Donald Trump had this big surprise for the U.S. military that left jaws on the ground

One of Donald Trump’s core campaign promises was rebuilding the U.S. military.

Barack Obama spent eight years trying to weaken America’s fighting forces.

And then Donald Trump had this big surprise for the U.S. military that left jaws on the ground.

Donald Trump surprised the troops in Afghanistan by making a secret Thanksgiving visit to serve the troops a holiday meal.

Trump initially let it be known that he planned to spend Thanksgiving at his Mar-a-Lago resort, but that was just a cover for his real plans.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, serving a turkey dinner to the American troops stationed overseas.

The trip comes about one year after he made a similar unannounced visit to service-members in Iraq, his first to an active war zone. The president was previously scheduled to be at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Thanksgiving and was expected to merely make a phone call to troops.

Trump landed at Bagram Air Field at 8:33 P.M. local time and served turkey to the troops, posed for photos with them, and gave brief remarks in the hangar, according to the White House print pool. The media and the public were not made aware of the trip prior to the president’s arrival for national security reasons.

“I’ll be talking to you later but right now I want to have some turkey. I’m going to join you for a little lunch,” Trump said after doling out servings of turkey. “We’re also going to shake hands with some of the folks. Thank you very much. What a great job you do. It’s an honor to be here.”

The troops greeted President Trump with thunderous applause and loud chants of “USA! USA! USA!” which gave lie to the recent fake news stories in CNN about the military supposedly souring on Trump because Trump intervened to protect American soldiers wrongly accused of war crimes.

The troops’ reaction shows American men and women on the frontlines of war appreciate the Commander-in-Chief and stand united in defending America.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. There is nothing that makes sense to a Democrat unless it comes from their party or the left,lying fake news services. They apparently don’t have the right IQ.

  2. None, or almost none, of the people detained at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base were ever a convicted of terrorism. A lot of them never even committed acts of terror, but were detained simply on account of them being witting or unwitting assets of actual terrorists, like being taxi drivers who transport gangsters. The United States executive branch usually terminates the lives of overseas terrorists outright rather than bothering to capture them, yet to be fair, this was something of a policy adopted by Barack Obama, whereas George W. Bush was not as adamant about it. And we know, Obama’s preferred method was drone strikes, meaning collateral damage occurs. He is not criticized by the Democratic Party for this because they are going to try to paint him in a positive light anyway. He is not criticized by the Republican Party for it because they are plainly more comfortable with indiscriminate terminations of overseas persons suspected of hostility toward the United States anyway.

  3. Eddie Gallagher is a SEAL and was never a soldier. Certainly there are many similarities, but the technical nuances of distinctions are more important. We hold our troops and operatives to high standards, and increasingly so with higher ranks and extents of specializations. Even so, nobody has bothered to explain how the pardons issued by Trump put the armed forces of our nation in jeopardy of any particular horrible thing. If some maniac managed to work his way through the military ranks, or some decent serviceman slowly lost his humanity, and starting murdering many fellow service personnel, compromising missions in the process, then he could not honestly expect to be pardoned by anybody serving as President of the United States.

  4. You do realize that you’re implying that Barack Obama Junior hated his mother? Regardless, there is no evidence that Obama has ever hated anybody simply for that person being of Caucasian descent.

    While Obama has exhibited insensitivity and indifference toward law enforcement personnel, there is no evidence that he wants any of them, let alone most of them, to simply be set ablaze and burned to death, or anything horrible like that. He does, however, lean toward advocating the problematic notion of “federalization” of police, just like how Hillary Clinton does. It’s actually an old idea that goes back to the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency, advocated in the name of minimizing “police” racism, as if federal agents would never stoop to the low levels that sheriffs’ deputies and city police supposedly do.

  5. That does not even make sense. Why would Donald Trump hold gracing illegal foreigners with his presence at a higher priority than so gracing United States service personnel? As to what the people held captive by CBP or ICE, pending deportation, are served on holidays, that is not quite as important as whether or not they are encouraged toward Thanksgiving festivities in particular. It might be in our nation’s best interests to condition these people value holidays that are distinctly American. Foreigners try to influence us, so why shouldn’t we try to influence foreigners?

  6. One could only imagine that Donald Trump intends to make our nation’s war actions, military law enforcement actions and military training programs less wasteful of resources. There are probably a number of programs that need to be either retired or temporarily deactivated, on account of lack of use. The way the world in general is trending involves having smaller numbers of people being able to properly carry out tasks that used to require large numbers of people.

  7. Dee was a tramp as a “military wife” back then. And has never told her drunken husband about her abortions from the black men she had em for. and as for yo white-folk con-stitution, it a shame. hahahaahaha


  9. Do not take anything for granted!
    The partisan Google and UTube denied over 300 proTrump video ads this year, and are geared up to deny Trump putting out proTrump ads.

  10. Do not take anything for granted!
    The lefty partisan Google and UTube denied over 300 proTrump video ads this year, and are geared up to deny Trump putting out proTrump ads.

  11. Do not take anything for granted!
    The lefty partisan Google and UTube censored over 300 proTrump video ads this year, and are geared up to deny Trump putting out proTrump ads.

  12. Undoubtedly, Mr. President,. Re-election is in your favor. My beliefs ?”you” are the chosen one. People Choice! Even though, there are those -”Denials” who grown accustomed to hereditary- and ruthless corruption scams. Scenario(s) to rid US taxpayers out of there $$/ & life’s savings- to support personal wealth. The fake’s are Forever oblivious’ to its nature. Job well done!

  13. Sorry Zuzu, I didn’t stop to proof read the post. Today’s military is all volunteer. No one made Sandra volunteer. Vietnam Vets had no choice due to the draft. Our Base Commander in Karamursel, Turkey, was a FAC pilot who flew a small unarmed plane over Vietnam in support of ground troops. He was shot down and spent 8 years in the Hanoi Hilton. he was tortured many times and could have retired due to constant pain from his injuries. However he loved America so much he continue to serve in the Air Force after he was released from captivity.

  14. I am so proud of our great president Donald J Trump. I pray for you for
    having continued strength with all the fake news networks and the lying
    Democrats that are just abusing you and not working for the American people. Thanks to you and your wonderful wife Melania we love you both!!!

  15. Sandra,what a rotten comment . You are the sick one. After 8 years of ozero’s lies and hatred of the military , we have a real President who supports our troops and us ex- GI’s ( And yes I too have a disability from war service under an arrogant democrat ). Your filthy, racist statement only shows how mentally sick YOU are. I will pray you get some good help from our improved VA.

  16. ps. Sandra, i am also ‘disabled’ .
    & i GIVE a few $$ for Disabled Vet programs.
    0k ? Lighten up a little bit. I KNOW, it’s
    Not Easy ___

  17. Louis and all other Vets Thank you for your service. It is an all volunteer army now, and people make the choice to serve or not. Vietnam vets were not given a choice. We knew several who did not come back and also knew a couple of POW’s, one our Base Commander was held for 8 years in Hanoi. We never heard them say a negative word about their President or America.

  18. Yes, we are all proud of our President Trump! God appointed him here at this TIME for the Services of our Country! H e will iwn his Second Term!

  19. I too am a disabled veteran!! Let it be known that “the world traveling apologist osama bin obozo hates/hated the U.S. MILITARY And We Veterans”!! I am sick and tired of hearing how this black racist with his black administration filled with liars, cheats and traitors is given a pass when that jerk did more to divide America racially than it has been for the last 50 some years!! I am permanently disabled, where chair bound. Vietnam. I went back to school, got a job and struggled while never looking for a free handout!! I am sick to death about hearing about how bad off “certain” racist blacks, hispanics and other American haters cry the blues when they are confronted for their hatred of America and whites!! Especially when they are told free money welfare is being stopped and they are told that jobs are available!! Quit your gripping!! Suck it up!! Quit feeling sorry for yourself and blaming the world for your laziness and pee poor attitude!!


  21. Absolutely, then the leftist news outlets wouldn’t have the chance to plant false lies ahead of time. GO TRUMP 2020

  22. Helen: You certainly have the right to be proud of your family. This is America and Black or White we should defend it with all or our resources. Has this country made
    mistakes? Yes it has and some pretty bad ones, but all in all it is the greatest country in the world, past and present. Thanl you Helen and Thank your family from an Old White man

  23. Edna, What children are you talking about, being locked up? Illegals?
    Why are they locked up? Because their parents brought them here illegally. Nobody is blaming the children. The parents are to blame. You people have been screaming about separating the children from their parents. Their parents are locked up, because they broke the law, just like we do an American citizen when they break the law. The American citizen is separated from their children because the children are innocent. You people did not want that. you wanted the children locked up too. You wanted to blame Trump for separating the children from their parents, now you want to blame Trump because the children are locked up with their parents. Make up your mind.

  24. Amen and Amen Dee. Well put. If people don’t like our country and our Constitution, please leave. We have gone through a lot in this country to be where we are at. We still have things to work on, however go and try to be a free woman from the place Ilhan Omar is from. This is not a perfect country but I’m glad that I live here. Thank you President Trump for loving the country you represent.

  25. These communists would rather give our money to illegals than our great military.shows exactly what their plan is.stupid stupid people

  26. Nice solid racist you are ashamed that someone like you was accepted into our great military.obviously your racist mouth should have been disabled

  27. Barry Soetoro was groomed from a teen to be potus. He was a “Foreign Exchange” student, then the “Chicago Machine” gave him a job as a “Community Organizer”, then Illinois Senator, next POTUS! Typical, just spend your life as a democrat, end up a multi millionaire with four mansions! Like other dems, Hillary, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the rest.

  28. Mr. George Soros “OWNS” Hillary. He went to her home to give her a check for $8 Million to help with her election! Where was Chelsea married? To whom? In Soros home! To his nephew, a democrat politician. Hillary and Bill spent that weekend there! NO CONNECION?

  29. REALLY! You know they had waffles with butter and maple syrup most of the time for breakfast! Muchie had at least twice the staff Melania has, had to provide lots of “GOOD PAYING” jobs for all their friends?

  30. Pelosi’s husband has investments in foreign businesses, that’s why when the minimum wage was raised, she made sure those U.S. territories didn’t get theirs raised. “MO MONEY” for Pelosis, they ONLY have about 140 MILLION now, so ya know they “Really Needed” more! Just like she “Really” needed her salary raises to $223,500? TERM LIMITS!

  31. If people from foreign countries would go fill out the papers & enter the USA legally no child would e held in any way , but since parents from foreign countries are irresponsible and do not vote for their presidents, or go to their presidents for the assistants they need simply because they heard their friend went the illegal way & got it easier & ever thing for free, or got impregnated so they can say their kids were American only to break up American families, or to steal from Americans I am sorry to say that maybe they think that is the honest thing to do, i don’t think God taught them how to do that, nor is that written in the 10 commandments respecting the USA needs to be by all people even the Americans however I am sure those kids were fed too.

  32. Just like Barry Soetoro did! Double or even quadruple the National Debt! Less than half the citizens and “Illegals” in this country pay taxes! So they don’t care how much of “OUR MONEY” they spend! Enough of the “Free Everything!”. Any “Father” that doesn’t support their children should be forced to pay their child support! Why should taxpayers support the kids these “Single Mothes’ have? All the DamnOCrats are doing is buying votes with Free stuff!

  33. I am a disabled veteran. My disability hardly covers my necessary expenses.

    Mr. Trump served turkey and spouted off a few endearing words and you give words of praise and exaltation.


  34. I am a disabled veteran. My disability hardly covers my necessary expenses.

    Mr. Trump served turkey and spouted off a few endearing words and you give words of praise and exaltation.


  35. I am a disabled veteran. My disability hardly covers my necessary expenses.

    Mr. Trump served turkey and spouted off a few endearing words and you give words of praise and exaltation.


  36. I as an American Patriot am proud of our President Trump, what he did on Thanksgiving Day, 2019…Will never be forgotten .My three late uncles, two brothers ,served the Navy, the Army, my nephews served the Army, My cousin ,a Marines,Retired Officer. And three Brothers in Law too.I am proud of my loved ones, my sweet heart served Viet Nam, my dear friend got killed in Viet Nam…They were the Honorable black men ,who were willing to give life, limbs, and die for our Great Country…The USA.Mr
    president I am going to Vote USA for your promise you made too us, the people of this Land…God Bless You..And this Country..

  37. Daniel Mount you said what I still have to hear from those Democrats, they know President Trump is the best ever, they still live in the past what a bummer still want Obama, he’s history. What ever they say about President isn’t going to stop me from voting for him, he the greatest yet.

  38. The little children do not belong here!!!! Any mother who would come to a place where she thinks her children would be taken from her is guilty of child abuse…….. so don’t go blaming the President of the USA!!!!!! The libs and the people who supported the caravans are also to blame……

  39. Maybe IDIOT we have been taxed to much so the dumbocrats can just give it away to worthless other idiots who don’t deserve the sweet off a working man’s shirt

  40. How does your commie candidates plan to pay for gimmee gimmee? Oh I forgot. You libturds can’t see past your noses.

  41. WOW, I truly see why it’s called “Fake News” when I hear such a misguided Fool like you standing up for their incredible lies! If you’d “really” like to know the truth, (which by your sounding so completely brain dead, I doubt it?) you can simple search things like, “What has Trump accomplished since being elected? Or watch FOX News for a couple of days where they still discuss both sides? Or just keep watching your CNN & MSNBC?

  42. How is this enhanced military going to be paid for? Trump has his minions have reduced taxes, on top of the Bush II tax reductions, and the Bush I tax reductions … China already owns large amounts of America’s Treasury Bonds.

  43. I IGNORE ‘rude’ comm’s.
    Thank you POTUS. & So Do the
    ‘Men/Women in Afghanistan & elsewhere.
    > To All Around the World In ‘Service’,
    ‘We’ & POTUS Have All of You, IN 0ur Hearts/Prayers.
    > Thank you.

  44. Edna, you have been LIED to by Mainstream Media. It was NOT President Trump who locked up the children at the Borders, rather it was Obama.

    Edna you need to look this up. European Media made the same mistake. THEY USED PHOTOS FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

    I am sorry you were lied to. You can join the tens of thousands of PREVIOUS Democrats who ALSO learned they were lied to.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  45. You just hate black people so you never gave Obama a chance. Obama is the greatest black president we ever had anywhere in the world. I think we should make it 4 terms so Obama can run again and win against Trump who liked Nazis and Hitler they say.

  46. The dems in congress need to return their pay checks. They have not earned them. And get out of the country.
    Maby Iran and impeach their dictator. Had news for them they would behead them


  48. Like I always say. President Trump will be seen in all History as the greatest American President of all time. Thank you, President Trump, for the great job that you are doing for the American people as well as the United States of America. May God Bless you.

  49. He served every last one of them. And then he ate with his wife. Know the illegal children did not get Turkey dinners. And the little children were locked up in the cages that Barack Obama had built for That specific purpose…. Why should he go and visit illegal children we have enough American children that a homeless and veterans that are Homeless you should pay attention to our own American citizens

  50. When Obama had the children locked up he fed them tofu at Christmas and Thanksgiving with extra beets. Much healthier than the traditional Turkey and ham. It was actually Michelle’s idea I heard.

  51. I wish he would do it more often just to screw with the leftist and the MSM and of course the RIONS are inclined in this bunch

  52. How many dinners did he serve???? Two, three…serve people for an hour??? I’ll bet
    not. Did the little children he has locked up get served turkey??? Will he visit
    the children for Christmas??? They need some “presidential” attention too and it
    would make for very good publicity.

  53. Julio, are you talking about the uranium Obama and Clinton sold to Russia? Maybe the 150 million to Iran? Then raised our taxes. Democrat’s are worthless people, maybe you should read more. Instead of opening your mouth

  54. The medias have propped up politicians egos so much people have blind patriotism and believe that any government is too big to fight or fail and that any other political party vote is wasted besides the corrupt established R.I.N.O.S and especially the anti-GOD, and anti-American democrats, their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES are at fault! Just think 13 colonies went up against a Great Britain and won! Americans let the liberalism of the political [in] correctness to lower standards to pacify all that hurts all help caused the down fall of everything and anything, qualities of Health care, education, service industries and construction hurts and sometimes kill!


  56. Linda, great point. The Democratic do nothing positive Party boat is sinking. From its own self-inflicted false charge torpedos shot at our great president Trump. As each nonsensical mystical charge is easily refuted, the imagination of the Dems goes wild dreaming up more fairy tale plots rather than doin their jobs in serving the American people.

  57. Julio, are you referring to the hundreds of Arab terrorists released from Guantanamo by
    Obama so they can resume their terrorism against the rest of the world, the American Open Borders Obama policy of freely letting terrorists come int the USA, or the $300 million donated to Iranian terrorism out of the US Treasury by Obama? Now, Julio, I know as a terrorist supporting Democrat, you are very upset with Trump pardoning soldiers simply doing their jobs fighting the Obama supported terrorists, but those who love this nation are supporting the president who fights for the USA-Trump.

  58. Hillary would have flown over for Thanksgiving dinner too – just that she would have had
    it with Taliban, in a continued Democratic Party support of Arab terrorism.

  59. We would have had a shooting war within our country by now. She’s as much of a commie as Obama and the losers running for the commiecrats.

  60. Dan
    DJT has accomplished so much for the American people, in just three years. Hygiene, law and order, rubbish removal and homelessness are rampant in
    Democrat controlled states, cities and town. Americans should be demanding answers from these politicians.

  61. Twenty five years as a military wife and twelve years as a years as a mother and grandmother of servicemen made me strong and my job as a social worker provided me the intelligence to see things for what they are. It is apparent most Democrats have little love for our country’s founders, history or the role America plays in the world. Go visit some other countries and see how people in two thirds of the world live them come back and thank God you are an American.

  62. He also hates whites and law enforcement. He is muslim and his goal was to bring down this country. He was, and still is, very dangerous

  63. PDW I totally agree. The longer they stay in office the more power they get And then it’s no longer a government for the people and by the people. And voters stop noticing their lack of accomplishments and vote name recognition. It leads to corruption in both parties.

  64. Dan Tryee
    Yes Dan, DJT is a real patriotic leader and other countries should take notice and vote accordingly. It’s time to get rid of the career politicians. The introduction of term limits on all politicians.

  65. julio dick lard
    In one case the soldier was charged for sending a photo to a friend of the Isis insurgent that he terminated, isn’t what I would call a war crime. But because it’s DJT pardoning soldiers. The whole of the military is now at risk.

    When you watch the videos of what Isis is doing. The executions of Christians, gay people, schoolgirls and anyone else, who didn’t fit into their own ideological beliefs or what they should look like.

    These Isis insurgents be-headed, burnt, stoned and throw people off buildings. Of course if you were a female, you could expect to be raped as well.

    The only real risk the military had was obama and he is gone now. Hopefully the investigation into the start of the Russian collusion coup will put him behind bars, along with hillary and all the other conspirators.

    I think it’s awesome that DJT arrives unannounced to a military base in the Afghanistan on thanksgiving day and serves up thanksgiving dinners to the military personnel.

    So julio dick lard
    How does it feel to know that the anti trump support base is shrinking every day?

  66. What no photographers or press corp? GI’s able to move around and get close and personal and talk to the President. No staged photographs with troops in a straight line behind the President as in the previous administration for television shots showing how “beloved” Obama was? For this old military wife who spent 16 years overseas, I can tell you the GI’s will remember this for the rest of their lives. A humdrum just another holiday away from loved ones turned in into the event that will be talked about every Thanksgiving for the rest of their lives. A President who really cares about our troops and country. Thank you Mr. President. Trump 2020.

  67. Previous Democrat leaders have failed our troops. We now have a real leader. Not a politician. Leads me to believe term limits for all forms of government is really needed!

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