Donald Trump is about to score this huge win that is bad news for Democrats in 2020

Democrats began the 2020 election cycle believing the race was theirs to lose.

The Fake News Media spent two years trying to drive down Donald Trump’s approval ratings with lies and hoaxes to render him unelectable.

But now Donald Trump is about to score this huge win that is bad news for Democrats in 2020.

Donald Trump ran for office in 2016 promising to renegotiate trade deals with China to end the Chinese ripping off America and stealing jobs.

The President slapped hundreds of billions of dollars on Chinese goods which led to China retaliating.

Now Donald Trump is on the verge of a “phase one” trade deal with China that would lead to the Chinese purchasing tens of billions of dollars in agricultural products, opening the Chinese financial sector to America as well as strengthening protections for American intellectual property.

POLITICO reports:

President Donald Trump has signed off on a mini-trade deal with China, four people familiar with the negotiations said on Thursday, marking another trade victory he can tout as he faces impeachment led by House Democrats.

A final deal will be announced on Friday, said one of the people directly briefed on the agreement.

The tentative agreement, which Trump refers to as a “phase one” deal, codifies what was agreed to in principle in October. It will require China to significantly increase its purchases of U.S. agricultural goods, open its financial services sector and enact new protections against intellectual property theft.

In exchange, Trump will cancel a 15 percent tariff that was scheduled for Sunday, people briefed on the matter said. The president is also expected to reduce duty rates already in place on a portion of the previous goods hit by tariffs, including many consumer items such as footwear, clothing and flat panel TVs.

The fake news claimed this trade war would tank the economy.
More lies.

Last month the economy added 266,000 jobs.

Trump’s new trade deal with China corrects the errors of the past and puts the United States on a path for sustained growth in 2020 that will make President Trump hard to beat in 2020.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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