Donald Trump issued a shocking warning to North Korea

The North Korean nuclear crisis is reaching a boiling point.

Pyongyang test fired a missile that flew over Japan which observers labeled an act of war and claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb.

Now Donald Trump issued a warning that has Kim Jong Un in a panic.

Trump has already declared the Obama policy of strategic patience over.

All that meant was Obama sat back and did nothing as North Korea marched along the path to developing a nuclear weapon that could strike the United States.

Trump was not about to let North Korea’s latest aggression stand and tweeted out that the time for talking was over.

It appears Trump and Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis were playing Good cop/Bad cop.

Trump took on the role of the heavy while Mattis claimed there was still time for a diplomatic solution.

Politico reports:

“On Wednesday, Mattis said that the U.S. has not run out of diplomatic solutions, when asked by a reporter about Trump’s latest tweet.

“We’re never out of diplomatic solutions. We continue to work together and [South Korean Minister of Defense Song Young-moo] and I share responsibility to provide for the protection of our nation, our populations ,and our interests,” Mattis said, according to a pool report. “Which is what we are here to discuss today. And look for all the areas we can collaborate — there is already very strong collaboration, we always look for more, we are never complacent.”

Will the U.S. be able to reach a diplomatic solution with North Korea?

Or is Trump right and the time for talking is over?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

UPDATE: President Trump issued more stern tweets after North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb.

Reports say this hydrogen bomb could be 10 times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.


  1. Look how bad our previous president Obuma and Hillary Clinton drove our country nearly to ruin. Now, we have a strong president in Donald Trump who is working to make our USA great again. I agree with Len Sol whole heartedly. Now the libs are crying, so be it.

  2. This FAT BRAT needs a bullet well placed in his IGNORANT skull, to not kill his SLAVES in a war, who have suffered enough!! I doubt if the DEMORATS and their PC CRAP would be in favor of that though!

  3. Finally we have a President with more world knowledge than that jerk Truman. I fought in SK when Gen. MacArthur had the troops and the will to invade the North but in April 1951 President Truman called him back to Washington and effectively fired him thus leading to two more years of war which ended with a truce 27 July 1953. President Trump has all the knowledge of the history of Korea and I KNOW WILL ACT WHEN NECESSARY.

  4. There are an awful lot of innocent lives at stake with a decision to be made. It’s really easy to sit here, awat from danger, and say this or that. But, whole cities are in jeopardy because of a fat little meglomaniac.

  5. Our Navy Seals found and took care of Osama Bin Lama so why not this jerk? I feel he is more of a world threat than Osama was.


  7. General MacArthur did not want to use nuclear weapons. He was having all the success needed with a 24 hour per day bombing run over the only mountain pass that China could use. The mountain pass belonged to China. Bombing inside of China was a violation of the UN. However, for world peace MacArthur was right and the UN wrong!!!

  8. America needs to move forward and drop ten Mega ton bombs from B! % B2 bombers and fire 100 missiles and run in the B52’s and unload maximum ordinance that should handle the problem, Move ASAP and get the job done. Don’t wait for them to attack America.

  9. The absurdity of getting China’s assistance to rein in North Korea’s military ambitions is complete folly. With the help of US troops the South Koreans were winning the war against the North in the 1950s, so China sent 350,000 to 400,000 troops to save them. To win the war General MacArthur wanted to go nuclear against both of them when we clearly had superiority over everyone including Russia. He was fired for promoting that response against the progressive idea of no more completely settled wars through surrender. Congress has not declared war against anyone since 1942. Once they do that you fight until one party sues for peace, that is a formal surrender. China help now? No way.

  10. I agree, we cannot let this idiot carry on the way he has. My question is. where is the UN in all this? Why have they not stepped in and told North Korea to stop this insanity. No winder President Trump says we should get out.

  11. I go along with Trump. I trust him totally; 100%, so whatever he feels is right will be right. He is our fearless Leader and he’s doing such a tremendous job. He is our President, our Commander in Chief, and he has the final say. Also the Lord put him in this position, so He leads him. We are in very good hands. We don’t have to worry at all. Just pray for our President and support him.

  12. Regrettably, there is one solution to the situation with N. Korea. This is not only about the N.Koreans it concerns Iran as well. Ultimately , the longer we delay the more lives will be lost. Why are our troops in South Korea. We are spending our money and keeping troops over there, so the Koreans can build Cars and TV,s. I say remove our troops from south Korea ASAP. Then blow the North Koreans to kimchee and be done with it.

  13. President Truman had the burden of making a similar decision before authorizing the dropping of two powerful bombs that took out two large cities full of innocent people. But sometimes one must sacrifice comparative few to save millions and he knew this very well. We have a President now who knows this and will act accordingly.

  14. Thomas Jefferson said over 200 years ago “Be at peace with their persons, but be at war against their bad manners, for every step you take towards the adoption of their bad manners is the road to perfect misery.” We are there, its time to umph or get off of the pot. This man will blow your rear end up if he gets a chance.

  15. Our Navy Seals could take him out and our corrupt media would put it on the first page of the paper for the nuts could scream about Trump. But in the long run they would do that anyway.

  16. Excellent Replies by Susan Stark and Rob Waddell! We also need Rayn and Mitchel House Speaker and Senate Leader replaced immediately as soon as Congress reconvenes and Term limits for Congress! I’m sure grateful for President Trump! The news media need to properly respect him and call him President Trump instead of just Trump ! A lot of people who I know don’t watch the news anymore!

  17. I feel confident that American and allied forces already have targets identified and assigned to units, ships, aircraft etc, with capability of taking out many threats, very early after their final provocation. This old truce has been shakey from the very beginning and liberals US Presidents have compromised many times and even sent money or neeed food to NK, when they rattled their swords. Using air and missille superiority, NK could be completely overwhamed in a short time. Yet, there is a big IF in this picutre. If China joins the fight, it will be a long process. Also, the conventional weapons of NK can take many lived in the populous Seoul. The ROK Army SF taking out Kim is a good option. We can also use our missilles to knock down all foreign missiles that crosse SK out to its international water boundry, as well of all of Japan. We need to discontinue all threats or promises to NK. When they violate, just ZAP the offensive missille. If Intel can verify they are loading a nuc warhead, stomp a Cruise at it on the pad.

  18. Leave President Trump alone! He won the election because the people voted for him! Republicans don’t need to add the dead to the booth, we don’t need 2 million illegals either! You put a liberal crew together to have a witch-hunt, and you never assumed that crew would find out how dirty the DNC is, instead of President Trump being innocent! The DNC is embarrassed, because they cheated every way imaginable and still managed to lose! The DNC is a criminal organization without a doubt, and they know it! They act like a bunch of “Day-Care” children, they need to go to prison for their crimes, and we could just go as far back as that “glorified hood rat” Obama, and make a case, because that would be plenty! If we had to, we could reach back to the “Trailer-Park-Trash” Clintons! “WE THE PEOPLE” are tired of criminals running our country! There are a few men, and women, with integrity left in DC. Only a few! We demand that the politicians stop this world-wide, humiliation, and get behind our POTUS! FBI, release those emails of Hillary Clinton! You are the #1 law enforcement agency in America, so act like it! Obama and his Chicago Thug mentality has infiltrated our most trusted agencies, and it shows! We are the United States of America, not Chicago! Not San Francisco! How did such a weak minded few men make it to the apex of the historically-ethical, FBI? OBAMA, The DNC, and the MSM!

  19. It’s time for Americans to say, Enough! We know you are black, we know we are white, we don’t hate blacks, but we are not going to sit on our hands, and be afraid to say no to your attempts of reparations! Slavery was wrong! End of subject! Channel all of that energy into something positive for you, and your children! If you riot, you go to prison, there’s a difference between debating and burning buildings! We have the right to assemble, and free speech, we don’t have the right, Bill Ayers, to bomb buildings! George Soros would be out of the USA if I were POTUS! Paying anarchists to reek havoc is cowardous, and classless! Soros holds a dual citizenship and he can’t go back to Hungary! Stop allowing that evil pathetic old man to spread his poison in America, he has the money to buy a private beach, and that would be the only option for him if cowards didn’t make the rules! Who made California the hall monitor is what I’d like to know? They are the dumbest people in the world! If you want America back, put the criminal organization, aka DNC, in GITMO!

  20. Talk is for the weak! The United States of America, after 8-long, long, long, years of a fraudulent, glorified-hood-rat, in office, has been weakend, cheapened, and humiliated! A real, American-born, Patriotic, POTUS does not ever show weakness, nor does he tell the enemy what we are thinking! When North Korea, has gone too far, he shouldn’t tell the media, nor the People, he should simply, push the button! When you make cowardly rules, when you take the side of the criminal, you weaken the country! California fruit basket cases over the years, have softened, our punishment on criminals to the point we are building more prisons, and that, like everything else those idiots do makes criminal emboldened! You don’t deter crime by making prisons luxurious, you don’t deter murder by life sentences! Judgement should be horrifying, kill the murderers the day they are convicted! As for countries who ignore all attempts of reasoning, push the button! Ask Japan!

  21. Sad that our past Presidents have allowed it to go this far. Now we are in a do or die situation. To think we the people have paid our tax dollars to those who were suppose to be protecting us is infuriating and to top it off we continue to pay 3 Presidents retirement and secret service protection. None of them have ever had their children have to go fight in the wars.

  22. I would suggest that the real threat that needs to be dealt with is KIM whatever his name is and his insane ego.Take him out and the rest would probably settle down. Could some navy seals get in there where he is?

  23. Kimmy only understands one thing, that one thing will be his last “Will and Testament!” However, I”m sure China is covertly and cleverly behind Kimmy, urging him on with assurances. In any case there’s more to that story, I’m sure.

  24. Somehow, they need to be made to understand we are no longer going to sit back and allow them to terrorize other countries…

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