Donald Trump is about to the make the one decision that could decide his Presidency

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt dragged on for over one year.

President Trump is eager to see it end.

And he is about to make the one decision that could decide the fate of his Presidency.

Trump’s lawyers sent Mueller a letter about their terms for a Presidential interview.

President Trump believes an interview would bring the investigation to a close, but his lawyers are worried the special counsel is setting a trap for the President.

So they sent a lawyer to Mueller saying there could be a very narrow scope of questioning that Trump would be willing to sit for.

Politico reports:

Giuliani has forcefully attacked the investigation as corrupt and at times appeared to rule out permitting the president to take questions about possible obstruction of justice. But he told POLITICO on Tuesday that there may be an accord in which a few obstruction questions would be allowed.

“If he can demonstrate to us he’s got a couple questions on obstruction that he doesn’t have the answer to, that he really needs the answer to, and he hasn’t made up his mind that Trump is lying, we might — we might — allow that,” Giuliani said.

“It’s not so much obstruction questions” the president’s team is worried about, Giuliani said. “It’s really sucker punches.”

It’s unclear whether the letter to Mueller’s team includes such a concession. “It is not appropriate, at this time, to comment publicly about the content of that response,” Sekulow said in a statement.”

Trump supporters want the investigation to end.

But they also know Mueller is a snake who is out to get the President.

So many Trump supporters are hoping the President does not agree to sit for an interview with Mueller and his gang of – what Trump calls – 17 angry Democrats.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts on Trump sitting for an interview with Mueller in the comment section.



  1. Mueller is wanting Mr Trump to stumble
    on his words in the interview. The crap
    Mueller is/or wants to investigate Mr Trump
    On has nothing to do with his presidency
    or his time since the presidential campaign
    started. Mueller is scraping the bottom of
    the barrel trying to pin Mr Trump with anything
    He can find. I say ‘no interview’. Mueller
    should be fired ASAP, because of the millions
    of $$$ of taxpayers money he has/is wasting
    on fraudulent investigations.

  2. Mueller’s sole function is to set Trump up for a firing squad. It makes no sense that Trump should show up bringing his own bullets. No Trump meeting with Mueller!!! Trump has no business meeting with Mueller!!! The Special Prosecutor is not a court of law. This is not about Trump presenting his case. It’s about the overthrow of the Trump Presidency and sending Trump to jail. There is nothing Trump can say that will alleviate Mueller’s aggression. He will not get Hillary Clinton treatment.
    Mueller will stop at nothing to achieve his ends. He is tireless in his scheming and he is relentless in his efforts. And he is shameless in who he will use to achieve his ends. Mueller has spent more than $20 million of the tax payers’ dollars in his efforts to hang Trump. He is not going to walk away from this empty-handed. If Trump says so much as “Good Morning” to Mueller, Mueller will charge him with perjury.
    Mueller’s greatest fantasy is to be high-fiving with Maxine Waters at Trump’s impeachment trial.
    Trump should ignore Mueller’s antics and concentrate solely on being the President. Let his legal team deal with Mueller. No Trump contact of any kind with Mueller.

    • I agree Napacfo let his lawyers handle it. Mueller is nothing more than snake in the grass. Thank you for letting me reply. Shirley.

    • Please do not attend this meeting. He will twist your answers snd everything will be bugged. You will not win. No matter how smart you are.

    • The first flag of the United States had a snake with the line “Don’t Tread on Me” but this time we have a snake that deserves to be not only tread upon but beheaded. Mueller is hell bent on distorting Trump who is getting on with rebuilding a nation wrought with the destruction of snakes like Robert Murller. Let the lawyers deal with Meuller the way any snake catcher should! Take out Meuller and let Trump get on with rebuilding the nation!

      • I think that everyone has had a “Belly Full” of Mueller and his Mule Headed tactics to try to Impeach our President. “We the People” voted Trump into Office, Fair and Square. Now just because that group of Communists want to Control our Country against our will they think that they can push everybody around, including our President. They started this even before he was Elected and I think that enough is enough. Trump has been very tolerant but I think there is a limit to where he should have to bow down to that piece of trash and being interviewed by Him is it. He’s our PRESIDENT FOR GOD’S SAKE. And this piece of crap is trying to make Trump succumb to his wishes, that’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Can you see “Rocket Man” doing such a thing, or Putten? Or any head of Government. Muehler needs to be tried fOR TREASON. This fiasco should have been over before it even started and the lengths that it’s been allowed to be carried out is beyond ridiculous.

      • Mueller is a disgrace to America I don’t think President Trump should be in the room with him let Mueller find his answers for his own self these folks are sleeve bags stay away from them

  3. No interview period!!!
    Give him a 2 week period to close out the case – there is no collusion by Trump.
    We the USA people are done with this and want it closed period and quickly so we can move on!
    You have work to do and to get ready for 2020!!
    Trumpet 2020 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Your right the PRESIDENT should not talk with Mueller because it is a trap for the PRESIDENT. I agree they should stop the investigation because it is all been set-up against him.

      • This is just a charade just to get the public to buy into some of the theatrics in the which that they are trying to sell some propaganda to make a dollar. You should be able to tell that there is some ulterior motive here!

  4. No way should our President go before Mueller. He is the worst liar and he is a back stabber and President needs not waste his time. Just appoint a new AG and get rid of Mueller. He is pawn scum and a traitor and needs to be stripped of his law license for wasting taxpayers dollars. He is a disgraceful American and does not deserve to have anyone to answer any more questions. He has been given ample enough time but he doesn’t have anywhere to go so he is happy with wasting time. He needs to be run out of DC. His family is a disgrace for just staying with him after what he has done. If ever there were a time in history that a person should be tried for treason he should be the one. He will always be labeled a traitor to his country.

    • I’d tell Mueller the President will be glad to answer your questions, as soon as you answer the questions of a special prosecutor that we are going to appoint to investigate Mueller and his whole team for corruption and miscarriage of justice.

  5. Mueller has one and only one mission: impeachment. Nothing he has done in his “career” has been anything but corrupt to the core, and he’s brazen about it. The pressure is on him to succeed for the Deep State. If President Trump dares to sit with him, he will be impeached. The Deep State and Democrats are ravenous. Mueller has been given 1.4 million documents and interviewed scores of Trump “associates.” He needs no further information to close this case — hence, the need to interview Trump to bring him down. Nothing else has worked thus far. DO NOT DARE INTERVIEW; MUELLER WILL SUCCEED. THE PROBE IS ILLEGAL AND TREASONOUS; DO NOT RECOGNIZE IT BY INTERVIEWING.

  6. President Trump, simply tell Mueller and the rest of the rogue gang to go to HELL! The working and small business people love you Mr. President and will stand by you and with you concerning this matter. We are sick of this crap! Tell all of them including Jeff Sessions to pack pavement and don’t look back or else!

  7. I wish he would not do the interview and even if his lawyers narrow the terms Mueller is a crooked snake and a traitor. He I’m afraid will find a way to throw out questions and then the President with his lawyers, will just exit the interview. But the Media and the DEMS will blow the whole things up that he lied or did not answer and that will give them time to get in print and on TV and used this against our President. We need him to much right now for him to have to mount a word fight for himself. God Bless our President and our country.

    • It’s a damn set up, just like the entire faux Mueller investigation. If this was a legitimate investigation Mueller would have put together a non partisan team and they would be following the evidence, not trying to get people to compose a BS story against the POTUS. All evidence proves Hillary Clinton and her campaign colluded with foreign powers to undermine the election. Evidence also proves Clinton is guilty of racketeering, violation of the espionage act, perjury and quite possibly, treason. As the President has said this is a bias Witch Hunt and no way should he participate in Mueller’s faux investigation! It stinks beyond BS!

    • As the old saying goes, it will be damn if he does the interview and damn if he doesn’t. Mueller has nothing to lose and Trump has a lot to lose.. I think Trump should not do the interview. Most people will understand if he doesn’t do it.

    • Any question that he does not answer might give the appearance of “taking the 5th” which is usually interpreted as guilty.

    • the only way I would trust heir mueller if he was in jail waiting for the chair fire and investigate he is hiding a lot of sin

    • Mueller’s team (in a nutshell): His “A-Team”

      U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; Counterintelligence; Deputy Assistant Attorney General; Deputy Chief of Financial Crimes; Trial attorney in the DoJ Fraud section; Deputy Chief of Counterespionage; US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Deputy Solicitor General; attorney for the Money Laundering Unit at the DoJ; DoJ Civil Division; appellate attorney with the DoJ Criminal Division… and the list goes on.

      One thing is certain: At the time Mueller reads his report it will become the most-watched TV appearance in HISTORY, with the whole world watching!

  8. Mr. President…DO NOT SIT WITH THAT ROTTEN COP MUELLER!!!! He is only wants to impeach you since all of the traitors he follows have failed. This is their last attempt to try to impeach you. It doesn’t matter that you are innocent. Mueller has sent four innocent men to jail before and he didn’t care that they were innocent he only wanted to win at any cost. The cost was great to the men he convicted…two of them died in prison and the other two were finally cleared, but it cost the state of Massachusetts millions of dollars in reparations to the families of the men who died and the ones who were finally exonerated. And what happened to that rotten cop Mueller…absolutely nothing. Instead of sitting down with him, have him arrested and tried for treason for the Uranium One fiasco. That will put an end to this witch hunt.

  9. Under no circumstances do you go near the snake. He’s waiting to bite you. Be smart president Trump don’t do it

    • AGREED 100%!!! Under no circumstance should he let Mueller ask him anything!! It would only be trick questions, he’s a snake in the grass, and will do anything he can to get the president!! Don’t fall for that!!!

  10. Laurie, Would you plead the fifth or refuse to sit down with a prosecutor whose sole purpose in life is to lead your behind into entrapment? The answer is pretty obvious to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. (Don’t say you would sit if innocent, that is a stupid answer and you are already as good as being a victim of entrapment and on your way to prosecution!)

  11. Mr.. President do not lower yourself to their level. They are only trying to take you down. You are doing a fantastic job for the citizens of the USA. The citizens of the USA are the people who really count. You are doing a fantastic job for the people of the left but the dumb asses do not realize it or even care!!!!!! Somehow let someone put an end to the muller inquiry. Do not let him spend more taxpayers money. He is just mad because you did not hire him as AG and very spiteful.

  12. Do not recognize a witch hunt with an unprecedented, unparalleled level of stinking corruption as its foundation by talking to a Deep State liar who will succeed in taking you out. He’s already shown what he’s after by refusing written answers to questions that he’s been given answers to in 1.4 million supplied documents. He’s desperate to impeach, as that goal is the sole and ultimate aim of his appointment; he has to succeed and will, if you sit down with this dirty, treasonous rat. Plus, by granting him and the filthy Weissmann an interview, you’ll be setting a precedent for the Presidency that can’t be undone. He’s out to unseat a duly elected President and undermine our Constitution, and every President after you could be subject to that same fate. You are not a subject, but you have a huge bull’s eye on your back as the only target. You’ve done nothing wrong, and yet you will be impeached. Suppress your desire to clear your name or explain yourself — that won’t be the outcome. We don’t want you impeached; America needs you desperately. Keep that foremost in your mind.


  13. ” Silence Is Golden” (in this case.) Mr. President.
    > Do You remember, Mr. President, the 60’s Dance
    called ‘The Twist’ ??? Am Sure You do.__

    • President Trump please do not sit down with that evil man – do not ever give him the time of day – do not trust him as far as you could throw him – for as long as you live you do not need this man or any of his buddys to even say Good Morning – please know there are a whole lot of us out here praying for you and asking the Lord to keep you safe and away from these corrupt people You do not need any of them – Norma Lee Olson

  14. Dear Mr President, This witch hunt that these evil Democrats have going on is just a distraction to keep you busy and to aggravate you. These deep State Democrats and Republicans don’t want you to be the President because you were not given the Okey to be the President of the United States by these Wealthy Elitists that really run the world. they have been operating this way for years and that is just one fact they can’t stand. You are your own man and you can not be bought and that is the other thing they can’t stand. All of these so-called Politicians are dirty and corrupt and you are not.

  15. He has already proven that he would use the perjury trap on a few others. If you can not remember everything you have said in the past, word for word ‘verbatim’. Do not do it, one wrong word is all it takes.

    • Do NOT meet with Mueller!! It is a WITCH HUNT!!!
      You did NOTHING wrong, & they know that, so refuse to meet with him & end this nonsense!!!

    • Mueller is corrupt and evil. President Trump should never lower himself to Mueller’s corrupted level by allowing Mueller to interview him.

      • The President of the United States must never lower himself to be interviewed by a corrupted, evil and dishonest Special Counsel appointed illegally.

    • I would like to see a sit-down if it would finally bring this Witch Hunt to a close and that would be one of the stipulations that I would put to Mueller. But as in people being interviewed bye TV Biased Celebrities or the Fake News Media all questions would be posted before so that the President would be able to answer the questions correctly. It would also have to be a two-way street to where the President would be able to ask him why he’s been spending so much taxpayers money on trying to prove collusion with the Russians but going off in two different directions which does not include Russian collusion. Also why he deemed it necessary to have all Liberal Democrats working on this case instead of a fair and equal amount of Republicans…


      • Richard M Crooks, Richard, you knew the answer to your question before you asked it as does every other sane person who has any knowledge of entrapment. Why liberals who think they are superior to anyone with opposing views keep asking that question is a mystery to thinking people. PRESIDENT TRUMP, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE INTERVIEW WITH MUELLER!

  16. The man is busy enough to set and waste his time to answer questions about a thing that Mueller has said there is no proof to be found.

  17. Don’t do it. Mueller knows ONE THING that every one else doesn’t. He told no one and trusts no one.
    He will pull the trigger with the one thing and that will finish Trump. Mueller won’t lose.

  18. President Trump, we need you to continue what you are doing, and just know we appreciate it and you. What have got to to lose if you don’t fall in Mr. Mueller’s trap? Whatever you do you will still receive the continued criticism.

  19. Anything he says will be turned around on him and he has no reason to talk to Mueller because he has not done anything! He has not been charged with anything and why was this even started with NO EVIDENCE!? Collusion in not a crime just ask the Democrats they are in this up too their eyeballs if you want EVIDENCE just go see them!

  20. Please do not speak with Robert Meuller. He is a liberal in conservative clothing — a false prophet. Like all liberals he lies and is not to be trusted. His ultimate goal is to trick you into saying something that can be construed as grounds for impeachment. America needs you desperately so please don’t fall into this Democratic Trap.

  21. There are NOW many complaints from Conservatives who try to post their Conservative common-sense views on Renewed Right’s various sites, but sporadically find it next to impossible to POST. PAY ATTENTION–If RENEWED RIGHT doesn’t stop sporadically preventing Conservatives from posting their common-sense views, Renewed Right is going to find its followers dwindling to a big, fat ZERO. Just sayin’. So, what the heck is WRONG with you people at Renewed Right?

  22. The President AND his constituents are not blind to the hoaxes invented at the hands of the Democratic Party. What if every Democrat walking on the planet had their hands severed above the wrist to look forward to, for doing so in the future for commiting such illegal acts that interfere with our elections. Do you think the meddling sons of bitches might think twice if that were really the case? Make up phony dossiers on the future POTUS who had mothing but the best of intentions for the USA… and in less than two years into his Presidency, is delivering on his campaign promises
    .. If you cant learn how to win legally, just lose gracefully and try again next time around with a new candidate of YOUR choice to represent your party. It’s NOT Donald Trump’s fault you chose “crooked Hillary” to run against him. I’m a registered Democrat, but if you van’t come up with something better than Hillary Clinton, I’ll be voting for Donald Trump AGAIN in 2020 to CONTINUE to Make America Great Again. And for all of you Republicans out there AND Democrats who can see through the hollow, if then non-existent solutions offered up by Barrack Obama;to you, Michelle Obama, WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK ANYONE IS GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU, the wife the man who was responsible for Obamacare and the so poorly negotiated trade deals and for giving hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer cash away to Iran? Michelle, do you think the Amrican public is so stupid or so forgetful as to not remember the legacy your husband left for us. Don’t be a bit surprised if your tour is a wash out with nothing but “No Shows”…go ahead..spend your money on a tour that’s going to bring MORE discredit to the Democratic Party. Don’t you think that you and your husband Barrack have already done enough mess America up? Do us all a favor will you? Stay home.

    • Robert……….I am an ex democrat because of all the negatives of Obama and low ,false and dirty punches by the democratic party of today. I agree with you and your statements. Many dems here are siding with conservatives.

  23. NO interview with Mueller, you would never get the nasty slime off of you…..stay as far away from these evil groupies of the Deep State (Obama and Valerie Jarrett)….
    You will not come out okay if you do this……Stay away from them and listen to your great lawyers…………….

    • Agree, POTUS should not go for an interview with that slime. Mueller is a snake in the grass who sides with all that lot of déplorables.

  24. Trump is a smart guy and a fighter and an experienced business man. Mueller is a smart guy, and a fighter, and an experienced prosecutor. Mueller’s skill set is better than Trump’s in this arena. Mueller has Trump set up for a firing squad. It makes no sense for Trump to walk into that room carrying the bullets. Trump – be the smart business man and LISTEN TO YOUR ATTORNEY!!! Do NOT go into that room with Mueller.
    You have something to say, go on TV and make your statement. Mueller’s house is NOT the place to have your say. There are 3 things to NEVER do in life: Never eat at a place called Mom’s, Never play poker with a guy named Doc, and Never, never, never try to out talk a federal prosecutor. You will come up short every time. Sitting down with Mueller is not the same as sitting down with Xi or Kim or Putin. This man is out to put Trump’s ass in jail, and he is very good at his job!!! Ask Flynn or Manafort or Cohen. This is the one for Trump to walk away from.

  25. LAURIE – NOBODY is talking about President Trump “taking the Fifth”! While there ARE instances in which a genuinely innocent person MIGHT want to do that, the current situation is NOT one of those. There would be NO issue at all of Trump testifying if HE DIDN’T WANT TO FACE MUELLER AND HAVE HIS SAY, so he’s certainly NOT interested in taking the Fifth to avoid what HE NEEDN’T DO anyway. The President’s lawyers are telling him it’s too easy to fall into a perjury trap where a simple statement can be twisted to sound like a lie, or an inconsequential statement made a couple of years ago can be misconstrued. NOBODY remembers every word they ever said on ANY subject, and if one day he (or YOU) said, for instance, “I played golf on Tuesday” and then the “evidence” proved your golf date was really MONDAY, THAT is PERJURY. Ridiculous, of course, but STILL subject to a legal SHARK like Mueller using it against him!

    • You are right sir. I think after some consideration that dealing with a suppressive criminal like Mueller is best done behind closed doors and out of sight of lying manipulative press who serve their various masters. Our President is no fool and once this is over IT’S OVER. So let’s pitch for the Commander in Chief and tell him we are behind him all the way. Good DOES triumph over evil and anything that restores faith in THAT principle is a triumph for ALL. The greatest President to sit in that office in 150 years is there fighting the representative of the cabal that infested our great nation after Kennedy was taken out. We all know it so let the contest begin and END in victory for right and decency.

    • Trump is POTUS and cannot be touched, Mueller is lower than a snake in the grass and what Trump says doesn’t matter. We all know he will tell the truth but snake in the grass has a lone line of lying democrats and even some rinos who will gladly lie to get Trump and even though what they say is outright lies it will give the Demo party all the fuel the fake news needs to come up with totally false ads and publicity for their campaign.Trump should take the type of advice he gave African Americans ” what do you have to lose” and ask himself ” what do you have to gain”. Mr. President you have done a great job, please Please don’t help them beat you with their dishonesty.

  26. I heard that Trump has “The Art of War” by Sun Tsu as his bible. Do you think he is not versed in handling enemies? Our President WILL come out the winner because he IS a winner. God Save America from the likes of the evil enemies of Freedom! Our powers as a people have been trampled far too long by the likes of these venomous vipers. Go Mr. President and smite them and be DONE with these foes I say! I am NOT from the Religious Right but from the league of Freedom Loving Patriots who are SICK to DEATH of the evil ones polluting the land. Take them OUT Mr. President and see that justice is DONE.

    • Geoffrey White, Great comment. you have passion burning in you. I know you have many stories we would all love to hear. Good job. Make sure everyone you know has transportation to go vote. MAGA

      • Thank you Maga. Yes, I am a patriot living overseas in Australia and I so glad to see we FINALLY have a real President who has the guts and moral courage to do the job he was given and look what he is doing. Makes me very proud to be an American and not ashamed of my government as I was with Obama’s and God help us, Bush, Clinton and the rest of the Deep Star.

      • Michael, I do understand what you say. However, Justice needs to be done and SEEN to be done. Trump is smarter than most people realize. If he was able to smash that SNAKE in public and EXPOSE him for the FRAUD and CRIMINAL he REALLY is then ALL would see and the mob follows the attack line and our leader would triumph….I want to see this happen and I don’t think Mueller would have a chance…he may be a snake and a viper but believe me, there are ways to catch and kill snakes…ever watch a mongoose? They can kill a COBRA…and Trump is like a mongoose..let the contest begin. I think Trump is up for it and I think we need to see this openly but Trump ultimately will make the call and I trust him to do the right thing.

          • Thanks Fred! CNN would not look good on resume. Great! Who needs false news and lies manipulated by special interes? I am just a humble musician living in Sydney but my ancestor Jeremiah Shatuck fought in the War of Independence and the current usurpers will be exposed and Freedom will ring again in our land. I support those that promote our freedoms and Donald Trump is chief amongst them. I am proud again thank the lord for Mr a Trump!

      • I’m right with you on your Statement Michael O’Connor,Lock all these corrupt DEMONRATS starting with Obama, then KILLARY Clinton and thewhole corrupt CLINTON CLAN, MULLER, Comey, Mad Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosie etc. etc. etc.

    • If the commie get back in power they will double down to dismantle the constitution. They want followers and subjects. They don’t believe in people , only sheeples. If they prevale , we will all be slaves. Better dead than red.

  27. Please do not sit down with Mueller. No matter what you do he will set up a trap. You are to important to this Nation to let anything happen to your presidency
    Thank you for all you and your administration has done.

    • Actually, President Trump should do EXACTLY what he’s done with Kim and Putin, only agree to a one on one closed meeting, no recording devices, no witnesses. President Trump, businessman Trump, would walk out on top and heir mueller would end the witch hunt. The trick is keep the lying mass media out of the soundbite game, they can and will speculate, pontificate, and bloviate, all they want. But when heir mueller comes away from that meeting and he himself declares it’s over, theres nothing the fake news can do.

      • Steve — good idea, except that Mueller won’t stop asking just because there are witnesses (or recording devices), and even if the President walks out of the room having successfully made his case, HOW can we count on MUELLER NOT DISTORTING WHAT HE SAID and then having a big news conference to reveal all that “damaging information”? If Mueller was even as honest as the average person, your idea might work, but he’s NOT, and it’d be a BIG risk to give him even a sliver of space to plant his latest LIES. No, Trump should NOT talk to him, on or off the record, at ANY time in the foreseeable future. The guy is a SHARK.

  28. The Old Witch Hunter has already donned his Black
    Hat & is waiting to entrap the President . No, Mueller
    is hardly an honorable Opponent, so please discourage the President from submitting to any
    Questions from this Rogue Scoundrel!

  29. Send these replies to President Trump – most comments are giving Mr.Trump the best advice that will help. Also send this to Muller he needs to give up and surrender his trying to find something to fire Trump. Also he needs to drop everything against Manafort and go after Hillary and Comey. The American people are sold out for Mr. Trump.

    • We need u Mr President do not have Interview with muller please, manafort needs to go after Hillary & Comey,we r behind u 100%.

      • Sandra don’t worry. Trump will come out of this and the idiots on the left will be looking around wondering who farted.

        • Hey Dan T. Diane is really on a tear tonight, funnier than a Democrat going down in flames. (Now that’s pretty good if I say so, myself). It says I bash all liberals which is totally false. She said I
          think she is all the liberals. I wish, man
          we would have the midterms so over and done, today! It’s a funny old troll.

  30. President Trump. We, the American people, will stop the impeachment for you because of one very important fact, if we vote in a Republican Congress, Prosecutor NMuller and his investigation is dead and gone, for without a Democrat Congress, he will not have the votes to impeach!!! He wil try to use a’false, fake and phony charges to get you the American people, to vote a Demcorat Congress and it is all will be built on lies to you”!!! American people, use your commonn sense and so NO and in fact get ‘angry and pissed off and dump the whole Democrat Party because they all are trying to over throw our government period”!! It is up to we, the Americn voters. to save it!!

  31. How about we turn the investigations away from Trump to Mueller and his collusion with the Russians and Hi-liar-y and their involvement in the Uranium sale to Russia?? Wasn’t Mueller the person who hand-carried the Uranium to Russia and met Putin on the tarmac?? How about investigating Obama’s Supporting the terrorists with the billions of dollars he sent Iran as he was leaving his presidential term?? How about investigating why Sessions is dragging his feet in his investigating the rest of the swamp—what is he hiding??

  32. To agree to an ‘interview’ so-called, would be tantamount to legitimizing this farce, wouldn’t it?
    Why not tell mooler and his fascist hit-men to go take a long walk off a short pier…let the fascists continue to waste millions of tax-payer’s money and post a regular accounting of it…and at the same time start some serious investigations into ohbummer’s ineligibility, clinton’s rackets and crimes and publicizing the endless stream of treason and sedition by the ‘crat sewer…it’s time for Real Americans to stop bending over and grabbing the ankles and start kicking the fascists in the testicular region.

    • Very well stated! However, I do NOT feel the President should do it!I do agree though He should not do it until they have warrants for Killary!

    • The Demorats have been trying to get
      President Trump out of office ever since
      he won the election. SORE LOSERS !!!!
      Now Mueller’s investigation is their
      last resort as the trap is set.President
      Trump needs to not play the game thus avoiding the trap!!

  33. Mr. President, do not under any circumstance talk to that slimey pond scum Mueller. Mueller is capable of blackmail,threatening family members,just ask general Flynn. You tangle with a skunk like the Muleturd you will also smell bad.

  34. Please, Mr. President, do not interview with the snake in the grass Mueller. He will twist your words to suit himself. Why are your attorneys advising for this interview? Makes no sense.

    • His lawyers are advising Trump not to talk to Mueller but Trump has done nothing wrong and he wants to prove it. I don’t think he has ever met anyone as corrupt and as much of a scum bag as Mueller in his life. Mueller makes the wicked witch in the Wizzard of Oz look like a sweet kind thoughtful person.

  35. In a perfect world where we have a justice system actually looking for the truth I’d say hey if your innocent there is nothing to worry about.
    However we’re dealing with people who hate you and me. You have a Democratic Party who everyday for years has used our legal system to punish their enemies and turn their ugly heads away from the illegal actions of their own.
    So Mr President I know your real street smart and have to know your looking down the barrel of a loaded gun!
    This witch hunt is unraveling and the truth is coming out plus the people know this probe is crooked. If you testify you will be playing into their hands. They will get you got obstruction of justice with the prime objective of impeachment but most of all to get us to take our eyes off the ball and away from all the crooked people in our so called Deep State. Don’t do it!!!

  36. If Trump has done nothing wrong, then what is there to hide? Look how well Trump with Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin when he met them one-on-one! Trump is smarter than Mueller, and will have him wrapped up like a pretzel. If the question is a trap, Trump does not have to answer.

    • Problem is simple obstruction of justice works like this. President answers question as honestly as possible . Witness answers same question differently. Mueller believes witness and because Mueller is biased you now have obstruction of justice.

      • Oh brother, that’s not how it works! And this so-called president could NEVER answer a question “ as honestly as possible”. He’s a pathological serial liar. He’s changed his story on why he fired Comey 8 times!

        • PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more for the American people than the last several regimes ever thought of doing for America. You commie pigs need to be shot on sight.

        • Takes one to know one,Diane. If you take an honest look at what Mueller has been up to, you would know this is all a farce. Democrats have not gotten over the fact that Trump beat Clinton fait & square, and you can’t accept that. We put up with 8 years of Obama’s lies and hatred for America,& Trump is unraveling all that. Get used to it.

    • Putin & Kim didn’t have him UNDER OATH, and he wasn’t likely to be TRAPPED by either of them in a slight change in his story that Mueller would blow up into a huge case of perjury. VERY different situations.
      The trouble with talking to Mueller is that the President is NOT always super-careful of his words, and with a legal snake like Mueller there for the SINGLE PURPOSE of TRAPPING HIM in even a tiny, minor lie (or just not repeating EXACTLY what he’d said before), and Mueller’s got what he wants: A PERJURY CHARGE against President Trump. THAT would lead DIRECTLY to impeachment — especially if Dems take control of the House of Representatives, and THE WHOLE TRUMP AGENDA, new SCOTUS justices and all, would go RIGHT down the tubes. NOT WORTH THE RISK, NO WAY!

  37. Are there any crafty lawyers in the Trump camp? Not ones like Cohen who is trying to save his own bacon but a good lawyer who can sandbag this Gestapo Mueller? Someone like Mark Levin! Hopefully the President listens to Levin and some of the others with good advice. A truthful testimony is not enough because the Left will twist and turn into fit their narrative. We will not stand for it!!

    • Yeah, Rudy Giuliani is one of the craftiest, and Jay Sekulow is brilliant. They have a good team behind them, too. But the world’s craftiest lawyer would STILL face the problem that President Trump isn’t always the most precise speaker, and the problem is that if he says tells Mueller he did “A” when on a previous occasion he said he’d done “B,” THAT’S PERJURY. Never mind it might be the LEAST important issue of all time, never mind that it might just mean Trump didn’t REPEAT the details exactly — it’s STILL perjury! And even the world’s greatest lawyer can’t change THAT.


    • Then, ‘After’ the Russians ‘have their way w/ named ‘trolls’ here =
      Poof, Gone. Poison in food, a spray in the face sitting on a park
      bench, you know the routine.
      >Who ? ‘bites the dust’ 1st – troll 0r Patriot. __

    • Right on Vern!!! Why not just jump off the Empire State Building? Because that what it would be like. Meuller only wants to entrap Trump. Donald, stay as far away from that crooked cop as you can. You have done nothing wrong. They can’t find a thing wrong even after throwing everythng at you but the kitchen sink.

  39. NO NO NO!! Muller cannot be trusted. He will do anything to harm our President. It is unheard of for a sitting President to be questioned when after a year of wasting our money Muller couldn’t find any illegal actions of President Trump – even before he entered the Presidential race.

  40. POTUS: PLEASE do NOT honor this snake in the grass Mueller with ANY face to face interview! LISTEN to your attys !! Mueller is a dirty cop with a long history of dirty dealings!
    So our advice is : DO NOT interview with MUELLER !!!!!

  41. You don’t hand the witch the broom so she sweeps you out the door, or in this case, into the fire. The dumbest thing you can do, Mr. President, is grant Mueller an interview. You have some very dumb legal representation to follow through with this.

  42. Stay away from those coatsackers !!!Wouldn’t trust a one !!We didn’t vote Killery for good reason, so don’t give them a chance of dumping Prez Trump and putting the killer in his place !!


    • Beverly Jensen I agree with your statement 100%. Mueller is a snake. Our president has done so much for this country….he needs to go after the Dumbama Administration….like KILLARY…SHE IS THE CAUSE OF THIS MESS…PRESIDENT TRUMP PLEASE DO NOT SIT WIT MUELLER FOR THIS MEETING.. ITS A TRAP!!!

  44. I Do not want President Trump to sit with Mueller because he is a snake trying to set up a trap. He should have been fired long time ago. The justice system need to get their act together and stop playing games with this deep corruption.

    • Flor – I would think you wouldn’t want 45 to sit down with Mueller because Trump is a pathological serial liar and would be brought up on perjury charges. He’s presented 8 different stories as to why he fired Comey.

      • Diane is off her meds again. Still bugeyed crazy. Oh well. She will totally snap someday. Like when Tyump wins his against muleface

        • Dan – M is going to be sooooo mad you! It said to ignore my posts. Hahahahaha, but I knew you couldn’t! You’re such an ignorant schmuck and truly a cult follower. Sad.

          • Dan – How’s that mandate from M to ignore me working out for you? You’re obvious not a good cult follower. You can’t even do THAT right. Sad.

        • !Hey Dan T, Oh no, do we have another troll named “bitch”? I see, you mean Diane! 🙂 I saw that snit on another wesite bothering intelligent thinking reasonable people. I am surprised that it was able to get its mush of a brain to concentrate enough to reply to anybody. I told somebody today it is so nasty and pathetic it is humorous and makes me laugh, the sick useless creature. Diane can’t carry on a decent conversation with anybody. It just hits the Reply button and goes into the attack mode. i think people are finally on to it because day by day more people are ignoring Diane. Yep, Diane is a big old zit just sitting there getting bigger and bigger until it erupts, and when it goes away we will all.
          be well. The end.

          • M – Take your own advice and please ignore me. You have nothing to say that contributes to whatever this inane story on this right wing website (usually by Breitbart) is about anyhow. All you ever do is bash all the liberals who try to open your closed ignorant eyes. You also insanely think I’m ALL the liberals. How nuts are you? Umm, very.

          • M Diane hates you and I That is how leftist ass kissers roll. People dare not oppose them. That’s what got many Clinton associates murdered. Look what could happen if we let them fools get control. Look what happens to citizens in countries where they rule whom dissent

  45. Please, President Trump, DO NOT MEET WITH MUELLER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! He is the most immoral person I have ever not had the pleasure of meeting. The country needs you, right now, more than it has ever needed anyone or anything. Without you, we would lose the most wonderful country, warts and all, this planet has ever known, and if you sit down with that piece of trash, I’m sure he would catch you in a perjury trap!

  46. I should think that Renewed Rights would make President Trump aware of his supporters thoughts and opinions regarding a “sit-down” interview with Mueller. The air smells so rancid around Mueller and his “angry Democrats” whose only goal is to drive our President Trump from office using every trick of the trade that they can muster. For the sake of the nation and liberty, demand an immediate end to Mueller’s “witch-hunt”!!! Nuff sed!

    • You are absolutely “Right”

      Giulian – if you are your assistants/staff read these posting the response to Mueller’s request is “NO”

      The answer “NO” is a no brainer

  47. You don’t hand the gun to the person who wants to put a bullet in your head. If you sit down with Miller , your going to give him what he wants because you ego wount let you keep your mouth go on and on and he will have enough to put that bullet where ever he wants.

    • I agree with most of what you wrote, but President Trump’s IQ is so much higher than moolers. I would like to see him make a fool (bigly) because mooler isn’t as smart as Our President!

  48. Mr. President: under no circumstances should you do a sit down or letter interview with Mueller. That would be like picking up a rattle snake, even if he does not bite you, he can damage you in other ways. Your words will be twisted and turned into perjury statements. Play the hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil routine. You are aa good speaker but it is now time to remain silent with this snake about to bite you!

    • The whole process of pressing a sitting president is outrageous. Even if the interview goes the way president wants it is going to make the institution if a us president weak. Better to take everything to court and see what happens.

  49. The only questions that Mueller should be allowed to ask President Trump are: Mr President, How far can you place your foot up my ass?…and how long do you think it will take doctors to get your foot out of my ass and for you to get your foot back???

  50. President Trump I strongly advise you not to be interviewed by Mueller. It is like the spider inviting the fly into his parlor. There is no need for an interview. Mueller will not cut short his investigation because you consent to the interview. If anything, he will prolong it. It is not to your advantage. You know he is out to “get you”. It is a trap. Don’t fall for it Say NO to the interview.

  51. No. Do not meet with Mueller. Spend you time releasing the documents Rep. Nunes and Rep. Meadows are asking for. (without black marks!!)

  52. Mr. President, please, do not even give Muller the time of day. Do not speak to him and do not answer any of his questions. At least, do not voluntarily answer any of Muller’s questions.

    • I sent a tweet to President Trump saying the same thing. Mueller will set a trap and it will be the end of his presidency. Mueller is just stalling so he can get the interview with the president and it will be a disaster. President Trump knows he is innocent, but Mueller can pose questions that will trap him. Don’t even think about it. All he has to do is ask a question that someone else who is trying to avoid jail time answered differently and he will nail him. A lot of innocent people are in jail.

  53. By all means sit with this evil snake. But by ALL means be prepared to STRIKE him down…TRUTH comes first, the LIES come second. Remember that Mr. President. Just protect yourself and take that vile creature DOWN under your FOOT and SHOW everyone that good triumphs over evil and prepare yourself with your team to CRUSH that criminal. Do it for ALL of us. We are SICK and tired of the evil ruling the planet. Stand up for truth as you have ALWAYS done. We love you for it!

    • Personally, I don’t think an interview, at this point, is really appropriate. Mueller has had more than enough time to conclude his investigation. It’s a waste of time, and money.

  54. Who let the trolls out just know you can’t fix stupid or dumbocrap who still can’t get over the fact that obummer 2.0 didn’t win

  55. The President should tell Mueller to take a flying leap at the moon! This so called investigation was opened fraudulently with falsified evidence for one reason and one reason only! To render a presidential election null and void because the candidate was NOT pre-selected by the establishments of either political part, but by the people! That can NOT be allowed! The sad part is how many Americans are too stupid to see the absurdity of this Russia/Trump collusion BS! And the duplicity in the accusations of obstruction of justice because Trump fired Comey. Most everyone misses the fact Rosenstein wrote a memo to Trump advising him to fire Comey, then immediately authorized Mueller to investigate Trump for obstruction of justice FOR firing Comey! Can anyone spell “setup”?

  56. Hillary and oboma and his cronies seems to think they are above the law. They even had all Dems fbi and justice department in there back pocket. Muller and his cronies are not right. Stay away from them. Very dishonest people. I never thought our government would go in the mud like it did before President Trump took office. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!

  57. i wouldn’t get with in 15 feet of that guy, but i would have my lawyers sitting with me and answer any questions he has and then ask the president if that was his recall on the question. Never answer it in the first person unless with another question to him and his cronies. I think that would solve the problem.

  58. Absolutely not. Mueller has no right to question our President. Collusion directly points to the Democratic Party that includes, Obama, Clinton, Mueller, and Comey to name a few. Absolutely nothing leads to our President. I agree with President Trump’s lawyers — NO.

    • In No Way Whatsoever should President Trump answer ANY questions that Mueller has. I would say he ought to tell Mueller to kiss hi ass!! Forgive my mouth!! I’m fed up with that low life corrupt being that has ruined so many lives and cost some lives as well. He doesn’t deserve to sit in the same room with our President and I pray in Christ’s name he answers MO questions,AMEN!!!

    • I totally agree.nothing good will come out of it.Mr.Mueller will do anything to get the president in trouble.I strongly plead do not do interview.

  59. Do not talk to them, I repeat do not talk to them it is a trap. He wants you to bad has something up his sleeve. Laurie grow up and admit TRUMP won. He will win in 2020 so get used to it. We will win in Nov also get ready for that. Some people just never learn.

      • Please Mr. President Do not ket those 17 snakes in the left lawn grab you. Don’t commit to his hissing nor let them grab you with an innocuous forked tongue. Let Rudy guide you, listen to your inner gut. That signal in your gut has led you so far. Trust in the Lord, not your superior brain that intices you to snap at their stupid questions to entrap you.
        You have led America out of the brambles that obummer has entangled us in. Be strong and keep making America great.

  60. President Trump should NOT, under any circumstance, interview with Mueller. All of you with opposing views know and understand the reasons he should not. So, why bother with all your righteous indignation!

  61. Are Laurie, Laurie Gogolen, ke, and Diane all the same commie Dem lib? I swear you all sound the same and none of you know a thing that is really going on in America, only what you have been TOLD. Having been taught as a child to research and investigate everything in order to make good decisions and choices, it is very easy for me to identify those who have not done so. Thank you Mom and Dad. #WalkAway

    • M – Oh brother! Now I’m ALL of those? I’m very busy! Do you realize how stupid both you and your “cult follower” (who can’t think for himself and waits for you to tell him what to say) Dan sound? Probably not. You’d have to “think” and I don’t believe either of you are capable of that! Your Mom and Dad should have knocked some common sense into you because you came up with a short straw on that attribute! Let’s just hope you’re still playing your immature game of the silent treatment…….that way I don’t have to respond to your inane posts. Please, please make it permanent!

  62. If we are to assume that the President’s lawyers are “competent” but are not listened to because of…say…EGO – then the phrase “fool for a client” could possibly apply. So – NO NO NO – he should NEVER, EVER testify. First, because legally he doesn’t HAVE to, so WHY on Earth take the chance and do it anyway? And, nothing he says or does will hurry the Moeller Investigation along, so WHY even entertain the idea???

  63. Laurie, you are a copycat. Really. You copied some of the GOP talking points. You sound like Rosie O’Donnell.

    See that you got nothing to debate except stealing our reasons. Gee!

  64. POTUS……. Just say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You’ve done nothing wrong………. nothing to prove……


  66. Not only no, but HELL NO!!! Mueller is a snake & this whole “investigation” was based on a totally false dossier! This is nothing but a set up, just like this whole scam of an investigation!

  67. Lying Don the Con says he wants to be interviewed…another lie. He is just as likely to speak with Mueller voluntarily, as he is to show his tax return. If as he says he did nothing wrong, then he should not be worried. And he IS worried, so that tells us he is guilty of something. There is no doubt that there are 2 distinct sides, with 2 different interpretations. We owe it to ourselves to see this to the end…you know it would be so if a democrat was suspected of treason, money laundering, endless corruption……so stop crying about this being a witch hunt…it’s obviously not. Call your senators to complain and ask them to stop the investigation, oh wait…those REPUBLICAN senators say they want the investigation to proceed too! They figure it’s the only way to escape the tweet storm that would hurt them personally is they went after Lying Don the Con, so they stand aside to let Mueller get rid of him. Wanna bet they don’t feel this way in private? It’s not even so private anymore, if you listen to the drumbeat in DC, it’s pretty well known how everyone who works there really feels about the worst president EVER.

    • Laurie, a Democrat WAS suspected of treason, money laundering and endless corruption, and there is evidence of such all over the place. But just like the Mafia, she has her “people” all over covering & lying for her. Dirty hands everywhere! And everyone knows that your illegitimate muslim messiah Obozo, is known as the worst president ever! My, you really have a short memory!

      • But we did have an investigation as well as YEARS of investigation about Bengazi, and no matter how much Republicans tried, there was no solid evidence established. So, why should Trump, who has already convicted himself BY HIS OWN WORDS (he fired Comey over the Russian probe – -that is classic obstruction of justice, AND when Trump tweeted this weekend that the Trump Tower meeting was to get dirt on Hillary, when that involves a foreign power, even Nunes said that is a clear violation of the LAW) and his actions, because since Trump took no action but helped create a LIE that the meeting was about “adoptions,” that is even more clear evidence of obstruction of justice.

      • BRAVO on your comments to Laurie! How soon they forget! Furthermore pledging the 5th does not equal guilty! Where exactly is this stated in the Constitution, our federal/state laws, or anywhere else! As far as I am concerned, when people make comments they should have factual data to back them up and not give their thoughts led by their emotions as the DEMOCRATS continuously perpetrate against anyone who does not agree with them thereby shutting down our 1st amendment rights! I don’t know about anyone else but I for one have no patience to base things as important as this topic we are discussing on FEELINGS! Up to now there has been absolutely positively no factual data/concrete evidence of any kind that Trump has done anything wrong! And just because he does not speak like the polished politicians who clearly blow smoke up our behinds does not make Trump out to be a “bad” person for the presidency! He has done more for ALL of us than any of his predecessors and that is FACT!

    • Laurie, you have it all wrong, as most dumbocrats do…and especially your last quip….the worst “so-called president” was Obummer…wasn’t legal citizen when he was shoe-horned in & proved it by everything he did (very little) except import the muslims into our country.

    • Please President Trump, don’t sit down with Mueller. He is out to get you anyway he can – he’s not to be trusted – He’s a SOB – he thinks this is his big chance to get you…. Listen to Giuliani and your supporters – we love you – don’t want anything to happen to you – Stey safe….

  68. Our President should not sit down with Mueller, period. Mueller is on a witch hunt and is only looking to discredit Mr.Trump. This “investigation should have been concluded long ago. I am totally behind our President, and I don’t believe he has done anything wrong. I love the things he is doing to make America great again. God bless America and President Trump.

  69. President Trump should not sit down with Mr. Muller for an interview at all. If President Trump has given his answers in writing, then Muller should be okay with what he has gotten from President Trump.

    Muller is only wanting to get President Trump in a perjury trap.

    I support President Trump 30,000% with not sitting down with Muller for an interview.

    President Trump, needs to keep a clear head while he dealing with China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea.

    • Trump is dealing with his dear son donnie’s lies and his son on law’s lies and his own lies and his supporter’s lies and keeping them all straight, oh yeah, and his golfing lies and his campaigning lies and his russian lies and his climate lies and his political lies and you get the picture.

      • Excuse me, I heard more lies during Obama, from day one saying he would take no vacations, to the funding in Iran, Benghazi, his knowledge of Hilary’s Emails, etc…..

        • Terry – Please! I remember Trump saying he wouldn’t golf because he would be working. The man hasn’t worked a day in his pathetic life. He’s a pathological serial liar. He has told over 4,000 lies since his inauguration. He’s a snake oil salesman; a con artist and that’s the nicest things I can say about him. (You should hear what I’m NOT saying)

          • I Would like to hear a couple of Trumps 4000 lies. You trolls say this but dont mention the lie. The world could tell you the lies Obama told, like “You can keep your Dr.” Or “it was a video that caused rioters to Kill 4 Americans,” or how about ” There wasnt even a smidgon of corruption at the IRS”. I can go all day with Traitor#44’s LIES. YOUR TURN TROLL!

      • Ke You are the only 1 here that is Lying. You should pull the covers back over your head,and tell your mom upstairs to make you a cup of hot cocoa so you can rest, because God knows you need it.

        • Bruce, Diane is spinning the same old tired commie Dem lib talking points she has been spewing forever! She is a troll and has not one original thought in her empty head. She has handlers who supply her material and they are past due for new ones, hey handlers Diane needs some new lies to tell us. Help the poor thing!

  70. President Trump should not be the subject of an interview. If forced to, he should plead the 5th at each and every question. Mueller is up to no good, and the President should decline any request. Mueller is an evil man, has got nothing to date, only lining his pockets at taxpayer expense. This has got to stop.

    • I wouldn’t do it. I would tell old mule face if he’s got anything, put up or shut up. He knows he has nothing. Just milking the tax payers for a big salary.

    • Pleading the 5th is equal to saying you are GUILTY…’s only used when the answer will incriminate you….meaning you are GUILTY! No one is above the law, especially the leader of the country, who presently is the WORST ROLE MODEL EVER as far as presidents go.
      The only person lining their pockets is Lying Don the Con.

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