Donald Trump hit Iran with an ultimatum that has all hell breaking loose

Iran has waged war on the United States for nearly 40 years.

President Trump has had enough.

And now Donald Trump hit Iran with an ultimatum that has all hell breaking loose.

Donald Trump ordered a drone strike that took out Iranian General Qassem Soleimani – who was the architect of Iran’s military and global terror strategy.

This was a tremendous victory for America.

But Iran reacted in outrage and their Supreme Leader vowed revenge and other top officials claimed they would leave blood on the streets and attack U.S. military targets.

The President warned Iran that any escalation on their part would be met with swift and brutal American reprisals against 52 targets in Iran selected for their military, economic and cultural significance.

President Trump is taking the exact opposite approach of Barack Obama.

While Obama appeased Iran and funded their terrorist activities through the disastrous nuclear deal, President Trump is warning Iran there will be a steep price to pay for destabilizing the Middle East.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Are you suggesting that we sit back and do nothing until one of these rogue nations catches us unprepared and blows us out of the water? You sound like someone who would have opposed the US entering WWI and WWII, then the US would have disappeared between 70 and 100 years ago.

  2. And Mr. Barr, Never-Trumpers are not True Republicans. For TRUMP was the ONLY candidate for President in 2016 that advocated and supported FBI infiltration into mosques, and correctly labeled these mosques for what they are – terrorist breeding centers. This is not sick, but simple reality.

  3. Kenneth Barr, you NEVER-TRUMPERS are wrong for not supporting our President as is the most dangerous group to the peace of this world – the Democratic Party. Queen Nancy has
    and her NaziDemocrats have zero regard or respect for anything American. the choice is becoming quite clear. Choose: Are you an American or a Democrat??

  4. Howard, you are quite correct. 9/11 was all fiction-the Towers are still standing. The USS Cole was not attacked by terrorists. Iran is a peace loving nation that we all need to hold hands with, and donate billions to as did Obama to further the Iranian peace and love all over the world. Now that I have your attention, Howard, please put the bong down, it is bad for your health and affects your perception of reality.

  5. It is time, HIGH TIME to expel all of these notcase Arabic students from the USA. If US Students did the same thing in their nations as they do in ours, they would be in jail or worse. Time to do some Prid Pro Quo.

  6. Howard ‘Knows ‘stufff’ * I remember Many prev. posts & he
    inks ‘stuff’ Most ppl Do Not understand… I Do.
    & frankly, i’m surprised at post above.
    >>> That’s why I Said: “settle”. Howard knows what i’m
    talking about…

  7. So what you are saying is rather than ward off our enemies in their country we should limit war to this country. While you have a right to your lame brain opinion, no body give a darn about it and it is pure crap. You are crying in the wilderness with your lack of understanding. Iran is a place of evil and should be wiped out on that basis alone. God bless our President. Finally we have one with a set of testicles. Trump has drawn a line in the sand and means it. The last thing the regime in Iran wants is to be abolished even by their own people. They live in the 12th Century steeped in backward values and ignorance that even their own religion condemns. Go Trump, Go.

  8. miyako, you are truly an idiot. You have no place in this free country if you are not willing to defend it. Please move to Iran or any other muslim or communist country since you hate our freedom so much. You will not have it there

  9. miyako, You are very foolish. Islam is our ENEMY!!!!!!!! Their goal is total world control. Either you serve Allah or die. They will not stop until they have total power. Either we stop them or be controlled by them. There is no freedom in islam. Guess you won’t mind facing Mecca five times a day to pray, but I do

  10. so you hate war????? MOST people do. But sometimes it is necessary to defend yourself. You are a fool if you think our enemies will let us alone and not attack us in a second if we didn’t have a military to defend us. Guess you would have left Hitler alone. If we didn’t stop him we would no longer be free and we would all be speaking German. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

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