Donald Trump is sounding the alarm about Nancy Pelosi’s massive voter fraud scheme

Democrats are pushing the largest voter fraud program in American history.

And some so-called “Republicans” seem willing to give-in and even support this effort amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But now Donald Trump is sounding the alarm about Nancy Pelosi’s massive voter fraud scheme that could upend the 2020 election.

Overhauling the electoral system has been a pipe dream of the Left for decades. And now they are being emboldened by what they see as a great opportunity in the coronavirus crisis.

The schemes are as numerous and ominous as funnel clouds in Tornado alley.

Democrats have tried everything to rig elections in their favor from getting rid of the Electoral College, banning photo ID’s, “rank choice voting,” and of course mail-in ballots.

Unfortunately, in many of these areas the Left has made great gains and as predicted, massive voter fraud has followed.

Now, taking advantage of the current crisis, mail-in ballots have been floated as an alternative to in-person voting given the coronavirus outbreak.

This despite the fact that there haven’t been any coronavirus spikes in Wisconsin after they held their primaries through in-person voting in the height of the pandemic.

The push for mail-in ballots has gained so much steam that it was even mentioned in one of President Trump’s daily press briefings.

And the President pulled no punches, stating mail-in only voting would lead to massive voter fraud.

Of course, liberals laughed off the president’s attacks on mail-in voting. They said there was no need to worry. After all, they claimed, “voter fraud rarely happens” and “we need it to save lives.”

The media, of course, jumped on the mail-in band wagon, The New York Times ran an article laughably called “Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud. Here Are the Facts.”

But, in the very same story, The Times included this telling line, “experts say that the mail voting system is more vulnerable to fraud than voting in person.”

Yep, even in defending the concept of mail-in ballots, the newspaper had to admit it is vulnerable to fraud.

Even more disturbing are the figures put out by Mark Hemingway at RealClearPolitics on the state of current vote-by-mail programs.

According to Hemingway: “Between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for, according to data from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The missing ballots amount to nearly one in five of all absentee ballots and ballots mailed to voters residing in states that do elections exclusively by mail.”

And even worse, it turns out States and local authorities simply have no idea what happened to the missing ballots, they’ve simply disappeared.

And the figure of 28 million missing ballots is likely even higher because some areas, not surprisingly including Chicago, didn’t even respond to the federal agency’s questions. And the 28 million number doesn’t include hundreds of thousands of ballots that were spoiled, undeliverable, or returned to sender.

If you expand this to all 50 states, we are looking at total chaos.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, which compiled the data from the Election Assistance Commission, claims that the sheer number alone raises serious doubts about election security and massive fraud.

These are issues that the Left and their Never-Trump stooges are either missing or are willfully ignoring in their drive to remove Trump from office.

In fact, Democrat Senators Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Ron Wyden (OR) have proposed the strikingly misnamed “Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020,” a bill that would allow every eligible voter in the country the opportunity to vote by mail, regardless of current state laws governing mail-in ballots.

This federal power grab will lead to even more “lost” ballots, “ballot harvesting” schemes, and outright fraud.

As far back as 2008, concerns about fraud in mail-in ballots have led many to conclude the use of mail-in ballots should be severely restricted, not expanded.

It’s no shocker that Democrats are using this current national emergency to find a way to cheat or promote a flawed system that lends itself to massive fraud. It’s what they do.

And the current thinking among most political experts is, it’s the only way they can beat Donald Trump this November.

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  1. Hey, Obama used the “New Black Panthers” to police the polls. Why would the US military not work as well for the Trump supporters?

  2. I’m for Trump 100% but the democRATS will not stop at anything to win. They will lie, cheat, steal , and even kill to take ov r the White House!! I foresee and all at war if they succeed in stealing the election!!

  3. A friend of my neighbors received 5 mail in ballots. One for her and the other 4 were for people that hadn’t lived there in 7 years. Anyone could fill out those other 4 ballots. Easy way for voter fraud. No mail in ballots for us. We go to the polls to vote. The President need to sign an executive order not allowing all these mail in votes. Only for the military and disabled.

  4. There is no need for mail in voting to save lives. The virus will be gone by August the word is. That is 3 months before the election. VOTE IN PERSON WITH YOU PICTURE ID. I for one will not vote by mail. It’s unconstitutional and illegal. The president needs to sign an executive order to stop it.
    I am in favor of our troops voting by mail and the elderly and handicapped that can’t make it to the polls.
    Everybody tell the President to sign an executive order to stop it

  5. I just sent in my application for mail in voting. I can track it and be sure my vote counts. I don’t see voter fraud at all. Sorry, it’s a great way to vote.

  6. Mail-in-voting is the most fraudulent method of voting. Does everyone forget the election scandal between Bush and Gore just to name one. It does not give the American people a true voice in choosing. I refuse to mail-in-vote, I am immuno-compromised and I will stand in line to vote I am not afraid to do so. And as an American it should be my choice how I vote. Politicians currently in office should have no say in it.

  7. How many Dead or Illegal voters does it take to elect a Demented ,Sex Pervert ?
    Only The Democrats know ……………………………….As we all know it’s not the Amount of voters that partake in the Privilege of Voting , but the Person or Persons that “Counts the Votes” that Determines who Wins or loses !!!! Mail in Ballots have been known to Appear and Disappear Magically depending on whom they are electing !

  8. I threw the absentee ballot that I received unsolicited in the mail in the garbage. Can’t imagine what that mailing cost the taxpayer. I will be going to the polls but that brings up another side of this. I just found out purely by accident that the precinct I have went to to vote for the last at least 40 years will not be open. Instead of going several blocks to vote I now have to drive about 12 miles. This is not a problem but what is a problem is why isn’t this something that is advertised so everyone is aware of the change – is it a secret??? and why???

  9. There is no need for mail in ballots. People line up in all kinds of stores to make payments or purchases. If they can stand in queues for other purposes they can go to the polls. If they are really worried, they can wear a mask. There is no need to change how we elect our government officials, but those same officials need to realize that WE THE PEOPLE have chosen them to do a job and they better get to it!

  10. They are expertly trained in the art of deception, a truly evil brood of vipers.
    Voting to us who don’t want America to Crumble is just as important as going to the grocery store. One truth I can say, go to Sign in america and get your political
    status settled, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn!

  11. On please people,this is so stupid if it’s ok for us to put on a mask and go to get groceries, it no different to put on a mask and go vote. We can stay 6 ft apart. This is just the democrats trying to take us out with scare tactics. Go vote and show your id like most Americans do, don’t let the dems win this with voter fraud.

  12. By the time November 3rd gets here there wil not be any Covid 19. Mail in ballots ONLY for the elderly and handicapped that can not make it to the where they vote

  13. First of all, the Progressive Democratic Mayors lock down states, with some stating that they will not open the country until a vaccine is created. So here’s Nancy, let’s do mail in voting so everyone can vote. Since we are voting by mail ID will not be required.We’ll just send the ballots to everyone to be filled out. The results are, people voting twice or more, dead people voting, non citizens voting, ballots not counted, ballots lost, and ballots changed. However, there is no way to check to see if the ballots are legitimate or not, a very easy way to cheat!

  14. How in the world do you think that Chicago has had Democrats in control for the past 70 years or more. Voter fraud. Here’s the proof. Democrats have nothing to offer us not care.

  15. The Democrats are against purging the voter rolls of deceased voters. They favor open borders and issue illegal aliens driver licenses which could be used as IDs to vote. If that is not enough, there are always mail-in ballots. Who knows who filled them out?

  16. This is an excellent example why the Democrats are low life SOBs. May God have mercy on us.

  17. Mail in for military and handicapped that cannot get to the polls only. This system should be decided by the voters only–no politicians who can cheat.

  18. Anyone who uses the word balderdash is an absolute tool..Johnson,you are a dick..and isn’t it funny how Scott disappears and suddenly we get the race baiting Monty Jackson?hey Monty,say hi to Tito and Janet and stfu

  19. Its my right as a us. Citizen to go to the voter polls. Mr. President please stop this mail in ballot. If not something will happen and thete will be massive voter fraud. I see it comming.the demacrats have to be stopped.its our constitution right to vore the way we want to and where we want to.

  20. Massive voter fraud was proven in 2016 and nothing happened to anyone except to a few of the lowly. What do you think will happen if mail-in voting is opened to all?? Not sure that Trump can survive the voter fraud and that is exactly what the very crooked DemocRats goal is. Sure hope and pray that the Repub.vvoters don’t repeat what many did by staying home That’s how we lost the House and look at the disaster that caused us and our President!!!.

  21. All mailed in ballots should have a photocopied photo ID, where each photo ID could be scanned into the System. If there is no photo ID then the ballot will be rejected.

  22. The Libtards want mail-in voting ’cause they know the lazy and SCARED won’t go vote if there’s even a hint of possible “INFECTION”. Repubs will show up to vote.


  24. Planning, conspiring to commit crime is a crime by itself. Head’em off at the pass. Hit them with conspiracy NOW!

  25. As President,can’t you outlaw mail in voting? Also, require photo ID. The Demi’s are going to try and rig the election.I also wish you could put in term and age limits.

  26. Johnson: You said Trump is lying? Haven you seen the evidence that there was voter fraud in many states. You sound like someone with his head up his ass.

  27. Democrats lie just like the Chinese Communist Party.
    CCP: “COVID 19 doesn’t transmit between humans, and the U.S. military planted it.”
    Democrats: “There is no voter fraud, and Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.”

  28. For you folks that don’t understand communism, just look at the issues the democratics are pushing and be prepared to be a slave. Apparently the demoncratic party voters like slavery. It must be in the DNA to accept this way of life as many do now thru government handouts. Don’t work, wait for the big father (Not Jesus) to take care of you. Just think, in a communist run country, you don’t live like a king while in jail, instead you catch hell. VOTE DEMONCRATIC???>??

  29. Havnt u heard we the rightful citizens of Ametica are the vagrants, haters and we are suppose to work and give our jobs our country to illegals. One party, no vote, totalitarian and total dictatorship/communism. This is what so called dems want, they want us Americans gone or martial kaw fir us but not the illegals. Its disgusting, thank God President Trump is in the oval off ice and must stay there.

  30. This is a Democrat bid to outright steal an election that they know cannot be theirs any other way, this must not happen!

  31. It’s official America !! Nancy piglosi is the ANTI CHRIST !!!!! God please take her from this earth !!! And do not have mercy on her soul !!!

  32. I live in the Philippines i have my CA
    ballot mailed to me there. Couldn’t vote in the primary because my ballot got to me 1 week late. I vote Republican.

  33. Standing in line at the grocery, drug, liquor stores, flocking to parks and beaches, you can stand in line to vote. Afraid to go out, get an official absentee ballot

  34. President Trump’s committee on voter fraud in 2016 was disbanded when they found negligible voter fraud – meaning they found none to speak of! This article and President Trump are just telling the same big lie over and over again until you all repeat the same big lie like it is true! You that repeat this balderdash are just dupes and worse! Stop preparing for your inevitable loss in November with seditious plans for a false narrative to stop the real winner from coming to power!

  35. No mail in voting aloud. We’re Americans not Communist. Trump needs to give the order to Open this country up. And they don’t like leave. Hang those Top Democrats and Bill Gates

  36. Almost everybody here appears to be t-rump load swallowers how tasty is it 😟also short on mental firepower😂he is also a pathological liar😊

  37. Maybe if George Soros kept his hands out of our voting machines things would turn out better. No voting by mail! Photo ID’s only! That’s what I think!

  38. We are so smart with all our electronic gadgets and we can not figure out a simple way to vote. Reason is we do not want to. Everyone should have a Simple Voter ID number and a Special Code for that ID number. You phone a simple number, give them your voter ID number, your special code, your Social Security number and your Date of Birth. Then you vote using the prompts.

  39. In my opinion, voter fraud is a problem in this country. I truly believe that is why the Democrats want illegal immigrants to be in this country so they can use some of them to vote Democratic. Also, there are several states most if not all of them with Democratic Governors (California, Illinois, New York to name a few) who still have people on their voting rolls who have moved from the state or who have died. A federal law that was passed is supposed to have these names removed, but Judicial Watch has had to file lawsuits against those states as the names have not been removed. This is truly amazing that this can happen in this country. This is all part of the swamp

  40. Comrade Pelosi is just a puppet for Communist China. Of course, she is promoting massive voter fraud. The last person that Communist China wants as President is Trump. He is not biddable. Biden is weak and easily manipulated — perfect, as President to front for Communist China.

  41. Comrade Pelosi is just a puppet for Communist China. Of course, she is promoting massive voter fraud. The last person that Communist China wants as President is Trump. He is not biddable. Biden is weak and easily manipulated — perfect, as President to front for Communist China.

  42. Mail-in voting is a great way to light the powder keg of election fraud. There will be a civil war over this kind of crap. But since the dems don’t like guns, they will lose big time. There are no safe spaces in a war.

  43. This “Mail-in-Ballot scheme” that the Demorats are trying to pull will result in “Illegals voting and Dead People rising from the dead” to vote. Just about every transaction conducted in the US requires a VALID ID AND SO SHOULD VOTING. If a person must present a VALID ID to cash a check or purchase a “gun” so should they also show this ID TO VOTE, NO ID NO VOTE!!!

  44. The solution to this problem is quite simple. Extend the voting period for several days. Assign a day alphabetically (day 1… A through D, day 2…E through H, day 3…I through L, etc.). Reserve a couple of days at the end of the voting period to allow for those who were unable to vote on their assigned day. ALL voters must identify themselves, and be marked off of the registered voter rolls at the time they vote. The polls strictly enforce social distancing protocol, and have each polling station cleansed immediately after each voter. Simple, safe, and secure.

  45. monty jackson is mouthy jackoff. Get out of my country you piglousi lover. Your dadi sorass goes with you

  46. Everyone needs to go to the polls to vote so the evil democrats don’t win. They are doing everything they can to lie, cheat and bring this country down Americans need to wake up and see they want to control us they sit back and laugh at what is happening. I feel like a communist when I walk in a store with a mask. Every business in the United States needs to man up and open up screw the government. Open up your business be safe about it but open. The police are not going to arrest every single business owner. We are the working blood , sweat and tears of America they work for us. America don’t let this happen anymore go out and get your business open.

  47. No mail in voting. Please pass a law/referendum, whatever it takes to prevent mail in votes. fraud!

  48. Voting in this country is a privlege and duty to perform. I strongly feel that if the military can’t be home to vote, then they should be able to mail in absentee ballots. There is no other need for this to be done. If you don’t want to bother to go the poles and cast your ballot with proper i.d. then you don’t deserve to have the right to vote in this country. If the democRATS want to change this freedom as they want to do with all of our other freedoms, then they can just take a “LONG WALK OFF A SHORT PIER” If these idiots don’t want to come back to D.C. and do the job they are paid to do, and are required to do, they have no right to make demands on the people for their crooked dealings.
    Their only goal is to wreck this country in any way they can and this is just yet another way to make them look good while screwing the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    The constitution has a place in this country to keep these power hungry “CAREER POLITICIANS” from ruining us for their betterment. VOTE THEM OUT, KICK THEM OUT,
    IMPEACH THEM OUT, RULE THEM OUT!!!!!! There are of us that fought, bled, and died for this country and we don’t deserve this treatment.*********

  49. If we already have the mail-in ballot for June elections, do we have to use it or can we still go vote in person?

  50. The people in this country have no say in anything anymore thanks to our lovely Democrats. Sad to say it’s going downhill fast. Need to have term limits for all these old worn out people in politics. Most of them are clueless.

  51. Mai-in-balloting is a scam. 1000% illegitimate. If this process is pushed through, we’re done as a nation! End of story!

  52. I only agree with the military to be able to vote from where they are stationed. It’s certain their I.D. is valid. When boxes of ballots are dumped into the incinerator, you can bet they were all for a Republican.

  53. Mail-in voting is fraud and should be stopped. Reading that some 28 million votes are missing, never found, don’t know where they are, and we have a comment on here saying “they have voted by mail for years”. NOT if their votes are with the 28 million missing they didn’t, and then they promote mail-in voting not knowing if their vote was counted. Voting must be “face on” with proof of eligibility. The housebound must be found another way to vote.

  54. We need to clean up the liberal garbage in congress and kick their cans to the dump. What can we do to stop this before the election?

  55. Is there any red blooded American left in the Capitl??? This is treason, there are so many stupid people in the capital… cheating is the only thing they know, that’s how they live their lives, cheat, steal, lie,being two face, narcissistic idiots,

  56. I live Oregon. We have had vote by mail for many years. We very rarely have a Republican elected. Right now we have a democratic super majority in our legislature. I wouldn’t give you a dime for vote by mail. I would say it is not American. I never mail my ballot but still don’t know if it gets thrown out because someone doesn’t like the way I signed my name. Ron Wyden’s state, by the way. We are a dictatorship. We need to go to the polls. Show identification, and vote. Anything less will not be a true representation of the will of the people.

  57. Last election we had four times the votes as ever before! People up to age 119 voted! All in Alabama’s “Black Belt”. “Nothing to see here” was their response. Most votes showed up after 10 p.m.? With 90% blacks, nobody “Saw anything”. If they have mail in votes, just votes like the dems, “Early and Often”!

  58. I’m an advocate for voters to walk into the polls with valid ID and cast their ballot. Also their should be Federal oversight at every polling place in the USA.

  59. How can it be fraud I have been voting for the pass 6 years by mail. There are home bond people who don’t have the advantage of actually going to the poll to vote and have used mail in ballots way before Cheeto even gave though to running for office. You people that follow this clown into such false reality. Vote by mail in isn’t new it’s been happening for ages your ignorant dumpster have you living behind an Iron Curtain that doesn’t exist in America. Wake up ye ole fools. The forest and the trees are one picture not two. He stole the election no one voted for that clown the Electoral College and Putin along with Cheeto corrupt gangsters stole his position and now because we are smarter enough to close the rat holes he once again throw a tantrum of foul play. America has gone to hell without a paddle with this Fool!!!

  60. My family and I are voting at the polls. Please everyone don’t believe the demorats they are liars and traitors. They have sold their souls to the devil. President Trump is our only hope. Vote at the polls Nov3 2020

  61. To all but Jackson: Jackson is nothing but a foumouthed cowardly little cuck who goes on different sites like this. He contantly changes his username too. Last time, He was under the name of Jack and with his foulmouthed Ant-Trump and Anti-God crap! He was even calling a Vietnam Veteran A fool and a baby killer for doing his job as a good soldier! no doubt Jackson is a Hanoi Jane Fonda lover too! That Veteran was ready to rip Jackson to shreds and called out Jackson to come to his house to teach Jackson a good lesson for the foul Un-American things he said!! Of course Jackson chicken out and wouldn’t show!!! BAWK-BAWK-BAWK!! CHICKEN LITTLE JACKSON!!!!!!!

  62. Who is this Monty on this page? Now if a republican talked the sewage and hate and violence, it’s always the dems with this stuff isn’t it?, the pushback from these vampires of freedom would come out in droves!!! What a sad man. Life must be terrible for this probable Taker. The blue team takes and the red team are the Makers!! Get used to it you despicable American!! We ARE going to win,,,,,,,,,,,,,again Asshole!!

  63. Election fraud is voting by mail. All other frauds of Democrats aimed at the illegal overthrow of the legitimate president ended in failure. All three unreasonable impeachments fell apart due to the lack of corpus delicti. Voting by mail is not the last fraud invented by the Democrats. They still have half a year to invent yet another fraud. in case of the failure of the Fraud in the elections. And they will certainly prepare the following.

  64. Mail-in voting, I don’t trust it at all. In the State of North Carolina, our Governor want even allow our voter ID policy to be enforced at all.

    Pelosi and Schumer and every corrupt and crooked Democrats will figure out anything to work towards stealing this Presidential Election, so that they can get President Trump and Vice President Pence out of the White House at any cost.

    Voting by mail, isn’t safe, and I wouldn’t trust my ballot getting to the right people that would be counting these ballots. Everybody needs to be against mail-in voting altogether.

  65. Monty Jackson You shut your failmouthed Commie Piehole, you’re playing with fire and really crusing for a bruising, Pal!!! Typical Libtwerp cowardly punk always acting tough and obscene behind your keyboard, but too scared and chicken too make your vulgar and vile comments to anyone face!! Come to Philly and try that with me you little cuck!!!

  66. What a scam article. There has never been any wide spread voter fraud in this country, including all the claims (unverified) by Kohback. Then he gets appointed head of the commission Trump created to investigate Trump’s claims of voter fraud and files his report, which stated NO documented issues of significant voter fraud. This is not about voter fraud, but the attempt to suppress voter turnout. Denying individuals of their right to vote.You may not like a person’s choice of vote, but that does not give you the right to take his or her right to vote away.

  67. If an executive order could be done to eliminate mail-in voting (except certain groups (ie..elderly and others…) and mandate voter ID in all 50 states that would be good….there is reason for concern about the voter fraud in what will be the most important election in the history of this Nation coming up in 2020′, We will be choosing what America we will live in ….going forward….s

  68. I say no to mail In ballots! There has already been enough election fraud in the past! No more!

  69. Voter fraud was invented by the democrats. A case in point. Does any one know why LBJ was called “LANDSLIDE LYNDON”? True story, LBJ ran for the house and won by “23” votes. Eventually it was found out that the votes came from the grave yard. But , when his opponent wanted a re-count, he was found in his pick up with two bullet holes in his head and was deemed “SUICIDE” So all this mail in votes is just an invitation for the democrats to steal this next election

  70. If Mailin ballots pass, then either they vet everybody extremely well or somebody better find a way so if the ballots are mailed to people addresses and then they have a drive thru where they can hand them to someone and also show their ID and birth certificate.

  71. The Democrats always laugh at any suggestion of voter fraud, despite all the confirmed cases. I had an absentee ballot, but I delivered it personally to the election office and placed it in a locked collection box outside. No way was I putting it in the mail. A postal worker was caught throwing mail into a dumpster recently, which speaks to the problem with mail-in ballots. I will never use electronic voting machines either. They have proven unreliable also. If people are going to the supermarket, they can go to a polling place to cast their ballot, using the same precautions.

  72. Didnt read all the other comments, so this probably redundant. Dems absolutely know they cant beat Trump in a straight up legal election, they’ve been brainstorming about the best way to steal it for the last two years.

  73. Voting should be taken at a qualified Voting facility after the person has been verified as a true CITIZEN of the United States of America.

    I feel any thing else were be FRAUD.

  74. There’s no reason to switch to all mail voting, ever! November is a long way off. Noone knows what will be going on with the virus. Polling stations can take the necessary steps to ensure voter and poll workers safety. We can’t rely on our mail system to elect the most important person in the world.

    DO WE NEED TO KILL OFF our entire postal system? AND THEN SOME?

  76. Waaaay too much opportunity for some to vote ,,”incorrectly”! Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly shown that party comes before country and all of “we the people”…, Some people just cannot handle power and they want more and more! It is never enough!!

  77. James 75th regiment I can feel the desperation in the posts of the commie losers. It’s funny. Not only Trump but General Flynn being exonerated is rocking their world. And their front runner? A retarded old pervert.

  78. You know how these people are Dan, misery loves company. I’ve seen a thousand of them.

  79. Affirmative Mr.McLear… And to Mr. Jackson this is the number for the Children’s Social Workers Network. Some times people need a little help. 614-722-6300

  80. Voter fraud should be taken very seriiosly, and there should be severe penalties for the brokers of this corruption. Since voter fraud is a direct attack on the citizens, government, and constitution of the United States, the criminal charge against anyone participating or encouraging such behavior should be TREASON! And, upon conviction of such a crime, the guilty person(s) would be executed! This is not a game to be played without consequences!

  81. BJ or I mean BLOW JOB I had thought you would have taken your GOD/KING tRUMP advice and injected yourself with disinfect and go see your Jesus.

  82. FullyPillowFive you have a problem with that I chose Communism over your brand of CHRISTIAN/FASCISM that most of you REPUBLITHUGS want.

  83. Jimmy Jones 75 Ranger Regiment Texas Department of Public Safety pull tRUMP’s cock from your mouth you F–king FASICST/JACKBOOTED member of law enforcement.

  84. Vote by Mail, how stupid for we already have absentee balloting. I am 91 years old and when the wife were not able to go to the poles, we planned ahead and requested the absentee ballot. It works great, but one has to a registered voter. Of course the Democrat Cult High Priestess Pelosi does not want that as they cannot stuff the ballot box with non eligible, non citizen people. Wake good Citizen of the Republic before it is to late.

  85. To all uou voters out there. If you love this country and was to keep it safe and the economy going strong, DON’T VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATS!!!

  86. I know the FBI committed fraud with entrapment of an Army General and President of the United States with the help of a list of parasites that I don’t have time to run down for you. But these parasites are the ones that want voting from home for twenty illegals living in one house & halve of them have the same Social Security number…

  87. EO Mr. Trump have all Mail in Ballots banned, true patriots will support such an action.

  88. The severely psychotic members often laugh at the truth yes I do know that with them the distinction between the truth and guile is very often distorted because when you habitual lie, cheat, steal, and kill you lose all perception as to your actions so laugh away chuckleheads us true patriots realize that 99% of the time members of the Communist party could not win an election without cheating.

  89. Dems have no morals and they will do whatever it takes to take over our government and our lives. They are evil and vile and couldn’t care less about right and wrong

  90. I don’t think the President can do anything about the local State elections. Since voting for the President, Congressman & Senators is for the Federal Government I would think he could do an EO on voter ID & other rules for those elections. I have been pushing this for the past month. If anyone on here is on twitter (I was locked out in Jan) tweet the suggestion to the President. Thanks

  91. The Dems are going to have to really be watched in November. They are crooked as hell and PELOSI and Schiff and the rest are going to try to cheat. God help us to keep the election honest because You are the only one that can make it right like it is suppose to be. No mail in votes, except for seniors who are unable to get to the poles. I would love to know where all those votes got to that were missing in years passed.

  92. We don’t need to have mail-in ballot’s for this Presidential Election on November 3rd., 2020.

    YES! I agree with this article that there will be more voting fraud by mail than by going to the voting poll’s during this election year. We need to show up this Presidential Election in person and vote and then we need to do the same thing during the mid-term’s also. I don’t trust mail-in ballot voting and I don’t trust any of the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s during either ELECTION!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to see VOTER ID put in place in North Carolina since it was voted on in the last Presidential Election. The Governor of North Carolina will not let it be enforced in my State, because, he is afraid of what the voting results will be!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t give into the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s for this mail-in voting scheme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not NOW and not EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These corrupt and crooked Democrat’s will do anything and everything to cheat to be able to win any ELECTION PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. If we want a fair elect then not anybody should work the polls. EXCEPT MILITARY FORCE! We saw what happened during OBAMA first term! Can’t let it happen again! Or there will be a civil war brewing big time!

  94. Pelosi and Schummer can lie with the best of them! Even these LIBERAL are COWARD and liar! Voting fraud happen during Obama first term! Roll the tape! There was a woman arrested in Florida who was working at the polls. She changed the vote of hundred of people. Then there was the black guys who said he VOTED SIX TIMES! THEN THERE WAS BLACK PANTHER BLOCKING THE POLLS IN PHILADELPHIA! ALL TO HELP OR BE SURE OBAMA WON! Even the Democrat congress member help Obama win! By blocking the republican from SEEING HIS COLLEGE RECORDS! BIRTH CERTIFICATE. TRUMP is RIGHTS PELOSI can’t be trusted! He should put the military in charge of handling the POLLS! But NOT THE NATIONAL GUARDS!

  95. Mail in voting should be limited to disabled, elderly, military and those that not going to be in the area on election day. Voters voting by mail should be registered with their local Supervisor of Elections office prior to elections day with a picture ID and proof of mailing address’ Requesting absentee ballot at the time of registration and have signature on file. They must sign the envelope that the absentee is mailed back in.

  96. This is how a communist party takes over a country. Voter fraud and rigged elections.
    Once democrats change the voting system to their favor its all over for this country.
    It will be a one party communist dictatorship – forever.

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