Donald Trump has one military ace in the hole that will take Black Lives Matter by surprise

Black Lives Matter protests are now in their fourth week.

The demonstrations have grown more violent as rioters now destroy statues in acts of domestic terrorism.

But Donald Trump has one military ace in the hole that will take Black Lives Matter by surprise.

This past week, a band of domestic terrorists tried to tear down a statue of former President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park right across from the White House.

Police showed up and dispersed the mob.

But Black Lives Matter soon targeted a statue in Washington, D.C. of President Abraham Lincoln and a newly freed slave rising out of bondage that honors emancipation.

Freed slaves paid for the statue and Frederick Douglass delivered remarks at in inaugural viewing.

That did not matter to the band of domestic terrorists who want a cultural revolution.

To stop this madness Donald Trump has once again called in the National Guard to restore order to anarchy.

“On June 23, at the request of the Secretary of the Interior, and with the approval of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army activated roughly 400 members of the DC National Guard to support the National Park Police in a civil disturbance and security role around the District,” Defense spokesman LTC Chris Mitchell told The Daily Caller in an exclusive statement.

The Guard is waiting in reserve and can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

The Daily Caller also reported that “Mitchell added that troops have not yet been dispatched to ‘actual monument locations’ and ‘remain on standby at the DC Armory’ through July 8, 2020.

“He further clarified that all troops ‘will not be armed, and will serve as a uniformed deterrence and crowd management capacity to maintain closures and restricted areas.’”

Donald Trump has talked about restoring law and order.

This one concrete step toward making good on that vow.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. I see none of my comments are posted. So, the Liberals are encroaching on our freedom to write now. !!!I will report this to someone, maybe the FBI. They are not all corrupt, yet.

  3. Where is the comment I just posted ? This is America, not Venezula !! I am disgusted by the power and control that google has over our truthful comments.

  4. Monty Jackson what makes you think that we are KKK and/or nazis? You libturds are so damned stupid. Just like the fake Dan ass hole. Lol. You people are the fascists with the bullying and acts of violence. But know this dick head. You fools f—k with a truck you’re going to get ran over. And you idiots think that we would let commie bastards like your crowd govern us. You’re crazy as hell.

  5. monty, it is the dems who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK. It is the dems who are racist. Most conservatives are Christians. God created and loves all races. But you deny God and His truth. sad

  6. monty, you have no clue of the truth, just satan’s lies. The dem party has thrown God out and follows satan. They, and you, have only hate and lies. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. You have chosen satan. God wins. You lose

  7. Fluffy Pillow Five I challenge you to attend a KKK meeting and do the same thing tell them they are terrorist and see if you walk out alive.

  8. BJ so are the white nationalist and neo-Nazi’s that support tRUMP they ae terrorist to don’t you agree.

  9. Fake Dan, its your party that wants to silence free speech, not Trump.
    Go to one of your party’s BLM riots and denounce BLM for the terrorist organization it is and see what happens to your 1st amendment right. You will get the crap beat out of you.

  10. Another fake Dan, because they get their butt hurt & whine like Monty the limb chump…

  11. Bryant Lucas….YOU sound just like your leader….If one has a different viewpoint he wants to SILENCE there freedom of speech. Mr Trump “claims” he wants ALL Americans to prosper (not that’s a line of BS) Just look at the past week with Boltons book and his nieces book coming out. What did/is he trying to do??? Suppress them?? WHY??? If he has NOTHING to hide, what’s the problem?? The problem is “Don the Con Artist has PLENTY to hide….Bye Bye Trump come Nov.

  12. Monty, you are a fool. And James 75th is racist?? Name one thing he said that is racist. BLM is a terrorist group that does not care about anything but power. That is not racist. That is the TRUTH. Truth is never racist. And you can deny the truth, but that does not change it. It is the dems who are racist. Look no farther than your own sick, hate-filled, violent party for racism

  13. James 75 Regiment I would but she is buried in texas. So you got out before you were fired because of your racist views.

  14. Monty Jackson how would you know which James to report? Keep blowing smoke buckwheat. James’s department probably has hundreds of men called James. You lefties like to use fear and smear. Good luck porch monkey.

  15. Call your mother _umdrop, I don’t care who you call. I retired three weeks ago hood rat…

  16. So James 75 Regiment are you a DPS officer you see how your brothers are losing jobs over making racist posts on Monday I am going to call the DPS and complain about you.

  17. Shouldn’t it had read the “a$$hole believes he may have an ace in the hole!!! Please remember the “self proclaimed great one” prediction on Covid “magically” disappearing. That’s not panning out is it???

  18. There’s always collateral damage in the combat zone, but it doesn’t count when your taking out thugs who are cowards…Be careful, Zulu nation will be no longer…

  19. We need to take the focus off BLM which are the foot soldiers of the democrat party and focus on the democrat party itself which is orchestrating all the riots and funding it.
    We need to get out and vote. We need to make sure democrats don’t get into the white house, and we need to take back the house. If we do not win in November then none of this matters because the country is already lost to the communists.
    BLM is to the democrats what the Khmer Rouge was to Pol Pot. We need to go after the head, not the body.

  20. Hey Robert you better hope they don’t miss and hit you. Have you thought about the collateral damage or is that ok with you because it would be lesson to the rest of the american population.

  21. gunships flying over the riot areas armed with 50 caliber machine guns with men not afraid to use them.

  22. Weapons should be IMMEDIATELY available to the Guardsmen on site for the eventuality of serious violence by BLM. Time to bust head and frog march the hoodlums (black, brown, white or pink) off to jail.

  23. BLM with stolen guns and the intelligence of a spider monkey…Perfect… Come on out & play, you will be in the cities sewers trying to figure out how to escape.

  24. Unarmed that is stupid. Do you think the BLM is not going to armed.HELLO someone better get there head out of there ass or bring a lot of body bags .

  25. Monty it’s the hood rats talking war. I only know what’s being said. I have never done anything to a black but I’m not talking any sh&t. I will protect me and mine.

  26. Big thing is these BLM REFUSE TO be responsible for their own actions! Yes they go to the polls and keep checking the dam DEMOCRAT box! Only to screw themselves another four years! TRUMP is the only President that try to help them! Bottom lines is TAKE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHOICE YOU MAKE! ONLY YOU CAN FIX THAT!

  27. Got your guns all oiled up Dan. You are probably think BLM is going to march into your town like the last time all of you got punked by social media that busses loaded with protesters were coming to your hole in the wall small towns. By the way if they had pulled down my cousins statute so what.

  28. I personally agree with ALL of you that said that the Guardsmen have the right to defend themselves. The BLM has proven that they will not hesitate to murder innocent people.- AGAIN I turn to our Mighty FATHER to protect these Guardsmen as they serve all of us and their country. In this time of Satan’s terror. I pray in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus. AMEN

  29. bj you are quite correct. ALL EVIL will be removed when Christ Jesus returns to rule with a rod of iron. I say come Jesus come. However, for the immediate future, ALL Christians must pray unceasingly That cooler heads rule and that us Christians stay strong and stand up to Satans ignorant slaves. Wherever they rise there evil ugly heads. I pray in Jesus’Name AMEN

  30. BLM is a terrorist organization and they all need to be removed from our society. They are doing satan’s bidding and will be removed permanently when Jesus returns to rule

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