Donald Trump is preparing an order that will correct the Supreme Court’s huge mistake

The current Supreme Court term has seen liberals string together a series of victories.

But one stood out above the rest.

And Donald Trump is preparing an order that will correct the Supreme Court’s huge mistake.

In what some considered the worst of Chief Justice John Roberts many betrayals this Supreme Court term, Roberts joined the courts four liberals in blocking the Trump administration from rescinding Barack Obama’s lawless executive amnesty program for the children of illegal aliens.

The setback was not permanent as the decision allowed the Trump administration to try again.

And reports are surfacing that President Trump appears ready to move to eliminate Obama’s amnesty program.

The Hill exclusively reported:

President Trump is expected to refile paperwork this week to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that offers protections for thousands of young immigrants, according to multiple people familiar with the planning.

Trump was initially expected to move to once again rescind the Obama-era program last week, but it was pushed back, according to one source. The exact timing remains in flux, but Trump is now expected to file the paperwork this week.

Open borders advocates will immediately sue and tie the order up in court.

But the President will create stakes for the November election and establish a clear contrast with Joe Biden.

The President needs the voters to view this as a choice election as opposed to a referendum.

Moving to end this amnesty program will make it clear that if Joe Biden wins, the amnesty program will proceed as Biden would obviously rescind President Trump’s order.

This reality will allow President Trump to ask the American people if they want secure borders and an immigration system that puts American workers first or the Democrats’ plan for open borders and illegal aliens streaming into the country driving down wages.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I am simply amazed at the number of moronic Americans who have no idea what it means to have freedoms they take for granted. Well, let me give you a lesson to see how stupid you really are. Open borders will create choas in the welfare system, food stamp system, HUD housing, and health care which law abiding citizens will have to pay for with higher and higher taxes, see CA and New York. Then you will have the added benefit of diseases that have been eradicated in the US, but not 3rd world countries where the immigrants come from. So, before you vote Democratic, make sure you have enough money to pay for these immigrants!


    Are you insinuating that I am not an American? I was born in Texas but it was not my fault. I wanted to be born in the USA, but my parents did not consult me first.

    The troll’s handbook states that you should hear this.

    Trumpty DIMBty is SCUM. And if you are stupid enough to support him you are a scum sucker.

  3. I defy anyone to identify a single benefit that the American people would incur as a result of deporting these people. The Supreme Court decision was correct. Trump – as usual – is acting against the interests of the American people on this issue.

  4. Trump will not win in November because Democrats will see to it with voter fraud.
    They learned from their mistakes with Hillary and they won’t let that happen again.

  5. To all those who condemn the President I hope your heads explode when he is reelected as President for 4 more years.

  6. KUDOS to Julia. This is MY country too, and MY children and grandchildren. America is the most generous country in the world, but we have been taken advantage of for too long. Becoming a LEGAL citizen is a blessing and a privilege.

    As for EDNA, we have NEVER stopped going to church and singing at the top of our voices, AMEN. It’s so sad that the fake news media and social media can create such a false reality, and instill fear in so many. That is how they CONTROL you. So if you want to hide under the bed, so be it. We have been fine, and I’ll NEVER let the media or govt. tell me how to live. Been an AMERICAN for FAR too long to fall for that one. Hope you see what’s really going on someday.

    My grandkids are in NJ, the greater NYC area. They are going back to school in August, and could have finished this year. Of all the deaths in NJ, only ONE was under 18. Kids are mostly immune and asymptomatic. It’s a darn flu. If I get the flu, I’ll get over it. Come to think of it, never got a flu shot in my life, and don’t remember ever having the flu. I’m living my life to the fullest!

  7. This is MY country. As half Native American Indian and as an American Patriot, I am disgusted at those who don’t and won’t follow laws. With regard to opening the flood gates to any damn person that wants to come in is not acceptable. There are laws in place that must be respected and followed; Just like ANY other decent, civilized country. You can’t just walk in, illegally, and demand to stay. It does not work that way. For too long out great nation as been lenient in allowing things to slide, but no more. That’s how we wind up with diseases, criminals, and far too many people living off of America’s state and federal services and aid and monies, set aside for AMERICANS. Furthermore, we MUST take care of our own before we can even begin to worry about others. It is the moral and ethical responsibility for America to help others, it is also our Christian obligation to do so, but ONLY to a certain degree and ONLY doing according to and under the laws set forth.

  8. I’m so glad I don’t have kids for. No way would I I take or allow them to go to school ,for I don’t feel any of this is Safe,,,,,
    In fact we don’t even go to church anymore.again just don’t feel Safe to go there which we used to always go
    Everything is way too soon since we are still daily losing many in All states

  9. marvin, what is an “inter site”?
    And nobody is advocating for these young people to be deported. But the law is unconstitutional and needs to be removed. Obama can’t just violate federal law with a stroke of his pen. That’s not how our government is supposed to work.

  10. DA TROLL Do us American patriots a favor; read Congress’ Immigration Law 8 U.S.C. $ 1101 (a) (3), U.S. Code 1325 and U.S. Code 1326 which is filled with penalties for illegal aliens that the illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II violated. Furthermore, the Justice Department (DOJ) has a moral and constitutional duty to enforce the Immigration Laws passed by Congress against illegal aliens. Moreover, don’t expect American patriots to be swayed by the term of “Undocumented Immigrants” which is a made-up term used to obscure the fact that such illegal aliens have violated our U.S. Immigration Law. By the way; even the Supreme Court properly uses the correct and precise legal term of “illegal aliens.”

    USAF (RET)

  11. About 135,000 to 150,000 DACA people are working in the health care industry helping their fellow Americans. Don’t you care about that? Isn’t that important to you? As usual most of the comments come from people who are only interest in seeing their names on the inter sites. Shame on you.

  12. I loved reading Da Trolls comments. They reaffirms the necessity for contraceptives. As for Osama, worthless completely worthless.

  13. oohs we’s DA Trolls strayed always from cleaning mes stalls and lapping ups moose milks that’s is mains jobs besides holding Ma’s Obama’s nut sack during some lates nights rump ridings

  14. The entire debacle falls squarely on the shoulders of Congress. They should have fixed the flawed immigration system many years ago. The fact they haven’t suggests they would rather use it as a political tool than do the right thing and fix it. With that said, we the people must take control and do the right thing, remove and replace congress politicians with actual statesmen, the way it was intended.

  15. DA TROLL & BRUCIE……yu put on quite a sho… yu think yu ‘sockt it to ’em?’
    Monkeys _ uck’n a football

  16. Da troll have you ever ate taint meat? By the way, which young girl did Trump rape? That’s Bill Clinton’s thing. Did you get ass raped by an uncle pervy in your family? Did your mama force you into sick sex acts?

  17. Mac

    My job as DA TROLL requires that I trash Trumpty DUMBty.

    Trumpty DUMBty is a low life criminal that deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. We can start with the 130,000 that Trumpty DUMBty murdered due to his incompetence. What about the young girls he raped with Epstine?

    Trumpty DUMBty is a sociopath and should be living the remainder of his life sharing a cell with a rapist baned Big Bubba.

    Mac go consume the contents of a smelly toilet that will not flush.

  18. Da troll
    You are what is the demographic problem in America. You did one asinine thing. You drank too much cool aid you DA
    How dare you come on this forum and speak bad about our president! I bet you spent that stimulus money no problem. Oh snap you didn’t get one cuz your an illegal and DONT deserve one. Try and be an illegal in other countries you would be lucky to make it out alive. Yep it’s ppl like you who like to sit around and complain and don’t know anything what’s going on. Like name one thing that sob did for the American ppl as a whole. You can’t cuz your name says it all. Your a Troll working for whom else Obummer and his evil state. You all need to be thrown in jail. This is a ppl state not yours nor will it ever be. We will rise up and no one will stop us Cus all authorities will be on our side that’s why you want to defund the police. We got you figured out. So yea come on this forum and spit your evil cuz we are to smart for you.

  19. Bruce,

    My advice is that you should should social distance at least 25 yards from me. As for the burn, try an ice cream enema.

  20. DA TROLL…Obama did not do one good thing the entire time he illegally occupied our White House

  21. DA TROLL…Obama’s whole eight years was illegal. The muslim traitor lied his way into our White House. He was born in Kenya, which invalidates his two terms and both should be annulled

  22. I’ve tried to think of one good thing Obama has done but I’m coming up short.
    Everything I can think of that Obama has done has hurt America. The best things Trump has done were actually undoing the bad stuff Obama did, the biggest of which was the job killing EPA regulations. If someone can think of anything good Obama has done I’m all ears.

  23. Robert, you need to pull your head out. You have had your head up your azz so long that you have developed tunnel vision. Being as your head is in your rectum all you saw was flatulence and feces. So naturally you would support Trumpty DUMBty and hope to bow before him on his golden toilet.

  24. Robert, you need to pull your head out. You have had your head up your azz so long that you have developed tunnel vision. Being as your head is in your rectum all you saw was flatulence and feces. So naturally you would support Trumpty DUMBty and hope to bow before him on his golden toilet,

  25. Da Troll-name ONE thing accomplished in the Obama year that helped America-One? Hard to do for there are none, zero nada. Socialized unworkable healthcare-anti-business and anti-America energy policies, funding Arab Terrorism, funding Domestic Terrorism, All of these are Obama landmarks. Truly no one has betrayed our nation more than Barack Obama.

  26. Why have laws if they aren’t going to be enforced? The commiecrats want to make up the rules to advance their commie agenda.

  27. bj you lie! Not EVERYTHING Obama did was bad. Trumpty DUMBty has taken credit for a lot of Obama’s accomplishments.

    Does your religion teach that lying is okay?

  28. Works for me. I was hoping the president would not let this pass without a fight. I am vindicated in my belief DACA was illegal from the start and that Pres. Trump will prevail.

  29. Good. Obama’s DACA program is not a law nor is it legal. It is against the constitution. Trump started to remove the program but stopped. The last one wasn’t quite right, so he has to go back and do it again. It will eventually get through the court.

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