Donald Trump is going to be furious when he finds out what John McCain’s family has planned

Donald Trump and John McCain feuded right up until the end.

The Arizona Senator did everything in his power to undermine Donald Trump.

And now the McCain family has one final plan to betray President Trump.

John McCain’s funeral was a full-on Trump bashing circus.

The family didn’t want the President to attend, and speaker after speaker – highlighted by daughter Megan McCain – attacked Donald Trump by implicitly comparing him to the late Senator McCain.

But now, there are reports that this is not the end of the McCain family’s plan for revenge.

McCain’s wife Cindy and daughter Megan may jump in to the Presidential race and endorse Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The late Sen. John McCain’s family plans to support former Vice President Joe Biden’s White House bid, backing the Democrat not only in his party’s crowded primary race but also in a general election matchup with President Trump, the Washington Examiner has learned.

In an extraordinary snub to Trump, who derided McCain’s Vietnam War service and mocked him even after his death last August at age 81, the McCain family is preparing to break with the Republican Party. McCain represented the party in Congress for 35 years and was chosen as its presidential nominee in 2008, losing to Barack Obama.

Sources close to both Biden’s presidential campaign and the McCains said that at some point during the White House race, McCain’s widow Cindy, 64, and daughter Meghan, 34, a host on “The View,” will offer their public support in the hope of removing Trump from office in 2020.

The establishment tried this tactic in 2016.

Former President George H.W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton and his sons Jeb and George W. refused to support Trump.

But they did not go this far.

They did not actively campaign for the opposing party’s candidate.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I feel the reason they didn’t support trump was he was going to take on the deep state that gave so much to these candidates on both sides trying to keep control (the deep state) criminals that the left are! (not 100% of them) but the deep state runs both sides. after trump leaves after his second term I pray we will get a another one like trump
    these rhino’s are deep state as well

    • Nobody cares what they think,just like nobody cared who the Bush Clan endorsed. Their name carries no weight anymore.

      • mccain family has no power over us deplorable so jump on board with who ever ya’ll want too who cares about the traitor ya’ll are just like the criminal husband of your’s,

  2. The McCains endorsing Biden. Who the hell cares. hahahahahahahahahehehehehehehhahahahahahhehehehehehehehehehhahhahahahahah

    • So true, who cares if this happens….after his death last August at age 81, the McCain family is preparing to break with the Republican Party. McCain represented the party in Congress for 35 years and was chosen as its presidential nominee in 2008, losing to Barack Obama…..and who cares if they do that, they won’t be missed, childish acts. Just like his funeral, that was way overdone, he never deserved it that way for a President, he was a loser, he wrote it himself the way i was to be.

      • Biden wife had better watch out.A whore home wrecker is a widow now.She broke up Mccains first marriage and got engaged to the scum traitor McCain while he was still married to the mother of his 3 children.His first wife waited while he was a “sellout pow.She was also maimed +in wheelchair.Mccains r despicable ugly,evil,people like daddy.Megs is a twisted cry baby loon.We don’t need trash +home wreckers.Go over to the evil cult.u belong there.

    • Their support of Biden proves one thing: Just like John, the McCain family never were true Republicans. They like to sit on the fence and go along with whatever evil thing the Dems support just to save face. Just confirmed what I suspected…really sad that they must be for baby killing, open borders, voo-doo economics, etc. It will be their loss if a Dem wins…..but also will hurt America. They are no Patriots!!

      • Ms. Or Mrs. Rose Weleski, You Have That Correct! I Hope That The US Navy Would Truly Open Up An Investigation Into That Blaze On The USS Forrestal Back On July 19, 1967 AD, Where 134 or 135 US Shipmates Perished, And 161 Shipmates (Which Mr. McCain Was One Those Injured Shipmates)From That Blaze, Just Maybe Wife Cindy And Her Daughter Ms. or Mrs. Meghan Would Sincerely Love To Find Out How That Blaze Started! Because There Was A Lot Of Fathers, Sons, Nephews, Uncles, Grand Fathers, Brothers Died That Day!!!???!!!

        • McCain finished one of the lowest of his class! His father and grandfather were admirals in the US Navy they covered up a lot of crap that the POS did! I hope they do reopen the Investigation of the USS Forrestal and let the public know that McCain was the one that set the whole thing OFF!
          On his bombing run he was told to go in drop the bombs remain at elevation and return to the ship O NO MR.GRAD STAND HAD TO DROP DOWN TO INSPECT HIS BOMBING RUN AND WAS SHOT DOWN! HE BROKE HIS ARMS BALING OUT BECAUSE HE DID NOT FOLLOW PROCEDURE ON PLACING HIS ARMS.

          • He claimed he was treated very bad as a prisoner of war but after the war he went back to N Vietnam Nam for a visit and called the people very nice. If he was treated terrible during the war why did he say the N Vietnam people were nice? I don’t usually hold grudges but I think I would have been upset when I went back for any reason and remembered the tortures he claimed he had.
            Also he refused coming back early but refused the chance to return. He must of had it made there.

    • They are all whiners. Looking for sympathy. I do not think the real story of exactly he, got captured. I also believe President Trump knows more to the real story. Remember Big, loud mouth McCain started the riff.little man with a mouth; too big.He was told to”calm himself”during the presidential debates.He was too outlandish to be effective.And apparently the people did love President more than,he.After all who took office as President. That daughter is a spoiled brat in the worst first degree.

      • Daughter is a privileged brat.She talks about her daddy’s bones being broken.They were broken when he crashed.He sold out others in camp for favors. He once caused explosions on his ship killing men because of his arrogance.He left his disabled and maimed first wife in a wheelchair with 3 children.He got engaged to the home wrecker while married.Scum coward McCain said his wife wasn’t what he expected because of weight and disability.She was the one waiting at home for him.The whore 2nd wife and her daughter are disgusting,immoral trash.Ivanka has 1000% more class and megs is jealous.2time loser daddy was never elected just like the 2 time loser they support.


      • I absolutely urge everyone on this site to google what Jan De Capua has challenged you to read, because his claims are FALSE, FALSE, False!!! It has never been proven, and that same site has said that he did not give up anything of significance! He refused to be freed early because his father carried so much clout as an admiral! He would not abandon his fellow soldiers. I am a democrat, but even I have the decency to respect John McCain for what he was and that was an American Hero! I think you all already know this but in true rethuglican form you scream, no facts, just scream!!!

          • You and your president Trump ought to know all about whores, you POS rethuglican!!! Damn if that didn’t hurt Charles the POS republitard! LOL!!! The truth does hurt, you ass!!!

        • Diane,, PLEASE!!!! He was a traitor and he also betrayed US the AMERICAN PEOPLE. He was a DEMONRAT disguiced as a Republican!!

        • He was no hero🐀he was a songbird, he was a despicable pos.Ask his first wife what he did. Daughter and her homewrecking whore mom are disgusting people.Funeral was a sideshow written by a narcissistic scumbag.Traitor,liar,coward.He was jealous because America rejected him twice just like creepy joe the idiot.Mccains couldn’t make pimples on the arshs of our Classy ,Beautiful,Patriotic First Family.Joeys wife better be careful.Mccains wife is widow and ready to break up another marriage. McCains name is evil just like the family.Jinx.. how sad the ship named after him had bad accident resulting in death..It’s him the dark devil. He had evil eyes and a narcissistic auru…

        • Diane, McCain was no hero. Every one who puts on a military uniform is not a hero. Locate the movie, To Hell and Back, and Sgt York, they were heros.

        • John McCane managed to crash three (3) aircraft
          during training. Crashing one would have washed
          out anyone else. The only reason he got through
          flight school was the fact that he was backed by the
          McCane Admirals. He never should have been flying
          in Vietnam Nam to begin with and, had that been the
          case, what would his legacy have been?????

    • they might change their minds if Michael/ I mean Michelle Obama joins the race. Mc Cain was a republican Rino and really only by name he was a DEMONRAT AND he betrayed the AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!

  3. Why should his family be any different than John a traitor to this country. He was not a war hero his was a traitor and to save his own life got many American solders killed.

    • Yes John proved to be a traitor and begged President Trump to forgive him and not do anything about it, John was an ugle natured man and wasn’t what his family is trying to make out of him. He did it to himself.

      • Marian, you sure have some privy information there! WOW!!! I will bet you that John McCain did not beg Trump for a damned thing!!! HAHAHA!!!

    • Yes Mary, you are right! He was a traitor at the same level as HANOI JANE THE TRAITOR BITCH!! Many of our soldiers died because of her and JOHN McCAIN. I DISPSICED HIM for being a hateful man and betraying US the AMERICAN PEOPLE with his wicked thumbs down and smirk smile when he did that.

  4. John McCain was a Democrat disguised as a Republican & bitcthe war hero many make him outcto be! Look it up at his record! His privileges & his whole military career was based on his father’s military career, & he received favor because his daddy was an Admiral. Was responsible for the deaths of many of his military friends, was nicknamed “Song Bird” cause he gave away military secrets when captured by the enemy! His family is disgusting & ridiculous, turned McCain’s Funeral into an opportunity to bash a President Trump😔

    • The REAL McCains are finally being honest about themselves and the American people. They always have been Marxist. It’s really sickening that John Bulls**t McCain had the nerve to compare himself with REAL American heroes like Alvin York and Audie Murphy, neither of them were captured.

      • This is some of the same old same old. Personally John McCain was not the good guy like so many had him portraid. I would take Trump over him any day. Not a good honest person. This is the same old Bullshi* we hear everyday. Trump 2020! All the way!!!!!!!!!

      • It’s almost sickly the way megs talks about her narcissistic evil daddy.Crying all the time.I wonder how his first wife and children felt when her mother got engaged to him while he was still married and his wife was in a wheelchair.Its insulting to put songbird on same level as Audie Murphy,+Alvin York,they were true hero’s!!!.mccain reaked of evil his dark circles around the eyes and empty stare of the devil. McCains were rejected,they will and never were winners or s first family.megs is green with envy.. just like her whore mum.. of our beautiful,classy First Lady and children. Megs called Ivanka a Barbie doll .. LOL.At least Ivanka works and makes her own way in life.megs job is to bash President Trump on a sow talk show of frustrated ugly people..”TRUMP” 2020 God Bless our First Family👍🏼👍🏼🙏🙏

    • And he was only a republican as long as his father was alive. I don’t hate him for having been broken while a prisoner of war, but I can’t ignore what a traitor he was as a politician years later.

  5. To be honest, I have a severe case of voter’s remorse, although Sarah was the better part of my voting stance. McCain like Hillary thought they were the unbeatable chosen ones. McCain could just not get over that a non-politician could be elected President. Just like in Hillary’s case, jealousy reeks like week old crab shells.

  6. What stupidity. Joe Bite me if elected would give us Obama’s third term and make this country into a third world toilet as Obama had planned but didn’t have the time to do it.

  7. McCain was an American hero that came home with serious mental problems. From there on his whole family seems to have become pretty fouled up. Nothing we can do about that

    • In my opinion Merlin you’re half-right. McCain definitely had mental problems but they didn’t occur when he came home they occurred before he joined the military. On the hero part…..McCain was anything but an American hero….he was just Jane Fonda with different plumbing! The clown was a traitor!! Study up on this character and you’ll drop that ‘hero’ thing. The only reason he had an ‘R’ after his name was for convenience and to get elected in the state of Arizona. He was anything but a republican conservative.

    • You don’t become a war hero just because you survived the war
      You become a hero by your actions and what you achieved in the war i think the reason McCain and the other fake Republicans along with the Democraps do not like it when someone that’s not a lifetime politician goes to Washington and turns things around and does things for the people rather for themselves it’s to bad that most people can’t see this for themselves

    • John McCain was nothing more than a shot down pilot and subsequent POW questionable war hero IMO. Sick of the McCains and their RHINO politics please go away

      • And knew somebody that knew somebody that had the authority to give purple hearts. Even that one with blood stain on it. And blood on a veterans pay check every month for years. Crooked. And not to be admired .

      • His daughter always brings up broken bones making it sound like he was tortured. His bones broke in the crash. He was a evil pos responsible for many deaths and daddy’s name got him amnesty.. Evil.. rhinos. Look deep at Mccains. The 2nd wife.. homewrecking whore…

    • Venezuela would be a nice place place for you spoiled bitches to live. We can’t have any respect for your family if you go for Creepy Joe or any other crazy Democrat but we actually feel sorry for your TDS!

  8. We knew about the McCain’s all along, we have a good President that cares about this country so why not give him another 4 years

  9. All of the states around Arizona are being filled with overflow Democrats, that wanted out of California for a life of less cost, complaining about the criminal Democrats that have torn up California, but they bring their criminal Democrat activities with them and transform Arizona, Or., Wash., Idaho, into a place to live like in California.

    • You forgot to add Colorado to your list. It is shocking how it has changed from a Red State to completely Blue in the almost 45 years we have lived here. Mostly transplants from CA while part of my Family is still living there because it is a beautiful State and they can afford it but they still complain about the taxes and other much higher costs. How much longer will they be able to tolerate it with the crazy Dems running the State?

  10. The Songbird’s family is proving, once again, that they and he were never Republican. They are only daddy trained fools who have no thoughts of their own. Papa John was always an ‘oinkarino’ whos only saving grace was the two Admirals who were able to keep ‘problem Johnnie’ in vogue. BAH HUMBUG!

  11. When McCain did his famous “thumbs down” on medical care in order to screw Trump, he really screwed America. He could not be an honorable man even to the end. He knew he was dying, but still couldn’t do the right thing. I was disgusted. And am now disgusted. The McCains can’t change Trump’s voters. They only show just how vindictive they are.

  12. Ask any Vietnam name vet. John McCain was a traitor in word and deed. His family has blinders on this issue and cannot see. It is a shame. McCain was also a card carrying member of the deep state and with the rest see a patriotic president as a threat to the globalist, anti American deep state agenda.

  13. John McCain as a traitor? He was never a Republican in the first place. He could have registered himself as a Democrat but his state was red for a long time. Not sure if it is still red since they recently voted a liberal as their US Senator.

    Arizona … is probably a swing state now, unfortunately.

    John McCain loved Obama. And Biden. The establishment politicians need to go.

    • Our elected POTUS Trump may be upset with the mccain’s but the AZ Republcans that voted mac to the senate are the ones that really hate the 2 FACED DECEITFUL TRAITOR & THE BUSH IGNORANCE supporting clinton’s treason with bo & all their cronies !

  14. who cares most people did not like John because he was a turncoat on his party and country. Biden has to just make it through the rest of the Democrats that are running. Trump just called John out on facts and his lies.

  15. So disappointed in the McCains, I liked John McCain at first, then the tails about him diminished my thoughts about him, when he showed the his true side, banning President Trump from his funeral, it proved to me his lack of class, now his 2nd wife Cindy and daughter Meghan are keeping up the classless act.

    • The mac stench is a deceitful dem attack on U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom and Rights that supports bo’s treasonous wannabe dictatorship & hilary’s crimes of hate !

  16. McCain was a traitor in life (causing US Service men to die) in life and his family is carrying on the tradition

  17. McCain’s WIFE and DAUGHTER should go right ahead with their LOWBALL STUPITY because in the Process they will Degrade JOHN MCCAINS
    very being and everything he stood for.


  18. John McCain was a Republican in name only, and it looks like his family is, was and always will be Democrat Party wolves in Republican Party clothing; card carrying members of the DEEP STATE.


  19. What a nasty, useless family….which was built upon LIES! John McCain was a bitter vitriolic man. He left his 1st wife when she was badly maimed, injured in a car accident.
    In the war, he caused many deaths of his fellow soldiers by his reckless acts.
    He voted against a bill in congress, that would have allowed families to learn the truth about the fate of their loved ones in Vietnam, so that they would not learn (and go after him) when the truth of his reckless actions came out.
    And he treated his running mate, Sarah Palin, with disrespect, along with his family requesting that she not attend his funeral…….it wasn’t Sarah Palin that caused you to lose the presidency. She actually was the reason I, and many others, voted for you.
    The truth has come out! We know, and we are disgusted by you and your vindictive, worthless family!

      • He is being spanked by someone WAY MORE HORRIBLE than his pathetic dad….SATAN!!! And he will PUNISH mr. mccain for all of eternity. Believe me, he has NOT gotten away with his sins against God and mankind.

    • Right off the bat his leaving his first wife after the accident showed right there the calibre of him as a man. ZERO.
      With all his military actions they just proved he should NEVER should have been in charge of anything other than latrine duty.
      Daddy always cleaned up and hid all his cowardly actions, after all they made HIS career look bad.

    • And by the way, I voted for Sarah, too…hoping that something would happen and she’d have to take over being the President!!!

    • American 1st–I totally agree with you! The McCains think they are the Rockefellers, they are scum to the lowest. Anyone who whats to know the truth about John McCain go to YouTube, there is plenty to know on traitor John McCain.

    • American 1st: John McCain was a great man, only the dumpster trumpster’s had a problem with him. The real republicans and democrats alike, liked him. He truly wanted what was best for America. He regretted choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate because she was clueless, would not follow policies and hurt his campaign tremendously! A lot like the orange turd in the white house today! Trump is a wanna be dictator and all he is, is a dick!!! #END OF AN ERROR 2020!!!

      • Is Brain Cancer eating at you too? Sorry to all the victims of this horrible disease but there is no room for this hatred and it will just hasten ones demise! Best to take your medication!!

        • Remember President Trumps SOTU when a 7 year old with brain cancer attended? Where the hell was Mccains entitled daughter megs?and whore home wrecker mum?? They said nothing.. they were to jealous and self centered.and wouldn’t acknowledge the little girl.Mccains are all about themselves.good grief..wait till the 108 year old grandma passes. Megs will need a month off and cry for another 10 years.. sickening narcissistic family of liars,traitors and sell outs..

        • Perfect🐀🐀🖤🖤short sweet and truthful. Diane is a card carrying loon from the 666 cult of evil.Infantacide,antisemites,pro-terrorist in Congress anti-Americans,Pro-criminal and illegal voting rights,even the maggot Boston bomber.Pro-Fake hate crime and hellywood.. and is she from Virginia? Home of top 3 demonrats, blackface,kkk,and rapist!!? Oh yes Diane let’s not the Russia farce and obozo sponsored witch hunt and coop against President Trump.go sit in a closet with playdoh.. your unhinged.. pathetic..

          • Cindylee travis: Well aren’t you just a BITCH!!!! I believe you must be a rejected POS wife that had another woman steal her husband. LOL!!! Geeeez you are going to have a fatal stroke right here on this site. By the way, That Totally Useless Piece of Shit Trump, his father was a member of the KKK and that beautiful first lady you talk about, she is a two bit whore from a Russian satellite country that needs to get the hell out of this country. She stayed here illegally and her family was brought here on the family plan a program dumbass Trump wants to get rid of. New hashtag movement #Deport Melania!!!

        • Wilddog: Why do all of you rethuglicans always have to drag someone else into an argument??? I guess that is the only line of defense you have. PITIFUL!!! I will tell you this, I sure would not call Trump an American Hero, only a draft dodging coward with a made-up bone spurring disease and a big a– liar at that!!!


  20. All this is telling us is the family is no different than John McCain himself both are cowards and again betraying the country never mind trump. Once again the whole family is two face and don’t have what it takes to do the right thing both are cowards

  21. They seem to be attempting to prove that Trump was right. Endorse Biden and they will be double losers. Everything he did in the last three or four years must be taken with a grain of askance. You can’t convince me that a cancer in the brain didn’t affect something. I had a 35mm by 114mm subdural hematoma and that did some weird things. There are two full weeks of a year that I do not remember and another four that are fuzzy.

    • Timothy, I am really sorry about your hematoma. Thankfully you are alive today and seem to be in charge of your faculties. That’s WONDERFUL!!! Don’t worry about the time you can’t remember stuff, that’s God’s way of protecting you. And hey, probably nothing really exciting happened during that time!😉

  22. Looks like the virus of betrayal runs deep in the all family… Finally, they can’t hold it anymore…. They have to show everybody who they really are.
    People of Arizona, you are been cheated for more than 30 years….
    How do you feel, now that the truth came to light? …
    But more importantly, what are you going to do about it?… Are you going to be supporting more RINOs?…

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