Donald Trump has this ace up his sleeve that just guaranteed his re-election

The Democrats have no idea they are walking into trap.

Liberals think they have Donald Trump cornered as the 2020 election fast approaches.

But Donald Trump has this ace up his sleeve that just guaranteed his re-election.

When Donald Trump campaigned for President in 2016, he made building a wall along the southern border his signature campaign promise.

For the first two years of his presidency, pro-open border RINOs like Paul Ryan sabotaged any efforts to secure wall funding from Congress.

But last year, Donald Trump got the project on track by using his authority under the 1976 National Emergency Act to declare a state of emergency on the border, which allowed the President access to military construction funds to build the wall.

The administration is making substantial progress toward turning Trump’s campaign promise into reality.

In an interview with Breitbart at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf told Breitbart in an exclusive interview that the Trump administration was on pace to complete 700 miles of border wall.

“We are building the border wall system on the southwest border,” Wolf told Breitbart. “So, we have 126 new miles in the ground today, we have over 200 under construction, and another 400 in the pre-construction phase. So, this is new infrastructure, new capability on the southwest border that our border patrol agents have never had before, and it’s under this administration that we are building new wall systems along the southwest border.”

Building the wall would act as a huge boost to Trump’s re-election chances.

Incumbent presidents who fail to deliver on their signature promises – like George H.W. Bush breaking his “read my lips” pledge against tax increases – lose re-election.

President Trump looks ready to take his case to the American people that he promised to build a wall and that he delivered.

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  1. You idiots that don’t make over $800000.00 per year should wake up that’s who got 99% of that FAKE TAX CUT Wake Up Americans and vote your own wallet NOT DONALDS, The man has done nothing except be born to the right gravy train family, Why in the world would you want to use 12th century technology ( The Wall) in the 21st century? Wake Up!!!

  2. I have a slightly off-kilter question. Okay, Trump gets reelected….in 4 years when Mike starts his right years, could Trump be VP or does not factor into the two-term limit? Been a while since I was in scho!😘😘

    Democrats used to TAKE CARE OF AMERICAN FIRST.
    Will they change to PARTY OF THE INVADERS?

  4. Send us the Trump hats free and give us money too. Study the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Trump to make Christ work better for us. Donald Trump is our Good Personal Lord and Savior.

  5. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

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  6. A president who is a complete politician like president (father Bush) famous for “read my lips” makes good political promise but never deliver. A president like Donald J Trump famous for ” you’re fired ” is a businessman who makes promise and he delivers. I know Obama is a fake president. What do you think will happen if fake promises are made?.


  8. According to 538 Trump is trending down. His belief that the CV-19 is “mild” and most people can go to work is disproven by whole countries and companies that are closing down factories, schools, and travel. The stock market (not Democrats) are saying he is wrong and grossly understating the effect this will have on the economy. With a fatality rate of 3% or so, why risk it? Gotta use and follow SCIENCE, not “thoughts and prayers”.

  9. julio, we don’t care about your sick lies. You are truly braindead and you prove it every time you show up here

  10. I guess the rest of Julio’s family will be f##### the rest of his family and friends will not be coming here. Cause Trump is getting that wall done. Thank you Trump for thinking of us over them. Make are country the the greatest super power in the world. America first.

  11. bottom line get out and VOTE!! don’t think our President doesn’t need YOUR VOTE!! because he can’t loose, if WE ALL VOTE he will WIN !! get your friends, neighbors,mom,dads, you get the idea, get off your ASS and make a DIFFERANCE !! this message has been approved by our President Trump !! USA USA USA

  12. Bonnie we need a president like Trump. I don’t like people mincing words. I let my alligator mouth overload my hummingbird butt many times, but people always know where I stand. People like Trump will keep America winning while the cowardly politicians that go along to get along will hurt America more than help us.

  13. Yes, Trump may be rude and not mince words; kind of refreshing to hear TRUTH!! We, as a nation have been too insulated from TRUTH! It was a matter of time before someone like Trump opened our eyes and made us see that we need to get this country back on track; we don’t need to stick our noses into other countries and tell them how to run their countries when we are failing what is right in front of us! Wake up America, make US great again and don’t give in to the restrictions that democrats have put us under!

  14. Promises made….Promises kept…..what a concept ! DJT never said it would be easy but he has persevered and we are seeing the results. I believe most rational AMERICANS (note I did not say African-American, Latino American, White American, Asian American) see the progress this administration is making and can only imagine what this country would look like if the opposition Party (Democrats) worked closer together as a governing body.

  15. VOTE Trump 2020, Keep Senate RED 2020 and Must Turn Congress RED 2020! Otherwise USA in danger of High Taxes, Job Killing Trade Deals, Abortion on Demand even After Birth, Gun Confiscation, Open Boarders, No ICE, Sanctuary Cities, FREE Health Care for Illegals, Forever Investigations all compliments of Demorats

  16. America’s patriots spearheaded Trump’s 2016 win and will be a most important asset to bring Trump victory again in 2020. We must pray fervently and participate–volunteer to campaign, become poll watchers, and transport like-minded citizens to vote.

  17. It’s a shame Julio hasn’t earned deportation yet, but it’s hard to deport a five year old with out the rest of the litter…

  18. We on Guam may not be able to vote for President, but we know many democrats wherever they may be to be liars and cheats.

    Quite a few republicans on Guam are like lyin’ Paul Ryan exist here as well.

    The difference is President Trump, is first a businessman that is used to getting things done for himself, and in his role as President for the people of the USA, as he promised.

    Many of the others are just Politrik-cians like Guam’s former delegate Madeline Bordallo whom are used to getting things done with all the money and glory for themselves.

    I hope those that are able to vote there in the USA, continue to support President Trump, for the democratic opposition (and Paul Ryan) are only looking out for themselves AND their pocketbooks.

  19. Guaranteed win!? Nothing is guaranteed! especially this election! We expect President Trump to win but, hold on there! If you think the demonrats are going to play fare, think again! They still think the republican party cheated!

  20. If you vote for me and I win, I will take other people’s money and give it to you because they have too much, and you don’t have enough.
    No other candidate can offer more than that. Vote for me.
    — I am a democrat running for president, and I approve of this message —

  21. In 25-50 years from now, history books will be explaining When & How the Democratic Party died and has yet to come back to life. Explaining the People (morons,liars, dishonest politicians) responsibile for brainwashing so many ignorant Americans!! But Thankfully our Faith in God Almighty, sending us President Donald J. Trump, The United States of America ?? is Still the Greatest Nation on planet earth and we Truly Thank You Heavenly Father for All Your Blessings!! ??

  22. Be that as it may, but Twumpy through word and deed earned his impeachment. Be that as it may, but Twumpy through word and deed earned his impeachment. Be that as it may, but Twumpy through word and deed earned his impeachment.

  23. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but anyone who votes dem is either very brainwashed or braindead. The goal of the dem party is total control over every aspect of our lives

  24. the main reason sanders is doing so well, is because of the fooling the young people still for the most part in school and getting everything free why not support his , if you or i got anything for free you or i would do anything to get it, esp in the times scholing cost so much, goes with healthcare to. but we people over 30 know dam well nothing is free, even contest’s.

  25. Well, as i see it ,and i did not vote for any one tuesday esp dems. the reason biden won so much is the public really had no choice .biden was their best bet to beat sanders but thats all. he will lose trying trump with his past and today’s record of not doing anything but bee obamas post stamp. the there is the ukrainian prosecutor’s opening reopening the burisma corruption with hunter biden/joe b/kerry/obama and others during 2011 up to today. dont forget durham’s report. hopefully it will come out soon.

  26. Everybody knows Trump has always been 100% committed to building the wall.
    And everybody knows it was congressional democrats that kept trying to stop it.
    None of this will hinder his reelection.
    In contrast look at what the democrats are offering. Open borders, no ICE agency, sanctuary cities for felons, and FREE medical care for illegal aliens on the tax payer dime.

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