Donald Trump has this ace up his sleeve that could hand him the election

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Donald Trump is searching for an edge to win the election.

He just found it in one unlikely place.

Now Donald Trump has this ace up his sleeve that could hand him the election.

The expected Presidential election rematch between Donald Trump and President Joe Biden is expected to come down to the wire once again.

Republicans believe they can swing the election to Trump by targeting low-turnout or disengaged voters to show up on Election Day and vote for him.

Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matt Boyle told Newsmax in an interview that those voters could decide the 2024 election.

“I want to get to this because you wrote an article here in Breitbart for, I want to say that, you know, the last election cycle was very close, you know, eked out by President Biden,” American Agenda co-host Bob Brooks said. “But you’re citing the fact that there is a group of over 4.5 million disengaged GOP voters. Explain this. What is going on? How does the RNC [Republican National Committee] reach out to them?”

“Yeah it’s not just game over, it’s lights out if Republicans are able to turn out even just 5% of those 4.5 million voters,” Boyle replied. “By the way, that’s 4.5 million across the 10 battleground states. So we’re talking about there’s many, many more millions than that.”

Getting these disengaged voters to show up to the polls is going to take a massive effort because they don’t have much interest in turning out to vote.

With the RNC facing a potential leadership change, Turning Point Action is filling the void by leading its own effort to target disengaged Republican voters.

Turning Point Action brought 75 county Republican chairs from the 100 biggest battleground counties across the country to the RNC’s winter meeting in Las Vegas to begin preparing to target these voters in the fall.

“If you’re looking at states like Georgia, it is 45 times the margin of the 2020 election if those voters turned out,” Boyle said of disengaged voters. “That’s the election right there.”

Turning Point Action’s Tyler Bowyer said that his group is defining disengaged voters as someone who didn’t vote in the 2016 or 2020 elections who are modeled as likely to vote Republican.

The group is targeting them in ten battleground states: Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, and Nevada. 

County Republican chairs in those states were given data to begin the process of targeting those voters to show up on Election Day by Turning Point Action.

“This is what the Left has targeted on their side,” Bowyer explained. “They are obsessed with what we call low-propensity or low-information or less-likely or disengaged voters. We have to try to squeeze out as many votes as possible to throw a monkey wrench into the Left’s moneyball game.”

Elections are a numbers game and the GOP could have a new pool of voters that could hand them battleground states.

Turning out these disengaged voters could be the key to returning Donald Trump to the White House.

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