Donald Trump issued two pardons that no one saw coming

Donald Trump has made widely publicized use of his pardon power.

Journalists and Democrats have been infuriated at every turn.

But President Trump shocked the world again with two pardons that no one saw coming.

In 2016, brothers Ryan and Ammon Bundy led standoff with armed government agents after federal prosecutors won an appeal to send Dwight and Steve Hammond back to prison for a longer sentence after a judge released them from prison following a 2012 conviction for starting a fire.

Prosecutors won a conviction against the two in 2012 using an anti-terrorism law, but the judge in the case believed the mandatory minimum sentence was too harsh.

So he freed the brothers after they had served a short time in prison.

This enraged Obama administration officials who filed an appeal to have them sent back to the slammer.

Trump ended the ordeal by pardoning the Hammonds.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump pardoned two Oregon ranchers forced back into prison in 2016 to serve out the rest of the mandatory minimum sentence required under an anti-terrorism law.

“The Hammonds are multi-generation cattle ranchers in Oregon imprisoned in connection with a fire that leaked onto a small portion of neighboring public grazing land,” the White House said in a statement. “The evidence at trial regarding the Hammonds’ responsibility for the fire was conflicting, and the jury acquitted them on most of the charges.

Sending the Hammonds to prison kicked off a national firestorm.

The Bundy brothers led a demonstration at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon to resist the Obama administration’s tyranny.

The standoff lasted for weeks and ended in the arrest of 27 people who were charged with federal crimes.

Bundy and six other members of his group were later acquitted of charges of conspiracy to impede federal officials and possession of a firearm in a federal building.

Activists who believe the federal government who has encroached too greatly into land matters were thrilled by the decision.

Do you agree with President Trump’s decision?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. It sounds to me that they were just defending their constitutional rights and we’re wrongfully sentenced to prison for doing so, I applaud the president for pardoning them.

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  2. Great act by our POTUS for the Bundy’s who were screwed over by the corrupt Obama administration. Good luck to all involved with this awful corrupt case brought bythe Obama govt. Thank God we now have POTUS who cares about American citizens and America.

    • Amen to that. True justice prevailed. Obama needs to be tried for treason because of funding he allowed to be given to Al Quaida you know the Islamic terrorist.

    • Ts was a bunch of horse shit and the government was wrong. Just because they wanted the land for the Chinese deal with Harry Reed

  3. TRUMP is the best thing that ever bestow this country! His decisions are sound, he is a true Patriot and makes GREAT decisions that will inevitably “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”


  4. A horrible wrong perpetrated by an outlaw, un-American Washington regime has been undone by a President who does love our country and our people. However, nothing can erase the awful suffering & other negative consequences that this family suffered. Never again!

    • The gov’t should award them a monetary reward taken out from Obama’s bank account. It should be worth at least 5 years of Obama’s governmental retirement funds.

      • Obama is a TREASONIST TRAITOR who was an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT, Him and his family should be stripped of every thing that they have stolen from the American People. He should not be in our HISTORY at all he needs to be EXECUTED for TREASON and the whole family Bankrupted and EXILED to AFRICA where they belong. After all Odumbo even stated this last trip to Kenya that he was from Kenya. as far as Harry Reed he is another one od those DEMONRATS that also should be known as a TREASONIST TRAITOR aho was trying to steal these people and other land for his personal gain and sell it to a foreign country…

  5. For the past century, we the Sheeple have allowed Uncle Sam to grow too big for his britches. We have stood idly by while agencies were created, legislation passed that had no business existing under the 10 th Amendment. This incident is but one example of the rewards we have reaped. Thank God the president has now pulled down said britches and is giving Uncle Sam some well deserved paddling.

    • So true Mikey & they’re fighting to keep the taking of anything they want no matter who owns it. They have gotten by with itbmuch too long.

    • About time. We finally have President that stands for freedom . Keep it up Mr. President. Love you.

    • I am glad he pardoned those men,Obama started that & used his power of office to hurt those ranchers. So glad President Trump pardoned them. What will we ever do with out President Trump who is a true. American. You go President Trump ,

  6. Both Obama and Clinton waited until they were in the last days of their terms BEFORE issuing pardons to their “clientele” Reason, simple — their pardons were in response to political favors; NOT with respect to legal maneuvering. President Trump has been COMPLETELY open and transparent with his pardons (which have NOT been hidden in the last days of his term). Weather you agree with them or not, HE HAS NOT TRIED TO HIDE ANYTHING (as compared to his predecessors).

  7. God bless you President Trump for pardoning these men. It was a terrible injustice put in place by the Obama administration. I constantly thank God that you are our president.

    • COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  8. President Trump continues to impress those who have supported him and to frustrate those who oppose him. I am extremely impressed at the extent to which he is reasonable and thoughtful in committing to government openness and support of our citizens.

      • I too support his decision – I remember when that all happened. Obama and his crew were totally out of line and they are the ones that should be punished . but no he is allowed a free pass and can do anything he wants to do.

  9. Diane. Are you Michael ? If not then we have two dumbasses on this site .After eight years you think either one of you would have some common sense to see what actually has gone on ,but apparently you don’t.Communism I guess is your new way now. God help us all.

    • Mike H, you are absolutely correct. I don’t understand how these people can’t see that he has committed treasonous crimes and has sold out not only his soul but the soul of America to the Russians. They are known for brutality. Perhaps they think that tRump will help them when the Russians are ruling our country.

      • I don’t agree. The only treason I have seen has been committed by Hillary and her band of crooks. She has been breaking laws, lying, and taking advantage of people for 40 years or more. Trump is not supporting Communism any more than you are. We need to be talking to leaders of other countries. That’s the only way to work out how to coexist. Trump is not selling out anything. Whoever told you that is wrong.

    • The President is a kind and merciful man, which is more than I can say for the previous “occupant.” God Bless you for your service, Gunny. I’m the daughter of a retired CPO-AMHC, and the sister of a retired Lt.(Navy) My dad did two tours in Da Nang aboard the USS Saratoga; my brother, Gulf WarI, and Sarajevo, aboard the USS Cape St. George. I’m proud of everybody in our military

  10. I absolutely agree with this pardon, the federal government has become too involved in the daily lives of America’s producers. This pardon simply corrected a terrible wrong brought on by the Obama Administration and those who supporters of that regime.

  11. It’s about time he freed what amounts to political prisoners in America. Anyone who protested against Obama’s government too loudly was targeted.

    • So does Trump he targets people who don’t believe in his way of thinking I guess y’all happy with him and Russia now so I guess you’re ready to become Russian citizen anytime soon aren’t you

      • Aaaaaaaaaa What’s The Matter sugar? I’d it was your family you’d want them freed!!! Go peddle your thoughts on the highway puff-N-stuff

      • Are you really that stupid? The Russians own the Clintons and paid them big bucks. Only an idiot would believe they were helping Trump. Trump is smart enough to know that starting a nuclear war with Russia is not a good idea.

      • It’s Russia, Russia, Russia all over again. Same old garbage. If you don’t have an answer to something, just bring up Russia. This article had nothing to do with Russia.

        • Right, Breaker 19!!!!!!! Nancy is NOT listening to the question! That is a typical liberal. It is ALL about her!

      • After eight years of Obama’s corrupt,dictatorial, anti-American, administration, we already have a taste of what living under Russian control would be like. By the way, who ties your shoes for you?

      • Well, l guess you don’t have to worry about you being targeted for anything. You are extremely lucky that Hillary didn’t win the election and you are either to ignorant or to stupid to know it. You can thank CNN, MSLSD, ABC, CBS and Resident Odumass.

      • NYET, nancy l, ich spreche Deutsch, aber Russki NICHT!!! See nancy, Trump is trying to cooperate with Russia, but that in no way means he sides with them (You know that, don’t you?). As a businessman he knows how to negotiate. btw, NATO was formed to counter the USSR (no longer in existence) and the Iron Curtain countries. Russia is not the same formidable enemy as the USSR back in the pre-’90s

  12. you didn’t hear anything from democraps and libturds when obummer pardon a soldier that was in levenworth (excuse the spelling)for treason. which he did behind everyone’s back.

  13. Yes President Trump did the right thing. They should never have been put in prison in the first place. If the Liberals will only look at their own crimes they have no place to charge anyone else. God Bless President Trump and I thank God he sent us someone who cares about this country.

  14. It was a great decision to pardon those people. They did nothing wrong. I hope President Trump will pardon Julian Assange too.

    • Having been born in & raised in Oregon Then being the manager of Wheeler County Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation office I know how what the ranchers endured to make a living ranching! Then the government was helpful! I later went into the Health care profession. But still kept friends with many of the ranchers!The Bureau of Land management under poor presidents began to become more & more oppressive!
      I support our President Trump for trying to fight an injustce! Obama was & is a Jihadists trying to take over our Freedom!

  15. Thank you big D, it is Great to finely have a REAL President in the WHITE HOUSE😇 I formed Common Sense consultants inc (CSCI) in 1986, but you just took the day, thank you Mr President😇

  16. I really have nothing to add, just want to say how nice it is to have a President in office who has common sense!

  17. There is sometimes a great difference between “justice” and the “law”.
    The President dispensed justice and for that he should be commended!

    • Thank You President Trump! I applaud your courage to do what’s right and just! God Bless You and God Bless America!

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    Doing well w/all the responses. & ‘Irking’ away.
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    • 0k, this is a better comment than above.

      > POTUS DJT is Tremendous in Utilizing the Power of Pardon,
      especially Early on in ‘righteousness’. & Hope for
      Many more. Have read there is re 3000 on the ‘list’.

    • Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not a bot. Are you a Russian bot? See what nonsense that is? Or don’t you see it because you’re a brain dead moron who lets Faux AlmostNews do your thinking for you? You’re also extremely paranoid!

      • The USSR was a MAJOR problem to the Free World, when it existed. Since the death of European Communism Russia has become a capitalistic country, yes, even with Putin, and the other USSR states and Iron Curtain countries have become, for the most part, our allies. Why would Europe’s 10th leading economy (at least that’s what I read) be such a hassle or danger to the USA?That’s a rhetorical question; needs no answer…

      • Diane, everyone was getting along here UNTIL YOU CAME ALONG!!!! Such hate! It will ruin your health!!! You were also on the other site spewing hate!

    • See, you are a dumb ass for all the hate you spew! Try going to hell sooner rather than later. I’d be pleased to never see your name again!

      • Now there’s that Christian attitude that we all love! It’s folks like you that drive folks like me away from the church or organized religion. I call you a fake Christian. Sorry dear, but I don’t jump to your bullying tactics not do I back down! You might even more of me as I try to have a dialogue with you dumbass ignorant people! Hahaha

  19. Thank you again Mr. President for seeing through the scheming, self fulfilling actions of the previous administration.
    Can’t wait to vote for you again in 2020 sir…..

  20. The damage that these legal people have done in the name of their ego and obamas crushing of traditional American people using any means they have leaves me very perplexed – I wonder how they actually sleep at night knowing they are crushing the little people by weilding their authority. I thank God every day for Donald Trump and pray for his strength & wisdom in dealing with the “sludge” the previous administrations left behind. Rebecca Green

  21. I agree with President Trump 100%. Those men were done wrong by the Obama administration. Praising Jesus we have a President that is for the American people. Thank you, Mr. President!!!!!! Thank You, Lord Jesus for protecting, President Trump, his family and his administration.

  22. This was an awesome thing President Trump did. In my opinion, these two men got shafted by the passed administration and Obama and company flexed their political power to ruin these men in every way that they could. This kind of thing happens when you give an a**hole power. President Trump has proven many times over how much he cares for America and Americans.

  23. This was all over a bogus case where the government manipulated facts until they got a conviction.

    Then even after he served his time despite YEARS of time he was serving they said nothing about it being any kind of error then some time after his release (about the time the BLM was making more land grabs) they suddenly decided he MUST BE PUNISHED HARSHER than he was ignoring the CONSTITUTION and what it says about the matter the PROSECUTION appealed the long over sentence demanding it be extended and he be put BACK IN JAIL for the SAME CRIME he was already punished for thinking by calling it an EXTENSION of the completed sentence they avoided the constitutions prohibition on trying him twice for the same crime while getting to PUNISH him twice for it.

    The prosecution agreed to the first punishment as part of their manipulation to get him convicted to legally change this agreement they would have needed to toss out the conviction and have a complete new trial before his completion of punishment for his conviction.

    If it was allowed to stand that the GOVERNMENT could at any time even AFTER COMPLETION OF SENTENCE they could APPEAL THE PUNISHMENT to get a harsher one it would set a dangerous precedence of allowing the hauling of anyone ever convicted back to jail on that conviction even if they completed their sentence and was released years before some CHANGE to the punishment for that crime was made harsher simply because someone FELT the person was not sufficiently punished the first time.

    Frankly a pardon for the wrongful conviction then EXTENSION of punishment beyond what was given at trial was long overdue.

    Think about this if the government was allowed to haul someone back to jail to extend their punishment every time POLITICS of the office changed no one ever convicted of anything would be safe from unconstitutional jail sentences based on EXTENDING the punishment of a previous conviction simply because some POLITICAL AGENDA demanded a harsher punishment than previously existed or AGREED TO by the prosecution.

    • You are correct; anyone previously cnvicted, served their sentence, and now freed, would always need to be looking over their shoulder just waiting for the shoe to drop! I agree with DT on these pardons.

  24. Why is there polls asking about Obama? That scum bag does mot have a chance in hell to Ever be in politics again. He IS a Fraud and Traitor. There should be U.S. Marshells arresting that scum bag. Just look at the poll results. They are 99% in favor of hanging that basturd. Stop the dumb ass polls on Oslimeball.

    • Yes but inner your deed into one of their local courthouses and they think they own it but if people don’t understand your local courthouse is not a part of America but the United States incorporated, which is not a part of America!

    • Yes your right but why do you pay property tax then? When what i wrote as long as WE THE PEOPLE don’t protect our Constitution and not the one that is now created under the ACT of 1871 not America’s Constitution the one before the ACT of 1871is America’s Constitution,the one that is in place was made by the Crooked Vatican crooked England and the Crooked Bankers to consume America into a one world do you think the Vatican is a church yes again it is a cult is what’s left of the Roman Empire!

      • You, Richard Frame, have exposed yourself as an semi-literate [“your right” rather than “you’re right”] anti-Catholic scumbag. Where did you get your “information” from?

      • True. It is clear from the capitalization and wording that the constitution over DC is THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, which is the constitution belonging to the European corporation named THE UNITED STATES which has no business at all pretending they are actually our government. OUR government has never re-convened since 22FEB1871 when the corp took over, the corp has “ruled since 1871, now for 2378 years, under their fake “Admiralty Flag”, which is actually defined as representing Maritime Law (originally called High King’s Law). Constitutional Law IS the Law of our Land, needs to be put back in place.

    • Exactly

      The bureau of land management was created not to control or own the land but rather to mediate disputes over its use by the public and take steps needed to prevent fires.

      To this end they instituted a permit fee system for using the lands resources to prevent conflict and fund the fire prevention.

      They have since decided that the government owns the land and that they can charge exorbitant prices for its use or even prohibit it from being used by the public even SELL IT or its resources to foreign nationals without the peoples consent. Most fire prevention that used to be done has also been halted in the name of ENVIRONMENTALISM they no longer clear when it is safe to do so the dead leaves, brush, and grass as they used to leading to the now record fires we have across this nation.

  25. It’s about time. It should have never gotten that far in the first place, but it was Conservatives against Liberals and we all know how Liberals lie whenever their lips are moving. Regarding the illegal immigrants, actually most of the so called children being separated from parents, aren’t even related to most of the ones saying they are their children. The illegal criminals are just using children as pawns….typical of criminals, they hide behind weaker people just to get their foot over the border…Cowards! Criminals are cowards….that’s why they are criminals….they aren’t human enough to do things the legal way…..Many people are without children in the U.S.A., and maybe children that are being used in human trafficking and as pawns for criminals and terrorists to get into the U.S.A., could be adopted by American families who are legal and that the children’s parents who are illegals, should not be allowed into the U.S.A. unless they go through the proper lawful and legal procedures…. I’ve said it before, maybe America should just conquer the country of Mexico then that way we would have more people paying into the taxes of this country… and no issues with borders…..

    • this is right on and it makes me sick to see the children being used in such a terrible way but we need to find out if their parents are really their parents. funny everything that we are being accused of is what the liberals are doing.

  26. It’s too damn bad that President Trump was President too late to pardon Randy Weavers wife, his son, or the 100 people at WACO. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

    • And if WACO was pardoned then the OK Federal Bldg would never have occurred and we’d have about 168 more Americans alive today. Timothy McVeigh, in “celebrating” Waco’s anniv (2nd), was trying to punish the FBI by bombing the bldg, except there was a nursery too close to the FBI offices

  27. After the BLM finished raising hell in Oregon, they went down to the Texas and Oklahoma Red River border and TRIED “strong arming” Texas land for their own use on their side of the Red River. Obama threatened our great state, and both our illustrious governor AND attorney general told the feds, “Step one foot on Texas land, and our Texas National Guard WILL arrest you and take you to jail.” They backed down. Don’t Mess With Texas. Not even the BLM.

    • TO SOLVE AMERICAS PROBLEMS MAKE THIS CHOICE WE THE PEOPLE’ HAVE THE POWER OF OUR VOICES AND OUR VOTES, TO VOTE OUT THE ENTIRE LYING,CORRUPT, TREASONOUS DEMOCRAT PARTY COME NOV 2018, VOTE TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND TO END ALL CORRUPTIONS IN Washington……. The Reason Democrats Are All Behind Mueller Witch Hunt Is Likely Hidden in the IG’s Clinton Email Report and It Will Make You Sick (child criminal abuse against children)

    • Did you know that BLM is funded by the “Open borders society”? It is one of over 2,300 liberal groups that are funded by them. And who funds OBS? Mr. George Soros, who also “Owns” Obama, Hillary, the Dems, Rinos, etc. The “Open Borders Society” was instrumental in getting the “European Union” in place. Soros worked for the Nazis rounding up Jews to be sent to the death camps. BTW, Soros is a Jew!

      • BLM was orchestrated by Obama. Ever since he left office not much noise is being made by or about that hyper racist group. That is evidence that somebody not only paid the piper but blew the pipe for him.

      • You have one thing wrong about George,he was not old enough to round up Jews. He was born in 1929. It was his father and uncle that worked for Hitler. His real name was swharts he was born in Hungray.

        • Soros was “scammed” by the “slick” COMMUNITY ORGANIZER from Chicago, who couldnt even get a 10 minute conversation for the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Soros gave to the scammer. That’s what happens to even smart people that are FANATICAL. HAHAHAHA GENNARO

      • I don’t know that the Open Borders Society does or doesn’t “fund” the BLM, but this is a govt-agency and that means our taxes finance them.

  28. We need to pass the law to prevent future federal abuses. Sad that the ranchers fought hard in their standoff while Obama was smoking his weed in the WH.

    Don’t forget any future liberal president will be back repeating what Obama did to the average American citizen.

  29. Our President needs to come to the aid of those servicemen now in prison for
    doing what they were trained to do. Pardons is a way of demonstrating the he
    had the BACK of all who are serving this Great Nation!

  30. Yes, I agree with Trump….It should have never happened…The feds are over steeping their bounds.You should be investigating the feds who brought these charges……

  31. President Trump just corrected a horrendous decision by the thugs of the Obama administration These people were prosecuted terrorized and subjected to treatment that only barbarians give their captives Thank GOD America now has a Christian and patriotic President and not a barbarian Administration we had for 8 long years of tearing America apart

  32. Of coarse the Dems. wouldn’t be upset if these two had gone into the city and sacked stores, burned Police cars, beat republicans up, and burned buildings. That would have been just fine, although they don’t have the right pigmentation to do that do they.

  33. Seems to me Obama pardoned many terrorists and bad people from Guantonimop Bay and other prisons. Just to mention a few of his questionable pardons. And what is your point in what Trump has done? So the media and the liberals are infuriated? Great now they can experience what we all felt with Obama’s choices and then we know that Trump’s are not as demeaning nor as destructive to this nation. I mean Marth Stewart is a danger to us? Hardly. Tsk tsk, seems these clowns will stop at nothing to smear the best President we have had in 40 years or more. Time to send the criminals from the Obama Administration to jail. Get ridd of Mueller and Rosenstein too, they need to be investigated also. Why has the FBI people not been charged? Oh I forgot they work for DOJ. Time for a change.

    • Exactly! These Dems do not care about any one of us American’s just Residt go against the Law and be as Dumb and lie as much as possible to those that will listen. That group is narrowing, as people are Smart Dem party is Gone with the Wind!

    • Seems to me not as many crooks or racist as crooked trump. Seems to me he since I been following him a long time.we all know what this president wants to roll back rights for his people not the majority now what kind of crooked mesh is this DICTATOR seems to me I will glad when it’s over.

      • I think you need to correct your grammar and re-post. Your message hardly makes sense. You are likely a democrat. Their judgement has been impaired for years.

      • Angela Boston, are you brain dead?
        Trump is saving this country from the path that the Democrats put it on, way back in the 1960s when their leaders ripped off the political platform of the CPUSA!
        Yes, the Communist Party of the USA!

        Almost all 45 of the Communist “Must Do”s” of back then are either complete or on the verge of being so!

        Just a smattering of them:
        Take over the education system, DONE!

        Take over the Surpreme Court, Obama was well on his way and lifetime Communist HRC would have finished it!

        Kill the middle class, leaving just the poor and the elite.
        Much easier to control the poor and the destitute on the Goverment dole, especially food!

        Drugs, voting fixes, tear down religion, especially Christian!
        Break down law and order, pad the voting booth with illegals.

        Sound familiar?
        They almost “pulled it off “!
        That is why they are so pissed today!
        Trump ruined their plans!

      • Angela you need to check your facts. I’m not surprised by your comments because I have not ever heard a uniformed Democrat tell the truth. It’s a shame you are incapable of actually having a meaningful conversation, because you have your head up your ass so far you are unable to see what the last 8 years of the most corrupt administration has done to our once great country. Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents, and the first president who was able to expose the deep state corruption.

      • Angela, correct your grammatical train of thought and re-post. People who read your comment cannot make hide nor hair of your opinions. In other words, your post makes absolutely no sense.

      • Angela Boston, just a little help with history for you,”this president wants to roll back rights for his people not the majority” this country IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, it is a constitutional republic, we are governed by the laws of the constitution. I know that is difficult for a leftist to deal with since the majority of the fools you vote for do everything possible to get around the constitution, even after each takes an oath to UPHOLD it. Get over it, Trump has done more for this country and people in a year and a half then obama did in 8 years. Judging from you abuse of the English language, you are not smart enough to make an informed decision.

    • President Trump is doing a great job and the democrats are evil! evil people!! I can’t even watch TV anymore because of the evilness That comes out of the democrats heads there unbelievable how they can sit up there and applaud the FBI agent saying he should get a Purple heart for doin good job Of obstruction of Justice is should be sitting in a cell. I pray to God that somebody goes to jail for this they all should be going Or government is so corrupt now with the deep state unbelievable and you get these guys in suits and ties acting like nothing’s wrong that’s sad. But we have President Trump.. God-bless him..

      • You are right Walter!! I wanted to throw up when all the idiots actually applauded Stroek, one of the biggest criminals of the bunch, and when he got that stupid smerk on his face when he started to realize he had all those stupid libs !wrapped right around their little fingers! What a disgrace! They better hope they don’t get what they are actually asking for, because by the time their tiny little minds figure it out, it will be too late and they will truly wish they had done their own due diligence and not listened to the corupt left!!

      • That’s part of the reason he is hated so much. He doesn’t play. He speaks American. Instead of all the fluff and foo foo. I loved it the other night when he told people to get off their asses and vote. He says what needs needs to be said and followes thru. Also he can’t be bought. That really fries their butts. Gotta love him.

  34. Good to see that politicians like Obama who use the power of government to hammer the innocent with political ideologies that favor Obama’s cronies. You want and example of tyranny by government and here you have it. Worse Obama turned his back on the ranchers who were shot dead by the aggression of the government.

  35. The bible says, “Foolishness is in the heart of a child.” So I have to surmise that God knew what the democrats are, Childish fools.

      • Now I wish he would charge Harry Reid ,his son and the assassin who shot littering in the back of the head and then again in the back while he was trying to surrender. So if this gives you any idea of who our military will protect watch their own fbi video. We aren’t safe

        • Exactly. Harry Reid is a criminal if ever there was one. He should be in jail for his part in that mess. May he burn in hell.

      • That is just what the liberal news media wants you to believe but that is far from the actual facts of the whole case. If you are a liberal that is what you are going to believe is all there is to the case but you are too lazy to actually find out the whole story. The real fact that caused the whole case to start is Harry Reid wanted the federal land to work out a deal to feather his nest with lots of money involved .

      • Show me in the Constitution where the Federal Gov’t has legal right to that land. Or for that matter, any National Forest or National Park land. The founders of this nation limited them to 10 square miles and lands as needed for ports, arsenals, and needed buildings used for the operations of the nation.

        “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;”

        • Dan,
          Thank you for referencing the Constitution. One would hope that evidence would be enough for liberals to change their opinion; however, my fear is that liberals do not want to honor our Constitution anymore.Thank God we have president Trump appointing Supreme Court justices that will uphold the Constitution.MAGA

  36. I think President Trump did the right thing. He is a very fair man.Who cares about doing things that are fair and upright.We are proud of you Mr. President

  37. Justice delayed is justice denied. Thankful for the outcome but the facts did not equate to any crime other than misdemeanor failure to control a burn. Should have been a $250,00 fine and year probation at most. But as with all democrat driven insanity the brothers got prison. It’s over but justice hasn’t been served and will not until the brothers are paid for their time lost.

    • they wernt guilty and should be paid for all leagle fees and time spent in the slammer at least trump sees it for the miscarage of justice it was

  38. Yea, President Trump !!! Those guys are really good people ! They absolutely did NOT deserve what they got !!!
    Thank you, President Trump !

  39. This whole fiasco was a miscarriage of justice perpetrated by the over reach of Obama’s fascist government war against families that were independent of the government handouts and mandates of his mini dictatorship. I fully support the pardon of these ranchers who should never have been imprisoned in the first place. The only way it could be better is if Obama could be made to pay them damages.

    • AMEN! Obama wanted all the coastal areas converted to apartments, housing, and everyone from the middle of the US moved like cattle to coastal areas. WHAT WAS HE GOING TO DO W/ALL THAT NEW VACANT LAND???? WHERE would we get food, if all the farmers were moved to the coast in housing? Wanted to turn us into another Russia. Put us into small villages, so we couldn’t resist?? MAYBE!!!

  40. Ozero and his family is, was and still is a total fraud. He is the illegals of ALL illegals. No wonder he got them all in the U.S. when he saw his chance. One does as one is. God Bless Donald J. Trump, his family, his administration and our country. He was elected our President to expose and clean up this political sewer politicians have crammed down our throats. I don’t feel sorry for the latest “separation of families”. These children were birthed illegally. The parents knew it then and they know it now. Send the kids with their parents to their native country! President Trump, please, PLEASE remove the Birth Right law; the foundation of this mess!

  41. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  42. President Trump is the country’s last hope to right all the wrongs forced on us for years. This one is a tiny step in the right direction.

  43. Hopefully Trump will pardon all the young men sent to war and then convicted of killing the enemy. Several are still serving time in prison.


  45. I agree with Trumps decision to pardon the Hammonds. Obama was and is today a total fraud and legally could not have been elected president. He didn’t have the qualifications even to be a dog catcher, never mind POTUS.

    • And what are Trump’s qualifications, John? A host to a TV reality show???? Get your head out of your a** and wake up before it’s too late!

      • At least Trump has experience as a businessman, which is much more than community organizer Obama had after a career of teaching people how to commit voter fraud.

      • Dear Diane, when did nice girls or women learn to speak that way? May I say take loooong nap, Trump will be there hen you wake up in 6 plus years. Facts are Trump was successful real estate developer who earned his Billions. n
        Now Obama was non achiever acting in do nothing job as political hack, who earned only what tax payer paid him or political campaign funds taken illegally. Obama sat out every vote of importance saying Present to roll call votes.
        Trump was as you pointed outa TV star with his own successful show. Obama none.
        Advice from much much older and wiser, cool off you might begin to appreciate Trump when you find better job in the Trump expansion.

      • Well he evidently had the qualifications because he is doing the right things to make the country great again. Whereas Obama did everything wrong to tear the country down and keep the US in the longest and slowest recovery of its existence !! Obama set race relations back 40 years and completely corrupted the FBI, DOJ, and IRS. YEA Obama had the qualifications (NOT)

      • Diane, Harry Truman was a failed haberdasher.

        But he was a Democrat. Does that make HIM more qualified?

        Neil DeGrasse Tyson often stated that he was “sick and tired of lawyers always running the Country.”

        May I remind you that (your hated Trump) is NOT a lawyer.

        Sanjosemike (no longer in CA(

      • Diane, there’s only ONE qualification to be US President and that is one must be born in the USA. 45 qualifies, while 44 is/was a fraud president. When he’s exposed, “o’s” entire eight yrs in the presidency will be voided out

      • I would say a man who started out as a small developer to amass the cooperation he created is well qualified to lead Americia. It is to bad he waited until so late in life. We are fortunate he is willing and able to spend what for most would be retirement age leading our nation back to a place we can be proud of. He is making Americia a free enterprise republic once again. Unlike any President in modern history. It is to bad he is having to lead us to success on various fronts in spite of congress. Lead on Mr. President we the people love you and thank you lead on. We the people are behind you every step if the way.

  46. I love it. I’m happy that he is righting the wrongs that the Obama administration applied. He should pardon The general to, he got shafted by the deep state.

  47. Cheers for the Hammonds & the Bundy Brothers,
    the High-Handedness of the FEDS, is akin to all
    the other Third-World Countries led by Despots like
    O’Bama. Thank God for No More O’Bama & Thank
    God for an American President Like Our Donald J.
    Trump. I surely do believe that “It’s Morning in America” Again!
    An After Thought, I hope the President will review the
    cases of our Good Military Men, who are incarcerated
    for Killing the Enemy, during the O’Bama Regime!

  48. Yes I believe the Hammonds were railroaded by the king o regime and is responsible for Finegans murder during the standoff . And they still have not been brought to justice for that!!!

      • He had zero scandals and no one in his administration was indicted in 8 years! Same cannot be said about Trumps Administration since his campaign manager is sitting in jail and 5 others have already pleaded guilty!

        • Just wait. Obama is guilty of weaponizing the IRS, FBI and Justice Department. He ran the most corrupt administration in our country’s history. The more the witch hunt pursues Trump the more evidence of Obama and Clinton corruption is revealed.

          • What drugs are you taking? If the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt, it has found A LOT of witches – numerous indictments and many guilty pleas, and shockingly, no indictments of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Keep drinking the TrumpAid; it is making you look and sound stupider by the minute!!

          • What drugs are you taking? If the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt, it has found A LOT of witches – numerous indictments and many guilty pleas, and shockingly, no indictments of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Keep drinking the TrumpAid; it is making you look and sound stupider by the minute!!

          • Jill,
            First, since I have an MA degree, I would like to inform you that “stupider” is not a real word. In addition, the fact that you immediately use an ad hominem attack against someone with a different opinion means you either have not done the research to find the evidence to support your position, or you are so intolerant that you don’t care to do your own research because it is much easier to parrot the latest main stream media talking points. I would advise you get your news from multiple sources with varied viewpoints. If you only get your news from liberal biased sources such as Facebook, MSNBC, CNN etc…and never watch Fox News or other more mainstream news organizations, then it is understandable why you are so myopic and narrow minded in your opinions.
            P.Sl I also do not take drugs because I am a teacher, a mother and a grandmother with morals and values. Did you notice I didn’t need to personally attack anyone in order to state my original opinion? I hope you will become more open to respecting the fact that other highly educated people can and do have the constitutional right to voice their opinions without being verbally attaked. When you look at how liberals behave versus conservatives, I hope you will realize which political party truly epitomizes tolerance. If your party leaders continue to escalate the violence they are condoning and encouraging, I truly fear for our country…especially our children.

          • Not her Scott. She wouldn’t know a fact if it came up to her with FACT written in big bold letters on it. Just because the DOJ was told not to go after someone does not mean that they did not break the law.

        • His friends colluded with the Russians and other unnamed sources to “protect” him. He needs to be in prison at Gitmo, one meal a day consisting of a slice of bread and water and a full, regular meal on Sunday.

  49. You go Pres. Trump. They never should have been in prison to begin with. Just another case of Obama using federal agencies as his private SS troops.
    MAGA Come on patriots, vote conservative in November. Not party, just conservative. With God all things are possible so maybe you might find a conservative democRAT.

    • It’s about time we have a president who will stand up and listen to the people, these pardons were long overdue! More power to DJT! Obama, please go back to Kenya and stay there!

      • Problem is, I don’t believe Kenya would want Obama – he then would be “a man without a country.” At least he would be out of the U.S. since we wouldn’t want him back either.

        Thank you President Trump for continuing to
        dismantle Obama’s mistakes.

      • Kenya don’t want him and his gay rights
        Preached. Kenya leader quick to say Kenya not looking
        to join Obama’s lifestyle along with Wanna wanna puff
        Some marijuana.

        • WTF? You don’t make even a little sense, Don Sundstrom. Clearly you are a bigot, but beyond that, I have no idea what you are trying to say…learn the English language, dude!

        • Jill and Diane,

          Did you even stop to consider that Don might be an immigrant with English as his second language, or maybe he was just tired when he posted? Why did both of you immediately go to the liberal fallback response of accusing anyone who disagrees with you of being a “racist” or a “bigot”? To a truly educated and informed person, you just proved you do not have facts and evidence to support your opinions. Please become educated on BOTH sides of an issue before you feel entitled to personally attack someone who disagrees with you.

        • Legally, he is not a US Citizen. He might qualify as a US National but he still legally could not hold office or vote. Just because someone may have a birth certificate that says he was born on US soil does not make one a citizen and 0bama failed that requirement as Dunham could not meet the requirements to pass on the rights of a Natural Born Citizen to him. His father was a British subject and that puts him out of legally being able to claim it from him.

          • His mother was a US citizen. Even if he had been born in Kenya, and not Hawaii, which is where he was born, he would be a US citizen. Even the Orange Asswipe has given up this claim…so why don’t you admit that he was and is a citizen and go join the KKK if you need an outlet for your racist views

        • Hey Diane, if he was born in Hawaii like you say, why does he have a Connecticut social security number, if you don’t believe that then you must be too stupid for being able too research anything.

  50. I agree too! These men are far from terrorists! Simply because a fire started on their land spread onto federal land was NOT intentional but careless at best! The resistance of federal agents is going on right now, by public officials, in Lakeland California for example..are they going to prison? Are those public officials resisting?

    Let’s get equality right! How can we have double standards in our country like we do? Maxine Waters is insighting harrasment and being praised by some citizens!

    President Trump is a man on a mission and that mission is far from what he has been accused of. Are false accusations and defamation now acceptical in our country?

    • Take a spelling/ grammar lesson. What exactly id trump’s mission? And speaking of false accusations and defamation, you should be referencing trump for that. He does it every day.

    • Waters free speech inciting people to harassment
      Of the President of America administration be told leave
      If you keep working for President of America’s administration
      She must think harassing and creating a crowd to yell we don’t want you wherever you have come on your personal time.
      Waters must be brain washed to create hard headed
      Words that lead her to drink from Waters of loser Foul waters.

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