Donald Trump has a trick up his sleeve that will put the Deep State in a body bag

The Deep State’s days of tormenting Donald Trump are over.

Trump is fighting back.

And he has one trick up his sleeve that will send the Deep State into a panic.

Trump’s allies in Congress have pressed the President to declassify documents that will prove the Russia investigation was a politically motivated hit job.

They want Trump to make public 20 pages from the FBI’s application for a FISA warrant against Carter Page.

And they want him to release Bruce Ohr’s notes about his conversations with ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

The Daily Caller reports:

White House lawyers are actively reviewing controversial FBI and Department of Justice documents relating to the 2016 presidential campaign for possible declassification, multiple sources with knowledge tell The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The review process is being led by Emmet Flood of the White House Counsel’s office at the urging of an insistent president, two sources with knowledge of the process told the DCNF. A source close to the president noted that Flood and his colleagues within the counsel’s office are generally opposed to declassification, out of the concern for the precedent it would set as well as any unintended consequences of making the information public.

Sources cautioned that declassification could occur as soon as this week, though the uncertainty reflects the nature of the review process itself.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders demurred on declassification in a Monday briefing saying, “I can’t get into that right now.”

While the Deep State has routinely attacked President Trump, Trump can end their sabotage at any point.

He has the power to declassify documents for any reason.

Trump can show the American people what the FBI really did in 2016.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Come on POTUS release all those documents and send the devilcraps all to HELL where they belong so they can all be happy with their father satan…. amen

  2. Obama and his entire Commicrat administration and ALL who comprised it will go down as the greatest threat to America in her history and when the smoke clears, Trump will be the savior he has displayed a true talent for being, and RECOGNIZED and Honored for it by subsequent generations of FREE Americans. History will also be massively condemnatory of his predecessor and rightfully so. If you approve of Trump and his MAGA agenda, Remember in November to VOTE and when you do, VOTE AGAINST every single Leftist candidate in every election at every level in this Mid Term and EVERY election thereafter, and every RINO cohorts in crime and corruption as the career parasites and thieves,liars and lazy irresponsible and unaccountable Swamp slime they ARE. When the Swamp is no more and strict TERM LIMITS forced on Congress and all politicians at every level of government; Municipal, State and Federal held responsible and accountable for their performances we MUST remember to be watchful and NEVER allow the abuses that led us to our present Divided nation; not EVER AGAIN!


  4. If Trump would start telling the Truth – about anything. – stop being an asshole and acting like a President instead of a spoiled paranoid megalomaniac Buffoon, he might become a little more acceptable to the MAJORITY of Americans , not just those who mistakenly voted for him.

    • Carl T, unless you give us some specifics of your statement that “If Trump would start telling the Truth – about anything”, how do you expect anyone to believe you?

    • Mistakenly??? After watching the Democrats elect a non accomplished mouthpiece to promote the open boarder, give the farm away well spoken Black man to the presidency, we finally got fed up. We elected Trump to do exactly what he is doing. He is not a politician (Thank God!) and you will just have to get over it. You contrived and controlled outrage is inconsequential Obama’s legacy, if that’s even the right word, will soon be erased and MAGA will put the U.S back where it belongs, as the leader of the free world. Bad deals like NAFTA and the Iran deal have been replaced with agreements that make sense for everyone. Again, just get over it. or the next 10+ years are going to tear you apart.

  5. EVERYONE !!!…Don’t get complacent. GET UP and Get Out to VOTE!!!, Republican across the board in the November mid term elections. Let’s shut these Ignorant Libtard Protester Snowflakes UP For GOOD !!!……….TRUMP 2018 – 2020…VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!

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    This means, Diane also known as Dr. J.D.
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      • Dan T., 🙂 🙂 I saw a comment a little while ago where that greasy faced racist sewer maggot referred to me as a female bitch. Desperation is rampant in that lying fool, he/she/it will try absolutely anything to get under my
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      • IRWIN ROMMEL, A funny guy! Or, are you one of the troll’s, who has multiple personality disorder, alter egos? If you are, you are not real!

  7. Setting a precedent?! We’re already 2 years into that as soon as the Left began to mount an unprecedented multi frontal coup the day after Trump was inaugurated! F**k the PC and collateral damage, release the pages and throw all these treasonous MFers in prison! I don’t know why the hell Trump keeps useless Sessions in there. The Dems always use the AG as a weapon and if Trump doesn’t do the same, he’s stupider than we thought.

    • That CEO of fakesbook is the mother of all zuckers !! The libtard brigade has taken over the democratic party turning it into the communist party !! Vote em out now or wait 70 yrs for neo perestroika !!

  8. I see every comment about the conviction of trump associates being used to conclude that if they are guilty so is Trump. They never look at what they were convicted for, none of those charges are for collusion which involved President Trump. They are for other non related things. Get your facts right. I bet if your taxes and relationships were as scrutinized as close as their tax returns you probably would be in trouble also. Most people do not go to jail for tax return violations unless they are very very bad. Tax court would probably have given them a large bill with interest but by putting it in federal court they were jailed. This is a injustice to begin with on those charges. In either case this has nothing to do with the Mueller investigation except attempts to extort testimony from them to incriminate President Trump it did not happen. Honestly I hope Trump comutes their prison time once Mueller’s report if finalized.

      • Snott27 you referenced in another post that I’m armed. What does that have to do with anything.? I’m no threat to anyone. I’ll make a deal with everyone. Don’t try to harm me or mine and everything’s ok. You was posting to M when you mentioned that.

    • Slight spelling error there Dan, it should be Trump is whining again, not winNing. The main whines continuously about the media, or Sessions, or the FBI, or Mueller or the fact that Sessions will not let Republican criminals like Hunter and Collins off the hook with a break, or that someone had put out an anonymous op-ed about him, or Woodward, whom he called a “credible journalist” found his staff sees him as an “idiot who is off the rails and dangerous” or that it fits all the other people who have left the Trump administration, like Tillerson who said Trump is a “f**king moron. Trump likes to play a bully, but he is pretty much a wuss who only claimed he had bone spurs among his many deferments, and cannot stand up to even Putin.

      • Interesting. His staff dented that. Your asswipe odumbass was a class A fool
        I know you think you’re better than us working class but we are the ruling class We have you all outnumbered. You have shown us you think your shit don’t stink. Your putdowns of people without professional degrees are stupid shows these so called universities are Marxist shitholes. I wouldn’t make it there. The 1st snowflake that challenged me for supporting Trump would tote an ass whipping. I wouldn’t start it, but I would finish it. These assholes at Berkeley hasn’t met a real redneck.

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Why do people call Obumer President? He’s not! Trump is. Here’s another card up Trump’s sleeve. It’s called remove Sessions and replace him with Judge Jeanine Pirro. To charge these fool’s. Because Sessions isn’t doing have squar! With both cards the Demorat’s are truely fone! Stick a fork in them! That should shut all these Demonrat minion’s up permanently! If that happens? Life’s Good!

    • They already are making him pay that money back from that airliner fuul of money to Irsn! About 4 billion dollars worth I think? All I know it’s a lot of money! I read it awhile back! About 2 weeks ago? I m sure it’s not million’s? They talked about tons of money!

  9. We deserve to see everything! This has gone on long enough and it’s time we see the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth! Let’s see how the lunatic left tried to explain away the crimes committed in their orchestrated interfering in a presidential campaign, then their ongoing attempt at a soft coup!

    • And let’s start with drumpf’s taxes. You want to see the whole truth? Let’s see all of the current adminstration’s truth. Then we can compare who was really taking the American people to the cleaners. I doubt you could handle that truth.

      • You imbicile! That figures? No proof of anything or Fact’s?Just pure nonsense and crap! Dilusional dick mental case’s! Demented polutted mind’s! You have nothing anyone wants to here Sicko!

        • All I was suggesting Felipe, is that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander… if we are going to expose all, then why shouldn’t it be on both sides? Anything less would create a false perspective. And, please, invest in a dictionary. Thanks.

  10. The deep state the hidden society that colluded with Russia to get cadet bone spurs elected so they can take him down. Your conspiracy theories crack me up

  11. Declassification of the documents also must include the August 2 , 2017 memo to Mueller Which covered the Revised July 2017 warrant to raid Michael Cohen’s office , home and hotel room. Without the reason for raiding an attorneys files we voters want receive the true picture for Rosenstien covering his and Mueller A$$

    • Lets throw in Hillaries emails, Obama’s refusal to help the Benghazi troops, the collusion of the Russians and Clintons to sell our Uranium supplies, the official records of what connection that the ever increasing toll of bodies that follow the Clintons, the IQ records of Maxine “Impeach” Waters, her illegal activity with campaign funds going to her daughter for taking the mail to the post office and her actions to save her husbands failing bank, ohhhhhh, the list is endless with the Democrats

  12. why who are you going to get the truth from if you expect it from trump i dont think he knows what the truth is because has lied so much that he couldnt find his way back to the truth with a road map and gps

    • Bologna. That is Obama, Clinton, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and their minions. Unfortunately for Mueller, he is digging this all out and exposing who the real liars and traitors are. Eighteen “Classified” documents on Weiner’s laptop alone; so far. Guess this is what Clinton meant by “Oh my God, they will hang us all”.

      This is a video of what the Democrats/Liberals (“deep state”) are up to. Fear mongering, making people falsely feel guilty, division, and invasion. We are literally in a fight to preserve our values, culture, freedoms and even our lives. They are traitors to their own people and have no business being in any part of the government.

      • The Clintons qualify for consideration as the most CORRUPT ever in our government.
        Lots of competition for that title. Lyndon Johnson is right there with the Clintons.
        Read: “A Texan Looks At Lyndon.” LBJ another who was pure evil.
        A very enlightening read: Richard Belzer’s “Hit List.” Truth and fact can be tough.

      • I still haven’t heard of and certainly haven’t seen a certified,valid, legal B.H. Obama birth certificate. There have been and exists testimony and published data showing BHO being from (born in) Kenya. Nothing verifiable at all either verbal or printed documentation BHO was born in the USA.
        If you know of and can show or direct me to such documented PROOF of BHO born in America PLEASE let me know. I’ll check back for a reply.

        • George, I am going to take you at your word that you are genuinely interested in the Truth. Back when such con men at Donny Trump kept making the claim, Obama had his FULL legitimate and certified Birth certificate posted on the internet and several networks covered it. Then, you must add that when Barack was born in Honolulu, it was announced in the Honolulu paper at the time under births – – why would they fraudulate it since they had no idea this baby would become a president? Check the Honolulu (I think Times is the name) newspaper, go back in their archives.

          Let me add one more thing. Despite Trump’s professed wealth, he has never produced one shred of evidence of a Kenyon birth, just like he has never produced a shred of evidence that Barack was a poor student as he claimed to be looking for his transcripts. Barack not only did great at Columbia, but got into the best law school in America (Harvard) ANED, more importantly, became the creme de la creme, the editor of the Harvard law review. Obama is one of the most accomplished president we have ever had. Now contrast this with Trump, who along with the Obama birther scam, was running a giant scam called Trump “university” which was filled with lies and fraud and which Trump had to pay back defrauded students $25 MILLION. Did you know that the first time Trump got into Forbes richest people it was all fraud by Trump who claimed he was worth over $100 million when they discovered he was maybe worth about $5 million? Trump is a total fraud, if he caught a minnow, he would claim he caught a whale.

      • About democracy. A pure democracy is MOB RULE soon to degenerate into a
        totalitarian oligarchy. Our Founders understood and formed a REPUBLIC.
        Read: “Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy.”

  13. Thank God, Pres. Donald J. Trump the corruption and crooked DISGRACE, FAILED, PATHOLOGICAL SERIAL LIAR, HUNGRY OF POWER, SHAMELESS, HUNGRY OF POWER & MONEY, COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION WILL BE EXPOSED AND OBAMA’S CONSPIRACY TO THIS EFFECT. Obama, watched your words, it will all come back to you, this is the true conspiracy, you are so shameless that you want to take the Credit from our Pres. Donald J. Trump, God’s gift to America. Hopefully the corruptions of your Obama legacy will soon be exposed to the American Taxpayers. Pay back failed Obama, you just have to go back to hell, where you and Michele belongs. Woman voted to Pres. Donald J. Trump with their conscience, because hitlery Clinton are the same as you, corrupt, crooked, failure, pathological serial liar, shameless, disgrace. Really “birds of the same feather “F” together.

    • Trump is the only thing stopping their real agenda; that is why they attack him 24/7. This is a video of what the Democrats/Liberals (“deep state”) are up to. Fear mongering, making people falsely feel guilty, division, and invasion. We are literally in a fight to preserve our values, culture, freedoms and even our lives. They are traitors to their own people and have no business being in any part of the government.

  14. yes do it now, KICK SOME COMMUNIST ASSES, DECLASSIY everything, make it so these deep state sh$$t heads can,t go any where without people knowing their shame, and their level of TRAITORS they are.

  15. just do it , isn’t that what nike says , and shut them up finally ,i’m sure that will blow their minds , using their solgan against them

    • and its about time. The pres is constantly on the defensive. He needs to get on the offense. This declassification is a good start. Next, he needs to fire Sessions and Rosenstein. Then he needs to indict Mueller for his illegal witch hunt and get that scumbag scrambling to save his own ass. Put him on the defensive. Great to see the Prez is going to use military to build the wall and use military funds to do it. It can be paid back later when the dems finally cave in and allot the billions that Trump is asking for.

  16. We need to get rid of the lying liberals and Democrats so you can do your job!!put these crooked people in jail and forget them!! I’m tired of their lies and hurting our country because they are all cockroaches!!thank God you are a wonderful president!!

    • I agree, do it! It will bring an end to it all, and will only add charges of obstruction of justice on to Trump. The choosing to declassify specific documents only to try of get you out of legal trouble is just one more instance of Trump interfering with a legal investigation and will help to provide even more evidence this man is following in the footsteps of Richard Nixon whose actions like this got him into such legal trouble, he had to resign. Do it!!!

  17. May the light of truth shine upon the darkness where liberal cockroaches scuttle hurriedly into the holes …

    Well, I think we need a RAID can.

    We the People have the right to know the truth. No more corruption. No political dynasties. No more unlimited terms.


    • Man From Grey – Oh brother! Here’s a thought: Just spitballing here, but if Flynn is guilty, Manafort is guilty, Cohen is guilty, Papadopoulos is guilty……..maybe, just maybe………Trump is also guilty? Show me evidence that he’s not.

      • Man from Grey they haven’t shown evidence President Trump is guilty. Senator burr from NC has been on the investigating commitee for 19 months. He reported today there is no evidence.

        • I’ll wait for Mueller’s report, thank you! Burr has no idea about Mueller’s report either. Mueller has more support today than Trump! Trump is 36%; Mueller is 50%. Probably not a good sign for the corrupt politician.

          • Why heavily redacted documents from FBI? Aren’t we for the truth?

            Didn’t the congressional committee ask for these documents?

          • Are you, too, paid by Democracy Matters? Seems if something were to happen to America’s greatest President, you would be back on welfare.

          • Diane, again you are correct on your data but with only one change. The gap is wider than that, with 50% of national poll with favorable assessment of Mueller, and only 30% (thirty) favorable on Trump. It is going down on Trump quickly, with every conviction of his people.

        • Yeah, but Diane is still crossing her fingers for Mueller. Must be the Trump Derangement Syndrome virus.

          Hey, did you read today article that a college professor shot himself in the arm? Another TDS victim. Yep.

          • Man From Grey… you do realize the term/concept of Trump Derangement Syndrome is about as Orwellian as you can get, right? And I’m still betting if mr. drumpf held up four fingers and told you it was three, you’d believe him.

        • Diane, glad you have joined us again, because you have a lot of sense to share that is SO rare here!!! You make an excellent point that with all Trump people (six to date) have admitted or been found guilty, you have to admit the boss of all of them has to be dirty. I mean Trump while running his corp. had to approve of all spending $5,000 or over — you think that he let Don Jr. and Jared go to meet with reps from the Russian government go to the Trump Tower meeting without knowing about it? Even his lawyer of 10 years, said he knew in advance.

          I don’t think it is the job, though, to prove someone innocent. So, I will lay out the evidence we already know about Trump’s GUILT (Mueller will have tons of materials beyond what we know now).
          #1. the Trump Tower meeting June 2016. Trump lied about it, and participated in the cover-up (one Air Force one with Hope Hicks) that the meeting was about Russian adoptions. So, Don Jr. is already guilty of lying to a government agent about it — which Don Sr. complicit.
          #2. we have Don Jr.s emails to and from him that make it clear that he knew that this was sensitive information coming from reps of the Russian government. Getting opposition dirt is not illegal UNLESS it involves a foreign nation, then even Nunes in a recorded session said it was illegal.
          #3. Trump in his foolishness in one of his tweets, stated that the Trump Tower meeting was for “getting dirt on Hillary” (not for adoptions), which threw both Don Jr. and Jared into legal conspiracy against the USA election.
          #4. Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator with Cohen on Cohen’s two convictions to violate campaign laws. PLUS
          #5, Trump, again foolishly, in a Fox interview, admitted he paid Cohen back for payoffs to mistresses, through the Trump organization, which means it not only includes campaign fraud, but most likely TAX fraud also.
          #6. Trump’s continual obstructions of justice. Trump, again because he cannot keep his mouth shut, admitted in a Lester Holt NBC interview that he fired Comey “for the Russian probe” and for no other reason. That is, blatantly, obstruction of justice, admitted in his own words.

          And all that is just the start of Trump’s numerous law violations.

          • Excellent; along with Diane, I’m glad to see yet another person here with an adult brain capable of critical thought. Thank you.

          • Dr. Pehhaps she will let you and snott27 come and see her. You 2 could flip a quarter to decide who gets sloppy 2nds.


        • NOWFOXYLADY, Dr. j. D., Diane, and Scott27 all the same paid troll. These alter egos live to make conservatives angry so they will reply directly to them and they can get paid. To reply, use the
          reply button at bottom of somone else’s
          comment or start a new comment and state the name so people will know who
          your message is addressing. They will not get paid if you reply in this way.

      • Priduce evidence he is guilty? You can’t! can you? Keep talking we can’t hear you? What? Keep widhful thinking? Your lynching party is almost over? With no lynching! All you speak if are Mueller’s escapades way off base. Which have nothing to do with Russian Collusion? So you think your a smart ass? Oops! Yeah! You keep drinking that cool-aid yourself!

  18. PLEASE, Mr. President Trump, PLEASE, do declassify all of the documents pertaining to the election of 2016 from the crooked and corrupt CIA, FBI, and the DOJ’s departments, so that every American citizen can see how crooked and corrupt these department’s were and still are. Every citizen needs to know whether we can trust these departments when they are doing any type of investigation, whether, it is on any American citizen, or whether, it is on the White House, on the President, and his family, and whether they are investigating the Vice President and his whole staff and his family as well.

    Mr. President Trump, I have more faith in you and your whole administration better than I had with former Obama for those miserable 8 years that he was in office.

    You and your whole staff and your whole administration have done more since you have been in office, than when former Obama was there for 8 years. He didn’t care about the American people at all. He more less talked down to us, as if we were children.

    Mr. President Trump, you understand us better, and you talk to us and with us like normal people.

    Again, Mr. President Trump, PLEASE, PLEASE declassify all of those documents so that the American citizens can view every document and then we can make up our decision on who we can trust. Then once that is done, PLEASE, appoint another separate SPECIAL COUNSELLOR to prosecute everyone that was and is involved in all of this crooked and corrupt investigations, then lock them up in prison and throw away the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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