Donald Trump is counting on this NASCAR driver to keep the House in GOP hands

The Presidential race is getting the lion’s share of the attention.

But a battle for control of the House of Representatives is underway.

Now Donald Trump is counting on this NASCAR driver to keep the House in GOP hands.

Trump-endorsed former NASCAR driver running in key House race 

Republicans have a razor-thin majority in the House of Representatives that they’re defending heading into the 2024 Election.

They’ve spent this term with one of the smallest House majorities in history at points from vacancies. 

Democrats only need to flip five seats to regain control and turn the Speaker’s gavel over to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY).

One of the best offensive opportunities for House Republicans this year is in Maine’s Second Congressional District.

The sprawling district – the largest by area east of the Mississippi River – covers most of the state outside of the southeastern coast.

Former President Donald Trump carried this rural district by seven points in the 2020 Election and won one Electoral Vote by doing it thanks to Maine’s law that awards them by Congressional district.

Representative Jared Golden (D-ME) was first elected in the 2018 Election and has been fighting to hold the seat ever since.

The hotly contested seat has been one of the most expensive Congressional races in the country since 2018.

Golden – a former staffer to RINO U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) – has portrayed himself as a moderate in Maine but been a rubber stamp for President Joe Biden in Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp.”

State Representative Austin Theriault (R-ME) won the Republican Primary for the right to take him on in November.

Theriault is a former NASCAR driver who earned the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

“I won races and championships and was able to win at Daytona,” Theriault said. “But what people forget is being a successful driver, you also really have to know how to run a successful business.”

“In this day and age, I believe that folks, when they go to the ballot box, are looking for people that have business experience, you know, similar to President Trump,” Theriault added. 

He grew up in Fort Kent, Maine, which is on the border of Canada in the far north of the state.

Even though his district is far from the southern border, Maine is still feeling the effects of the border crisis under President Joe Biden.

“I know that we live thousands of miles away from the southern border, but it’s a huge issue because of the drugs coming across and the human trafficking,” Theriault noted.

Gun control will be the flashpoint in key House race 

Lewiston, Maine, was the site of a mass shooting in 2018, which energized the gun control movement in the rural pro-gun state. 

Golden came out in support of Biden’s assault weapons ban after the tragedy.

“As far as taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding Mainers, I have a big problem with that,” Theriault said.

University of Maine political scientist Mark Brewer said the race would be one of the biggest in the country.

“This is certainly shaping up as one of the top 10 House races in the country, if not the top five,” Brewer said. “It’s an incredibly evenly divided district, and there are increasingly few of those.”

Flipping the district would give Republicans more breathing room in maintaining control of the House.

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