Donald Trump hit Iran with one ultimatum that could lead to World War III

Donald Trump came into office promising to end Barack Obama’s policy of appeasement toward Iran.

That sent shockwaves throughout the globalist world order.

And now Donald Trump hit Iran with one ultimatum that could lead to World War III.

American air forces launched air strikes against Shiite militias in Iraq after these Iranian backed forces conducted a rocket attack that killed a U.S. contractor.

The American air forces pounded the Iranian proxy forces.

That led to a chaotic scene when terrorists stormed through the gate at the U.S. embassy in Iraq, forcing the evacuation of the Ambassador and trapping American security forces and embassy personnel inside.

Donald Trump issued Iran a stern warning that if one hair on any American’s head was harmed there would be severe consequences for Iran.

This was a far cry from Obama sleeping on the job while terrorists stormed the consulate in Benghazi and killed four Americans including the Ambassador.

Iran has been escalating its provocations in the Middle East to pressure America into lifting the sanctions Donald Trump imposed that crippled Iran’s economy after President Trump tore up Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal.

Iran is making a mistake if they mistake Donald Trump’s reluctance to involve America in another Middle East war for weakness.

But the President will not hesitate to defend American forces or interests from rogue terrorist nations.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I had a vision two week’s before this all happened. According to my vision from God, it will be all around us. I know all this is in the Bible. Thank you for your Information.

  2. Obama was the worst president ever. He should be made topay that $150 million back to our government.

  3. O’Creepo, when he gave all that money to Iran, he also brought 2500 Iranians to America an gave them citizenship. Now we have sleeper cells across our country. Fear and destruction. May their plans be derailed and God’s plans prevail. God’s ways are higher.

  4. President Trump isn’t GOD, however I believe GOD put him in his position for America. After 8 years of Obama and his destruction, GOD say we needed a real president who loved America and its people. Now the Democrats and RINO’s want to limit the presidents power when it comes to military strikes.

  5. I never knew about Roosevelt sending Jews back to Germany to be slaughtered instead of giving them refuge in America. Very interesting…. why does Congress and these Presidents think USA has to appease these foreign countries?

  6. Never knew these aspects of history. thanks for enlightening me. I thought Roosevelt was a great leader, but these decisions of his was unknown to me.

  7. There is a lot of truth in your comments, let us wait and watch how the drama unfolds in Germany and how Angela will handle it. She will definitely learn a tough and bitter lesson, but the sad aspect is by the time she learns her lesson, thousands will die. That is why we need leaders who are mature and place things in their right perspective.

  8. LOVE YOUR E..N..E..M..I..E..S
    PRAISE THE LORD, GOD OF ALL ETERNITY!!!!!☺️☺️☺️????????????????

  9. The U.S. is nothing like khan. We do not kill and dominate for our own gain, nor does one single president do as they did! We do however end up in the middle of every issue the world abroad!

  10. Yes, we have also started with voting them into Congress, our Rule making body. Who is anxious about getting these into Congress? Soros, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, Omar, Tlaib and the other Pied Piper demochats. These ‘traitors’ do not remember the Twin Towers, our 208 marines who died under a pile of concrete ruble in Lebanon, Benghazi, etc…. Can you imagine the type, the kind of World we would live in? No wonder the people in Iran wnt to Revolt!

  11. We need to let others know that although they screamwd “Death to America!” Pelosi and her minions have vowed (Wait for it!) To defend Iran against our president by trying to stop military funding instead of protecting our country! They are enemies and Iraniun puppets who expected Trump to allow them to get away with crashing our embassy and carrying out his plans to murder hundreds of our americans! Who ever supports these devils are pure evil!

  12. Don’t fret, for those knowing Jesus your message came through load and clear. I too pray to be home with our Father before those last days have come. Watching so many choose satan over Jesus, and we know there will be many, will be heartbreaking to see. On the flip side, it’s almost a comfort when seeing how close we are now. Our most important goal now is to bring as many as possible with us. Many are still lost and bringing them closer to Jesus is what God wants us to do without fail until we take our last breath on this earth. Thank you for taking the time to post what you did. If it opens just one heart toward Jesus and God, it wasn’t in vain.

  13. GOD’S word says exactly the opposite of what you believe. You can’t trust in JESUS and keep or attempt to keep the law unless you can keep the law perfectly and even if you could your born with a sin nature which is located in your spirit which is the part of you that GOD relates to because GOD is spirit which is why you must be born again (John 3;7). JESUS paid the sin debt of the whole world! the only acceptable payment for sin is untainted blood. The blood of Jesus! not plus some min.standard on me/you. Jesus + anything = nothing,Jesus +nothing =everything! just read Romans over and over again!

  14. Not true. But, leaders in Islamic states will try to use them for that purpose. Also, CAIR has a direct anti-American linkage to certain Islamic religio-political factions in foreign countries, but gets xomestic American political protection via the adherents to the American DeepState Establishment (as a means to hdlp create a future civil war, should the needs of the Deep State eventually require that,,so as to get a declaration of Martial Law). Yes, they have all possible bases covered for their own benefit. Been that way for a long time. Wish it were otherwise. No, I don’t like that either. But, when the time appointed comes, Father God will also judge them. The Deep State thinks it runs everything. But, they only get to do what Father God allows — to accomplish His purposes, and to seal their own fate.

  15. Sorry for the typos in my above comment. I am having a problem with my tablet keypad. Very “touchy” now, and with spellcheck disabled.

  16. According to the Bible, in the Book of Ezekiel (chapter 38-39), there will be a major war against a restored Israel at some point in the future. That future now appears to be on the world’s doorstep in this new year. Do I want to,see it happen? No, I don’t because ofmthemhuge death toll that will,surely result. But, God, through His Prophet predicted that over 2500 years ago. The reason: He said these things would take place because of the conscious choices of national leaders to be perpetual enemies to Israel and its people, and to claim they have taken the favor of God away from Israel and garnered that for themselves. That is the chief claim of Islam against Judaism and all Jewish people, and against Christians,and all nations historically associated with Christian Western Civilization. That is what Islamic religious and political leaders have been telling their people for centuries, not just in recent decades. But, the God of the Bible will not allow that claim to comtinue unchallenged forever. So, He is allowing those leaders to overstep their bounds and try to obliterate Israel directly.

    However, He said through the mouths of several of His Prophets that it is He Who is drawing His enemies down onto the mountains of Israel and into the “valley of judgment” for His judgment against thwm. The True God will protect His People Israel, and bring an end to the false claims of His enemies, who are also the enemies of God’s Chosen People. It will take Israel 7 months to bury the dead, in the dessert wilderness that is East of the Jordan River (NW Jordan and SW Syria). The Bible names the enemies by their ancient names. But, Bible scholars have been saying for over 60 years that the gathered are: Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia, at least part of ancient Ethiopia (most likely Eritrea) and part of Turkey or part of Armenia (as well as the Upper Nile region, most likely Northern Sudan), plus the nation of Gomer (now known as modern Germany). That last seemed possible in the days of Hitler, but now? Well, we shall see,how Germany reacts when its large mMuslim population gets riled up in the coming months (Iran will agitate them, for certain). Angela Merkle will have her hands full very soon. Many hidden Nazis are likely to come out of the closet in the comimg months, as well. We shall see if all these things will happen soon, or not. Interesting times we live in, yes?

  17. It isn’t hard to live a Christian life,it’s impossible! GOD’S acceptance of me will never be based on my performance. Although GOD sees me as perfect right now! he sees me as holy and rightious and a saint to! If you do not understand this then you do not understand the gospel message.

  18. Not all people are GODS children! If you reject JESUS you belong to satan. Anyone that rejects JESUS will exit this life a complete failure. Anyone that rejects JESUS has no clue what love is. Very few who believe they are a Christian, have no clue what that means. Most churches have compromised the gospel message so as to not offend anyone or don’t preach it at all.

  19. Yes. Thanks all who have served. Obama wants a library without books and Larry says he wants a president who can’t read. The landfill named after Obama, or any out house is much more fitting than a library.

  20. Larry you are one twisted convoluted inmate. Go ahead mumble to your self as you push your grocery cart to the bus stop. One can hear you shout and decompensate in cross walks. Please quit defecating in public like the professor. You people need professional help.

  21. And we remember the 52 hostages Iran took captive. Jimmy Carter couldn’t do a thing. A weak powerless peanut pawn. President Tegan had them released within minutes of being inaugurated president. A real president gets things done. Muslims fraudulently I legitimately give plane loads of cash. Traitors. Violators of oath of office like Obama should be held personally and financially accountable for their sedition and treason.

  22. Instead TIME magazine had their appointed anointed 1939 man of the year Adolf Hitler on its cover. People like Joseph Kennedy and the abdicated king Edward and the lady he loved Wallace Simpson and many elites counted Hitler their friend. Hitler promised to restore him to the monarchy after the war. Roosevelt sent a ship load of Jews back to Germany to be slaughtered rather than give them refugee status and allow them to disembark in the USA. Roosevelt was anti Semitic, and he gave 60% of Europe to Stalin at Yalta. He didn’t want to offend Stalin or hurt his feelings.

  23. You got that right. Obama and Muslims who don’t assimilate should be deported. One cannot serve two masters. Iranians expected more plane loads of cash. Not a fatal attack on their leading head terrorist man. Kerry told them to ignore President Trump. Treason. Violation of the Logan act.


  25. You, and maybe others, don,t seem to realize that God created only ONE race, the HUMAN race! All ethnic groups(the CORRECT terminology) were created when God confounded the COMMON language of the builders of the Tower of Babel.They then were forced to disperse, like God had commanded before. Depending what part of the globe one went, the bodies were exposed to stronger or weaker sunlight, causing those at hotter climates (more Sun
    exposure) to develop darker skin tones, due to a substance all of us have in our blood: Melanin! Those in areas with little sunlight stayed lighter in skin tones, such as Caucasians! It is time we get away from referring to ethnic groups as separate “races.” We are all ONE RACE! By the way: The Tower of Babel was in IRAN!

  26. The President’s actions against Iran is how you PREVENT a world war. If the Germans were exposed to this type of force, WW2 may have been “nipped in the bud” and averted

  27. Obviously a racist troll. Can’t even use your real name or stand up for your countrymen.What a coward.

  28. Salami was an Enemy combatants in a war zone traveling with a known Iraqi militia terrorist. We knew where he was and took him out. End of story, not a martyr, just another scumbag terrorist.

  29. If it comes own to it the terrorists will not help Iran if it means them getting their butts blown up. They will only fight for their cause and not Irans. The only thing they are using Iran for is their money.

  30. China Russia and Iran just held naval exercises.tve russian and Chinese vessels are gone.iran will receive no help,no country is that stupid.tehran has raised their war flag in the city.time to take care of a 40 year problem and trump will go down in history for ridding then world of the biggest supporter of terrorism ever

  31. Iran is now surrounded by special forces,mostly delay force.tbere are battle groups there ready for action and several more arriving in the very near future.someone better call arknard salami salami bagdaddy and tell him the mudslime pussy is gone and trump ain’t playing.there will be no love gone,Air Force gone,infrastructure gone,nuke program gone.its the only way.

  32. I love President Trump! Who needs a President that reads books? Wait a second, President Trump is God! Let’s all Praise God some more! PS. We’ll all excuse God his little love affair with Kim Jung Un – “What can I say? We fell in love!” Putin/Trump 2020!

  33. Taking out this general responsible for the murder of thousands both in Iran and Iraq was welcomed with the distribution of sweets to the sound of music blowing in many parts of Iraq, Iran,Lebanon and other places. Good man Trump you took the right action at the right time. Who cares if the Pelosi, Biden, Omar, Tliab, Sanders, Obama are wearing black and mourning the death of this evil general

  34. As unfortunate as it turned out, the actions of our forces appear to be correct. Why was this top notch general even in Iraq? He obviously was there to create havoc and destruction. I believe Trump sent the right message to Iran. If Iran believes it has a holy right to dominate its surrounding neighbors with its theological government it had best look at the history of the country its messing with. The US has been in conflict or war ever since its creation for over 200 years. We are without a doubt the most war monger nation since Genghis Khan.

  35. When Obama was in the White House there was a BIG SET OF BALLS in there…. except it was Michelle or(Micheal) Obama, she gave them to him every night…lol

  36. Blow back. That’s like not hitting the school bully back because he might kick your ass. Relax MJ. Everything will be fine. That dead sand no—er had plans to hurt America. But you commiecrats don’t care.

  37. T-Bell do still have bomb shelter with enough food, guns and water to hold out for 1 year. Remember if we utilize on nukes on somebody someone will utilize them on us

  38. PJ wait for the blowback it is going to be severe. Can’t wait we deserve it. Maybe IRAN can take the DORARD trash out for us now that would be a win/win reenter the nuclear agreement if they will take care of tRUMP and empty our garbage sitting in the in the oval office.

  39. Have no doubt about it. We are building up to the FINAL Crusade. An all out world wide conflagration between Islam and everyone else. Everyone had better decide what side they are on. There won’t be a fence to hide behind or on. We should have wiped out Islam when WWII ended. We failed to do that and we failed our God. Our failure will cost us dearly. An Islam extremist brigade went to Nazi Germany and trained the Nazi’s. That is why they liked to torture babies and commit all manner of atrocities. They learned from the worst haters the world has ever seen.

  40. I agree!! We can count on the democrats to do everything they can to weaken and undermine our country. No matter what!!

  41. I think this story was posted BEFORE Trump tore General Sulemani apart ! He also killed another Top Hezbollah Leader at the same time ! A HUGE twofer !! As good or better than the hit on Bin Laden , which took Obobo MONTHS to OK ! Our Embassy in Baghdad, was STILL smoldering !! As far as leading us into WWIII , the world has ALWAYS been on that path . That’s why it’s called Armageddon (the hill at Magido) !

  42. I am blocking this site because it will not stop sensationalizing headlines and the headlines are not supported in the story itself.
    This is exactly what the left is doing in the media. Lying. Done with it. I am a conservative and above this kind of crap.
    If you are going to make a headline then support the headline. If you are going to sensationalize and lie then I want nothing to do with you. You are the problem, not a solution.

  43. A war against Iran would be the shortest war in history, their own people detest their government and their phony ass ayatollah is among the riceest men in the world, he doesn’t want to lose all that, third world war my ass, TRUMP and GOP in 2020

  44. Christianity may be the largest religion but most of it is fake Christianity.
    There are actually very few true Christians in the world.
    Before you get upset with me, the only reason I say that is because that’s what Jesus said in so many words.

  45. James 75th Regiment
    I have some comments above with more info.

    But Nadre is correct. That is correct about many of the people. These good people just tried to get rid of the Mad Mollos and this guy led the killing of hundreds of them The was a major protest when 0bama was president. They turned violent and had a good chance of getting rid of the Mad Mollos, but 0bama supported the terr govt.
    My younger brother was there with the Marines then. He was lucky because he was placed with the Italians. Others in his unit were with the Brits and French.
    Like you, I am old, but I still have one fight left in me. I will be placing myself between my grandaughters and the forces of Darkness & Evil.

  46. Joan, remember it was God that gave Samson the strength to defeat the Philistines with just the jaw-bone of an ass. We no longer have an “ass” in the White House, so perhaps there is hope for us?

  47. Love him or hate him, be right or left, be Republican or Democrat; it is incredibly obvious that Trump did thid right with the air strike in Iraq. If you cannot see that, you need to get a severe reality check.

  48. The Truth Speaks
    They have tried, they just finished protests in which this guy lead the killing of hundreds of Iranian people.
    They had a good chance when 0bama was president but he through support behind the Mad Mollos and it failed.
    If we take out a few more like this one, and the terrorists they use to spread terror, things will change. They are behind the War in Yemen so they can get control of the Red Sea – Suez Canal.
    I have some comments above with more info.

  49. History shows us our country gets in trouble every time we show weakness. I think it was Ronald Reagan that told us that American strength and the resolve to use it when necessary, it what will keep the peace. I think we now have a man in the White House with a pair very much like the one President Reagan held so proudly. Keep America great, Mr. President. We have your back!

  50. Wanda Etchason
    The US and Iran used to get along quite well until the Mad Mollos took over. Until 1979, they were quite well educated and peaceful. They have tried to break free of the Islamic terrorist govt but been able to do so.

    They had just finished massive protests and this dead guy was responsible for killing hundreds of protestors. They had a better chance at freedom a few years ago, then 0bama put support behind the Mad Mollos and it failed.
    Libs love to say that the Shah denied the people a full expression of their faith. He did, he denied them the right to honor killing, flogging women because they dressed like western women and much more.
    Before the Mad Mollos, over half the professional jobs, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc were women. After the Mad Mollos, barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen for the women except for a few token women to parade in front of the TV camera.
    I have met many fine Iranians that fled Iran after the Mad Mollos took over.
    I am not denying there are some really bad ones there, but also many good ones. This was necessary and vital killing, they get the message and no innocent people were hurt.

  51. We’ve finally got a president that won’t put up with the rag heads killing of American! About time! Now,President Trump, finish the game! These rag headed mf’ers should have been blown up back in the 70’s when they took American hostages and killed 200 marines in lebanon! Finish the game,President Trump! Death to the rag heads!

  52. It feels so good to have a man in the White House with a pair. It makes my own swell just thinking about it~~~feeling like we are a country of MEN instead of a bunch of Obama pussies.

  53. Keep Praying for our President.

    As the election continues, please join me in fasting and prayer beginning 3 days before voting day.

    You Are Correct.

    The only thing that has stopped Islamic aggression since AD 624 to the present is a massive and catastrophic defeat in which they were unable to continue their aggression.
    By AD 732, the Moslems had conquered North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean, the Iberian Peninsula except for the Asturia region, and about 1/3 of France. They met Charles Matel at Tours. A 3-day running battle in which 10s of thousands were killed and they cried about their losses until they were driven from Spain.
    Then came Vienna (1683). John Sobieski II, King of Poland, led the armies that relieved the seize of Vienna. Again, 10s of thousands of dead, thousands of horses and camels. Most killed in battle, but many drowned as they fled the battlefield.
    There was Lepanto (1571), this was a sea battle and if stopped another invasion of Spain.
    There were other battles with the same results, I picked these 3 because they fixed the expansion of Islam.

  55. It sounds as if the problem is that their barbaric culture clashes with more advanced cultures. They do NOT want to assimilate…because to do so may find themselves dead or cut off entirely from their family. My prayer is that we continue to evangelize and focus on this culture (I do not call it a religion, because God is love and I see nothing concerning that topic in their cult). People should be praying for their souls to come to know the One True God – also, I am thrilled to hear about the many visitations to Muslims of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has encouraged them to come to Him. More and more are realizing that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life…and no one comes to the Father, but by Him. Reports are coming in more and more concerning this. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever!! AMEN!

  56. Good observation. I actually missed that.
    But yeah, it would seem democrats are ashamed of American and the flag.

  57. I agree with most of these comments from all these Christian Americans who are so fed up with how our wonderful nation was led by that awful Obama & the other idiots before him. President Trump is a godsend we always prayed for & badly needed. We need to continue to support him in prayer & all ways we possibly can. It’s for tge good of our own country which after we’re dead &;gone, our children &:their offspring can benefit from. Reality is either a blessing or it can be a curse to Americans, depending on if we stick together to fight for this nation & it’s citizens or sit idly by & allow Democrats & other idiots to drag us down. President Trump is the right man for this country as our 2020 vote to continue as our POTUS. God expects us to be strong while at the same time follow Christ Jesus’ bible teachings. We HAVE to have FAITH. AMEN.?

  58. All I can say is “not likely”.

    The first attack on the US came with the Iranian seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran.
    Iran began killing Americans with the attack on the Marine Barracks and US Embassy in Lebanon. The US was asked to supervise the safe evacuation of Arafat’s Moslem Arabs and the Lebanese Forces went through their camp and rightfully killed a couple of thousand terrorists. For a nice description of why they did that, Read: “Because They Hate” by Bridget Gabriel.

    Is this leads to WW III, so be it? If this doesn’t lead to WW III, it is only a matter of time because it is coming.
    The Marines had

  59. Well, Doc, I have to disagree with you~~~repectfully. Christianity IS a religion, the belief and worship of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Actually, it is one of the world’s largest religion. Christ came to earth as a human being to teach “us mortals” the way God wants us to live and gave birth to the Christian Religion. He is the SUBSTANCE of Christianity. Now I am not a doctor of anything, I hold no PH’ds or even a BS (I won’t go into my description of that degree). I only have an Associates’s Degree in Electonic Technology. I am retired and spent my entire career working in electronic servicing. But electronics is not the only field I have studied. I am a confirmed member of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod and have studied Divinity taught by pastors of said Church. I make no claim to be a self-righteous, Holier-than-thou Christian~~~just a believer in Christ and that God Almighty sent Him here to save us all from eternal damnation. That is enough for me, so I will not say anything else about this subject.

  60. Your not no Hppalong Casidy. Be care ful what you say. Demorats are like Iranians. you know{I Ran} hehehehe They mouth off and then they: I RAN:

  61. Nadre must be the one smoking weed, peace loving people uh, you must be living in a cave. Beirut: 1983, 283 Marines blow up by these animals, oh I almost forgot, told over America Embassy in 1979 with hostages while Jimmy Carter sit around with his head up his ass. This little action by Iran caused myself to join the Army Rangers. I maybe old now, but if they ask me to go back, I would do it today. Fight till the end to defend the ground I was born on…Sua Sponte…

  62. Nadre must be the one smoking weed, peace loving people uh, you must be living in a cave. Beirut: 1983, 283 Marines blow up by these animals, oh I almost forgot, told over America Embassy in 1979 with hostages while Jimmy Carter sit around with his head up his ass. This little action by Iran caused myself to join the Army Rangers. I maybe old now, but if they ask me to go back, I would do it today. Fight till the end to defend the ground I was born on…Sua Sponte…


  64. Wow, great to hear from someone who has a red phone to God. Really, I am sick and tired of people invoking God to justify their own agenda. I completely agree that these evil people need to be dealt with ultimately and once and for all. But, it is weak and cowardly to put it off on God while twisting his commands. AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, remember? There is nothing divine or Godly about what we have to do, not because we didn’t kill them all in biblical times, but because our own liberal idiots created a situation where it becomes now necessary. We should hang our heads in shame and grief for the innocent brothers and sisters who are going to die. And then pray for Gods forgiveness and mercy for what WE must do. God loves ALL his children. Even those too cowardly to accept responsibility for what WE do.

  65. Well when the Iranian people get tired of being bombed, they will dispose of the
    Islamic regime. Simple as that.

  66. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Stop being so damn politically correct and forgiving of Terrorists(who the U.S. Media now refers to as Protestors)and get out there and speak up and defend your President and the Decisions he makes to keep us safe. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  67. These are the consequences of the Clintons and Obama COWARDNESS 18 years giving the way to Iran…. Mr Trump we are praying for you we know you are a good man who cares for America!!!! DO NOT EVER FORGET BENGHAZI… THE DEMOCRATS FAULT FOR ALLOWING THE TRAITORS ALSO I BLAME THE BRAINLESS HOLLYWOOD… PUPPETS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  68. Danger to USA is them attacking our Embassy, stupid. Embassy=American soil. Time to make
    Tehran glow. What really needs to be taken out is the entire bunch of insane ragheads running Iran, from the Ayatollah on down. Burn, Burn, Burn – Time to let them meet their
    100 Brides in the Sky.

  69. If you had paid attention over the last 20 years you would know that the previous administrations bribed Iran into leaving the US alone. But I guess the deaths of hundreds of Americans mean nothing to you

  70. The squad has taken over the dems so badly, you will NOT see many American flags. How many flags did you see when Obama was president? I know some Muslims that are good decent people and do not believe in the right of what is going on. They are more for peace than turmoil. Cannot judge everybody the same way. It would be like judging all Catholics or other religious people same way. There are bad and good whatever it is. Pelosi considers herself a Catholic but with her hatred, it’s only a word. You have to work to be with Our Lord. Pelosi is two-faced, and any of the Catholics follow her lead are not true Catholics. You have to believe in God’s law and follow it. I dislike a lot of people but I do not hate them, I pray for them to wake up and be their own person instead of followers. What they fail to see is, one day they will be standing in front of their Maker and it will be hell to pay when they are standing in front of Him. I pray for their Souls, not their warped minds. We are in a bad time right now and I feel and believe the way the dems have been and what the fake news reports, they are the trouble makers. They just cannot see the wrong of what they are doing because they want to be so politically correct. I believe in President Trump and will continue to back him and pray to God to help him against these corrupt people. He is not a stupid man. Just because he’s not a politician does not mean he does not know what he’s doing, he does and I pray to continue to have the strength he has. The only way we can get rid of the squad and the others is to vote them out of office and I hope there will be enough smart people out there to vote them out. JMHO

  71. There is only one thing the gee-howdy radical Muslims understand. Brute Force! Time to dip all our bullets and bombs in pork blood and bomb them all back to the Stone age. Just saying.

  72. We all have to pray to God that our President does the right thing. I pray that God guides him as to always do the right thing. God is watching us all and we all need to pray every day that God will watch over us all and keep us safe including our President.

  73. Time t quit kissing a… and get something done. I for one am sick and tired of all the talk,talk and nothing happens. No one wants to see bloodshed but enough is enough. The Dems. have put us in this situation and it is up to the President to get us out once and for all. Impeachment my a… get something done for the people of this country instead of worrying about your own agenda. [Dems.]

  74. I would like to know why we are giving Billions of Dollars to them period when we have Homeless people paying for illegals coming here and not taking care of our men who come home Maimed or Dead they have families to take care of and some lose their homes because not money coming end time to stop this Period

  75. There are never American Flags at the democratic meetings. I guess they don’t want to offend anyone. Well guess what, they are offending millions of Americans. Trump 2020.
    Thank God for his immediate response in Iraq. No weenies like Obama and Hillary there.

  76. Hey Hoppy,
    In the accompanying photo do you notice what Trump is standing in front of? That’s right, a number of American flags. Did you notice any American flags at the last Democrat debate?

  77. Bravo, President Trump. They are weak due to your brilliant sanctions. They talk big, but in fact, are weak and depend on stupid Muslims who will sacrifice themselves for an evil dictator. Stay strong. You are doing a good job IN SPITE of the traitor Democrat party, who undermine you at every chance. THEY ARE OUR ENEMY WITHIN. American Power is greater than Iranian Power AND THEY KNOW IT.!!!!

  78. Wipe out the leadership of Iran then the iranians will be peaceful. They hate their so called religious leaders

  79. I’ve worked with Muslims in Canada, there is no way to make peace with them! Guaranteed! You don’t believe that, then ask any Jew? They have tried for over 1,000 years. The Muslims fight among themselves! Husbands get upset with one of their wives, they have the kids stone her to death. Of course he helps! Their sharia law requires each wife to bear her husband “AT LEAST” 10 children! Even if you only know “Common Core” math, that’s a lot of muslims, even if he only has a few wives! They just can’t be assimilated into any other culture,period!

  80. Yes, it could lead to World War III, but Iran is a spot on the map, and it would be ridiculous for everyone to get involved over a dispute from Iraq. Iran had no business being in Iraq and storming the American Embassy. If they lost personnel in the conflict, then too bad for them. Keep their behinds where they belong, which is in Iran. Be that as it may be, why is it OK for US Forces to be in Syria fighting a Pro-Christian leader, and not OK for American Forces to defend their own Embassy in Iraq? Just goes to show what a bunch of convoluted journalists we have out there.

  81. Most of the Muzies live in desert areas. So make a lot of glass with Muzie chips in it. Seriously GOD gave orders to His people that were going into the promised land to wipe out every man, woman, and child of the people that GOD knew would become Muslims. The people didn’t do as GOD had ordered. Therefore, that order falls on the U.S.A. to fulfill. GOD has never lifted His ban on them. Anyone that says there are bad Muslims and there are good Muslims is either a bald-faced liar or just STUPID. Muslim people are in one of two groups. They are either the ones doing the mass murders and also the Islam fighters. Or they’re the ones taking as much USD as they can to fund those that carry out terrorist acts and the Islam fighters. Either way, they are ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN TERRORIST WARFARE! And the responsibility of removing them falls directly on the Christian nations. Namely the U.S.A., Canada, the UK and to a lesser part Australia. It’s time we kick the pussy liberals (Democrats) out of the way (and out of office) and get on with the cleanup work. The can hase been kicked as far down the dirty street as it can go.

    Christians in no way are supposed to be cowardly or pacifists. GOD wants can-do Valiant warriors. Christians aren’t afraid to get in and get the fighting done. Anyone that can’t handle this should go over to the other side. I personally don’t think they would last more than a few minutes. This is just my opinion. but it is based on a lifetime of reality and research. By the way, just for those that don’t know. Christianity is not a religion, it’s REALITY AND ALL OF US ARE LIVING IT RIGHT KNOW!

  82. Kill a Muslim, and 100 more will get in line to go to the Suicide Ball to meet their
    100 brides. Not much effect. What could be a whole lot more effective is REGIME CHANGE
    ala CIA style. I know this is illegal due to stupid US foreign policy laws, but it is the best way do deal with insane nations. Korea is another one of them.

  83. This stuff will NEVER end. The only way to stop them is to wipe out every muslim on the face of the earth. Then and only then will you be safe from islam.

  84. Iran want a war badly! Have since REAGAN term. Now we got a president who is not going to kiss stinky feet!

  85. We don’t need to worry about muslims.
    Islam is the religion of peace.
    Democrats told us so many times.

  86. Swift and severe reactions will teach the Iranians a lesson.
    That’s a far cry from the coddling and money they got from Obama!

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