Donald Trump is about to sign the one coronavirus executive order no one thought was possible

Donald Trump and his administration are working around the clock to get the American economy back on its feet.

The President calls this a war against an invisible enemy.

But Donald Trump is about to sign the one coronavirus executive order no one thought was possible.

22 million Americans lost their jobs in the last four weeks.

The American economy plunged into crisis as government-imposed lockdowns shuttered entire industries.

President Trump called on Governors to reopen the American economy and send the public back on the job.

And to help Americans workers who lost their jobs find an easier path back into the workforce the President announced he was signing an order temporarily banning immigration into the United States.

Businesses use cheap foreign labor to displace American workers and drive down wages.

During this pandemic – which presents a historic crisis to the American economy – the President is shrugging off the claims of the donor class that thrives on its addiction to low-wage immigrants flooding the American economy and sticking up for American workers.

The President wants to reopen the economy.

And businesses are going to have to do so by hiring American workers.

This is the type of bold stand against immigration that caused working class voters – the forgotten men and women as then candidate Trump called them – to abandon the Democrat Party and tip the 2016 election in his favor.

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  1. Get rid of Michigan’s Governor. This Governor is killing (killed) the economy and is killing people! She has to go if Michigan is ever to recover.

  2. Thank you Mr. President for closing down immigration. If someone wishes to immigrate to the US they must speak English fluently, have a job, have housing, have transportation and can not fly the countries flag on American soil. They must be self sufficient and not depend on government assistance.

  3. Jim I wonder what being un-American is to you? When a bill to help the small businesses is held up not once but twice and then wanted put money into it that has nothing to do the virus which they did on the first bill. Then when your Democrats support sanctuary cities. I don’t think you know what is un-American .

  4. When elected politicians try to impeach a President over misinformation tactics and flat out lies Jim, they are Anti-America. Every damn Governor whining and pointing fingers at Mr. Trump or Demorats with a little parasite rat in their ear, named Nancy “fat mouth” Pelosi… Oh yeah where was dickwipe Mr. Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff when some zipperheads were committing Espionage???

  5. gun moll…you are truly an idiot. We have been doing that all along. There is no shame in doing that kind of work. I have been doing it for years. I would not clean YOUR house however, since you are so hateful. The ILLEGAL invaders would not stoop to do those jobs. They want our better jobs

  6. This article claims that Trump is calling of governors to open their economy. That is not completely true. The WH has issued a Three Phase approach to opening the states back up. Trump has criticized Georgia for opening too soon and without following the proposed Phases.
    Also, the Democrats are not anti-America. Just because someone has different views, does not mean they are anti-American.

  7. The dem party has become the party of anti American values. They hate all things American and anything that is a threat to their continued pilferage of the American treasury. There really does need to be a revolution so we can rid this country of anyone who thinks like a demonrat. Kill them all. Let God sort em out

  8. These white rednecks will mop the floor with Molls would turn tricks for crack dealers on the street corner…

  9. I asked this questions several times before. Never got an answer so I’ll give it another shot. Besides Dr. Fauchi and Dr. Birx, is there a team of imminent doctors/scientists advising them? If so, who are they? Why don’t we hear their consensus views?

  10. Are you white redneck folks ready to take on those jobs the immigrants usually do? Clean my house? Mop floors? Clean puke in the hospitals? You are? Great! On your knees!!

  11. POTUS should extend the ban to at least 2 years. We were told by medical staff it would be at least 18 months before they could get a vaccine ready. It makes no sense to let foreigners into our country after 60 days where they can bring the virus and other diseases with them, it is not enough time to eradicate this virus. It was foreigners who brought it into the U.S. thru travel to and from other countries. Once the ban is lifted, then those who want to come here need to stay in their respective countries & apply for entry there at their facilities & wait for approval there. If they are rejected, then they don’t waste their time, money, health, or risk their lives. If they are approved, then they can make the necessary arrangements accordingly. If they come here legally, they must have a job lined up when they get here, no more handouts. They work, pay their bills, pay taxes, learn our language, practice our customs, obey our laws, etc…

  12. Obama signed an executive order . Saying that immigrants no longer had to pledge allegiance to our flag or country. This opened us up to a lot more economical problems . Trump needs to abolish Obama’s order. Because if immigrants cannot pledge there allegiance to our country then any country can just walk in and take over. With out every announcing there presence . From with in our government . This needs to be fixed . Immigration through due process pledging allegiance to a country you are wanting to become a part of. Should be a honer not a privilege.

  13. Thank you President Trump for keeping those out of our country who want free everything! And at the same time bringing in drugs and maybe more virus. Americans are practicing the guidelines and the number of cases is going down.

  14. I have faith in our leader. We can get back on track if we can overcome the enemy.
    I don’t mean covid-19, I mean the Dems. The virus battle can be won, but only if the
    Dems are out of power. Take a good look at what the Dems have done during the Trump
    administration. Not one thing positive. Everything with them is self-centered. They
    only believe in divide and concur. We can only hope that most of them will get the

  15. As the granddaughter of an Irish immigrant, I have no problem with LEGAL immigration. When I was teaching, I used to take my classes to Naturalization ceremonies. Each immigrant was asked to stand, say their name and native country. They came here from all parts of the world. It was amazing! After it was over, we gave each one a small American flag and I would randomly ask one to speak to my class about why they came here. In 15+ years, not one refused to answer. I recall a Vietnamese man who was so elegant. “Your, now my, country came to defend mine, not for a land grab or political takeover, but to help us remain free. The cost of American lives was so tragic. I wanted to become an American because of the values, opportunities, and freedom here. Now I can vote and be counted.” How can we as Americans deny citizenship to people like him? Do all of you vote?

  16. Our people come first,not the immigrants that flood our boarders every season&are given money etc.,that Americans can’t even get. Especially if they are of Caucasian color. Democrats need to be continually flushed out of our system. They don’t stand for America anymore. All they want is their way or no way! We are sick of Pelosi&Schumer&all the rest. Let her just stay home&do nothing from home. They seem to accomplish do nothing while supposedly working for they’re groupies

  17. About time. I hope this is true. The long term damage to the economy is worse than the odds of getting covid-19. Time to stop listening to Fauchi.

  18. It’s election year. The coups didn’t work, got to have a crisis. Can’t compete when things are good, so they have to make it bad & dependent on them. Trump brought us back into a great economy. No way they can have that, they’ll never get back in power. The cure was worse than the disease, the cure is the hoax. I believe one of my favorites, Trish Regan saw that early. Where did saying that get her?

  19. Racist is only a word,it is used when demrats can’t get their way,their way is wanting to end the constitution and give Americans no rights at all, they are on a new world order route thinking they will rule Americans,time to stop all this bull crap!! Time to stop the corruption and greed in congress now!!

  20. Once again the dumbascrap party doesn’t care how many sick diseased people from the third world come here as long as they think they can get the poor ignorant fools to vote for them after they give them a little free welfare and a bunch of empty promises to wipe their hind ends for them .a DemocRAT doesn’t care about anything except staying in power they are the say anything do anything as long as they get votes party

  21. Read the message earlier that puklosi didn’t sign the bill where workers wouldn’t be able to get the money that that they were supposed to receive. She’s up there in her mansion eating designer ice cream and bragging about it. She’s not in D.C. doing any work. She is a disgusting vile tjing for a human. I sure hope she isn’t getting paid. Wish we could get rid of her and get someone who cares about the American people!!!

  22. Thank God for Pres. Trump!!! I did not lose my job, but had my hours drastically cut and I cannot survive on what I am now earning. I am more than ready to get back to normal

  23. Is wife’s relatives don’t come to stay and leach off the government and hang around like fleas on a dog…Almost forgot, driving on the wrong side of the freeway drunk, killing people.

  24. If the commiecrats has their way funeral homes will be working overtime with the disease and crimes brought into America by open borders

  25. I have no use for the evil people who promote open borders or immigration from nations with people of darker toned skin who in many cases are illiterate in every language, specific definition they can babble in their native tongue but cannot read or write which in essence makes them illiterate.

    Damn! members of the Communist party have been taking away our privileges and providing them to those who are not United States citizens and do not nor ever have any rights to said privileges for decades.

    The true definition of PC is Cultural Marxism and what the members of the Communist party have been guilty of for decades is betrayal of the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based and need to be publically executed for treason.

  26. Alright, make that 99.9% of all immigration into the United States should be banned, only Whites fluent in English besides complete enslavement of the human race by Globalists they are also on a crusade to exterminate the White race because they know it is far easier to manipulate people of darker color skin.

  27. First of all all immigration into the United States should be banned because 99.9% of those who apply for citizenship are less than worthless thanks to those Communist party traitors of LBJ, Teddy Kennedy and the majority of the 89th Congress passing that illegal 1965 Immigration act.

  28. We’ve made large scale progress in slowing down illegal migration in Texas. Major problem seems to be New Mexico with Democratic law makers and law enforcement told not to coordinate with ICE on arrest of people who are breaking Federal laws. Oh yeah we’re taking out their illegal voting as well…

  29. Well that stopped half of them. We still have the other have sneaking over the border late at night.

  30. A real common sense approach. It’s time for political correctness to be thrown out. Ok commiecrats, let’s hear it. Racist racist racist!!! And after the shouting is over, calculate how many lives and jobs were saved.

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