Donald Trump had this big surprise for the U.S. military that left jaws on the ground

One of Donald Trump’s core campaign promises was rebuilding the U.S. military.

Barack Obama spent eight years trying to weaken America’s fighting forces.

And then Donald Trump had this big surprise for the U.S. military that left jaws on the ground.

Donald Trump surprised the troops in Afghanistan by making a secret Thanksgiving visit to serve the troops a holiday meal.

Trump initially let it be known that he planned to spend Thanksgiving at his Mar-a-Lago resort, but that was just a cover for his real plans.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, serving a turkey dinner to the American troops stationed overseas.

The trip comes about one year after he made a similar unannounced visit to service-members in Iraq, his first to an active war zone. The president was previously scheduled to be at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Thanksgiving and was expected to merely make a phone call to troops.

Trump landed at Bagram Air Field at 8:33 P.M. local time and served turkey to the troops, posed for photos with them, and gave brief remarks in the hangar, according to the White House print pool. The media and the public were not made aware of the trip prior to the president’s arrival for national security reasons.

“I’ll be talking to you later but right now I want to have some turkey. I’m going to join you for a little lunch,” Trump said after doling out servings of turkey. “We’re also going to shake hands with some of the folks. Thank you very much. What a great job you do. It’s an honor to be here.”

The troops greeted President Trump with thunderous applause and loud chants of “USA! USA! USA!” which gave lie to the recent fake news stories in CNN about the military supposedly souring on Trump because Trump intervened to protect American soldiers wrongly accused of war crimes.

The troops’ reaction shows American men and women on the frontlines of war appreciate the Commander-in-Chief and stand united in defending America.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. There is nothing that makes sense to a Democrat unless it comes from their party or the left,lying fake news services. They apparently don’t have the right IQ.

  2. None, or almost none, of the people detained at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base were ever a convicted of terrorism. A lot of them never even committed acts of terror, but were detained simply on account of them being witting or unwitting assets of actual terrorists, like being taxi drivers who transport gangsters. The United States executive branch usually terminates the lives of overseas terrorists outright rather than bothering to capture them, yet to be fair, this was something of a policy adopted by Barack Obama, whereas George W. Bush was not as adamant about it. And we know, Obama’s preferred method was drone strikes, meaning collateral damage occurs. He is not criticized by the Democratic Party for this because they are going to try to paint him in a positive light anyway. He is not criticized by the Republican Party for it because they are plainly more comfortable with indiscriminate terminations of overseas persons suspected of hostility toward the United States anyway.

  3. Eddie Gallagher is a SEAL and was never a soldier. Certainly there are many similarities, but the technical nuances of distinctions are more important. We hold our troops and operatives to high standards, and increasingly so with higher ranks and extents of specializations. Even so, nobody has bothered to explain how the pardons issued by Trump put the armed forces of our nation in jeopardy of any particular horrible thing. If some maniac managed to work his way through the military ranks, or some decent serviceman slowly lost his humanity, and starting murdering many fellow service personnel, compromising missions in the process, then he could not honestly expect to be pardoned by anybody serving as President of the United States.

  4. You do realize that you’re implying that Barack Obama Junior hated his mother? Regardless, there is no evidence that Obama has ever hated anybody simply for that person being of Caucasian descent.

    While Obama has exhibited insensitivity and indifference toward law enforcement personnel, there is no evidence that he wants any of them, let alone most of them, to simply be set ablaze and burned to death, or anything horrible like that. He does, however, lean toward advocating the problematic notion of “federalization” of police, just like how Hillary Clinton does. It’s actually an old idea that goes back to the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency, advocated in the name of minimizing “police” racism, as if federal agents would never stoop to the low levels that sheriffs’ deputies and city police supposedly do.

  5. That does not even make sense. Why would Donald Trump hold gracing illegal foreigners with his presence at a higher priority than so gracing United States service personnel? As to what the people held captive by CBP or ICE, pending deportation, are served on holidays, that is not quite as important as whether or not they are encouraged toward Thanksgiving festivities in particular. It might be in our nation’s best interests to condition these people value holidays that are distinctly American. Foreigners try to influence us, so why shouldn’t we try to influence foreigners?

  6. One could only imagine that Donald Trump intends to make our nation’s war actions, military law enforcement actions and military training programs less wasteful of resources. There are probably a number of programs that need to be either retired or temporarily deactivated, on account of lack of use. The way the world in general is trending involves having smaller numbers of people being able to properly carry out tasks that used to require large numbers of people.

  7. Dee was a tramp as a “military wife” back then. And has never told her drunken husband about her abortions from the black men she had em for. and as for yo white-folk con-stitution, it a shame. hahahaahaha


  9. Do not take anything for granted!
    The partisan Google and UTube denied over 300 proTrump video ads this year, and are geared up to deny Trump putting out proTrump ads.

  10. Do not take anything for granted!
    The lefty partisan Google and UTube denied over 300 proTrump video ads this year, and are geared up to deny Trump putting out proTrump ads.

  11. Do not take anything for granted!
    The lefty partisan Google and UTube censored over 300 proTrump video ads this year, and are geared up to deny Trump putting out proTrump ads.

  12. Undoubtedly, Mr. President,. Re-election is in your favor. My beliefs 👉”you” are the chosen one. People Choice! Even though, there are those -”Denials” who grown accustomed to hereditary- and ruthless corruption scams. Scenario(s) to rid US taxpayers out of there $$/ & life’s savings- to support personal wealth. The fake’s are Forever oblivious’ to its nature. Job well done!

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