Donald Trump issued a coronavirus ultimatum that no could have predicted

The outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus took a shocking turn for the worse.

Americans are now being confronted with a new reality.

And Donald Trump issued a coronavirus ultimatum that no could have predicted.

Donald Trump addressed the nation with a primetime Oval Office speech.

Trump sought to calm the nerves of a jittery public and reassure Wall Street that the government was on top of the problem.

In the past, Democrats and the Fake News Media routinely accused the President of being divisive or only “catering to his base.”

But his primetime address to the nation, President Trump called on Congress to put partisanship aside and work together to overcome the threat of the Chinese coronavirus.

“We must put politics aside, stop the partisanship, and unify together as one nation and one family. As history has proven time and time again, Americans always rise to the challenge and overcome adversity. Our future remains brighter than anyone could imagine. Acting with compassion and love, we will heal the sick, care for those in need, help our fellow citizens and emerge from this challenge stronger and more unified than ever before,” Trump declared.

On fake news CNN, anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and so-called “journalist” Jim Acosta immediately blasted Trump by zeroing in on the President accurately calling the Chinese coronavirus a “foreign” virus.

Whatever remedies Trump proposes the media and Democrats will savage the President.

They are incapable of meeting the President’s challenge to work together as Americans to combat the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. When “The Donald asks reporters: Are there any questions? He should ask: Are there any intelligent questions?
    This would really shorten any of these press conferences!

  2. Thanks too all you liberal simpletons , all of your lies and sneviling has pissed all true Americans off . The Trump Train is going to steam roll your butts Flat as PANCAKE , come election time 2020 . Were all getting out and voting , thanks to all of you Knuckle Heads . America will remain a nation under Liberty and Justice for All !!

  3. Do any of you remember what Don had to say about the virus in January? Look it up. He called it ” a hoax”. a” Democrat effort” to mess up his economy”. And much more about how it would be under control and only last a couple weeks and that were well prepared. Does that bother anyone that he so blatantly lied? It should because he will lie about anything to get a vote or maintain an image. And you fools will just keep on drinking his koolaide. Wake up folks. He took his casinos through bankruptcy multiple times. Borrowed all he could against them and then left everyone high and dry. He has run up the biggest deficit in history in a time of economic expansion. Unprecedented!
    The man is a disaster and a fake.

  4. DJ LanthierRismondo your the delusional one you probably think Obumer was the best president we’ve had.

  5. thank God most Americans see through the garbage and see and hear what is true. We are intelligent amd educated people.

  6. The DemonRats as I call them are just so filled with hate there is no cooperation expected…..their hate is SO DEEP and their SOULS are so DARK that God is saving a special place for them! CALLED HELL…..


  7. bill gates, bloomberg, johns hopkins and i’m sure soros had his hand in it too. they where working on an antidote back in 2015 or 2018 for this virus. there’s an article in intercessors of america i believe the name of the article accident or something more sinister. very good reading. you may have to scroll through several pages to get to it. good thing trump didn’t do like bath house barry and take 6 months to put a plan in action.i would hate to see what would have happened if killary hillary was in office what a disaster that would be.

  8. Who does the news media accept as their savior ? Hateful accusations is what a demon would want ! I truly wonder what their calling is ? They seem to have no idea ! A trail of destruction seems to be their pattern , have they helped to get the real truth out ? I don’t think so. Just like hollyweird out to impress themselves,are they helping us or hurting us ! And why ? Who fules their hate of America as they don’t support it. Their more for illegal immigration , sanctuary cities , crime , harboring fugitives , Americans being killed are those their values . Their crimes should be the lying and accusations unsubstantiated by any means.

  9. The Democrats don’t need to have a say in how to tackle this Virus. They would just come up with more ideas on how taxpayers need to fund abortion and put more money in Democrats pockets. The Democrats do not give a Damn

  10. DJ Rismondo needs to join Biden in the asylum. They’d make a great couple! They could spend all their time blaming PreidentTrump for their confinement.

  11. The fact of the matter is there a certain population of serial Trump haters which are so indoctrinated by the likes of CNN, WAPO, NYT it is a waste of time even responding to the dribble they write. Trump could come up with a miracle cure and would still be criticized. He has done an admirable job considering the immensity of the crisis and partisan bickering.

  12. I am really getting sick and tired of the demon rats blaming everything on the best president we’ve had in a long time. Nancy Pelosi (a catholic) wanting abortion is advocating murder of innocent babies. Others who just can’t get over h.clinton losing the election. Thank God she did. The demon rats are protecting her and it must stop.

  13. Democrats….the new Demovirus, or the new Demorona virus. Those of us sane people, need to stop focusing on this man-made Dem inspired disease, and commit ourselves to praising Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit lives in us. God did not give fear to live in his body. We are part of his body. Everyone should pray to end this demon virus being used to hurt all people. Who benefits with hurting our world? Besides demons. Crash our robust economy… ignorant people will not vote for Pres. Trump. I give you, one nation under demonic power.

  14. Justice for Trump who writes your commie propaganda for you? You’re too stupid to create it yourself.

  15. You right wing nut jobs will believe anything these sites,or Trump, or Fox or Limbaugh will puke up to you. Trump is the Divider-in-Chief, the Mobster-in-Chief, and certainly the worst liar to live in the White House. He has ruined this country with corruption and now his ignorance in this corona virus menace still makes him the world’s most dangerous menace.

  16. DJ Lantheir Rismondo YOU are NOT very nice at all. But I will Bless you in Jesus because He says to Bless people like you

  17. Rumors, sensationalism, consumerism, fake news.


    The coronavirus is swiftly infectious — thank God for President Trump’s emergency powers to contain the disease and to protect Americans.

    You reap what you sow — China is reaping the exploitation of its inhumane greed.

  18. Dum dems have weaponized the coronavirus scare hysteria and blamed Trump for a worldwide pandemic that began in a Chinese lab PROBABLY at the behest of Georgie Porgy Soros, their founder & mentor, who will make a killing on funding the cure.That’s pretty PARTISAN!

  19. DJ LanthierRismondo – What a joke — you just described Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Kerry, Obamas, the BIDEN family and MORE! Bullies, Liars, H Biden adulterer and womanizer, corrupt Burisma families, out for themselves, hoping to soak taxpayers, killing unborn babies, living on taxpayers dollars, paying for fake news!

  20. My husband said while they were falling over the cliff. They would be saying IMPEACH❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ 😀👍

  21. I could care less what the fake news outlets say. Let them jump off a short pier along with the dems. They would follow each other over a cliff & lie & say they weren’t falling. Trump all the way baby❕👍😊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  23. CNN is the worst news station in the history of the modern world . The phrase ” Tell the Truth ” , isn’t there objective on any matter at hand , just lies and total BS .

  24. @James A Langham Your absolute stupidity is on full display for all the world to see. Is julio richard laredo your twin brother?

  25. I don’t know how you people in the U.S. put up with the left OMG your government can’t get anything done, I swear if the sun just came up and Trump looked out a window and say look at that sunshine any democrat in earshot would say it’s night time!I hear them complain trump didn’t do enough to stop it, than trump puts 30 day travel ban and guess you is fighting it, you all know it, The Democrats lol How can you live in this day to day crap fest!! It would drive me nuts!

  26. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!! Trump will be held accountable for 1,000’s upon 1,000’s, if not millions of deaths due to his denial and ignorance of science, his ineptitude, his self absorption and his hatred/jealousy of anything related to Obama. Two years ago he disbanded and dismissed the agency,created by Obama that would be handling this pandemic now.
    Smart move! Like the pharaohs of Egypt, he has been on a crusade to obliterate anything tied to Obama. Trump is writing his own EPITAPH.

  27. The communist liberals are the coronavirus of America . A virus that’s is in need of total destruction . President Ronny Reagan said it best in a speech one afternoon on Memorial Day at Pearl Harbor . He said , Liberalism is the ruin of all free nations without a doubt . Mr Reagan nailed that one dead center , without a doubt . You communist liberal , are nothing but a bunch of Looney idiots , that’s a fact !!

  28. I vote for my President Trump in the next election. God be with him and watch over him. He is trying all he can to help We the People blessings to him and family. Go President Trump Go!! :))

  29. I have decided that the Democrats are racist. Every other word they are spouting is racist. Well a virus is not racist. If I’m racist for wanting to conquer the COVID19 virus, that is fine. The Democrats will continue to cheer on the virus. The POTUS has done a great job, controlling the virus. I’m happy we were not in a predicament like China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy. Trump and Republicans 2020

  30. Who cares what CNN and Acosta say. It has been shown that their opinion and lies are no longer important to the American public based on the poverty of their ratings. No one watches them anymore except in third world countries where they have successfully bribed the local criminal politicians to keep Fox News out.

  31. The Demo’s won’t work with TRUMP no matter the cost to We American who want to count on them and can’t, Shame on them 🙁

  32. These Dems who won’t help solved a major danger to The United States should be pulled from the comfy offices and hanged in the nearest trees. I swear it will happen, so help me God.

  33. The elderly (senior citizens) are supposedly more prone to being infected with the Coronavirus then the younger generation. The elderly (senior citizens) are also more likely to be Conservative Voters. Now add 2+2 in regard to the Democrats / Deep State with many elderly deceased in the coming up November election and see what you get !!!

  34. The Democrats are following order from their Money Suppliers, fromIslamic Countries/ 3nd World,,,
    We buy their Oil and they give a commision to the National Democratic Party…

  35. Democrats have no interest in uniting. They hate constitution, country, Trump and us! DEMOCRATS ARE OUR ENEMIES. NOW IS THE TIME TO FINISH THEM.

  36. Hillery Clinton has said that she would follow Obama’s plan to reduce our freedom and convert us to muslum and/or Communis .Obama want to hsve schools to teach and indoctrinate children of Muslum ways and eventually change our way of life to rotten lawsThat is what the Democrats wants .I can not imagine why any one wants to give up freedom for such Trash.


  38. There’s a story about the Trump haters – they want him to fail so bad. It’s kind of like getting on an airplane for a flight, and hoping the pilot fails. How absolutely stupid this is. We didn’t like obama, especially the last four years, and yet we all stuck with him because he was our President…..and yet we get all of this hate for someone who fights for us and has done more than most Presidents have.

  39. Ignore the fools. Obviously Julio is a Democrat and it’s impossible for them to admit that the Country is doing much better with Trump then with any previous President since Kennedy, the Democratic Party died with him.

  40. I am stunned in wonder everyday as to how Trump rises every morning and faces such hatred, attacks on his family and admin., lies of fake news, and opposition to everything – no matter what good he does! He is foremost in my prayers, above my own confessions and pleas, our POTUS needs our prayers! He is unfiltered (and sometimes I even cringe)and so blatantly outspoken that it causes ire in those of his opposition. They hate when they are spoken of by name, or crime. They hate him for his success and giving up his salary quarterly to charity. They hate him because he has acted way ahead of any other president addressing a pandemic! Look it up! H1N1, swine flu, even back to HIV – which took 11 years to come up with meds that would treat symptoms! Trump took all of THREE days to get Roache approved in finding a vaccine within 30 days! OUTSTANDING! Never before in history has a president been so aggressive. FYI – just this year there have been over 2,300 people in the U.S.A. who have died from the flu! These things and many others (decisions, bills,relief for anyone suffered from this virus) make Trump much different from an idiot. I would use his counsel in any decisions I make regarding ALL decisions I make. Ihave no regrets of voting for Trump.

  41. Between the Coronavirus and the oil trade war the global ruling class is trying to bring down our economy and panic our populus. Their end goal is President Trump not being re-elected. Stand strong America

  42. They have nurtured their HATRED for three long years and their HEARTS are DEAD to the AMERICAN PEOPLE! They don’t care about ANYTHING but GETTING TRUMP and BRINGING HIM DOWN!! They don’t care if your brought down with Him either! Your Jobs, Your Prosperity, His accomplishment have NO MEANING to them, THEY WANT THE POWER and their scared to death without it! THEY daily show us their LITTLE concern about the American Citizen! In the SOTU when PELOSI ripped up that SPEECH, she actually RIPPED UP everything that AMERICA STANDS FOR! LORD, Expose these people for who and what they are!! Shine your light upon the Corruption in Washington DC…..Hate is NOT OF YOU, Lord!! They are NOT OF YOU! EXPOSE THEM! In Jesus’s Name! AMEN

  43. hey julio richard laredo you are one of the biggest hateful turds — just get the hell over it — its okay to spread dislike but you loony liberals just love to SPREAD YOU TOTAL HATE OF ANYTHING HE DOES–

  44. The coronavirus is simply a nasty kind of flu and it is already dying down in China. No need to panic. Much more people are dying from the flu we already have here

  45. julio, you prove every time you post that YOU are the idiot. Name ONE THING that proves Pres. Trump is an idiot. You CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only are you an idiot, you are a fool

  46. Trump would gladly work with commiecrats to solve any problems in America. But the hate Trump crowd would rather see our country fall.

  47. Vincent,
    They are completely capable of this. They hate America and everything Trump stands for. We need to stop these …..(people – for the use of a kind word)

  48. This is not only a “foreign” virus, a CHINESE virus, but also a biological weapon invented by the Chinese that somehow escaped from their weapons laboratory in Wuhan!
    Don’t believe it? Demand that the Chinese prove that the virus was NOT being developed in their lab, allow international inspection of the lab, and allow testimony from all workers in the lab.

  49. The democrat party has been taken over by communists. The communists are not interested in stopping the virus or saving lives. The communists are not interested in doing what’s right for the American people or upholding our values.
    The communists only care about one thing and that’s being in power, and controlling everyone and everything. It’s a pipe dream to ever think democrats will work together with republicans to fix anything because that is not their agenda. There agenda is absolute power.

  50. The left has sunk to a NEW LOW AND IT IS DISGUSTING…. I believe they are behind this in some manner…. I do not know I only have my feelings. And I feel they are capable of this….

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