Donald Trump hit Black Lives Matter with one ultimatum that you won’t believe

For months, Black Lives Matter rioters attacked police and denigrated their service.

This campaign to smear cops as racist killers reached an unthinkable conclusion.

And now Donald Trump hit Black Lives Matter with one ultimatum that you won’t believe.

Americans were horrified at a video from Los Angeles county where an assassin walked right up to a police vehicle and shot two deputies at point blank range.

Joe Biden’s radical supporters later gathered at the hospital to block the entrance to the emergency room and chanted “we hope you die.”

Fortunately, the police officers pulled through and survived this blatant assassination attempt.

Donald Trump tweeted his response to the video calling the gunman an animal and demanding the harshest possible penalty.

Polls show Americans are tiring of Black Lives Matter and its rioters.

A recent Fox poll showed more Americans called the unrest in Kenosha, Portland, and other cities riots rather than protests.

This gunman targeting Sheriff’s deputies for killing could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Democrats have tried to walk a fine line on the “defund the police” movement as well as Black Lives Matter’s anti-police rhetoric.

Joe Biden needs their votes to win, but defunding the police is wildly unpopular.

Hours after Trump’s Tweet, Biden finally put out a statement condemning the shooting.

But he did not rebuke the rhetoric and actions of his supporters that seeded the ground with hatred for police.

Biden claims he is running a campaign to heal the nation and restore its soul.

That cannot be accomplished as long as Biden refuses to call out his supporters for their violence.

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