Donald Trump hit Iran with an ultimatum that has all hell breaking loose

Iran has waged war on the United States for nearly 40 years.

President Trump has had enough.

And now Donald Trump hit Iran with an ultimatum that has all hell breaking loose.

Donald Trump ordered a drone strike that took out Iranian General Qassem Soleimani – who was the architect of Iran’s military and global terror strategy.

This was a tremendous victory for America.

But Iran reacted in outrage and their Supreme Leader vowed revenge and other top officials claimed they would leave blood on the streets and attack U.S. military targets.

The President warned Iran that any escalation on their part would be met with swift and brutal American reprisals against 52 targets in Iran selected for their military, economic and cultural significance.

President Trump is taking the exact opposite approach of Barack Obama.

While Obama appeased Iran and funded their terrorist activities through the disastrous nuclear deal, President Trump is warning Iran there will be a steep price to pay for destabilizing the Middle East.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Are you suggesting that we sit back and do nothing until one of these rogue nations catches us unprepared and blows us out of the water? You sound like someone who would have opposed the US entering WWI and WWII, then the US would have disappeared between 70 and 100 years ago.

  2. And Mr. Barr, Never-Trumpers are not True Republicans. For TRUMP was the ONLY candidate for President in 2016 that advocated and supported FBI infiltration into mosques, and correctly labeled these mosques for what they are – terrorist breeding centers. This is not sick, but simple reality.

  3. Kenneth Barr, you NEVER-TRUMPERS are wrong for not supporting our President as is the most dangerous group to the peace of this world – the Democratic Party. Queen Nancy has
    and her NaziDemocrats have zero regard or respect for anything American. the choice is becoming quite clear. Choose: Are you an American or a Democrat??

  4. Howard, you are quite correct. 9/11 was all fiction-the Towers are still standing. The USS Cole was not attacked by terrorists. Iran is a peace loving nation that we all need to hold hands with, and donate billions to as did Obama to further the Iranian peace and love all over the world. Now that I have your attention, Howard, please put the bong down, it is bad for your health and affects your perception of reality.

  5. It is time, HIGH TIME to expel all of these notcase Arabic students from the USA. If US Students did the same thing in their nations as they do in ours, they would be in jail or worse. Time to do some Prid Pro Quo.

  6. Howard ‘Knows ‘stufff’ * I remember Many prev. posts & he
    inks ‘stuff’ Most ppl Do Not understand… I Do.
    & frankly, i’m surprised at post above.
    >>> That’s why I Said: “settle”. Howard knows what i’m
    talking about…

  7. So what you are saying is rather than ward off our enemies in their country we should limit war to this country. While you have a right to your lame brain opinion, no body give a darn about it and it is pure crap. You are crying in the wilderness with your lack of understanding. Iran is a place of evil and should be wiped out on that basis alone. God bless our President. Finally we have one with a set of testicles. Trump has drawn a line in the sand and means it. The last thing the regime in Iran wants is to be abolished even by their own people. They live in the 12th Century steeped in backward values and ignorance that even their own religion condemns. Go Trump, Go.

  8. miyako, you are truly an idiot. You have no place in this free country if you are not willing to defend it. Please move to Iran or any other muslim or communist country since you hate our freedom so much. You will not have it there

  9. miyako, You are very foolish. Islam is our ENEMY!!!!!!!! Their goal is total world control. Either you serve Allah or die. They will not stop until they have total power. Either we stop them or be controlled by them. There is no freedom in islam. Guess you won’t mind facing Mecca five times a day to pray, but I do

  10. so you hate war????? MOST people do. But sometimes it is necessary to defend yourself. You are a fool if you think our enemies will let us alone and not attack us in a second if we didn’t have a military to defend us. Guess you would have left Hitler alone. If we didn’t stop him we would no longer be free and we would all be speaking German. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  11. Uncle Hoppy, oh, not all Iranians are muslims. There are Christians living in Iran and I would gladly let them in

  12. Kenneth, the truth is very foreign to you. Islam is our enemy. Muhammad was very evil and his goal was total power and control over the world. That is still the goal of islam today. ALL must serve Allah or die. Infidels must be killed. That means YOU. Guess you wouldn’t mind facing Mecca five times a day to pray, but we do. This is a conservative Christian site and you have no clue about either. NO, you are not a Republican. You are the embarrassment


  14. Julio, are you really that stupid? In case you have not researched it, a cultural site loses its protection if used by the military in any way except for religious services. And that would mean that they cannot have arms in it. Which you can bet they do have. Those sites would be the lasts on the list. But their power plants, military bases, refineries, oil fields, ports, and nuke facilities are all targeted already. Take out the first three I listed and they would be begging us to stop.The last one would leave them such a mess that they never would be able to clean it up.

  15. Obama, despite not getting a resolution to continue the war in Libya, went ahead and continued it. And now the Dems cry war powers act. Maybe, just maybe they should look at themselves in a mirror to see who the hypocrites are.

  16. Heck, the MSM has already called him a war criminal. As did the idiot members of the squad. I wonder how Iran would like it if we knocked out their power grid? That would take down their refinery capacity also. I’d say bomb them back into the stone age but their fruitcake rulers have never left it. And despite what the left says about cultural sites being off limits, that depends on a carve out in the laws. They can be hit if certain things are done.

  17. It’s past time somebody stands up to these camel jockeys. Trump’s the only one with the guts to do it. The time is over where you can kill our people without repercussions. And any country that puts a bounty on our President’s head is not going to get away with it. TRUMP2020

  18. Iran is finally forced to come out in the open. Their constant denial of attacks on American personnel cannot be denied now. Interesting to see how they deal with the exposure which they cannot escape from now.

  19. Miyako! Do you know what you are saying? Are you really that STUPID!? What you are saying is that you’d rather have our enemies come here to kill us!! You need to be straightened out with a trip to the woodshed! (REAL Americans know what that means!) Just keep on talking! You are disclosing more about yourself with every word out of your mouth!

  20. Tony Bell, Obviously you are not familiar with how they are when it comes to preparing for war. Actually it is more like a temper tantrum. They throw rocks and set fire to their own property, then they waste their ammunition by firing it into the air, really smart.

  21. To all read the Iranian constitution. It is frightening. We and the rest of the non Islamic world may not have a choice in this eventual conflict. This country reminds me of Nazi Germany in their quest to dominate the world with Hitler’s ideology. The Imams are bent upon the same objective and they think they have the backing of their god. That makes them extremely dangerous to every human not of their faith. If you believe in evil and good then read their constitution it’s a preamble to the apocalypse.

  22. Howard T. Lewis, 3. (Where did you dig up that name? From a headstone at a cemetery?)
    You are obviously a leftist, so why don’t you go play dolls with your friends and leave the discussion to adults. I’ve never seen a Lefty yet that had a workable idea. They have only dug deeper holes and created more problems that cost Americans more lives and money!

  23. I have something similar to WW2 Japan in mind. I think they will strafe the oil fields and probably the cities. I think Trump is really p-o’ed with the their threats. Trump is calling their bluff! He is generally a negotiator, not an aggressor. If they refuse to negotiate, there is no need to allow this crap to continue. It is time to put them in their place. And by the way, I don’t like war any more than anyone else but I hate being pushed around by a bunch of bullies more. If you can’t handle that you need to find a country that loves to be kicked around and bullied, and MOVE to it!

  24. Miyako – Human scumbag traitor is all you are. An embarrassment to USA. EVERY city in Iran should be burning now. KILL THE RAGHEADS bury them in piles of rubble.
    Let them ride their camels in their ruins. Send them to the stone ages. What a simply barbaric fake religion.

  25. Miyako, I’m a Vietnam vet also, like you I’m tire of this continual military conflicts we get embroiled in. But I just finished reading the Iranian Constitution. which I think every American should read, it’s a scary nightmare. As I read it I kept thinking of an eventual huge war that the Iman is preparing its military and people to inflict upon the world to perpetuate literal passages in the Koran. Below is just one excerpt describing the creation and duty of its army….An Ideological Army
    In the formation and equipping of the country’s defence forces, due attention must be paid to faith and ideology as the basic criteria. Accordingly, the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps are to be organized in conformity with this goal, and they will be responsible not only for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the country, but also for fulfilling the ideological mission of jihad in God’s way; that is, extending the sovereignty of God’s law throughout the world (this is in accordance with the Koranic verse “Prepare against them whatever force you are able to muster, and strings of horses, striking fear into the enemy of God and your enemy, and others besides them” [8:60]).

    Now it is not us who are creating this conflict it is the essence of the Iranian government to dominate the world with Islam. This reminds me of the Nazi and their quest to dominate the world. I’m afraid we have no choice in this conflict capitulation has not deterred but only embolden their efforts. They cannot have nuclear power.

  26. Miyako, (or whatever your name is) you’ve already said that! Give it a rest! Everyone already knows that you are a plant and probably not Japanese, nor female.
    If you were anything other than a plant you wouldn’t even be on this site. Take a hike.

  27. settle. Howard. There IS MORE ‘info’ Behind this ‘take-0ut.
    Also, Obama ‘droned numerous ppl, including an American.
    & Hillary ‘laughed’ re Libya…

  28. Idiot Islamic terrorists only understand real power. We must use it wisely and effectively where it hurts financially and teaches a powerful lesson. We are no longer with a piece of crap leader! I support our President to go after the leaders who are afraid of death. Maga 2020! Thank you Mr. President who ordered such great strike into the ❤️ of Islam!!!

  29. It wasn’t for lack of trying The targets should be missile sites. I’m sure our intelligence people know where they are.

  30. Nah, they hit 2 military bases, we should take out 2 refineries since there seemed to be no real deaths?

  31. well first of all the general isn’t a marte now , he is still a murderer, as for iran can the world continue to let them keep funding terrorisum ,as for the international laws iran doesn’t o’bay them so why should we ,how many thousands or millions of innocent men women and children have they killed , anyone who sides withiran is a terrorist lover

  32. I’m with you….Kenneth Barr….. i’m Against killing innocent kids in ANOTHER lie of a war.. (Vietnam-Iraq)..And A Vet,Punisher (what a hero name?) calls me a Cry Baby? because i seen the lies for wars..Vietnam And Iraq…all these type of idiots know is to kill.he Forgets how America was attacked because of idiot thinking as the Punisher. 9/11 was a payback Punisher! you poor soul of a moron.

  33. you Attack another Vietnam vet”? Sad For You….if you think 58,000 dead for NOTHING is Proud…….? You must be a PTSD Brain Dead Moron. … Attention you kicked yourself in the balls with you’re dumb and uneducated comment. I Hate War And Dead Americans.You Think Different then I. Jap’LOL..LOL’! good luck…
    You Need allot of help.

  34. They started there retaliation, let’s shut them down now once and for all. Blow the living Schitt out of them. The hell with collateral damage. They started it it’s time for us to finish it!

  35. David……I’m Against Wars Outside Of The Continental American Land. 58,000 dead in Nam Was Nothing To Be proud of. (a Democrat President)…Or Iraq and 4,500 Or So dead at Bush’s Hands,a Republican. The Point Is This…..I Don’t give a Crap If He Is a Dem Or GOP….No More Lies and Wars Outside Of America. We Are The warmongers in the world.. (Payback For Our Folly’s…9/11) not Red China Not Russia Not North Korea Not Syria Not Libya Not Afganistan Not Yemen Not Lebanon….Are YOU Following..? A Bully Wears Many Flags….In My Life time..sad To say..America Is that Bully. it Used To be Great Britain. NOW….Neocons Lindsey Graham,Marco Rubio And The Warmongers Are Driving Americas Overseas ignorant Follys”’! My high School Friend died in Nam 1965. I remember!

  36. I as a life-long Republican am very pleased with Pres Trump and especially his action taken against Iran. Those folks need to know the USA will NOT tolerate and military action taken against us. They NEED to be punched in the nose every time they do anything to harm us or our military personnel. And, their people NEED to know that Newton’s Law applies here: For EVERY action there is (will be) an equal and opposite reaction. Go Pres Trump – GOOD for you standing up those bullies!!

  37. Exactly! I am sick of the House coming down on Trump for doing what’s needed, but they backed up Bathhouse Barry’s illegal actions all the time! Go Trump!

  38. Correct. Well placed, focused targets would do the trick. Imagine taking out Soleiman in a moving vehicle in a few-seconds time window, with super-sharp security protecting him? They are suitably scared and only stupidity would push them over the peace-line and take another shot at U.S. assets or interests.

  39. what is the lotto like for an Iranian terrorist if he kills an american soldier that the Canadian Prime MINISTER WILL MAKE HE OR SHE A MULTI MILLIONAIRE

  40. Back in 1979 during the Iranian hostage ordeal, had Iranian students at Lassen College sitting in the quad bashing America, took them a flag and a lighter, go ahead and lite it, they left school next day back to Iran. Go Trump, tell congress what were going to do and clean up iran.

  41. I don’t think war with Iran is very likely because they are abject cowards who could only kill when they sensed weakness. Soleiman’s successor must be quacking in his boots at the thought how accurate and with almost no accidental deaths, did America strike.
    Obama ought to be rotting in jail for the appeasement of the radicals in the Middle East. That emboldened them to the point where they really believed that Trump would also buckle and toss them more money.
    GW Busch was right to invade Iraq because of WMD’s. Al Gore, Bill Clinton and many liberals over many years pre the Iraq war trumpeted Saddam’s MWD’s.
    Bush’s downfall was his BS sense of doing things by the (UN’s) book. It took 14 months to put a coalition together in which time Saddam moved his WMD’s out of Iraq. Where did Syria get the chemical weapons to cross Obama’s red line?
    Saddam’s gifts.
    Leave Trump to clean up the ME, he will get them to do what all despots do, beg for mercy at real, raw power. Trump power.


  43. What goes around comes back around. president Trump really screwed the pooch based on lies by Secretary of State Pompeo and the CIA. these swine believe in this CJ ‘End Times’ garbage ad seek to kill us all while they hide underground so they can come back up and have more.

  44. I’m A Vietnam Vet. I’m Very Concerned About The Direction Of My Country America. We Have To Many Wars That Are NOT For The Protection Of Continental Home America. I Don’t Support My Country America Being The Bully or the Imperialistic In The Middle-East. Or being Israels body Guard! we have Killed to many innocent peoples in the Middle East. Iraq,Afganistan,Lebanon,Libya, Kuwait,Syria,Yemen..Where Does it Stop And End? (IRAN?)
    If Iraq Wants Our Troops Out Of THEIR Land….So Be It! Lets stop this B/S nation building Crap started by George Bush Jr. PLEASE! NO MORE WARS!

  45. Every child is a piece of jade, but not all parents are qualified artisans!! For this reason I’m sad if you have children VV!!

  46. Well now Iran has attacked two of our bases in Iraq. I guess Iran does not want to be in the OIL biz.
    I was in the USMC in the 1980’s. We all thought we should and would be going to Iran then. Well 40 years later and it loks like it will be happening soon. Thank God technology has made it so we do not need to send 500k soldiers there.

  47. The democrats are a bunch of whimpes and that’s one of many reasons they hate president Trump.

  48. Really the Hague Convention of 1954 where the punishment for violations is, and I quote “Sanctions for breaches of the Convention”. I really don’t think the USA is worried about Iranian’s sanctions on us.

  49. Are you people Really Libs and just post this ignorance to make republicans look like inhumane people??? I’m a true Republican and don’t agree with your bigotry unintelligent stupidity!!

  50. I feel sorry for the honest people and children in that area, they are being used just like the squad here is trying to use us to bring more people to their line of thinking. I sure hope we have more smart people in the USA to get P. Trump re-elected then people being led by the ring that’s in their noses. It is a crying shame they cannot think for themselves and let themselves get sucked in by such garbage. If they were thinking for themselves, Omar, AOC, and the others would never have been elected in the first place. There are some smart people running against them, I pray they beat them out of office. As for Iran, the problem has been around for a very long time, if other President’s would not have been such cowards and wishy-washy and taken charge like this President has done to put Iran in their place, we would not be where we are today. I feel a lot of it came from the Obama administration, he being a Muslim, you know where his heart lies and always will. He was the most worse President we ever had and why some people still think he was the greatest I’ll never understand. We need people in the house and senate that will stick together and work together to make America even better than what President Trump has already accomplished without the help of the stupid, idiotic leftists. They must GO, and that’s up to us to vote them out of office.

  51. We need to be cautious with the nukes. The world is watching and we are setting the example. Besides we don’t need nukes to take on Iran.

  52. War with Iran is very likely, for Iran is a country run by a very evil regime and is radical enough to start a war, and we in the USA need to send a firm and very strong message that if they want to declare war on the USA we will not back down from it, for we need to let this regime in know we as a country have had enough of Iran’s terrorist attacks and Middle East deaths and interference with other countries stability!!! We also are wiling to go to Iran and not leave until we remove the regime that Iran has no matter how long it takes!!!

  53. I’m a true solid republican, but you are an idiot and embarrassing the GOP with such stupid remarks!!

  54. Simple Truth…Not just Iran. The mosques right here in the U.S. are breeding hatred. The goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. muslims are very dangerous and every mosque should be shut down

  55. There is a war between God and His people and satan and his people. muslims are in satan’s army and cannot win

  56. It is time to rid Iran of their leaders and let the young people who want free elections and be able to rule themselves take over. It would be the best thing to happen to Iran. Iran used to be before the Ayatollah a good place with good people. Then came the caliphate. End of story.

  57. Time to end this. The target should the key mosques in Iran. The very places which are
    breeding this hatred. Let the US hit this false religion, which is actually nothing more than an ultra-violent, anti-human cult that believes in the persecution and mutilation of women and all non-Muslims. Next should be neighborhood, after neighborhood in Tehran receiving a gift of agent orange.

  58. You are correct Kate. Glad to have a human as a President instead of a babbling monkey. Great job for Obama – move to a zoo and entertain the tourists!!

  59. Julio, are you babbling your Muslim love again. Why not go live with your fellow terrorists, maybe they will allow you to get closer to Allah by being a suicide bomber for them. As obviously your elevator goes to a vacant floor at the top, common sense
    means zero to you.

  60. Trump is keeping our great country SAFE unlike the tree monkey we just had who let them do whatever to Americans with no recourse, glad we have a president now who stands up for US. TRUMP 2020.

  61. Trump was right to block immigration from Iran and the other terrorist nations.
    I would not allow a single Iranian into this country, EVER.

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