Donald Trump has one trick up his sleeve that Hillary Clinton is going to hate

Hillary Clinton and her Deep State allies have been hounding Donald Trump ever since he became the Republican nominee for President.

But as President, Trump is starting to fight back.

And he has one trick up his sleeve that could devastate Clinton and the Deep State in one fell swoop.

The Trump administration has sent signals that it is examining revoking the security clearances of Deep State agents like James Clapper and John Brennan.

But there is another rogue actor that should see their security clearance yanked.

Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was clearly guilty of mishandling classified information on her private server.

Then FBI Director James Comey allowed her to walk away unscathed out of partisan bias.

Now experts in the field are stating that Clinton can be held accountable for her wrongdoing by having her security clearance pulled.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Frankly, I was shocked that Hillary, the chief culprit, was omitted,” retired Col. James Williamson told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Williamson, who was in special operations for 30 years and has held a top-level security since 1982, is president of OSPEC, a nonpartisan organization representing retired special forces and intelligence community officials.

“There is more than ample evidence that Hillary Clinton committed, whether its gross negligence, or, as [former FBI Director James] Comey would like to say, extreme carelessness,” Williamson told TheDCNF. “Just from the documented evidence, there was enough to prosecute. If there’s evidence to prosecute, then there’s certainly grounds to pull somebody’s clearance.”

A second former military officer also seconded retired Col. Williamson’s recommendation that Clinton be stripped of her security clearance.

The Daily Caller added:

OSPEC Vice President retired Col. James Waurishuk agreed.

Clinton “moved classified information from the State Department to a private server,” Waurishuk, who served on the National Security Council and on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told TheDCNF. “Her clearance should have been immediately revoked and proper action taken to have her removed. She still carries that crime.”

“She was a risk,” he continued. “That is one of the things you look at. Is this person a risk? And yes, she was a risk. From that standpoint, she should have her clearance revoked.”

Do you think Donald Trump should revoke Hillary Clinton’s security clearance?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. YES!, President Trump should revoke her security clearances along with everybody else’s that he is getting advise on about revoking everybody that was involved with this stupid Russia Collusion that Hillary Clinton and all of the crooked and corrupt Democrats set-up to start with.

    Hillary Clinton, is NO DAMN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t think for a minute, that she is a perfect angel, because she is just as hateful and crooked and corrupt as her husband, along with former Obama and his whole administration, and former first lady Obama.

    They all need to have their Security Clearances revoked for good, and never let them have them ever again.

    President Trump, PLEASE, PLEASE, do revoke her Security Clearances NOW, ONCE and FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will start with helping with draining the corrupt and crooked Democrats and THE DEEP STATE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No question, it should have been done long, long ago!! Do it ASAP!! She is a danger to this country, along with the others mentioned. Especially with the total hatred they all have for the President, they would do ANYTHING possible to hurt him, not even caring if it hurt the country and it’s people! Sad situation when they hate the president more than they love this country!!

  3. She should have her security clearance revoked, her passport revoked and should be sitting in prison for crimes against our country

  4. Since she should clearly be imprisoned, OF COURSE HER SECURITY CLEARANCE SHOULD BE REVOKED ASSP!
    This corrupt thing is as bad as they come. She’s thirsty & hungry for the ultimate power of being POTUS. I personally would not trust her on any level at any time.

  5. Am i understanding Correctly, according to the ink above,
    THAT hillary Security Clearance HAS NOT been Dissolved.
    > Kidding me etc ??? No Way_ Please, NO WAY.
    > Clapper/Brennan et al re High Security Level NOT Dissolved???
    >OMG POTUS/Advisors = Please, ‘Get W/ Protocol’ ASAP,
    &&& lika Yesterday Already. Thank you.

  6. Bradley Manning was serving a 35 year sentence when now (Thank God)Ex-President Obama pardoned Chelsey Manning (same person, taxpayers paid for the transition).

  7. Amen ????????! Obama, both the Clintons, Clapper, et al, NEED their security clearances yanked. What right do they have to keep them when they do not even work for the Government anymore?

  8. Hillary Clinton holds no public office so what in the heck is she doing with a top
    secret security clearance? She has been shown to be “extremely careless” in handling
    sensitive classified materials. She obviously cannot be trusted now. She is seriously
    compromised. People that are no longer in office should not have any top secret
    clearances. Especially those who are working to undermine our POTUS. When you leave a
    job, they make you empty your desk and turn in your badge and key. This is so much
    more than that. The security of the United States should be our top priority.

  9. Amen!
    My only hope is the longer they wait the longer she will be in a jumpsuit. If not in this lifetime perhaps in the next.

  10. Who in their right mind gives access to classified material to the ENEMY! These people are no longer in the government and they shouldn’t have access to classified materials. No wonder,you can’t control the leaks and the deep state. This is all so crazy it ought to be a Stephen King book. If someone has the power to revolk their clearances, it should have been done the day the door smacked them on the ass on their way out! No wonder this nation is in the sad shape that its in. Giving classified information to the very people that are trying to tear down the nation, that is beyond insane! Revolk all clearances now, that may be the first step for truly draining the swamp! MAGA and truly crush these idiots in November!

  11. I am sick to death of all the stupid talk. Why hasn’t someone with some sense in their brain already pulled their security clearances. I have decided that nothing will ever be done about their crimes.

  12. I can’t even begin to count the number of articles they claim that the head of the clinton Crime Family will go to jail, will be called out on, or made to regret her actions. My only question is WHEN? It has been TWO YEARS and nothing has happened or has even begun to happen. If this was one of our lowly Military or Civilians who miss-handled Classified Material the way princess hillary did they would already be starting year three of their 10 Year prison term.

  13. I absolutely agree! All those radical democrats including Holder and whoever was in the Obama admin. The hold overs in the White House need to go also.

  14. Yes he should and Bill linton’s also. Why do they still have that is beyond me. I would have jerked all of them as soon as they were gone. They don’t need them for a job so why do they have them still? All those that were fire neeed to lose them like a few months ago.

  15. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION


  16. Hillary Security Clearance should have been canceled long ago.
    She is not fit for public service of any kind.

  17. Absolutely! Can’t believe it is not done automatically as they leave their government job. It’s the same as keeping the keys to the bank when you retire.

  18. All those people in past administrations should not have any security clearances. They are a private citizen just like me and should not have any security from the government.

  19. That is why we elected Donald Trump to find out the about the government corruption. All of Muslum Obama administration should have their security clearance revoked. They all have lied to congress and to the FBI liars themselves.

  20. All the people who are no longer in office should have their security pulled. There is no reason to let them keep it. The only people to carry security clearances should be those currently in office. We wondered where all these leaks were coming from, now we know. All these deep state democrats who still have clearance are the ones spreading the lies and causing trouble. Take it away from them all.

  21. If you have a government job that requires a security clearance, then you should have one. If you know longer work for the government, be you are retired, or fired, your security clearance should be terminated. If after you are know longer working for the government, and you tell people classified information, or discus it then you should be arrested, and sent to the high plains of Kansas, Leavenworth.


  22. I trust you are NOT implying that our great President had anything to do with the treasonous activities of that lying democrat Hillary Clinton. She has abused her privileges in that she should have NO security clearance except to do jail time. I would be happy to see her and her colleagues in those beautiful orange jump suits with PRISONER imprinted on their back and her special “number” where her shirt pocket should normally be. The more I think about it, the more I like it!

  23. I shouldn’t continue to have security clearance when you are no longer in that position either.

  24. The only way to drain the swamp is to prosecute all of them and before that happens revoke their security clearances. Make an example of them all that this will no longer be tolerated throughout the Government. We did not elect you people for your opinions on what you want done. Stop reading between the lines.

  25. It’s truly amazing, all the things we are finding out about our corrupt government that have been going on for years and years–since Our President took office!

  26. N O B O D Y should have clearance after they leave office! If they legitimately need any secure info (and why should they?) they can get it from someone who currently has clearance IF they are found to need it legitimately.

  27. My wife said that we don’t hang people anymore who said vigilantes were wrong. If you don’t cut the head off of a snake then and you make friends with it your a fool. Turn your back and you’re history. Jail isn’t good enough. I gotta rope.

  28. POTUS should yank ANY AND ALL Obama holdovers, including Obama, Clinton (Hillery & Bill) and the rest of the “snakes” that still dwell in the swamp! After all, POTUS did promise to “drain the swamp”! So, DO IT!!!!!

  29. Yes, she should be removed from any government information and she should be legally charged for her wrongdoing and placed on trial. They all need to be held accountable, they have enough information on them that a good lawyer could put them in jail.

  30. This needs to be changed , once they are out of office that should be taken away that second . It is for the military . who has the power to to change this . This is just an invite for a lot of BS to happen for no reason . Change this NOW !!!!!

  31. Any one found corrupting our Government should have their Security Clearance pulled … Democrats & some Republicans are dancing around to cover each others backs , trying to cover the corruption … Anyone Found tied up in this corruption should be tried for TREASON , IMMEDIATELY FIRED & their Security Clearance revoked … These people are being bought by George Sorros & THE CLINTON are at the top of the list … Clinton needs to go to jail , Mueller needs to be fired & on down the list … We put term limits on the President , the rest of the White House should have term limits too …No more than 10 years MAX !!!!!

  32. After what Hillary did with her private computer system while serving as Secretary of State – she should have lost her security clearance a long time ago – as Comey stated – she was careless – reckless with Top Secret / classified information – we now know her computer system – as well as her buddy John Podesta’s computer – was hacked into by countries hostile to the US – we are investigating about Russian collusion / meddling / hacking into our election – Hillary opened the door to her system, which she set up and used to keep her crooked / corrupt wheeling / dealing hidden from governmental scrutiny – Obama knew she had a private computer system – they both should be held accountable for that as well as what they let happen at Benghazi and deaths of four brave Americans .

  33. Jailed decades ago………When she perjured herself in the trial of Nixon, then again when questioned by the DOJ……….She also committed TREASON when supplying the muslim military with weapons against our military…….Obama & HC both did that act………

  34. Very few people from the past administration should keep their clearances. I could see the President and Vice President and maybe the secretary of state. All others if they are not retained in the new administration should lose them or at least have to re-apply and be vetted again.

  35. DUH…should have been done the first day in office……….all the traitors in DOJ AND FBI ETC……d

  36. When Trump was sworn in, Hillary should have had her clearance pulled at that time. It wasnt done because all the snakes in the swamp thought she would win. Hillary should have been Jailed at least a year ago.

  37. I would to see Hillary’s security clearance revoked along with Brennan, Clapper, Obama and rest of the people that were targeted. he should also revoke Mueller’s and Rosenstein’s clearances too. Then we will see how the liberals who having been trying to frame Trump and remove him from office react. it should be interesting.

  38. I don’t understand why the President did NOT remove the clearances on the second day he was in office. NOW immediately.

  39. I don’t understand why the president hasn’t done this from the very beginning. I’m sure he has advisors telling him it would not look good or some other nonsense. If that’s true his advisors are not serving him well. In his own words I say “what have you got to lose?”. Do it now and let the chips fall where they may. Is he afraid of getting bad press?(that’s a joke).

  40. Of course her security clearance should be pulled. Why should she have clearance in the first place?


  42. I completely agree! End security clearance when position ends! Why was/is she still cleared, anyway!??
    And Obamas should be on that list!

  43. The USA has change over my 75 years. Former President Nixon made a mistake but had the integria to resign. Former President Clinton had sex in the Oval office an offence that anyone in industry would be fired. The sex is his business. The sex in the Oval Office is unforgivable. Plus all the young learned about oral sex. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton but the USA national security at risk by breaking the law and nothing happens. I known JE Hover was no Saint but the FBI was respected and enforced the Law. It is criminal that the FBI is political and not enforcing laws. Ms Stewart went to Jail for something Congress Person having doing for years. Agin were is the Justice to the American people. Yes Hilary Clinton and all the members of the Dark side should lose their clearance PS the postesting football folks should unload a few of fallen military.

  44. That security clearance should have been pulled years ago. You know the liar has used it during this period of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Her clearance should have been revoked upon her debriefing by State Dept. (assuming a proper debrief was ever conducted–which appears questionable), and most certainly following the Comey missive. And if that’s not enough, immediately following the findings of TS/SCI on her home-brewed unprotected computer system by DoJ and IG. The litmus tests for revoking a person’s security clearance (at any point in time) are many, but primarily has to do with honesty, integrity, truthfulness, coupled with the safe handling of classified information (fails in all cases).

  46. I say pull her security clearance and brand a big “T” on her forehead. Then throw her in jail and lose the key.

  47. POTUS should announce in a news conference that if anyone in his family or administration is harmed or killed. The Clinton Cartel will be investigated and hounded until evidence is gathered and the guilty parties prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Then POTUS and administration should proceed to revoke security clearances and bring guilty people to justice. And, Congress must not “obstruct”. Plain and simply, if Republican House and Senate would be as strong and stand together as the Dem liberals do, just think of the agenda success possible! Right? Right.

  48. She has lied under oath and violated the espionage act. Why is she still loose ????!!!!
    Because the AG will do nothing about it.
    Time to “re-boot” the DOJ !!!!

  49. Yes, yes, yes…your comment is right on! Take away all their security clearances NOW!!
    Perhaps that will do the trick! God bless President Trump and God bless America!

  50. I agree. Brings to mind a Jerry Seinfield episode,
    where George shows up to meetings at work, after being
    fired from his job.

  51. She’s been Security risk for over a year. She may soon be a flight risk as both her and Bill will look for sanctuary in another country.

  52. And if they passed classified information on to unauthorized persons who did not have a clearance and a need to know they have committed a security violation.

  53. She should have been in prison by now! And when these dirty politicians leave their positions they security clearances should be revoked that same day! Why would they still need it!? Especially HIllary Clinton with a corruption record two miles long or longer!

  54. Yes it should be revoked and she should be tried for treason for the Bibgause thing.

  55. Yes, its about time that voices are heard and the DEED of removing those who committed these crimes are striped of the last thing attaching them to government and then and only then President Trump will began the move forward to drain the SWAMP. This country is built on truth and honesty and what he can do to these bad people will show Americans and other country leaders that America is open for good truth business and we will settle for nothing less. I know the DEMS have problems but to put them in charge of this country that we waited for change would take all the good things our President has given to us in 1 1/2 years If he can do so much in such a short time just think what he will do in 8 years. We finally have action. God Bless our president and our Country.

  56. It would do more damage to strip them of their security clearances. All the way down to our clearance, NONE. Taking them all to trial would take decades and Billions (with a B)

  57. If those with classified information followed the established rule, that you must have the ‘Need to Know’ to see classified information many of our problems would go away. Unfortunately, Washington DC is full of loud-mouths who practice Loose Lips Sink Ships. Like John Wayne once said – you can’t fix stupid and DC is filled with stupid morons

  58. Why do these people not have their clearance revoked already? They no longer have a government job and have no need of access to top secret information. Besides the Muleturd will give them any classified information they want.

  59. What is with all the “pussy” leadership in the GOP? So many are afraid to do the right thing. This has to stop now. Do the right thing and the American people will support and stand with you. Make Freedom ring, let the guilty pay. MAGA

  60. So true. Hopefully his secret service are up to the job. I think he is in danger most of the time but, not by a professional hit man.

  61. What makes her so SPECIAL that she requires clearances!!! I think she would look really good in a SPECIAL orange pantsuit!!! I say “LOCK HER UP”.

  62. No question about it they all need to be striped of there clearance no need for them to have it do it like yesterday remove it

  63. Seems to be rather flimsy to just pull their clearances: How about prosecution? They have betrayed this country in too many serious ways. Probably in other ways we haven’t even heard of yet, but the fact remains, they deserve prosecution for the crimes we already know about for the safety of the country!

  64. I was thinking that maybe trump was afraid to step on hillarys toes, because those that have stepped on her toes, have ended up dead in the woods.

  65. It seems to me that our powers that be, are just too lazy to take Hillary’s credentials away…..or could it be that they are all afraid of being killed, by Hillary’s hand!

  66. I think President Trump is and has been learning how the multiple levers of government work’s. Now I know President Trump understood the business side of government and now he has become enlighten regarding the judiciary side along with the intelligence side.

    Being a thoughtful man President Trump is weighing his best possible move to dismantle this rogue side of our government.

    Given how the President has caused the use of tariffs to American benefit. I know he will succeed in bringing these rogue bureacrats under control before they realize it has happened m

  67. Exactly! Why does she still have them. She should not even be able to have a dog catchers license, forgetting about our country clearance. Hillary is probably the biggest danger to our country.

  68. Yes, definitely revoke it now! Certainly have a good reason to do it given that it has been revealed through congressional hearings that she has mishandled sensitive high security information.

  69. President Trump should revoke everyone of their clearances. Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Comey, Susan Rice, and anyone else that still has their clearance, should not be able to contact any of their leftovers in the Government for any classified information.

    PLEASE< PRESIDENT TRUMP revoke their clearances NOW, A.S.A.P. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do not deserve to have special clearance to get any type of classified information, and then when President Trump makes a statement about whatever he is planning to do with any other foreign government or the president of another foreign country, that is his decision to make,and nobody else should make that decision.

    President Trump, REVOKE THEIR CLEARANCES NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Revoking Hillary’s clearance is a MUST!

    She’s now back to reap the money … again. The foreign money to rebuild her broken empire.

    There is NO reason for her to meddle in our government affairs.

    Where are the federal authorities that should be sent to Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary not to violate the Logan Act?

    The EU are resisting the Trump doctrine, thanks to them.

    It’s time to fix the wrongs in the wealth distribution: trade deficits, NATO expenses, freeloading programs for illegal aliens, etc.

  71. Hillary should be wearing orange and chirping like a jailbird should. What a disgraceful hypocrite she is.

  72. AreYou Kidding Me??? This Women Should Not be Allowed On Any Federal Grounds!!I Cannot Be- Leave She Has Any Kind Of Security Clearance!!?? She Could Blow This Country Up At Anytime!?

  73. Agree with Earl. As I recall from my Navy days, criteria for various levels of security clearance was “need to know”. No “need to know” no clearance.


  75. No inactive, prior administration official needs top secret clearances if not being used in the existing administration. All out going officials should automatically lose clearances and need to show just cause to retain those clearances when taking a private sector job that is critical to the existing administration views.


  76. Anyone that was part of the government and now is not in that same position should lose their security clearance. They are now private citizens and do not have any need for it.

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