ, telling confidantes that he believes the TV doc has a chance in the Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary — mainly because he’s a lot like him. Trump “likes the fact that [Oz is] in the mainstream of America and that he had a ton of face time with voters, similar to ‘The Apprentice,’ that he’s omnipresent in people’s houses through their television…”

Of course, Dr. Oz isn’t guaranteed the Republican nomination.

He faces a crowded primary, with more than ten Republican candidates currently running for the seat in 2022.

And the GOP establishment is about to see their candidate – former George W. Bush administration official and hedge fund manager David McCormick – jump into the already-crowded field.

But the Pennsylvania Senate race is the one contest that will likely decide which Party controls the U.S. Senate.

And Donald Trump’s endorsement will likely determine who wins the Republican nomination in 2022.

Will Donald Trump’s warm private words lead him to endorse Dr. Oz?

Or will Trump remain on the sidelines until someone else he prefers enters the race?

Only time will tell.

But no matter what, should Trump endorse a candidate in Pennsylvania, they’ll be virtually guaranteed the GOP nomination.

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