Donald Trump hit one general who tried to stab him in the back with this piece of devastating news

All hell is breaking loose in Washington, D.C.

The truth about a covert plot to stage a coup against Donald Trump is now out in the open.

And Donald Trump hit one general who tried to stab him in the back with this piece of devastating news.

Washington Post reporters Robert Costa and Bob Woodward’s new book Peril contains troubling reporting about how chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley allegedly colluded with the Communist Chinese to undermine Donald Trump.

In the book, Costa and Woodward alleged Milley called his counterpart in China’s army and promised to warn the Chinese General if Donald Trump planned to launch a military attack on Communist China.

If this is true, then the President’s top military advisor pledged to warn America’s number one enemy that a military action was underway – deeply troubling when such a warning would put American lives at risk.

Donald Trump reacted to this news by blasting Milley as a “dumbass” and stating that if the reporting turned out to be accurate General Milley should stand trial for charges of treason.

“If the story of ‘Dumbass’ General Mark Milley, the same failed leader who engineered the worst withdrawal from a country, Afghanistan, in U.S. history, leaving behind many dead and wounded soldiers, many American citizens, and $85 Billion worth of the newest and most sophisticated Military equipment in the world, and our Country’s reputation, is true, then I assume he would be tried for TREASON in that he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back and telling China that he would be giving them notification ‘of an attack,’” Trump’s statement reads. “Can’t do that!”

General Milley has faced heavy criticism from Conservatives for Milley’s policy teaching critical race theory at West Point and defending it by falsely claiming “white rage” led to the events of January 6.

But even lying about 74,000,000 Trump voters being white supremacists is miles from being in the same league as the top military official in America scheming behind the President’s back with Communist China to undermine the Commander-in-Chief’s authority.

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