Donald Trump issued one threat that stopped Nancy Pelosi dead in her tracks

Nancy Pelosi is running around like she runs Washington, D.C.

Speaker Pelosi thinks she has the upper hand in a crucial fight with President Trump.

But that all changed when Donald Trump issued this threat that stopped Pelosi dead in her tracks.

After Donald Trump declared a national emergency to access funds to build the border wall, Nancy Pelosi vowed to stop him.

The House will vote on a resolution of disapproval as soon as Tuesday.

When it passes – as expected – the Senate will have 18 days to take it up.

Pelosi – and other Democrats – hoped enough Senate Republicans would join them to pass the resolution with a veto proof majority.

Those hopes went out the window when Trump said that not only would he veto the resolution, but few Republicans would defect and any veto would be upheld.

Breitbart reports:

“One hundred percent,” Trump said when asked by reporters at the White House if he would veto any legislation trying to block his order.

House Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a resolution on Friday to block Trump’s declaration.

Trump said he was confident that Republicans would support his decision to declare a State of Emergency on the border.

“I don’t think it survives a veto, we have too many smart people that want border security,” he said.

The media hoped this vote would embarrass Trump by showing the Republican Party did not support his emergency declaration.

After Trump’s threat of a veto, some pundits wondered if the resolution would even pass the Senate.

Four Republicans must vote with Democrats to make that happen.

But any Republican who chooses that path is committing career suicide by inviting a pro-Trump primary challenger.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • Really James, you are a typical mental midget. You only see things through tunnel vision like the crooked Democratic party. Guess you are aware that comments of this nature could alert certain government agencies to surveil your messages!!!

  1. FEBRUARY 27, 2019 AT 6:32 PM
    please contact RR.
    Enough IS Enough ie
    ( Vulgar/& Slanderous language
    re POTUS/1st Lady)
    & Past ‘Free Speech’__
    >E’0ne here ‘Knows’ The Names I have ‘the List’ IF, Any0ne Here
    Does Not ‘know’ by now.

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  3. To Betty/ john q, etc surnames,
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    To Betty/diane/estudiante’ etc Take Note per
    closed quote below.
    Betty February 17, 2019 at 1:04 pm
    [“What’s really needed is for somebody with enough “GUTS” to Kick both a WORTHLESS WORM & His WORTHLESS WHORE out of the WHITE house.” ] The ‘length’ of Your Rope IS your ‘choice’.

  4. Betty Boop:
    You are a fool
    You are an ass
    You are a mental midget
    And that goes for all of you Trump haters Including John Q Pubic hair.

  5. Pelosi and the DEMS better watch out cause they are playing with the most important that our President is handling alone with all the other issues. They don’t know what it’s like to do more than one job at a time but come 2020 they will see just how the voters see them. They are lazy and very slow to deal with all matters. They are the party that doesn’t have one brain between all of them. This is one time that when the 2020 election comes around. Now Obama wants to get in on this and if he doesn’t see that the American voters remember all the things he did when he exited the WH and the money given away to Iran then he is an idiot. He and his family are the worst to have ever lived in the WH.

      • Yeah Kara, We do not need any of that Obama Bin Lying Trash in the White House again. I’m just wondering how much it cost us TAXPAYERS and TRUMP to FUMIGATE the White House after all that Trash moved out, and how much was stolen out of the White House when they left , just like the Trash Killery stole when the Clintons left the White House, Hell Killery even stole stuff when she was Sec. of State…

        • like the 10 million that was missing from her budget as Sec of state, or the 250,000. of house hold items that belonged in the WH when they left. Who knows what else besides their pay for play fake Clinton Foundation that took in millions After the Haitian earthquake crisis and gave out only thousands (and one persons dead days before he was to testify against them)

    • Not a natural born American per his Grandmother who was in the delivery room when he was born in Kenya! She said so herself on U-Tube. He was the Worst POTUS ever, next to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton!

  6. The dems have become very dangerous to our freedom. They hate everything this country stands for. They need to be rounded up and sent to the communist country of their choice. They know nor care nothing about our founding fathers or our history. They are sick, insane creatures

  7. Let us straighten the road out. Trump, has many billions. He was given 1 million from his father Frank. He is a multi-billionaire making his fortune in real estate. He, has not been charged with anything . Seriously will not be. Donald Trump, does not receive money to be this President. His investments are sound and, legal. There is no law that requires anyone to display their taxes. With that said he made that money prior to becoming President. I believe his attorney Mr.G. (former mayor of,New york)direct his legal advise to the President. There has “NOT” been any charges brought on President Trump. However he, has had to sure jump thru a lot of hurdles because these ditch dirts do not get to run over him and continue to sell this country inch by inch. Only the strong survive. Donald Trump, is not a politician. I do not believe for a minute this man is a crook. I believe that the crooks in Washington want to make him look as tho he is. Then then real crooks will be able to complete their raw goal to make billions off of the americans citizens in their cartel. In the meantime crooked hillary is at her best . The e-mails to the tune of 35,000 should be made available. If, the burden is placed on the president those valuable E-Mails will never be made to surface. Who was talking to Russia? Crooked and ,John kerry. The entire facts haven’t surfaced >.. YET. There is more coming. Do not be so hasty. The real truth will be coming out. Believe you me I am not a stupid person. What I tell you is.” the truth”. I do not get paid. I have my own degree(s). It isn’t in politics. President Trump did not go out and break all of these laws knowing he was going to run for president. Did not happen. This man has backbone. He is very smart. And he intends to make this world we live in a much better place then when he entered into the, White House. No one will break this president. If you cannot see that ,well….you are just simply blind. Keep your eye on
    others in our nations capital. You are in for shocks. Be most grateful that we have been blessed to have a president that is out for the good of the “WORKING PEOPLE, RETIRED THAT WORKED, THE Handicapped that couldn’t,American People, Tax Payers , Veterans in The United States Of America. (if you are not anything but lazy) America we stand. Keep us Free.

    • GREAT COMMENT Cheryl. We just love our President Trump and what he has been trying to accomplish to MAGA. Can’t imagine our country with Hilldabeast at the helm. OMG!!!!

    the more they get done
    the less money they make
    they are not working for the
    they are working for themselves
    President Trump is our only
    chance to start “righting”
    this disaster!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

    • The kindest thing to do is have Pelosi’s handler take her to the vet to have her put down , now normally I wouldn’t do that but I have never seen something as worthless as her , that is unless you take note of her lap dog Shumer !

  9. What should also be done is once the wall’s built, place land mines on our side so the very few that make it over the wall get their butts blown up. As an additional security measure, equip our border patrol with ground penetrating radar in their vehicles to stop illegals from tunneling under the wall.

    • There are more than 14 million south Americans in California along,of which are hear illegally that that don’t give a rip about are system,so yes put the land mines in to save us from the invasion of those who are killing Americans everyday and taking are tax dollars by the billions that could build a wall to keep them from stepping on those land mines.

    • ? ? ?. I like tequila. And I am 50% American Indian. Uh! I forgot to mention I love this, President Trump. And may I mention I have a very high I.Q. . And may I conclude I am a veterans wife that was very intelligent, also. So,john public who are you to make Presidents Trumps mind? Do you think that far? There you go Fernando Rojas.

      • Put rollers at the top of the wall to keep them from gripping he top portion. Build a water main underneath the fence to carry seawater to the Texas border. Put a desalinization plant at the end of the pipeline to creat fresh water. The sell the refined salt from the refined seawater. Power lines may also be built under the wall to power the electronic “Junk” the government would be forced to buy to protect the border.

  10. well if you want to talk about wasting money , then you better talk about the billions the democrats are wasting with their war on trump, millions in an illegal investigation , 37 billion on a government shut down over 5 billion dollars , the billions it cost us to pay for these freaken idiots in congress , who are making millions robbing us blind, sso sick of this corrupt government we have these days

  11. The Republicans in Congress need to remember THEY ARE REPUBLICANS! There are more people out there, and that INCLUDES Democrats that want that wall. 2020 is coming fast and they need to back the President!

    • I think all they really got to do is declare border jumpers as invaders and give anyone owning land on the border the right to shoot to kill , tkowing the people around the borders are hit pretty hard financially that may be enough to stop the influx of illegals making it across the border !

  12. The Democrat “resolution” is a toothless piece of non-binding paperwork that the Congress likes to do to simulate actual work and actual action so that they can satisfy their hometown constituents that they “took strong action against the tyranny … blah, blah, blah…. et cetera, so on and so forth…”. The Democrats care nothing for the “dreamers” – they just need to keep them stringing along and voting Democrat for generations so that they have a permanent job in Congress and can make millions through influence peddling and taking money under the table or in campaign contributions.

    • You’re describing Republicans ass wipe
      Are you a Democrat? Then keep your frickin misguided alternate facts to yourself. Trump is a crook, you’re just too proud, too ashamed, too embarrassed and too ignorant to admit it. Look how many of Trump’s cronies have been indicted if not already convicted and/or in prison. He didn’t drain the swamp, he filled it. We’re going to drain it through the legal system, something you don’t utilize.
      You’re such a fool, a lemming, an ass kissing yes man. LMAO

      • John Q. Maybe you should look somewhere else because your head is full of it. Name one thing honest that Hillary, 0bama, or Mueller has done that was good for this country. Take your comments over to HuffPo where they will be welcomed.

      • John Q public just wait until we start on the Demoocrats and then see who will be wiping their asses. Hillary, Comey, and the rest of the rats will be next.

      • Hey John Q, Talk about ass wipe! HRC is the biggest crook followed by Nancy Faloozi and Mexine Worthless. Trump has brought our economy back from the brink of destruction caused by Obummer and his gal-pal, HRC. Now those two are really crooked!!!!


        • Ms. Bittie (i mean betty) (if you spell her name correctly) this machine racks up money. So, I do not respond. The pockets do not get money. Just a friendly reminder to All of us “Trump” Supporters.

      • John Q…You have no clue what you are talking about. Trump is not a crook, but the CLINTONS have been extremely crooked for many years and the is fine with you.

      • Praise God Obama is GONE from the White House and we NOW have a fantastic president who really loves our USA AND THE LEGAL CITIZENS WHO LIVE HERE……THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP

      • Let us get to the fact. Trump,stepped up and had those that were unethical removed. Those than were in under that demo-wit administration only left because President signed a bill to “MAKE” them stop taking taxpayers money by the billions lobbying. If, you can remember that far back President said,I am tired of these $30,000.00 ,$35000.00 dollar a year coming in lobbing and leaving out being multi-millionaires taking the taxpayers money.That is when they all got mad and began leaving. That is when the plotting in secret places to conjure up lies of deception against President Trump. They need to wash their hands.(even to eight of this devil triangle)Where do evil-doers go? Where did the REAL democrats go? Has any of you noticed? Do not be fooled. Wake up! Be careful who you intend to vote for.

      • Thinking you got that backwards, the Damn Democratic party is a shit hole of uneducated idiots, who got rich through bribery and pay out from the drug lords, they sell their sole to the devil for a buck, anyone who supports a illegal is as stupid as a pile of dog crap, you want everyone’s tax dollars paying for their government hand outs, shit they want to kill American citizens still in the womb, until 9 months old what kind of people are you

  13. So D for DUMB trump is so sure that the republicans will stand behind him in vetoing anything against his national emermcery delcration, as proof of that, just look at the top of this page to see the Smug,Self Satified, “Cat That Ate The Cream” expression on the face of CRAZY donald (that Oval Office Conceited Pile of Crap)! Just like Humpty Dumpty trump was so sure that those thousands of laid off Federal workers would 100 percent stand behind him supporting his Border Wall INSANITY, in spite of the Financial HELL they were put though with the Selfishness & Stupidity of His SICK MIND during that not too long ago goverment shutdown.

      • Right dom, attack stupid insignificant things and don’t attempt to defend your crooked con man in the Oval office…because YOU CAN’T. LMAO again
        Non of you racist, bigoted haters can defend him he’s so damn guilty of so much crap. Tom, she may have a mis-spelled word but at least she’s sane.
        You’re as crazy as a confused lunatic.

        • John Q. …YOU are the lunatic. That is obvious. Trump has done nothing wrong. You attack Trump, yet overlook the CLINTONS’ extreme corruption for many years

        • John Q… Take your SICK HATE somewhere else!!!!! You call us racist bigoted haters, but that is FALSE!!!!! Read your own sick posts to see who the hater is

    • My condolences.

      That childish, infantile rant of yours was the most unrealistic, ridiculously cartoonish delusion I’ve seen anyone paint lately.

      Wow, now crawl back in your hole. Find your safe space.

      That’s where simple minded, blind, lying rats belong. You can come out when you admit that you and your ilk are brainwashed and drunk on the kool-aid that the Marxists have been passing out.

      • Who are you directing your comments to? If directed at me, you’re one too. I know you liked my rant as it’s dead on accurate. Go smell slug bait ass

        • You wouldn’t know accurate if it hit you up side your head. You’ve already proven that you are an idiot. And that smell is coming from you.

    • Hey Betty Boop,as I said before, it’s too bad that Hellary didn’t win the election and see her doze our already flimsy border so that more middle eastern terrorists can easily cross the nonexistent border which Hellary would create, and kill more of us so you could get rubbed out in a shopping mall or nightclub.I would love for that to happen I’d find out where you’re deep sixed and spit on your grave bitch.


  14. Nutty Nancy and Crazy Chucky are cruising for a serious beat down in 2020 because of this game they insist on playing. If Mexico can have a wall on its southern border to protect its people then America MUST HAVE ours to halt the drugs and the trash.

  15. Pelosi, Schumer and all the other democrats want border security, they just don’t want Trump to get credit for it. They don’t understand that when they oppose something and Trump gets it done anyway, he gets all the credit and they get none. If they want to get credit for doing something for the people or the country, they have to help getting it done. They don’t seem to understand that. How dumb can you be?

      • You’re one to talk…trump hates you and so do most of the Republicans. You’re a piece of shit to them. And you side with them? You have tequila poisoning amigo.

        • ? ? ?. I like tequila. And I am 50% American Indian. Uh! I forgot to mention I love this, President Trump. And may I mention I have a very high I.Q. . And may I conclude I am a veterans wife that was very intelligent, also. So,john public who are you to make Presidents Trumps mind? Do you think that far? There you go Fernando Rojas.

          • I like ‘grapes’ & Irish Cream, Cheryl. lol.
            >Also have High I.Q.
            > Also love Patriot POTUS DJT ‘Fighting E’vry
            damn day For SOVEREIGN USA &&&
            BRINGING Peace to NK KIM. No more ‘blasting
            mountains’. THANK YOU! Mr. President. Kim NOW
            Sees & Going to Realize ‘Prosperity’ FOR his
            Country & PPL.

        • John Q…You are WRONG!!!! It is obvious that you do not know anything about Pres. Trump. Take your hate somewhere else. You are not wanted here. This is a conservative site and you have no clue what a conservative is

  16. The Republican Senate are a band of gutless cowardly wonders, all of whom wouldn’t qualify for a job sweeping floors in a private sector law firm, because as well as being cowards they are by-n-large moronic idiots, none of whom know they butthole from a hole in the ground! If you want to have a good understanding of what the term “Washington DC Swamp” means just look at the Senate, especially on the Republican side, they are all thief’s, lying incompetent Nair-do-wells, most of whom belong locked up just for being so stupid if for nothing else! These retards make me ill and the Chairman McCxxxxxx is the biggest clown of them all. Last I heard they have a 8% American Favorability Poll; which is really something you might say, because I don’t know how they got it above 0, in the first place? I suppose a case could be made in one way they are better then the Democrat Senator’s, as all those senator’s are either homosexual or child molesters or both!

    • Yes the republicans have always been gutless but as far as qualifying for sweeping the floor or moronic idiots think the democrats that the lead there.

      • You are talking to a NON-GUTLESS Woman REPUBLICAN, Glen Shannon. Just try.I have worked 14- 16 hours a day and went to school while working on these 9 medical degrees I have. What are you? I keep myself up you. Who are you calling gutless?

    • 1. By-in-large
      2. Thieves
      3. Nere-do-wells
      4. Punctuation – too many errors to mention.
      I don’t agree with you, but I respect your opinion. We all might really respect it if you made it easier to read and understand. (This opinion comes to all of you who shred correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.).

      I read and accepted your opinion, even though I don’t agree with it.

  17. The bad part is there are more than one REP that will vote to stop this action. We all must keep in mind who they are and make sure they have no chance at being re-elected. I don’t really care who they are they just do not deserve to be there and not doing the work of the people.

  18. My good friend, Jason Jenkins, exhorts:
    “Let me get this straight. The Israelis built a wall to keep Egyptians from entering Israel illegally. The U.S. Congress in the past few months authorized giving Lebanon twice what President Trump’s asking for, so the Lebanese people could build a wall to protect themselves from Palestinians trying to enter illegally. Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer all demanded and voted for a Wall. Hey Buddy! Don’t like the shutdown? Shutdown hurting your business? Stop griping. Do something about it. Call your Democrat Congressperson and demand the Democrats end their petty Piss-Ant standoff and vote to fund the Wall and convince other Democrat Congresspersons to vote to fund the Wall. NOW!”

    • The wall…like most walls will have doors…if any Migrants want to come to America they can come through the doors LEGALLY…The wall is meant to stop illegal entry not all entry..the Democrats are lying when they say Illegal’s coming in, and rampant drugs coming over the border isn’t a problem…it is a problem, and Trump is fixing it, with or without corrupt Democrats.

      • Funny how all of them thought it was a problem until Trump was elected. Then all of a sudden it wasn’t, in their pea brains. Maybe if Pelosi would get her head out of a bottle for a while her mind would clear up. But I would bet it is just about pickled by now.

    • This is a good suggestion. If these republicans do not support Trumps agenda of building the wall I am not going to support NRC party. I am in Florida and we have little Marco as our senator with a very very little shrunken brain. He is one of the Republicans who think building a wall is not a National Emergency and was not fully in support of the wall. Of course he wins from Cubans who come illegally through the shores. If he does not support he is not getting my Vote. Hope these politicians read these comments and understand what they are doing is wrong and childish. Without borders there is no country!!

    • Can I sign up for join the “Removal Team”? I’d just like to know. BTW, just a note in passing, I’m a former U.S. Infantry Marine, Rifle Expert, not that it matters, but I use to be able to shoot a quarter out of the air 10 out of 10 times and I blew the center of the target out at the range on the 500 meter firing range because I never miss what I aim at! 🙂 I know, I know, none of that is important, I just felt like bragging about my past performance, who knows if it will ever come in handy again in the future? Well let me know where I can sign up to jump on in on the Team.

    • Yes! Let us know who voted against their constituents, and I hope those same constituents vote them OUT during the next election. We can’t afford to support the ILLEGALS AND the senators who vote for them, so take your choice.

  19. If any person that was not a Politician would say and do criminal Traitor antics in America they would be stopped immediately. Are We cowards not to put an end to the Traitors in Office and Remove them from being Servants of the People? Looks like it and the longer it goes the worse it is getting to be!

    • The sad thing is everything Congress does affects all of us. But, we can only control a single house member. AOC is a prime example of what I mean. If we had the authority to actually vote (for or against) these clowns would stop their stupid acts to retain their plush positions. We cannot call it a job because their function is to maintain tyheir seat.

      • The egomaniac is fighting fo his EGO, not t he Wall or the people`s security. You NEVER say No to an egomaniac or a brain washed, paid “money grubber” We need an honest president to manage our government, not a dictator who only knows how to “CON” people pf their common sense. We now have 3 forms of government. GOP republican, Democrat, and the new trump dynasty, family owned dishonest group. Liars are found out in the end! I lived and suffered thru the HITLER era and unless you are wearing my shoes, you will recognize the reincarnation of Hitler thru trump. TOUCH`

  20. We have the right to be safe and keep out anyone we don’t want to come in here. Every country has the right to protect themselves. Dems are insane.

  21. What is the big prickly issue about the border? Are Democrats so into cocaine & heroin that they would continue to sacrifice 4,000+ American lives annually to keep drugs flowing across the border?

    I remember seeing pictures & reading about a lot of Hollywood parties where large bowls of cocaine were available to the ‘stars’. It was sex & drugs, producers & stars.

    So, are Dems getting paid off by the Mexican drug cartels, American drug cartels, Hollywood elites to keep the border open? We know that most illegal drugs come across our southern border. Is that the Dems’ money maker?

  22. Pelosi is another McCain pain. A traitor at best. What about her stealing thousands of acres of desert from the BLM and putting them in her name.
    Yes, she thinks she is president of us.
    The deep state is communism.

  23. Trump is facing many oppositions, both domestic and foreign. Why must the foreigners be involved? The EU liberals are sweating profusely over the border issue. Europe are being overwhelmed with repeated illegal migrations, thanks to the Obama doctrine. German President Merkel once lamented that “multiculturalism has utterly failed” and then all of the sudden, she changed her tune after Obama visit.

    The wall is not evil. The wall is necessary to protect the American society. The wall prevent the bankruptcies. The wall will reduce crime. The list for the wall benefits is long and reasonable.

    The RINOs do not represent the GOP. How could they be Republican if they are much closer to the Democrat agenda than ours? Why Mitt Romney?

    Trump 2020.

  24. Any Republican that goes along with Stammering Nancy and Chuckles the Clown Shitmer, would be wise to rethink any such stunt the populous will remember their treachery to America and the Constitution! Nancy and Chucky, your time is rapidly running to an end! We are awake and we are watching!

  25. We have become a nation of self-centered Liberals who purport to have values other than those that support themselves. These are the 47% Romney talked about that met with so much objection. Whatever the percentage these types are incapable of thinking for themselves and depend on the gibberish promoted by the Fake News media outlets. They would rather have a wasteful, inefficient so called government as long as they get their handouts. The portion of the 47% who have money, i.e., the Hollywood types and Silicon Valley types don’t care because the only values they have are those that center around them. Washington, the establishment, Swamp is nothing more than a big business with nothing but profit because WE cover the expenses with our tax dollars. Thank about that.

  26. Your right None of these Congressmen and Women who are in Washington would ever go off and leave their Front Doors Open to a Radical Group, or any one else that might come knocking. They are not going to do that no matter who they want to protect. Its really a thing of the past any more to leave your keys in your car and or truck. You leave at least one light on any more as you would like to have your home appear that there is someone home. We lock our doors at night. We don’t even Trust that our dog would warn us if someone is snooping around. We check to see if there has been anyone looking at anything we have that we can’t put in our garage. Your right its our fault if we leave something out that we don’t want taken. You no longer know who your neighbor is and everyone is afraid to go out at night anymore and walk someplace after dark. Its just not safe, even in the smallest community. The Criminals and the Illegals have shown that they have no respect for anyone anymore. We have had wood stolen out of our Front Yard. We have had We have a Transient Community that Speaks only Spanish and we can’t understand them. We don’t know what they are talking about. We are an English Speaking Country, but you can’t tell it by the numbers of Illegals in the State of Colorado. We have no idea exactly how many of these Illegals voted in each and every election. if the previous Governor gave Illegals DL, they have them and they just go and get them renewed even if they are falsified. Then the Last Governor said that it was his prerogative to give out DL to any and all Illegals so they didn’t have to run away from an Accident. Which Makes us believe that in Colorado you shouldn’t be here if your an Illegal, much less driving with an Illegal DL. People in the Governor’s office in Colorado Don’t care if that happens or not. Our Colorado legislature will not follow the Laws at all and give us no indication that as Citizens of Colorado we have less rights than we have ever had.


  27. Nancy Pelosi one more time runs around DC like a chicken with her head cut off. Moron is all I can say about her and her ilk. The only reason she and Shumer are blocking a legal action by Trump is that they both HATE President Trump. Now that is a reason for all Democrats to drop the ridiculous charade and get behind this President.

  28. NOT ONE PRIVATE HOME IS without a Front -door, some with walls and gates, someothers are with community gates and walls! Why? For the protection of Self as well as NEVER TO CREATE TEMPTATION to feed the WEAKNESS of those who might try to enter with intend to steal of to do harm! “Lead us not into temptation.” We must also NEVER TO CREATE Situation that might be a TEMPTATION!

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