Donald Trump hit Mitch McConnell with a warning that caused all hell to break loose

Donald Trump and RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are at war.

The future of the Republican Party is at stake.

And Donald Trump hit Mitch McConnell with a warning that caused all hell to break loose.

Donald Trump is furious with Senator McConnell.

McConnell rounded up the votes to help Joe Biden pass a fake $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that was really a set up for the Green New Deal.

Trump blasted McConnell for voting for a bill that Democrats can now campaign on next year as a bipartisan achievement.

“When the Broken Old Crow, Mitch McConnell, agreed to a two-month extension, he allowed the Democrats to get their act together and pass the $1.2 Trillion “Non-Infrastructure” Green New Deal Bill, which is a disaster for America in that only 11% of the money will be spent on REAL Infrastructure, with most being spent on Green New Deal nonsense, with big tax increases,” Trump’s statement read.

Trump ripped McConnell and the RINOs who voted for the $1.2 trillion bill because it provided political cover for Democrats to unify behind a $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill that raises trillions in taxes, pile on more debt, and ultimately adds to inflation by forcing the federal reserve to print more money.

“Now he and his RINO friends will allow a much bigger and far worse Bill to pass, ruining our Country while giving the Democrats a great political lift, all at the same time,” Trump added.

Trump warned McConnell that unless McConnell kept Republicans united and defeated Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion socialist spending package, that Republicans should look for new leadership in the Senate.

“McConnell is a fool and he damn well better stop their [Democrats] ‘Dream of Communism Bill’ and keep his Senators in line, or he should resign now, something he should have done a long time ago,” Trump added.

If Republican backstabbers like McConnell thought Donald Trump would go away after the 2020 Presidential election, they were dead wrong.

Trump intends to continue to hold the feet of so-called “Republicans” in Congress to the fire.

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