Donald Trump is going to cause the globalist elites to have this massive meltdown

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The odds of Donald Trump returning to the White House are increasing.

That’s sending shockwaves through the political world. 

Now Donald Trump is going to cause the globalist elites to have this massive meltdown. 

The globalist elites who descended on Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum are getting nervous.

Former President Donald Trump won a blowout victory in the Iowa caucus over his Republican Primary challengers.

He appears to have the inside track to the Republican nomination after the win which puts him one step closer to the White House.

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow said that globalists are “scared to death” after Trump’s resounding win in Iowa during an interview on Fox Business.

“The globalists are scared to death,” Marlow said. “The Davos crowd is scared to death. China is scared to death, and Europe is positively beside itself that Donald Trump just might be back.”

“We start every day at Breitbart by reading The Global Times in China, and they are saying prepare for Trump. Biden might not be a strong opponent,” Marlow continued. “The main obstacle for Trump to overcome between now and Election Day is the courts — it’s not even Joe Biden.”

The Chinese government-run media outlet The Global Times warned its readers to prepare for the possibility of Trump winning the election.

“Then you head over and you read what’s going on in Europe,” Marlow said. “The Belgian Prime Minister who is now in the presidency of the Council of Europe, he’s saying that Europe is going to be on its own when Trump comes back, which is a huge misinterpretation of America First, but it just shows they’re panicking. The U.S. underwrites European security; so, they’re deeply concerned right now, the globalists over there. They’re just in a total panic repeating MSNBC and CNN talking points. We [at Breitbart News] can’t get enough of it.”

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow noted that globalist elites were also scared of Ronald Reagan during his Presidency.

“It was the same thing with Ronald Reagan. They feared Ronald Reagan. They said he was a cowboy. He might do some crazy press-the-nuclear-button,” Kudlow said. “But that keeps them on their hind legs, if you will, that keeps them moving backwards. So, I’d say this is a good thing. And I congratulate the voters of Iowa.”

Guest Monica Crowley, who served in the Trump administration, said that the former President was only going to gain steam after Iowa.

“The voters of Iowa began like the snowball that we’re going to see — like we saw in 2016 — of the American people state by state voting for Donald Trump to stand up to these kinds of globalist trans-nationalist people who head up organizations that are totally unelected,” Crowley said. 

Trump has opened up a narrow lead in national and battleground state polling against President Joe Biden.

The growing possibility of Donald Trump returning to the Oval Office is sending shockwaves through the world. 

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