Donald Trump is considering picking one of these surprising names to replace Mike Pence

Donald Trump looks likely to run for President again in 2024.

That means the chatter surrounding who Trump will pick as his running mate is heating up.

And Donald Trump is considering picking one of these surprising names to replace Mike Pence.

After Mike Pence certified Joe Biden’s 2020 election win as official, the relationship between Donald Trump and Pence changed forever.

And there is no chance that Trump would select Pence as his running mate should Trump secure the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination.

That leaves open the question of who Trump would pick as his running mate.

Pollster Tony Fabrizio, who works for the Make America Great Again Super PAC, told POLITICO that Trump would make his choice based on gut instincts, and that he would likely choose a minority conservative and most likely a woman.

“Once you get past those two issues — loyalty and Trump going more with his gut — Trump has a lot of leeway in who he would pick,” Fabrizio stated.

Fabrizio explained that the traditional considerations of balancing the ticket ideologically or geographically did not apply because of Trump’s standing as the 45th President of the United States and his strong connection to the Republican Party base.

“He’s not necessarily looking to balance the ticket geographically, but what he can do is pick to balance gender, race, ethnicity — a lot of different lanes there,” said Fabrizio.

“It could be everything from a Tim Scott in South Carolina to an Asian American in California, somebody Hispanic in Texas. There are so many choices and paths. And there’s lots of time to go,” he added.

Whoever Trump selects as his running mate in 2024 will become the official heir apparent in the Republican Party and a virtual certainty to win the 2028 nomination.

Every Republican in America would jump at the chance to serve as Trump’s running mate in 2024.

And given Donald Trump’s massive popularity with Republican voters, the speculation about who he will pick as his running mate is likely to hold more suspense than the actual nominating primaries.

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