Donald Trump is about to make an announcement Barack Obama will hate

Donald Trump was elected to clean up the mess Barack Obama left behind.

That means putting America first.

Trump just sent out word that he will make a major announcement and it’s one that Barack Obama is going to hate.

Obama’s Iran nuclear deal was his second term “legacy achievement.”

Unfortunately, the deal – which funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and will one day allow them to obtain a nuclear weapon – was a complete sell out of America.

Trump campaigned on tearing up the deal.

And now it looks like he may be about to make good on his word.

President Trump tweeted out that he will make an announcement about the Iran deal at 2PM in the White House.

Supporters of the deal have ramped up their efforts to try and save the agreement.

The President of France traveled to America to try and persuade Trump to stay in the agreement, but he left believing Trump was going to follow through on withdrawing America from the deal.

Barack Obama spent eight years putting America last.

Americans were starved for a President who would place America’s interests ahead of that of the globalists.

Trump has so far marched forward on his pledge to put America First and erase Obama’s failed policies.

Canceling the Iranian nuclear deal would notch a significant victory that would demonstrate Trump is all-in on advancing his Make America Great Again agenda.

Should President Trump cancel the Iran nuclear deal?