Donald Trump has one military ace in the hole that will take Black Lives Matter by surprise

Black Lives Matter protests are now in their fourth week.

The demonstrations have grown more violent as rioters now destroy statues in acts of domestic terrorism.

But Donald Trump has one military ace in the hole that will take Black Lives Matter by surprise.

This past week, a band of domestic terrorists tried to tear down a statue of former President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park right across from the White House.

Police showed up and dispersed the mob.

But Black Lives Matter soon targeted a statue in Washington, D.C. of President Abraham Lincoln and a newly freed slave rising out of bondage that honors emancipation.

Freed slaves paid for the statue and Frederick Douglass delivered remarks at in inaugural viewing.

That did not matter to the band of domestic terrorists who want a cultural revolution.

To stop this madness Donald Trump has once again called in the National Guard to restore order to anarchy.

“On June 23, at the request of the Secretary of the Interior, and with the approval of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army activated roughly 400 members of the DC National Guard to support the National Park Police in a civil disturbance and security role around the District,” Defense spokesman LTC Chris Mitchell told The Daily Caller in an exclusive statement.

The Guard is waiting in reserve and can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

The Daily Caller also reported that “Mitchell added that troops have not yet been dispatched to ‘actual monument locations’ and ‘remain on standby at the DC Armory’ through July 8, 2020.

“He further clarified that all troops ‘will not be armed, and will serve as a uniformed deterrence and crowd management capacity to maintain closures and restricted areas.’”

Donald Trump has talked about restoring law and order.

This one concrete step toward making good on that vow.

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