Donald Trump just handed down a pardon that left Washington speechless

Special counsel investigations are witch hunts.

And as President, Donald Trump has the power to bring them to a close.

Trump did exactly that with one pardon that left Washington speechless.

Scooter Libby was the victim of the most abusive special prosecutor investigations in history.

Pat Fitzgerald ran a four year fishing expedition into the Bush administration from 2003 to 2007 to discover the identity of who leaked CIA officer Valerie Plame’s name to the late columnist Robert Novak.

Plame’s work for the CIA was no secret – her name was listed in Who’s Who, and she was not an undercover officer for years.

But the media and Democrats wanted a pound of flesh because her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson wrote an op-ed critical of the Bush administration’s case for WMD in Iraq in 2003.

Libby – an aide to Dick Cheney – was convicted on charges of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of justice in 2005.

This happened despite Fitzgerald knowing within weeks of his appointment in 2003 that Colin Power deputy Richard Armitage – an ardent opponent of the Iraq war – was the individual who gave Plame’s name to Novak.

Trump brought this sorry episode to a close with a pardon.

Politico reports:

“President Donald Trump on Friday pardoned Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the chief of staff to former Vice President Dick Cheney who was caught up in the investigation into the leak of the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame.

“I don’t know Mr. Libby,” Trump said in a statement, adding, “but for years I have heard that he has been treated unfairly. Hopefully, this full pardon will help rectify a very sad portion of his life.”

Libby came under scrutiny in connection with the leak in 2003 of the identity of Plame, who had worked undercover overseas and was married to a prominent George W. Bush administration critic, Joseph Wilson. Libby was never charged with leaking, but was indicted in 2005 on charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements to investigators, largely for denying his contacts with the media about Plame.”

Trump supporters hope this is a preview of things to come.

He could theoretically shut down the Mueller probe and investigations in his private dealings with attorney Michael Cohen by pardoning everyone.

George H.W. Bush did something similar when he ended the 6 year long Iran Contra investigation with pardons before he left office in 1993.

Do you think Donald Trump should follow the same course action?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Libby was a political scapegoat, the filth and lies used to incarcerate this man is appalling and disgusting….Good for the POTUS to give this pardon and let the world know just how crooked these political hacks are…..

  2. President Trump should pardon everyone that this illegal criminal investigation of criminal Mueller and his criminal group of biased attorneys have indicted in this criminal witch hunt investigation of fake Trump’Russia collusion. And Comey should be arrested for illegal leaks of classified government documents. I can’t figure out for the life of me why the president hasn’t ordered these things done yet by his defunct DOJ and useless attorney general. Session and rosenstein should both be fired and rosenstein brought up on charges for his part in this illegal investigation against our duly elected president and his part in providing false information to the fisa court to illegally obtain warrant to go after trump and his campaign people. Obama should also be under investigation for his illegal part in this set up of trump done and ordered illegally by him. Lock that anti American, anti constitution, anti democracy as we know it set up by our forefathers, worthless, lying piece of shit Obama behind bars where his treasonous sorry ass belongs.

    • There is a fifty page history of Mueller on line right now.. I have said over & over any Republican that supports him is an idiot or on his side. I had a college friend who got screwed by Mueller’s 5 year plan. He had a stellar record but had a helluva time getting a job when he would not abide by the 5 year plan.

    • The only reason Trump has not Fired the no good Mueller is the networks & the Demon rats would cry so loud there would be Riots. These Foolish uneducated Liberals actually believe there was collusion. I have news for them There was Collusion they are just looking on the wrong side of the Isle. Absolutely disgusting with what they are getting away with. A special council was started with no crime CRAZY

    • I also agree. One addition though, we may soon find that Sessions is either a never Trumper, deep state, he began as establishment. I wouldn’t be surprised at deep state.

  3. Irish, don’t forget the entire Democrat party for bringing in a fanatic from Africa to make El Presidente for life…ie… Obama.

  4. Everything else notwithstanding, I hope our president Donald Trump, looks into the cases of the many military personnel wrongfully convicted to long-term sentences to the Leavenworth prison during Obama’s term in office. One example was an army lieutenant who ordered his men to fire on approaching insurgents in Afghanistan, thereby saving his own troops and the occupants of a nearby encampment. His crime was ordering weapons to be fired at the enemy without approval from Obama’s cohorts in the Pentagon. Trump should have someone review the cases of all Leavenworth prisoners who were convicted during Obama’s administration.

    • It really needs to be done. It was later determined that motorcycles that approached the USA troops were identified as terrorists. It was a justified kill by the soldiers.

    • Agree absolutely. Undo all the nasty, corrupt actions of Obama. Then admit the truth that he isn’t a native born American and was never a.LEGAL President.

  5. Donald trump one hell of a guy
    From a true Lifelong English patriot
    He is truly admired by other english patriots

  6. THE Pardon that was the BIGGEST scandal in MY Lifetime was the Pardon of Marc Rich, by Bill Clinton, for a HUGE donation to his library, Gold plated saxophone, & more donations to DNC.

  7. Wonder if Plame and Wilson, sleep comfortably at night, knowing that Lies and smears have consequences, now that the pardons will open the rest of the story that bought their stupidity?

  8. I hope this is just the beginning of pardons. I am sure there will be more to come. thank you Mr. Trump for all the good things you have done for the American people so far. so much has been done in such a short time, and Obama couldn’t do a tenth in eight years that Trump has done in a year and a half!

  9. Scooter Libby was railroaded. The man who should have been honest about the issue Libby was framed to pay for, walked the halls of the capitol in freedom and kept a low profile so as not to remind anyone that Libby took the “rap” for him. That man’s name right now eludes me, but he was twice the size of Libby and had to be a 250 pound guy. He wore glasses, and as I described him, a very bulky figure of a man. He was a big-shot’s assistant at the WH and known to be very vocal. He went very silent while Libby became the sacrificial lamb on a “Robt Mueller” kind of technicality. Someone had to be indicted and convicted, and Libby became the victim. The President is a “stand-up guy,” and I hope he cleans up the conviction of General Lynch too. Sorry, I so wish I could name the man, darn it!

    • Stan L, you are right about the Scooter Libby fiasco. I just saw the name of the guilty guy a few days ago, and now can’t think of it either. The word back then was that Valerie Plame was not an undercover operative and the whole case was a farce just so they could have a diversion, just like with Mueller.

    • Stan L, I just looked up the Libby case and found the name; Richard Armitage, Assistant Sec. of State. Some of the people who worked on that knew who leaked the info, but kept it quiet. Comey was involved in that also.

  10. ” Pat Fitzgerald ran a four year fishing expedition into the Bush administration from 2003 to 2007 to discover the identity of who leaked CIA officer Valerie Plame’s name to the late columnist Robert Novak.” How many leaks did Comey have? How many names were compromised by Hillary’s mishandling of Classified and the use of non-secure personal electronics? How many people were compromised by crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT guys – the Pakistanis she introduced around Washington who even had access to the White House? Heads should be rolling – BUT – Mueller is trying to spend 4 years researching President Trump’s sex life. Mueller’s should be one of the first heads to roll!

  11. This is a perfect example of fake news. Valerie Plame was indeed undercover at the CIA working to cultivate sources inside Iraq who could find out about Saddam’s WMD program. She was outed in retribution for her husband telling the truth. And the author wants you to believe that doing so was no big deal.
    Now Trump pardons Scooter Libby. This is a clear message to anyone who is convicted as a result of the Russia investigation- “Don’t worry, Trump will take care of you”

    • O Possum, sorry, Libby was framed for this. RIHARD ARMITAGE was the man who outed Plame. Back then it was said many times that she was NOT an undercover operative, but had other duties. Some who worked on that case knew Libby was not guilty, but kept it quiet for whatever reason.

      • Lola- Actually, I agree with you. If anybody should have been convicted, it should have been Armitage and especially the slimy Karl Rove. And yes, Plame had other duties- that was her cover. I can assure you that if a CIA operative were “outed” by the Clinton Administration or Obama Administration, the Republicans would have screamed bloody murder.
        Of course the ultimate irony is that Valerie’s husband (Joe Wilson) was right- Dick Cheney was wrong. Valerie paid the price.

    • Hillary Clinton should be in prison. Obama should be in prison. All of Obamas administration should be in prison. Libby was framed as a sacrificial lamb . Don’t lay your lies on the rest of us. All you want is any Repub in prison but not the criminals of your own ilk. Sorry no one will be happy until Obama and all his henchmen are in prison. Obama is not only a failed president he is a criminal. The American people made the worst choice of their lives , twice when they elected and reflected that phony. Obama was is and always will be a two bit community organizer aka Saul Alinsky. Human waste at best. We paid a terrible price for 8 years. Thank God for insuring we didn’t get the wicked and evil witch Hillary to continue Obamas transformation.

  12. This is what happens when you put a human being with CLASS in the White House. He is doing what should have been done a long time ago. I wonder if he will ever get his money back? Also wonder if he has enough money to spend to get the money that is owed to him? I am happy that he is finally free and is healthy.

    • mark, the case is old, but President Trump just now pardoned Scooter Libby, which is not old news. The pardon is long overdue, since the man who did the leaking was RIHARD ARMITAGE, Assistant Sec. of State. It does have some connection to what Mueller is doing now, as in a WITCH HUNT; AND comey was involved in that case also.

  13. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget the guys in the military that have been framed. They were doing what they were told to do and then given life sentences.
    Glad Libby is getting out, I had forgotten all about this. I hope he has some good time left with his family.

      • Why is it that Trump seems to care for people yet ignores Sessions and Rosenberg who stabs him in the back at every opportunity?

        • El, Trump I being very cautious about this. He has been advised by a few to just let this die on it’s own to put it one way. He has given Sessions every chance to do his job. I tend to think Sessions has been threatened or a family member has been threatened. I pray that Sessions isn’t one of the Deep State offenders, or a RINO who didn’t want Trump to be elected.

          • Sessions needs to unrecuse himself. There is no Russian Collusion. He needs to wake up and do his job. Start by firing Rosenstein and take charge immediately. Open an investigation on the investigators . Bring these scumbags to justice. Reopen the Hillarygate investigation and being that bitch to trial. Get Holder, Comey ,Lynch ,Clapper Brennan, Strzk and his fillie all to justice. Wasserman Shultz, Huma abedin all these no good criminal scumbags. The Trump needs to pardon Manafort and Flynn and Cohen and anyone charged by this traitor Mueller. Oh yeah start prosecuting Mueller and his whole team. Then maybe then justice will be served.

  14. Actually this was wrong from the beginning, Intelligence does not allow a couple to exist unless they both are in intelligence, they would require one or the other to leave their job if one was public and the other in intelligence, since this would pose a serious problem for either one. They do not put people lives in needless danger. He should have never been charged, Title 18 section 1001 needs to be clarified to eliminate these false charges.

  15. What Trump is doing drives all these politicians on the left and some on the right crazy because it is not the conventional corrupt ways of doing things in DC that these swamp rats are so accustom to!!

    • Trump does not cover for the rats
      While they party and steal us blind.that is one of the main reasons that so many of them want him out.Trump won’t keep their little secrets.

      • Trump does not cover for the rats
        While they party and steal us blind.that is one of the main reasons that so many of them want him out.Trump won’t keep their little secrets.

          • Hate to say it -Geo is correct.
            EX: FR.UK.US Fri pm.
            Go to 0-m-g.
            Have been watching Damascus live
            since then. They are massively, peacefully
            marching now. Assad DID NOT chem on his ppl.
            The REBELS DID IT. potus was fed an NGO White Helmet
            video/ Neocon Bolton pushed him. Many US missiles
            were intercepted -that’s WHY we stopped after 1 hr. i
            watched Theresa May after that try to ‘justify’ action.
            She did mention NGO. oh god.
            & Hedgefunds.
            Also go to This Entire BS Is about
            PIPELINE – splitting Syria in 3 pieces. US takes some North, troops/contractors Already there. So Much for ppl to Know the Real Truth. Must pursue critical thinking.
            Hope RR posts accurately.

          • Come on RR. just let me finish the ‘brief’. Maybe i try later. But thnx for the 1st post was accurate. Well, almost.
            My boo boo ie. Pipeline/Hedgefund.

          • Zee don’t have a reply button but Assad was ousted the first time for gassing his own people. You guys been watching too many foreign propaganda films. They are worse than CNN. Remember Baghdad Bob, proclaiming victory on tv as US tanks rolled by in the background. The middle East has all but depleted their supply of reachable oil and America has hardly touched our supply. As a matter of fact new technology has shown there is more power in our upper atmosphere than all the oil combined on the earth. The new power grid. The war in the middle East is about land, has always been about land and will be till Jesus comes back, period

          • EH. Please do DD. then add critical thinking. Hint:
            IF chem factories were hit, Explosions e’where, ppl dying
            e’where from massive FUMES. I Said i was watching Damascus LIVE thru Satellite. None of that occurred. the bombing was similar to Clinton’s ‘aspirin factory’. Not here to ‘argue’. Just relaying ‘UGLY ‘truthful info’.

          • ps. EH – Baghdad Bob was US prop tv – NOT Satellite.
            I can give name Energy Hedgefund via the PIPELINE> but
            if you do your DD – you will discover it.
            >Still watching Damascus LIVE.
            >Which ASSAD ‘gassed’ his ppl. Bashar???
            >0ne more x, then i finished w/ info, unless Someone
            ASKS for it. The REBELS ARE Doing it. 1 more hint:
            when jihadi’s fighting amongst themselves took over
            Regiment 111. Do your DD, somewhere.
            > Many, Many Christians IN (or were, before flee in certain areas [Not Damascus] IN SYRIA) >’Bashar'< is (or trying) to
            Protect. ok, 10-4.

          • pps. When ‘bag bob’ was displayed on >US Tv LMAO.
            ok good buddy, enough. Just read posts, let it ‘sink in’
            Do DD (before ‘knee jerk’ reaction). Good Luck/G_D Bless.
            10-4 for sure, this x.

        • Hey George, if you’re still here – i tried to ‘cover’ for you a ‘lil’ bit. NOT ‘pretty stufff’ . POTUS = Good at ‘Homeland’.
          Well, & ‘plowing thru the crap’ the best he can. Foreign Policy [EX. regarding Syria] = what you Said. Let’s hope (his ‘take0ver’ neoCon manipulated Foreign Policy ) Will Not Interfere too much for now ie USA & the Best for ‘Homeland’. MAGA is All that Remains.

        • George, so it wasn’t a mistake when you said Trump is an OWNED MAN! AND, I was halfway defending you. SORRY, you need to back up here and read some of the comments. President Trump is HIS OWN MAN, but he is a smart man, and has listned to advice from quite a few folks who have gone through the ”ranks” and know how to get things right. YOU need to ”study up” on some issues!

        • Trump is NOT owned by anyone but himself when it comes to business and our country. Asking for help or advice does not mean he is owned by someone else.

    • Hey Zee, no argument. You ever been in the military? I was in a recon vessel for missions in the gulf coast. Electronic tech. And my brother was the robotics engineer for the development of the cruise missile, Hubble Telescope, Space Shuttle, Star wars …etc… We can put a bomb up Assad’s BUTT without injury to the guy standing next to him so believe me they did their homework first.

      • Hi EH – not particularly interested in discourse, buttt, choice of semantics in your last sentence is much to be desired & not so accurate. a “bomb” CanNot/WillNot do what you said. Were you thinking and/or ‘implying’ A Microwave/Laser Beam. ‘>That< Would be Correct. "Bomb" IS utterly ridiculous. Choose your words 'carefully'. Thank you. ok, good buddy 10-4. Will Not Respond further.

          • Zee, your ether a screaming liberal or one step away from ISIS but unless we intend to hit a bonafide target we use target acquisition not the real thing and ALL weaponry must be accounted for. We can’t just go firing missiles into other countries without purpose. And as for chemical weapons spreading after bombing the factory they won’t go any further than the compound they are at without a dispersal system. They do there Homework.

          • Geez EH, the ‘toms’ are junkie junk at this point Compared
            To _____ (you fill in the blank.) DD ma man.
            Just ‘unloading toms’ on a False Narrative, of which i already
            ‘splained’ __ U ‘still’ good buddy 10.4 ps.
            POTUS ‘knows’ the ‘RealDeal’ & So does ‘the Monk’ Mattis.
            = ‘tied’. Bolton = neoCon war-monger Disaster for US. (sorry to say) So Sorry. ok Done. Don’t entice me to come back here. lol. ( Unless U have ‘reviewed stufff’) &&&
            That Will Take More than 24/7.

          • Dispersal system – hmm. Could/Would that be a possible Weather Breeze??? hmm. You AreNOT viewing Damascus Live. much less the weather there. Really, i ‘tink’ we should close discourse. hmm. ‘G’ Bless ya dude & thnx for your work.

        • ps. couldn’t resist. Peanuts ma man. Peanuts.
          NYT say 76 ‘tom’s to bomb chem centr. Actually a
          MEDICAL Cntr. (shame). Viewing the ‘damage’ Upon
          Medical CNTR ( & that was 76! bombs) No Way jose.
          IF what i saw took 76 to do ‘that’ – then we in in sad shape. Most Missiles Intercepted – i saw it Live. & Still
          Watching Damascus LIVE. 1000’s in Damascus would have been DEAD by now/per FUMES. US Narrative IS a Disgrace & Appalling.
          hmmm- my man, Seems like You didn’t do Any DD. 0h well, do your ‘thang’. 10-4.

          • AM Strict USA.<<< & NOT BLIND. Don't know 'lib' thang.
            Viewing Us news is totally amazing to say the least.
            Stopped viewing spew 'fake' disturbing msm news in 03 when 'press' beat the crap out of Ari Fletcher in Press conferences re GWB.(after 9/11) Press=Awful. That's when media 'hate campaign' began. Remember?. 0ngoing. & 0bvious Today, & thank potus for consistent mention. Wouldn't you agree?
            Thnx EH for 'respectful' discourse. But,i will disclaim
            Ignorance, for sure. Am NOT Happy to be 'aware' of 'the Real Deal'. Huge lump to swallow.Not Easy. E'one on diff levels of info__ (ex: ppl everywhere are a whatever = no time 0nly 1 question – what IS your news Source ??? hmm.

  16. Maybe I should add more. If he didn’t really have contact with the media and they couldn’t prove he had contact with the media what the heck was his obstruction of justice when everybody knew the chick was working in the U.S. doing no spy work for years to require all these no of years of jail. Who gave the term of jail time, the jury or a judge.

      • If RICHARD ARMITAGE was her husband, that would be right. Scooter Libby was framed or not listened to, not sure which.

    • My news source is my Buddy’s the US Navy Seals. Remember during the Obama administration the Israelites claimed Seria was enriching weapons grade plutonium and of course Hillary Foo-Food that away so they put I think it was a Jericho 1 missile on the reactor site. Well… Nobody died of radiation poisoning. Recon, Recon,Recon gotta know how dude. America/Israel military are PROS… All the rest…eh… Not so much. Don’t believe the propaganda.

      • Zee, don’t you notice that Everytime we bomb something in the middle East they claim we bombed a hospital. You don’t think we know the difference between a hospital and a military chemical lab? You can choose to believe the lie or you can choose to believe the truth, Your choice

      • I have ‘other’ news sources. Just like you. E’one on diff levels.
        You as well, believe ‘the lie’ 0r ‘Truth’. Geez, need to correct some spelling here, for credibility. ps. i ‘notice’ E’thing.
        ahem. & your 1st statement is not true. re hospitals. Final. eom.

        • Zee, get used to it. Obama isn’t in power anymore. We don’t bomb hospitals and we don’t kill innocent civilians no matter what merciless dictators and communist regimes say… Oh and don’t forget CNN

          • E. obama has nothing to do w/ comment.( & i was vitriolic over 8 yrs per ‘o’) Assuming ‘i’ supported ‘o’ = Major Flaw in Your Perception Ability. The Medical Research Cntr WAS NOT a Hospital. Have NOT viewed CNN over 10 yrs.
            You silly talk/>nervous. (for ‘difficult ‘Truth’)
            > Do you understand Arabic/view Damascus Tv LiVE Now Viewing
            what they found on the ‘Ground’ trying to Sort thru .
            > N0! You NOT Viewing Satellite. so basically, info/conversation IS MOOT.
            Many many Christians there & ‘westernized.’
            > ‘we’ In Diff Leagues. E0M.

        • You talk about spelling how about your whole sentence structure. You appear to be a millennium Geek !! Normal person can hardly figure out what you are trying to say !! By the way those chemical storage facilities where suppose to be empty and they were that is why no chemical spillage! We took them out along with a chemical plant that we thought could be making them or had made them. As for most of the missiles or bombs being intercepted that is just not true as the country would have been rained with pieces of the intercepted armaments and a lot filming of that action which did not happen! You seem to be awful gullible !!

      • You are ‘easy’ to flush out of pocket’ re news source.
        Kudos << to All that have worked so hard – Following 0rders.
        Buttt – the 'Real Truth'. ___ IS 'slowly' Being EXPOSED.
        Hard Lump to swallow. Not 'easy' for myself. BuTTT, can Stand Up.

        • Screaming liberal Zee, Assad is a Russian crony. That whole mess over there is never gonna be solved. If they’re not trying to kill Israel they are trying to kill each other. The goal is to try to keep what oil is left flowing as smooth as possible and that won’t happen with Russia stirring the pot. Personally I think it’s only a matter of time before they turn that place into a sea of glass. Anyway Semper Fi.

  17. If people were framed and jailed like Liddy I think the President should pardon them. Our government is so awful and unfair to people. Corruption and lies – the wrong people end up getting incarcerated.

    • Scooter Libby was just pardoned by President Trump. He was framed, and the real eaker was Rihare Armitage and some who knew he was not guilty jut didn’t say one word. Comey also was involved in that case.

  18. Brother, wouldn’t that P.O. Mueller and the Dems! The big question is, did Obama pardon ANY of “his partners in crime” in his administration? If not, why not hang them out to dry now?

  19. about time someone put those Idiots on the left in their place, go President Trump fire them all and jail the rest of the traitors for Treason, murder, money laundering and many more crimes, Put the RICO Act back into the system.

    • I like the result you want, BUT, we have to follow the law, or become like the Dems. They all want their “New World Order” where they are “In Charge”. Like Russia, Cuba, etc.

  20. You guys are sick as hell, oh no you’re not because everyone knows Libby didn’t leak anything!! It was someone a lot higher who actually put a CIVIL SERVANT as well as numerous other people’s lives in danger but Libby took the fall! Now we have a SOMETHING in The White House who’s sending. CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE THE FOOLISHNESS

  21. Funny how the prior guy in Trump’s position pardoned so many dope dealers and not a word from Washington. Trump writes a pardon to right a wrong and the commies are speechless? Good trick to remember.

  22. I think POTUS Trump did the right thing to pardon him.
    To recover his financial losses, he could always write a BOOK.
    When Slim.. Comey can do it, mr.Libby can certainly do it!

    • “Follow the Money”! Anyone taking money from Mr. George Soros is NOT to be trusted!
      Hillary, one check for $8 MILLION, Comey, $675,000 to thru his wife, Kasich, $675,000. And all of Soros 2,300+ liberal groups like MoveOn, Planned Parenthood, etc. Shane Hannity showed a list on his show once. Over 20 feet of printout of groups!

  23. I’m glad he’s been pardoned, but I wonder if he’ll ever recover financially. He should sue to recover every dime.

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